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  1. Today in WoWs I got my three Try Your luck Containers, got more French boxes but still no BB mission, farmed a bunch of operations with Lord Smaug and even managed to play 10 Corgi matches and only survived 1 game. Best moment was helping my team steam roll a match and than getting them not to sink the last enemy ship so it could sink me. The Corgi even got complimented lol. Sinksalot fleet is sleepy will do more tomorrow. 

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    2. RedSeaBear


      Look at the event post, today and tomorrow the Corgis will be locked into tiers and specific ships. These Focus blocks help people find the Corgis. 

    3. Herr_Reitz


      I figured last night they'd play low and mid tiers as that's where most of the player base might be... will check again today. 

    4. Umikami


      Yesterday it seemed like they all played high tiers they didn't have.