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  1. That glorious moment when you get First Blood and Devastating Strike by sinking a cruiser with Khab Torps because some one keep chasing you lol. :cap_win: 

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    2. RedSeaBear


      I solo capped C on Trap. It looked like the enemy were pushing South to A but when I came out from behind the islands on the West side there was a M. Charles and a New Orleans at 10k. Dumped torps on the Charles and started gunning the NewOrleans while running away. Was surprised when the Charles ate two torps and sank. That Cruiser had to cross around 3k of the map and still hit those torps lol. 

    3. Herr_Reitz


      The only success I have in sinking Khab's has been firing AP, treating them like a small cruiser. Battleship AP seems to work well. Were they firing HE at you? 

    4. RedSeaBear


      They were firing everything at me, walked away from that match with a Dreadnought Award. 

      The Khab is a tough little Russian, I've had DesMoines HE shatter on its broadside. So unless you are trying to set fires or knock out modules fire AP. A Neptune or Minotaur will rip a Khab a new one if they can get the broadside of a Khab.