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  1. Just finished the patch collection and I think I've settled on what people see facing the Sinksalot Fleet. 


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    2. AphelionMarauder


      I knew that bear claw would be yours the second I saw it, but the off-characteristic pick on that background looks pretty neat. I hope I don't end up seeing it myself in battle. XD

    3. RedSeaBear


      I was going to use one of the back grounds that was more red. But I really liked the Heptagon shape. The full sized bear was also in the running. Already been told it looks like a bear stop sign lol. I think it looks like you just got high fived by a bear. 

    4. Umikami


      Heptagon is a seven sided figure with sides of equal length? Did not know that term; see, even old dogs can learn new words. Dude, the patch is awesome exactly as it is; and it says, in no uncertain terms, "BEWARE: HERE BE BEARS!" (and they do not play nice)