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  1. Its Raiding Time.


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    2. Herr_Reitz


      Tha's disgusting... but then it isn't! Congrats! What do you think of the DoY? 

    3. RedSeaBear


      Only played one game in her, Hydro is interesting but very sort range and not something I would expect to use. No CV in game so AA didn't get a work out. Good rudder shift with mod applied makes torp beats possible. Guns are interesting for T6 and T7 targets. Not sure its a bad ship but its not a stand out one either. Given the choice of T7 BBs to take into a battle I would run the ShinyHorse every time. 

    4. Umikami


      Well, yours truly; Cavalier, Riever, and inebrieated lush on a roll is now the proud owner of the Dork of Pork. 120,000 XP in one day. Now to see if it is worth it, because I am such a famous BB driver.

      The lakes and streams will never be the same! Look out ChrisCraft!