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  1. On the list of why is my Internet is down we add Dove Hunters. Seriously Dove Hunters are shooting the game birds off the line, which is illegal for numerous reasons. But it has the added benefit of damaging the Fiber optic cable which takes time to find and repair. It can cost up to $20k to fix. These bird brain idiots have even taken to putting their decos on the lines to attract more birds, how they aren't getting fried up there next to the power lines is beyond me.

    This does give me an idea for some part time work, stopping dove shooters from damaging internet/phone and power lines. I'll only charge $5k per idiot lol. 

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    2. RedSeaBear


      I'm not sure and I'm starting not to care. Today we lost our connection again for 2 hours. Almost the same time frame as yesterday. So I'm assuming our provider has picked a low traffic time, shuts down the net work and does the repairs. 

    3. Herr_Reitz


      Probably so... even if the state made it illegal to hunt doves - or any line-sitting birds, they'd still do it cause they always have, you know? 


      Better if they were buried ;- )

    4. Umikami


      I live in Arizona, a state famous for stupidly liberal gun laws, and stupidly inebriated rednecks drunk hunting, on horseback. Know that I feel your pain.