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  1. Wows the market for torches and pitchforks just crashed. Popcorn futures are also tanking. 

    Zeppelingate might go down as the biggest and shortest fire storm yet. Lets all involved learned something and this doesn't happen again.

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    2. Umikami


      so they admit they blew it with the ship and they blew it with the CC and to make up for it here's everyone's money back.

      honestly this is better than I thought would happen, especially the money part.

    3. RedSeaBear


      This whole mess lasted what 36 hours if that. Its sad to see iChase get kicked from the CCs but wow did WG move fast to fix what they could. I do think WG needs to bring in some dedicated CV captains help them balance these ships. Now that the drama pressure has been relieved we can move on to British BBs. 

    4. Herr_Reitz


      I think along with listening to CV captains, they need to look to how they do business. They simply have too many people 'speaking for WG' who really should not be speaking. I do not believe they understand how public perception can make or break their games.


      Also seems to be some egos clashing internally in the company which we cannot see clearly from the outside. Constant course corrections and complete about-face moves makes you wonder. 


      Finally I'd have to say they need to invest heavily into some form of CIP for those who produce the product. If someone internally does not lose their position or worse, I'd be utterly amazed. Utterly. You know. Like a cow.