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  1. My Windows 10 laptop tried to commit suicide today. Managed to get the laptop working again by restoring to factory settings. Which means its a Windows 7 machine again and all of my programs and files are missing. Got a back up but it won't have everything. I'm glad I ranked out before this happened but getting all my data back is going to be a pain. 

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    2. RedSeaBear


      My laptop has been acting a bit sluggish. So today I got a message in Widows 10 saying the system needed to scan disks for errors and needed to restart. Everything looks good so I hit restart. Something failed and my laptop got stuck in a reboot cycle. Doing system diagnostics I wasn't able to find a problem. But something was blocking the boot up procedure. 

      Seems my only two options system reset to factory or a new pc. Don't have the money for a new pc. And I have all the important stuff backed up. I might only be missing 10 or 15% of my total data.  

    3. Umikami


      wow. That SUX! Dude, sympathy! Hope you can recover your data; best of luck in the attempt.

    4. Herr_Reitz


      Well... I have two external drives on m laptop - any of value I store on them. All my photos go to Goggle Photos (free). Google recently "enhanced" their products so you can select what you want to backup with them - for free up to a limit. Going forward you may want to look into it. 


      Hopefully you run proper AV on your computers. 


      If you have a standard HD, after the system restore, before you load personal things on it, it'd be best to check the disk for errors. It could take a long time. When a drive starts going south, there's little you can do but replace it. Even if you fix those errors - the system doesn't fix anything really, it just marks those bad sectors as not available (at least that's how it always used to do it), you could potentially be looking at a complete failure of the drive at the worst time.