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  1. It was at this moment that the captain said,
  2. Nikopower entering battle

    And moments later,
  3. anyone else seeing this?

    Some one recently had a similar problem but they had red lines not white. Do you run Mods? Any other system oddities on your end? If the problem persists trying taking two aspirins and calling support in the morning. But don't listen to me I don't even play a doctor on tv.
  4. I can still remember those few glorious days my Marblehead Captain had BFT and AFT. You could out range every other cruiser at your tier and even out range a Cleveland who didn't have AFT. I know this because I burnt a few down to the water line Muhahahaha. But than I would take my Cleveland captain out and just rain HEll fire on every thing that would hold course. Imagine A Cleveland that is already hard to citadel just laughing at your attempts to hit them while they burn you from one end to another. Its one of the reasons why people hated that ship so much. The other reason being that using AFT on a Cleveland meant you had to get NASA clearance before firing at long ranges.
  5. Hackers Anonymous

    I'm almost convinced that If some captain isn't throwing Haxuzations at you than you aren't playing the game correctly.
  6. 1st tier 5

    Things you need to be good at to be good with the Omaha; Map Awareness, know where good cover is and how to use it, who has shots at your broadside and finally how to dodge and weave incoming fire. Good luck out there.
  7. Nerf Saipan Now

    Nerf a Premium ship
  8. While you're in there checking options like Detailed Ribbons and Damage Counter, don't forget to click Smoke Rings. A very helpful addition for all your ships.
  9. New player

    Welcome aboard sailor; May the wind be at your back, your enemies sail straight, the enemy torpedoes miss by a mile and RNG be always in your favor. Remember to watch the mini map, change course and speed and use AP on broadside ships at the water line. Don't get lost or sail alone, don't hug islands to close, don't show your broad side, push with your team, don't hang back in sniper mode and Have fun. Smoke on the water is dangerous, avoid friendly fire and don't feed the trolls. For any thing else use search or just ask. The Sinksalot Fleet salutes you, See you top side. P.s. the Youtube channels of iChase, Notser, Flamu, Lord Zath Replay Theater and even the Mighty Jingles has really good content for WoWs. The more you learn the better a captain you will become and the less you will be surprised. Also reading Patch notes is useful.
  10. Dispersion can be very frustrating at times. But then you get shots like this one.
  11. I did that one in my Mahan, sadly no Double Strike.
  12. Forum changes

    Never thought I would have to use this one But Kitsu the new forum look was a bit shocking.
  13. How to Change The Forum Back

    I think clicking the captain with the thumbs up gives you the upvote option. Also the dark theme is nice, I won't be blinded all the time.
  14. Stats

    Discussions about stats are like, I'm usually to busy working on winning a game to worry about someone else's stats. But start shaming me for what I'm doing and I get very tempted to break your stat page over your bridge.