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  1. RedSeaBear

    Check your Friends list. Is it empty?

    Wait. We can have Friends? Enough Friends we need a List?? #Shocked #SoLonely
  2. RedSeaBear

    Haida or Cossack?

    Neither You can get the Cossack for almost free if you've been collecting Guineas. So why spend money on it even with a 30% discount? The Haida has creeping smoke but there are better ships at that tier. The best British Tier 7 Premium DD is the Blyskawica, not my fault they sold it to Poland. And if you need a Premium Tier 8 DD do you own the YoLang or the Kidd?
  3. Corgi Captain 173 and Pirate Crew 44 reporting for the Great Turkey Shoot.
  4. RedSeaBear

    Someone killed facebook

    Facebook Dead?!?! Well nothing of great value was lost.
  5. RedSeaBear

    PSA to WG about radar!

    You forgot some counters. C) Hydro can spot ships in smoke. Get close if you're brave enough. D) Using skill to blind fire into the smoke, this can be done with a bit of luck and either spotter plane or the Tiny Circle on the Mini Map showing where your guns are pointing. Remember Smoke is only Concealment it is not Cover. Smoke can be defeated Pro Tip if the only thing spotting your big ship is a DD that just smoked up than don't fire your guns. Because they can't see your ship if you don't fire your guns. Take the time they can't see you to leave the area or Sneak up on them.
  6. RedSeaBear

    Norway, Do you need some Hotel Yankee Flags?

    Paging @Phil_Swift_With_Flextape your services are needed.
  7. RedSeaBear


    Not sure a World chat would work while in a battle. But there are chat groups that can be viewed while in port. I bet most people would rather be on a Discord server chatting or sharing and there is the added benefit have having Voice coms. Trading goods is interesting but could be exploited. It also doesn't take long for a player to amass lots of camos and signals. It might be useful for helping a new captain get up to speed. Coal can be acquired by completing daily missions, from contests, and Containers. Its a small amount each day but I've saved like 240k of the black stuff. Steal can only be acquired by playing Clan Battles or Reaching the upper levels of Rank [normal mode, not sprint]. I have heard of Steal in Super Containers but I've also heard of Bigfoot. History of Comments? If you are talking about the chat window in battle than you can scroll up by pushing [enter], holding [Crtl], holding your cursor over the chat window and scrolling up. If you mean the chat windows while in port than yeah those get disappeared for some reason. Numerous captains have asked for better port UI. Females didn't serve in combat roles in WW2 let alone Captain a combat ship. Now there are Female captains in the game, Captain Dasha, the Female ARP captains, I think we have a Female Space captain, a Female Halloween Captain, Female High-school Fleet captains, and Female Azur Lane captains. So while Female Captains isn't "Historically" accurate for the game period that hasn't stopped WG from adding some to mix things up. There is a way to customize captains but I'll cover that next. MODS. If a mod is giving a player an unfair advantage than yes it should and most likely will be removed or out right banned. However, most are cosmetic and you will never know that the other player is using them. Some mods do give a player information that is not available to the average none mod using player but they don't break the game. In fact several player designed mods have been put into the game after seeing how popular or useful they are. Two that come to mind are the Smoke Screen Timer and Smoke Screen Boundary line. Back to the Cosmetic side of mods If you really want more Female captains but don't want or can't get the Female captains that have been added to the game than there is a mod for that. Hey there is even a Voice pack mod that gives you Female voice overs for in battle. It was made by some of the great Female Captains playing WoWs.
  8. Short story, A Norwegian Frigate. Got into an accident with this, The Frigate didn't do so well. I'm sure that can be buffed out. Or call that dude who sells Flex Tape and Flex Seal, maybe he can help put the boat back together. Full story here, https://imgur.com/gallery/EeGlYJe Kind of reminds of that story about the Ship Captain who yelled at the light in the fog to yield to his right of way. Only to find out he was yelling at a light house. Also who knew Tankers could mount Hotel Yankee flags.
  9. When Terror of the Deep Hard mode was unlocked I 5 starred it with a group of randoms. I've 5 starred it several times since. But you have to get a group of people who know how to play. If you see a Barracuda trying to solo a Gun Mount with its secondaries or a sub gets sunk by a Mikasa early, than you're in for a hard time. I suggest if you can't find good Random Sub Captains than div up with some mates. Also having a few Killer Whale subs in the fleet Really Helps.
  10. I also think these British Destroyer event will also bring us Double Flags for all British Ships.
  11. Never over look a free premium camo for a ship.
  12. RedSeaBear

    Pagan Online

    But does it come with Fun and Engaging moments?
  13. RedSeaBear

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    I used the Radar YY to Rank out twice. A strong ship in competitive formats. However Radar YY isn't that easy to play in Randoms without helpful team/division mates. I think this is an unjust Nerf of a good Destroyer. Her guns is the only way she can fight destroyers and even than depending on the enemies HP and their aim, a gun fight can be a risky engagement. This might be a radical thought but maybe its not that the YY is over preforming but that the rest of the Tier 10 DDs are under preforming. I for one have almost given up playing the Khaba because ever shell hit knocks out something. Even Battleships don't have a problem hitting the Khaba at its max gun range while on speed boost. The Khaba is not fun to play any more.
  14. You spelled the Jutlands Nickname wrong, Its Junkland.