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  1. The Hell With Ranked. I'm Done.

    Rank, The group project from hell. Yep thats an honest assessment of Rank. And until they remove the Star System for progression Rank will never change.
  2. Ahoy there, yeee scurvy dogs of the seven seas.
  3. I never sold those camos but that doesn't mean I have many left either. I used them like a Brave Captain on my Ibuki grind. Thats right I sailed the Ibuki around with out a concealment camo bonus, just for the Free Exp.
  4. If you don't want to face more than 2 or 3 Destroyers in game than Escape the queue when the DDs waiting for battle exceeds 5. Or you could take a radar cruiser into a Destroyer heavy Rank queue and get some revenge.
  5. Zatherapy

    Doctor Smaug is here to help.
  6. Kami R Anshan Blyskawica, GadjahMada, Scharnhorst, Atlanta/Flint Benson, LoYang, Tirpitz Fletcher, Black, Udaloi, Kitakaze Gearing, YueYang, Harugumo, Minotaur, Khabarovsk, Zao The best kind of ships come with Torpedo Launchers,
  7. PSA: Nelson Discount!!!

    WarGaming giving every one a free North Carolina like they did with the Bismarck event.
  8. PSA: Nelson Discount!!!

    Which ship is that again?
  9. Need advice!

    Have you tried unplugging it and than plugging it back in again?
  10. Having a bunch of already completed Combat Mission tasks show up and seeing your progress on current Combat Mission tasks has been a bug most of the summer. Not sure why it hasn't been tracked down and terminated. But Playing another battle or disconnecting from the server is enough to get the Port UI to refresh and fix itself.
  11. Opening 21 Super Containers Video!

    This Anniversary has been a bit Meh. Nothing interesting in the arsenal to spend the the Anniversary Tokens on. The Collection gave Meh rewards. And of the 12 Super Containers I got for playing my T10 ship I got 1k gold, 7 days Premium, and the rest were camo and flags.