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  1. RedSeaBear

    PTS 0.10.4

    Will this patch put the fun back into the game?
  2. There are studies that show that including black pepper with smoked meats counter act any small amounts of grill/smoked carcinogens. Also if I had to choose the source of carcinogens that end me, I'll always take the Grilled/BBQ Option. The leading cause of Cancer in Lab-Rats is California Scientists.
  3. RedSeaBear

    Weekend Spree, 16-18 April 2021

    Games are boring with team mates camping at the back. Carriers are still stupid broken. Grinding 19p captains back to elite statues is such a great time in the current meta. And generally the less I play the better off I am. Because when I seen Battleships sitting at the back of the map Deadeye Sniping or Cruisers trying to make Outnumbered work and Carriers flying in to take 80% of my HP in the first 5 minutes of a battle while I can do nothing to stop it. I have to wonder do the people who balance this dumpster fire even play it?
  4. RedSeaBear

    ZF-6 Worth it?

    Its a German Destroyer and as a Rule I ignoring German Destroyers. Because the only thing German DDs have to offer is great hydro, everything else is mediocre at best. And the ZF-6 doesn't have hydro. Yeah having a reload booster on a DD sounds fun but than they gave it Defensive AA Fire which on most DDs is a joke against same tier or higher tier Carriers. So I'm gonna pass on this one, despite what the CCs say.
  5. Back when the Pensacola was a T7 ship, I watched a player take that floating citadel and clean up in T7 Rank. While I watched other players in "Strong Meta" ships struggle to have any meaningful impact in the matches they played. Yes there are bad ships in this game but they are outnumbered by the bad players. A good player can make a subpar ship shine and a poor player will turn an OP banned ship into a sinking wreck of junk. Also I used the YY to great effect to reach Rank 1 back in the old Rank Format. So don't argue with the haters just bury them at the bottom of the score board.
  6. RedSeaBear

    Weekend spree

    There are few if any potatoes playing at Tier 10. I've been trying to power level my DM/Salem Captain Seagull and it is terrible. The majority of matches are filled with useless DeadEye Scrubs and battle cruiser sitting at max range while the enemy takes easy caps, kills the few ships trying to contest/capture those caps and than just go on to slaughter the fools dumb enough to join randoms. I have played this game a long time and I can deal with potatoes, Spuds have many uses. But the garbage I'm seeing at T10 is making me lose what little faith I had in this player base. From what I can tell the new meta of WoWs is to try and win the match from the back of the map while not taking a single cap. Not sure I can adapt to this new garbage meta.
  7. RedSeaBear

    Premium Ship Review - Wujing

    COUGH! ~patient piracy~ Cough Cough ~IPO Theft~ Cough!
  8. RedSeaBear

    Suez Canal open

    Considering the Suez Canal is just a ditch they dug through sand and with the growing size of ships than yes. But then you would have to convince people to pay to improve an old infrastructure project, so good luck with that. It would probably be easier and faster to widen the Suez Canal with todays technology than it did back when it was built. Go find those people building new islands of the coast of U.A.E and see if we could use their dredges for a bit.
  9. RedSeaBear

    Suez Canal open

    There have been numerous discussions about the threat to global commerce by using hijacked ships. We have seen the problems a ship getting side ways in the Suez has caused. Or as you mentioned damaging or impeding traffic at the Panama Canal Locks. But there is real concern that some cargo ships are nothing but floating dev strike for any port they are sailed into. Say for instance an unattended shipment of ammonite nitrate like what happened in Beirut last year. Or the threat/danger cargo ships fitted to transport liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) pose to the ports they are destined for. It really comes down to costal and port authorities doing their due diligence in protecting the infrastructure put in their care.
  10. RedSeaBear

    Stream starting up!!!

  11. RedSeaBear

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    WG is fully in its rights to pick and choose who is allowed to be part of their brand. And it is reasonable to kick some one from the CC program how is doing "damage" to their image. I guess WG didn't appreciate some one else competing with them in damaging their brand image. Also with the removal of CCs being able to play upcoming ships and giving their feed back what is the point of a CC? Having codes to give out?
  12. RedSeaBear

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    And in other news, https://abc7chicago.com/cocaine-frosted-flakes-cereal-corn/10357408/
  13. RedSeaBear


    I can understand.
  14. As a player who enjoyed playing Destroyers, Cruisers and Brawling/Supporting Battleships the game post 0.10.0 patch has turned the game into a frustrating and boring garbage fest. If you're not a Deadeye Battleship or a Outnumbered Cruiser sitting at max range trying to get those skill to work you might as well not play this dumpster fire.