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  1. I've reached Rank 1 eight seasons in a row. I've provided tons of feed back to WG on the problems I have with Rank and the problems others have with Rank. I Personally think Same Tier, small team battles which is the format of Rank is a good place to polish a Captains skills. My Problem with Rank is the Progression systems that rewards bad behavior, creates a toxic environment and is driving players away from the mode. I hope WG decides to wake up and realize that all those new shiny Steel ships isn't keeping captains involved in the game mode. That between the grind and the toxic nature of Rank, this game mode is seeing a population decline.
  2. At this point I'm not sure what makes me tired of Rank. WG ignoring the problems players have with Regular Rank. Or having another season of Regular Rank coming at me.
  3. RedSeaBear

    Nerfed Somers, the New Neustrashimy

    There are only 16 Neutershimy on the NA Server? I have only seen One Neustrashimy in battle since its release. Kind of wondered how it was doing.
  4. RedSeaBear

    Premium Ship Review #129 - Benham

    Thanks for the review and the laugh.
  5. RedSeaBear

    Universal's Cats Trailer

    Do you want Furries? Cause this is how you get Furries.
  6. ~Air Raid Siren Goes Off~ [Emergency Situation, Minion of Smaug has been Activated.] Minion of Smaug with Today's Replay, as Our Glorious Over Lord_Zath is still on Vacation where the bad Internet Lives. Strap in and get those engines running cause we are taking to the skies with @Leopard_IX in the Lexington.
  7. Finished the Benham Grind this evening and all it cost me was a bit of my sanity plus 4.5k in gold. 
    But what else was I to do with a three day break from work while suffering from a mild head cold. 
    Yes there is something that can produce a worst headache than Rank. 
    Why did my first 3 days off from work have to involve getting over a head cold? 

    But have the Benham and a rusty camo for the Grozovoi so that's neat. 

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    2. Herr_Reitz


      Yea, great job... I haven't seen a lot of folks claiming her. 

      Now the ultimate question - was she worth it? 

    3. RedSeaBear


      @Herr_Reitz I haven't played the ship as a regular player yet.
      And what I know I can't talk about. 


    4. Herr_Reitz
  8. Here is my question. Why are the numbers of players playing Rank decreasing every season? See spoiler for Rank player stats that have been provided to the community.
  9. RedSeaBear

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    The one aspect of the Krasny Krym that you are over looking is that the ship is Tier 5.Which means while the "KK" could be considered and upgraded Svietlana it doesn't get the protected match making all Tier 4s get. Meaning the Krispy Krym can face Tier 6 and Tier 7 ships who will kick in its citadel, take its lunch money and laugh while doing it. All the while the KK struggles to do damage to those higher tier ships. The Krispy Kream might not be a bad ships, its just in a bad place.
  10. RedSeaBear

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    I've only gotten two ships out of Try Your Luck Super Containers, one was the Anshan which is a decent ship with a 19 captain and the other was the Krispy Krym. One of those ships helped me Rank out in a T6 season and the other sits in the mothball fleet as a port queen Jester. I earned the Emden in a mission and than sold it for the port slot...Got the ship again in a Christmas Box. Now I never sell a premium not matter how bad it is.
  11. I'm not playing Rank Sprint for numerous reasons. The biggest one is I'm tired of grinding all the things.
  12. RedSeaBear

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    I'm a bit late to this dumpster fire because of work. But let me say something, "WG this is a terrible Idea, but than 2019 has been a year of bad decisions now hasn't it." You lost me on this whole NTC crap the moment you said "Forget a line and Regrind it". Do you Even Know why players are avoiding the mid tiers? Now I know you play this game, I've been told this many times by reliable sources. But I have to wonder if we are playing the Same game. The Reason I avoid playing Mid Tier ships is because most of them are Crap. They are either floating junk that isn't fun to play even when top tier or they seem to always face high tier ships who just beat the ever loving crap out of them. I personally can't blame a person who is struggling through Tiers 6, 7 or 8 because the ship you balanced is junk and not worth playing that a player decides to skip that ship with Free Exp. Frankly the only safe way to play Tier 6,7 or 8 ships is in Operation because Randoms is just to big of a gamble. But now your bright Idea is to get people to "Forget" all the grinding, either time spent in the ship or the Free Exp spent. So they can go through that painful grind again just to get some bonuses or benefits. Hell No. There are some lines of ships that I ground through that made me question the sanity of both the balance team and myself for putting up with some of the junk ships in the mid tiers. Nope.gif I haven't even started on how this incredibly stupid idea creates another time wasting grind that puts the average player or the player who has a life outside of WoWs at a disadvantage. I don't want to play a game that forces its players to no life grind for stuff. I want a game that is fun to play and provides an entertaining experience So I can have a few moments of fun to help me forget about the craziness of my job. Games should be fun not a second job. If the only way you can retain players is forcing them into stupidly long grind loops and not providing them with a fun and entertaining game experience than you're doing it wrong.
  13. I had a change of Plans. I will be at the USS Yorktown WoWs Event. Today I found out I won't be able to attend the WoWs player gathering that will be held at Patriots Point South Carolina on the USS YorkTown. I had the chance to visit this fine ship and its berth mate the USS Laffey two years ago and thoroughly enjoy my visit. This year I moved for a new job and to my surprise WoWs announced they were going to hold a players gathering at Patriots Point and I would be within half a days drive from it. But as I'm new to this job my odds of getting the day off was slim. Like getting something good from a Super Container Slim. This morning I found out I won't be able to get the 13th of July off. I won't have to drive 6+ hours after working an 8 hour shift that started at 5am. I won't have to get a room near Charleston South Carolina. I won't get to enjoy meeting the wonderful NA WoWs Community. I won't have to leave the event early and drive 6+ hours home so I can have enough recovery time so I can work my next shift at work. I drove home today kind of bummed that this event I had been looking forward to all year wasn't going to happen for the Sinksalot Fleet. But than turned on my laptop and checked the forums. Only to see the fire storm that is going on in the community because of yet another WG announcement. I'm no longer disappointed in missing the Patriots Point Gathering. That makes me sad.
  14. RedSeaBear

    WNN 52: Naval Training Center!

    I came home from work thinking I would play some ships do some NDA stuff and maybe grind some more toward the Benham. Than I start checking the forums and I'm like, I'm beginning to wonder if WG knows how to do anything other than make their players angry. But Sadly I've run out of Forum reactions in the few hours I've been home, so take a a few upvotes from the supple ship.