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  1. RedSeaBear

    Why do you play Ranked?

    I started playing rank for the novelty back when it started but quickly realized I neither had the ships or the skill the to Rank Out. I got serious about Ranking Out when WG introduced the Flint and I saw my chance to get an Atlanta clone with out spending real money. Than I got an Atlanta out of a Santa box but with two Rank 1s under my belt I decided to keep pushing. Than WG introduced the Black and seeing how my favorite destroyer in game is the Fletcher I had to keep pushing for those Rank 1s. It took a lot of effort, stress and grinding but I finally had both my goal ships right before WG introduced the Steel currency. The question I ask myself is, "Why do I still play the Toxic Grind Fest that is Rank?" I guess in some ways I enjoy the 7 v 7 same tier battles and I know that my experiences in Rank have made me a better player. I would be remiss if I didn't say the Gold reward was a big part of pushing for Rank 1. Those Gold rewards have helped me purchase a few premium ships from the Tech Tree. But a big reason I keep playing Rank is I refuse to let this awful game mode beat me. Anger and Hate can be a heck of a motivation. It also give me something to post about lol. As for Steel, WG hasn't released a Steel ship that I would bother purchasing. Rank Sucks.
  2. RedSeaBear

    Premium most in need of a buff

    I can only think of two Premiums that are in need of buffing. The Krispy Krymn, just buff everything about this piece of junk. The Roma Needs an increase to its Main Battery accuracy. Its a frustrating ship to play as you can never tell if you're going to land shells on target or miss a broadside ship that is stopped at close range.
  3. RedSeaBear

    Lunar eclipse 2019

    We got over 14 inches of the stuff over a 3 day snow storm. Than we got rain Friday which turned into Freezing rain, than sleet, and finally snow for a few more inches. Only to get 4 plus inches of snow this Sunday. Winters in Missouri can be odd some times we barely get any snow or its a few inches each month that will soon melt. But some times Missouri decides to have all its seasonal weather all at once and a whole winters worth of snow shows up at once and goes "FWOOP". So if your interested I could send you some snow, say a box full or a few Train load. I hear California could use some water and sharing is caring.
  4. RedSeaBear

    Lunar eclipse 2019

    Yep one of the few times an Astronomical event is taking place in my area and we have a clear sky to see it. It just so happens to be 6 Degrees Fahrenheit and there is a lot of snow on the ground. Note a Full Moon over a snow covered landscape is very pretty.
  5. RedSeaBear

    Is there one ship you hate to play?

    An French ship, such a terrible line of boats. The Nomandie is ok.
  6. RedSeaBear

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    The best thing I ever got out of a Santa Box was the Atlanta and Tirpitz the first season WG introduced Santa Boxes. This year I got a bunch of gold and the HwongWay which isn't a bad ship.
  7. RedSeaBear


    I also vote for Roma Improvements.
  8. RedSeaBear

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    The PEF isn't a bad ship, Its just a bit Meh. Guess I have another Port Queen in the Moth Ball Fleet.
  9. RedSeaBear

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Sims, A good Tier 7 that is getting a big buff to its torpedoes. Campbeltown, Low tier I would avoid. Kidd, Good Tier 7 USN DD with only one torpedo rack but a heal, also Defensive Fire for helping to stop the spread of CV cancer. Asashio, Ah the Sassyho with torpedoes that only hit Battleships and Carriers, Good stealthy scout but gets crewed by MM a lot. Gallant, Meh. Aigle, Its getting a Torpedo buff but I wouldn't waste money on this boat when there are better options on the list. Blyskawica, The Bringer of Lightning. A very good ship I highly recommend. Tachibana, Low tier not bad not good. Loyang, Its A Benson C Hull but it gets an amazing Hydro that makes it a Destroyers nightmare when fighting for Caps. Monaghan, The Gimmick is strong with this one I would pass. Smith, Meh. Cossack, Borderline Over powered and a very fun ships. If you didn't earn this with the British Destroyer campaign I feel sorry for you. Lenningrad, A go fast Russian with poor gun handling. Z-39, Meh. Anshan, A very good Tier 6 destroyer after you get a 19p captain for her. T-61, A good boat that I sank a lot in Rank Sprint while running the Anshan. Okhotnik, Ah the Gun Canoe, its a boat of Memes. Usefulness in battle is questionable. My Top Picks for Premium Destroyers would be; Kidd for the USA, Cossack for the British, Blyskawica for the LOL and Loyang for its Hydro.
  10. RedSeaBear

    PSA - Some Buffs Coming

    I hope someday WG sees fit to give the Roma some love in the form of Main Battery Accuracy. Its a good ship that most of the time can't hit a broadside ship at close range.
  11. Is your Clan Motto, "Cool Captains Don't Look at Explosions." Asking for a friend.
  12. RedSeaBear

    Prinz E Friedrich grind Really?

    Getting the PEF wasn't that hard. I held off on completing the Collection so that I would have those free days of WoWs Premium time to act as boosters. I than picked ship I knew I could do well in, covered them in a camo with a credit bonus and finally used every single Signal flag that also boosts credit earning. It probably took me less than 6 games in each nation I completed to unlock the PEF. Heck Took three games to get the USA mission done, Might Mo for the Win. The only nation I didn't complete the 4 million credit grind in was the French because the only thing worst than a Free Meh Boat is the French tech tree. Now is the PEF worth all the effort, its debatable. But I can tell you after playing 31 games to finish the PEF Steel Mission that is in game I started to question my need for 2019 steel. Ship is Meh.
  13. RedSeaBear

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    I would like to be able to search for someone in the Port Contact list without their name disappearing or they system..................freezing up. I would like to see the Contact/Friends list sort Online Players to the top of the list. I would like to see more game modes besides Standard, Domination and the odd Epicenter battle. I would like to see the Moving Storm system added to Ocean. I would like to see the Roma get its gun accuracy Buffed. I would like to see Islands of Ice having moving Icebergs, just for the lolzs. [Yes that Island just moved.] I would like to dismount all the signal flags on a ship with one click. I would like to disable Quick Messages so that troll over there will shut up. I would like to see the return of the Salem Witch. I would like to see all Battleships get their Secondaries buff for a bit more range and reload, excluding the Germans and Massachusetts. I would like to see Tier 10 Premium camos go on sale. I would like to see friendly cruiser who have torpedoes stop firing them while behind me. But than I also would like BigFoots autograph but I don't see that happening either.
  14. RedSeaBear

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    I've gotten 2 ships from Try Your Luck option the first was the Anshan back when SC were introduced, its a great ship that enjoy and have used to Rank out in. The second ship I got a from a TYL Super Container a few months back was the Krispy Krym a ship I don't enjoy and have sent to the Moth Ball Fleet. I have a lot of Port Queens in the Moth Ball Fleet because you Never Ever Sell a Premium. The last thing you want to see in a Super Container or a Santa box is that stupid premium you sold for a port slot.