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  1. RedSeaBear

    Zunday stream!

    Sorry I missed the ztream today. Was kind of busy looking at a full scale model of the USS North Carolina.
  2. Its not like the Community doesn't have a plethora of reasons to fuel their anger.
  3. RedSeaBear

    Why do you play ranked ?

    I don't play Rank any more.
  4. RedSeaBear

    WTH...800 games...in the Tiger?

    Um what's a Tiger? Asking for a friend.
  5. RedSeaBear

    2021 Results in World of Warships

    2021 was laughably bad for WoWS. I can't think of one thing added, changed or reworked for the countless time that made we want to play more games. In fact I'm pretty sure I played less games this year than any previous years. All I've seen from WG is an old friend's ongoing destructive behavior that is driving away those that care about their well being.
  6. RedSeaBear

    I got a _________ from a container. .

    Since WG doesn't deserve my $, I only got 8 big santa boxes and two small santa boxes. From that it was a bunch of Camo's, Signals, and 1.5k Gold. Guess WG didn't think I deserved a nice toy for X-mas. Its a fare trade.
  7. I got 10 boxes from the T10 ship tokens, 8 big gifts and 2 small gifts. Camo, Signals and 1.5k gold. So like the rest of 2021 in Wows, another big let down. I get the feeling having 26 super containers instead of X-mas boxes would have given me more stuff.
  8. RedSeaBear


    You get the snowflake reward by either winning a game or earning a small amount of exp, so just playing a game and not being AFK will get you the snow flake award. From Tier 7 and down the snow flakes give you 750 coal, Tier 8 and Tier 9 gives you some Steel and Tier 10 snowflakes give you a currency that you can use on getting santa containers from the armory when the santa boxes go live.
  9. RedSeaBear

    Hey kid!

    I've gotten a lot of stuff for free that was either unwanted or next to useless. Most recently it was C*vid but than complaining about something rarely solves the problem. I try to ignore stupid stuff that was a bad idea in the first place.
  10. Can we have an update that does not reset all my key bindings? Because its really inconvenient to find out after you've logged into battle. Also I know its not a bug but trying to fights these stupid subs in a light cruiser is next to impossible. I don't know who thought having a class that is next to impossible to spot, damage or counter play with their stupid homing torps but they need to go back to work at EA.
  11. RedSeaBear

    Stories of WOWS: The Pall (complete story)

    Deep from within the void a rasping voice is heard, "We are not gone. We but await the appointed time of our return."
  12. RedSeaBear

    Weekend Spree, 13-15 August 2021

    There was no weekend spree. Logged in, looked at the port screen for 2 minutes and logged out. I think I've played two battles in the past two weeks. Not worth the time or effort.
  13. RedSeaBear

    Thank You WeeGee

    I'm in the same barracks. After the last reset the amount of time I played drastically decreased. Because I find the whole Min/Max Theory crafting of captain builds to be super boring. Also losing all my elite commanders just so they could be 19/21 point captains was a massive hit to morale. Since than I have a few elite commanders at 21points but the prospect of grinding so many captains back up is making me not play them. Add in all the crap that is still going on with CVs, power creep, lack of new content, the addition of Subs and more "miss communication" issues, I think its probably time to take a break from WoWs. So I'll probably rest all my captains and take a long break from WoWs.
  14. RedSeaBear

    Got a SC today in my regular crates

    Even as I type this I know it's a waste of time because this kind of feed back will fall on deaf ears. But since there is a nice ring when a pebble reason bounces off a steel wall of indifference lets proceed any way. The reason Super Containers are 9.9 times out of 10 boring and a waste of time is because they so rarely hold anything to get excited about. Signal flags and Camos that can be purchased with credits in the Armory have no place is Super Containers. I would remove Signal Flags and Camos from the SC prize pool. Its a bad prize in a rare container drop. But if WG carried about rewarding players for just playing the game and not another "Miss Communication" event that screws the players they would change a lot more than just the contents of Super Containers. Here Is what I would put into Super Containers prize pool in order of most likely to very Rare. The only signal flags that would be included are the special economic signals like the Dragon, Wyvern or Ouroboros signals. Than Free Exp, Coal, Gold and than Steel. I would put in Permanent Camos for ships that the player has or can get with a credit purchase, so no camo for a rare ship that can't be purchased. Next I would add those prize boxes that guarantee a premium ship of a certain tier in, mainly because I think having a box in a box joke is funny and it adds suspense for the player. They know they are getting a ship but it's still a mystery. Finally I would have all High Tier Premiums ships be included in the prize pool with a small chance of dropping. With the rule being that the ships that cost Coal or Free Exp are more likely and ships that cost Steel are less likely. I think when the supply ships cranes in a Super Container the player should be scrambling to recoding soft ware because they know there is something exciting about to happen. Sadly that is not the case currently.
  15. RedSeaBear

    Got a SC today in my regular crates

    Super-Containers that contain signal flags or Camo are stupid and a waste of time, change my mind.jpg