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  1. RedSeaBear

    CV Hate

    When you are the only Destroyer in a game against TWO Carriers and despite staying near your fleet for "AA Support" those two Covid19 plague ships spend the first 6 minutes of the game throwing all their planes to sink the DD. All the While the 2 CVs on your team are sitting in the back with their thumb in there mouth doing who knows what with their planes. So excuse me for having a level of Dislike of a ship class I find uninteresting to play, to play with and most importantly to play against. Having said that if the Carrier on my team isn't a month breathing window licking troglodyte that does help the team then I will praise them as much as I can. Sadly I don't get many chances to praise the Carrier on my team.
  2. RedSeaBear

    Ban CVs from ranked.

    It would be easier to just Ban Rank From WoWs.
  3. RedSeaBear

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    But muh Spread Sheet. Also I don't normally get to watch the Thursday WG Stream because of My real life job but today I'm off and at home so I tuned in to watch. I Turned off the stream when they revealed the USN CV F.D.R.....Totally Face Palm for tone deaf WG.
  4. RedSeaBear

    The great compromise of 2020 (WG and the research bureau)

    The Research (aka, the ReGrind) Bureau will never be attractive to Some Customers because having to sell lines and "ReGrind" whole lines is a Terrible idea. The RB is lazy content from Devs trying to find new "End Game" Content. The reason many people don't play the mid tears is because most of the ships found there are bad or not fun to play. WG tried to tempt players to ReGrind the game with stupid buffs which we decided was a bad idea. Than they decided to use OP ships to tempt players to ReGrind. Not sure how well that worked but than I don't see many of those ships in game. Now We are going to put the "Legendary" models in the RB to see if players will ReGrind the game. Some how I doubt it.
  5. @KilljoyCutter What you do with your time and Free Exp is totally up to you. I have 3.8 million Free Exp on my account and I'm in no hurry to spend it. The ships lines I mentioned do not interest me and I see no reason to play them or even skip the ships in those lines. I don't want or plan to have every ship in game sitting in my port. Yeah having all the T10s would net me several more Super Containers twice a year but Do I really need that many more camos and signals? I don't think so. In my personal opinion, the two best uses of Free Exp is getting premium ships and unlocking models on a new tech tree ship you are grinding.
  6. I don't waste Free Exp getting past ships. I just ignore ship lines I deem to be crap and/or worth my time. So far I've not bothered to play the IJN, French, UK and Russian Battleship lines. French Cruiser are dead to me and French DDs are garbage. German Destroyers look under powered and boring. Sadly the Italian Cruiser line is looks like crap so wrote those off, which disappoints me. Finally I don't play Carriers, despite having three Premium Flat Tops and the Only reason I have the UK T10 CV is I needed it for bunch of missions. If a ship line has a good T10 but all the ships from T6 to T9 are junk than the line isn't worth my time or Free Exp.
  7. RedSeaBear

    PSA tomorrow is Valentine's Day

    Hope every one has a happy Singles Awareness Day.
  8. Wait they have to Quarantine Nari? Was it something those Pan Asian ships brought with them?
  9. RedSeaBear

    shame on us... CV gets solo warrior

    I once helped a CV earn a Solo Warrior, was a hard fought game. I was happy we won because I had a Kraken, High Caliber and Confederate Medal I didn't want to see the game end in defeat. I also helped an AFK Cruiser earn a Solo Warrior...lead those 4 enemy ships on a wild goose chase away from our caps and by the time they got me it was too late for them to find the AFK and sink it. One of the few times I complimented an AFK, did more for the win than half my team lol.
  10. RedSeaBear

    Smolly Mis-info spreading fast

    I'm not going to play my Russian Fire Breathing Dragon until a few days after its removed from the Armory. Than I'm going to take it out and see how much salt I can farm.
  11. RedSeaBear

    Roma Needs Buff.

    For some reasons WG doesn't like making Good Italian ships. They made one good Italian ship and then added it to the naughty list for being better than all the other Crap floating around Tier 5. So I highly doubt they will ever buff anything to do with Roma much less her guns. I even personally Asked a WG employee if they would consider buffing the Roma Main Battery Accuracy and all I got was a brush off answer. I guess if the Almighty Spread Sheet doesn't show a problem with a ship WG ignores that ship. But I suspect the Spread Sheet doesn't measure players ignoring Terrible ships.
  12. RedSeaBear

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    I have no thoughts I can share on the British Heavies because of reasons. But I can tell you what I think about the Stupid Token Event to maybe unlock a British Heavy Cruiser. Its Garbage.
  13. RedSeaBear

    Jingles.. what are you saying?

    At this point in WoWs even Bugs are considered Features.
  14. I'm struggling to find reasons to play WoWs at all. Currently Working on getting 250 secondary hits for yet another stupid mission task. And I've come to the conclusion that two of my favorite battleship, the Tirpitz and GK, are next to impossible to play in the current Fire Spam meta. Over the course of several games this morning my general feeling toward WG and their Game design is F-Them. If I try to push up and support my Destroyers and Cruisers I'm going to get burned down by all the Fires set on my ship. If I hang back, I'm next to useless and I have to worry about Sky Cancer coming and setting fires or flooding. I guess what I learned today is not to attempt a Secondary Hit mission with a Battleship. I'll go use my Kiev, I guess. There are serious problems in WG but to me it seems that all WG is working on is imaginary ships and more super grindy events. Brawling is a dead meta and that makes me sad.
  15. Lots of Practice with the guns of USN Destroyers and the Atlanta.