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  1. Minion of Smaug with today's replay. @gatorken in the Queen Elizabeth seek to dominate Epicenter and become ruler of the Trident map.
  2. I did not have problems shooting down 30 planes. Now trying to hunt CV planes with an AA cruisers is not the way to hunt CV planes. Because any CV player with more than two brain cells to rub together will avoid a ship with a high AA rating. Now if you want to really hunt CV planes take a Battleship with a decent AA rating and bait those sky jockeys into giving you planes. I shot down 20 planes with my Missouri in one game. But if you want a hard mission to complete its "150 Main Armament hits in a battle and WIN the battle." Trying to satisfy this mission with randoms who have a tendency to yolo throw the game is hard.
  3. Halsey Campaign done. 


    Beware Mission 5 is tough and a long grind. 

    1. Umikami


      Very cool, congrats!

  4. Minion of Smaug with Today's Replay. @Trollseidon and @Big_Sheist encourages bad play on Two Brothers.
  5. SCs - Halsey Campaign

    I've collected every Halsey SCs best I got was 1000 gold and 25 Dragon Flags. All the other SCs were camos and 100 India Yankee flags.
  6. Minion of Smaug with today's replay. @Gear_Jamer makes a return to the Theater in the mighty Gneisenau.
  7. Free captain retraining

    I think there is a discounted respec coming up this weekend. But they have only offered a Free Captain respec at the end of Clan Battles, last time you had to play one CB to be eligible. The other times WG gave us a Free Captain respec when they did something major to the Skill Tree. So the answer your question.
  8. Minion of Smaug here with Today's Replay. @Ocoda Chases the enemy around Loop in the Hindenburg.
  9. Atlanta mission ?

    I'm not sure how a "Universe of Georgia" is a good thing?
  10. Atlanta mission ?

    The State or the Nation? Asking for a friend.
  11. New to WoWS but not WG

    Welcome aboard sailor; May the wind be at your back, your enemies sail straight, the enemy torpedoes miss by a mile and RNG be always in your favor. Remember to watch the mini map, change course and speed and use AP on broadside ships at the water line. Don't get lost or sail alone, don't hug islands to close, don't show your broad side, push with your team, don't hang back in sniper mode and Have fun. Smoke on the water is dangerous, avoid friendly fire and don't feed the trolls. For any thing else use search or just ask. The Sinksalot Fleet salutes you, See you top side. P.s. the Youtube channels of iChase, Notser, Flamu, BIA World of Warships, Lord Zath Replay Theater and even the Mighty Jingles has really good content for WoWs. The more you learn the better a captain you will become and the less you will be surprised. Also reading Patch notes is useful
  12. Minion of Smaug here with Today's replay. @Ducky_shot joins Smaug to comment on his Republique battle on Warriors Path.
  13. Let me guess, Mostly the 'special' Damage Control and Spotter Plane mods.
  14. I rarely get an end game survey when I'm really disappointed with my team performance. For instance if I had been given and end game survey for every time my failed to do anything on the Mountain Range map maybe I wouldn't be so salty the next time I have to face the worst map in the game.