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  1. The disorderly orderly and The Bellhop are two of my favorite films. Thanks for the laughs Jerry.
  2. The Coast Watches have gotten tired of just seeing the enemy pass by and have decided to take some kills themselves. That or you found an Island with a tribe of angry head hunters.
  3. First off you would be surprised at the people the different nations allow to sail their premium flag ships. So limiting the ships you play based on the national flavor of your game name is going keep some very fun ship out of your port. There are several purposes for Premium ships, they allow you to train captains from the ships nation with out a retraining penalty. Case in point your BB captain can do double duty on your premium ship and your tech tree ship to collect two daily win bonus. Makes advancement that much faster. Since they are premium ships they have premium camo which increases rewards, you might not see much of an increase at T4 but it gets better they higher the tier of the premium. Also exp the premium ship has earned is easier converted to Free Exp than a tech tree ship, but it still cost gold. Premium also offer unique ships that don't fit into the tech tree or are a clone of an excising ship but with a slight difference and that premium bonus. Case in point the Atlanta is an odd ship compared to its tech tree counter parts but she is fun to play. The Atago is similar to her sister ships but with some minor differences to make her stand out. The Prinze Eugen isn't different from the Hipper but she has a premium camo so it boost her earnings. As to the Free Exp boost only two ships in game have premium camos that do that, the Anshan and a Tirpitz with a special camo earned during the Santa Convey campaign back around Christmas. Read this for more information on camos and their bonuses. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage And finally premium ship help keep the lights on, the devs feed, and the game free. Heck they even give away premium ships for free almost weekly, not mention the premiums that can be earned in game or for events. I've only paid real money for 3 premium ships yet I've got 11 or more premium ships in port. Some I've earned, some I got by luck and a few were given to me. Hope this helped, fair seas and following winds.
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    2. RedSeaBear


      My only WoWs intel is being gathered from podcasts, dev blog posts and shadowy voices in dark back alleys. But it seems Stage two has only 2 or 3 tasks that can be done without a CV. 

      This campaigns staggered release is interesting but sounds like its holding back the try hards. I'm glad its a permanent campaign because when I get back I won't have to worry about the staggered release lol.  

    3. Herr_Reitz


      Well too - on the plus side - you can repeat missions to complete the campaign, as always. But not sure how that would affect the ending. 

    4. Lord_Zath


      In looking forward to the cv missions :-)

  5. Are we talking about this ship? Kirov Reporting!
  6. Yeah the changes to IFHE [which might be needed for some ships], the changes to smoke detection [which makes sense in a competitive sense but looks to hurt random play] and even the proposed changes to radar range that popped up today [haven't seen any one talking about this yet but hey WG still won't touch radar through rock] makes me sad. About the time I figure out the game and can make the most out of my skills and game mechanics some one cries and WG changes something. But than my laptop died two weeks ago so I haven't been able to play the game. So I'm not sure why these changes bother me, they don't effect me who can't play lol. [not playing at all makes me a bit sad]
  7. How is this any different than when the German BB line was released on the live server? This game is World of Battleship* [some lesser ships might also be present but you can generally ignore them but feel free to complain about torps and stealth firing.]
  8. Here is the video I referenced. I didn't have the skill points for Radio Location and frankly I was able to do well with out it. Even figured out how to mess with the ship that did have it. Hope this helps.
  9. I got a Anshan from a super container the week after last X-mas. Was really thrilled to get something good from a SC. Than I played the ship and decided it wasn't very special. Those slow turning turrets were a pain and the ship needed more skills than a 10 point captain could get to be fun to play. But I stuck with it, not willing to let this ship conquer me. By the time this past season of rank hit I had 17 point captain in her. I took a deep breath said a prayer and hit the Rank Battle button with my Anshan. After 138 battles mostly in the Anshan I ranked out sailing this little monster. If you go find the Flamu Anshan video he put up for this past season of rank and build your captain to his recommendation the ship becomes a joy to play. The Anshan is a good little boat, she isn't over powered and with the right captain skills she isn't under powered either. Also with the coming of the Pan Asian Tree that ship and captain will come in handy if you are interested in a line of clone dds lol.
  10. Welcome to the Mighty Mo club. Now go find that six finger man and avenge your father.
  11. Just put in the @ than follow it with the name of the player you want to mention, remember there should not be a space between the at symbol and the name. Took me a bit to figure this forum feature out back when they redid the forums.
  12. I just recently watched this video by flamu and I have to say I've never wanted the enemy team to sink a WoWs content creator before but I cheered when the MegaZao went down. But I'm confused. I can understand why the British CLs had their HE removed because their insane rate of fire would insure the oceans would never stop burning. And the BB tears wouldn't be enough to put out their fires. But Now we have a Line of BBs who get more out of firing HE, because reasons? So we have cruisers who an only fire AP and battleships who will mostly fire HE. Am I the only one that finds this odd?
  13. Commander Forbes you're being assigned to the Japanese navy. Maybe you can sink some of their ships for a change.
  14. Didn't the Benson's B Hull get a Rudder shift buff last patch?