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  1. Minion of Smaug here again with another exciting replay. @Ricky_Racer Sails the Alabama on Two Brothers.
  2. What is Nerfing?

    If you were going to club a bunch of seals would you rather have a bat made by Aluminum Bats Inc. or one made by Nerf Bats Inc. that is child friendly?
  3. To those with a HUGE win rate....like 60% +.

    I once had a 48% win rate, than some one told me to "Get Gud". I now have a 60% win rate, still get told to "Get Gud".
  4. Delete me

    Would this be called a Detonation or a Devastating Strike ???
  5. New player, new beggingings

    Welcome aboard sailor; May the wind be at your back, your enemies sail straight, the enemy torpedoes miss by a mile and RNG be always in your favor. Remember to watch the mini map, change course and speed and use AP on broadside ships at the water line. Don't get lost or sail alone, don't hug islands to close, don't show your broad side, push with your team, don't hang back in sniper mode and Have fun. Smoke on the water is dangerous, avoid friendly fire and don't feed the trolls. For any thing else use search or just ask. The Sinksalot Fleet salutes you, See you top side. P.s. the Youtube channels of iChase, Notser, Flamu, BIA World of Warships, Lord Zath Replay Theater and even the Mighty Jingles has really good content for WoWs. Also go read the WoWs Wiki, good info there as well. The more you learn the better a captain you will become and the less you will be surprised. Also reading Patch notes is useful.
  6. Hello, Minion of Smaug here with today's replay. Smaug said something about having to put some Hobbits back in their place before leaving. So I'll be posting the daily videos till he gets back. @CylonRed Does battle with Sleeping Giants in the Missouri. Will he Succeed? Tune in and find out.
  7. Fletcher build help

    It takes practice and a willingness to confront your mistakes. I have 3,772 games in Destroyers and I'm still learning new things. Take my Benson 413 Random battles and 374 Rank battles, Heck I have 394 Random battles with my Fletcher. After a while you start picking up things like, positioning, enemy tactics and how best to use the tools you have. Destroyers aren't hard to play, they are hard to play well.
  8. Fletcher build help

    Here is my Fletcher Build, Yes I took the reload mod because a 2.6 second reload is no joke when you're fighting for caps. Also If you've played this far up the USN DD line you should be used to shells arches. This is my captain build, . The Fletcher is on of my favorite Destroyers in the game and I've played her A Lot.
  9. Vulgarities

    I got called a "Soy Boy" yesterday for telling a CAPs Lock warrior to chill out. We were clearly going to win the game but Caps Locks couldn't stop yelling at everyone for their mistakes. The Solution is Report and Mute. Then live your life above the trolls.
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    If I was to pick a favorite ship and the other ships who think they are my favorite found out my chance of random Fun and Engaging moments would increase exponentially.
  11. Mentioned in Dispatches

    I would like to see a scouting medal named either, Coast Watchers or Dawn Patrol.
  12. Symbols? Squirrel?

  13. To the people who bought this ship with money, Hey I have a bridge that is for sale.... But yeah the Aigle is a floating piece of ship. I can only say two good things about the Aigle, she's really fast and she has a nice train horn. Really good at running while blowing her own horn??? Got to be a joke here somewhere. Torps pack a punch but either you get people to blindly sail into them, Ambush a potato with them or suicide rush someone and hope their shells don't stick in your fat french hull. The guns are a joke that need both the ship module and the captain skill just to help them turn. But good lucking hitting anything with the shells, those things travel at 700m/s. Even USN DD 127mms travel faster, heck the orbital cannons of the Cleveland travel faster. I had to give a full 15 click lead just to hit a destroyer who was broadside to me at 5km. The shells do have a good fire chance, assuming the enemy is slow enough for them to land on target. Your best play with the Aigle is to try to mimic the run and gun style of an Udaloi or Khaba. But lets be real the Aiglee isn't good at any job found in the "Jobs of Destroyers 101" hand book. If the Aigle is what we can expect from a future French DD line than count me out. I would probably play the German DDs before I play a line of Aigles. [For reference the author played 14 Random battles with the Aigle using the Special French Captain who had 12ps. The reason for this suffering was to complete all three Aigle related French Campaign tasks. The ship has since been moth balled and the author is seeking concealing after such a traumatic grind.]