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  1. I spent every single Italian Token opening those Italian containers and besides getting a lot of gold from them I never got a mission for an Italian Cruiser. Honestly feel like I dodged a wave of Shima Torps.
  2. RedSeaBear

    Genova is just fine -- Well Done WG DEVS

    Did you know with enough thrust you can make a pig fly? And Clearly several captains in Better ships didn't know how to play them.
  3. RedSeaBear

    TRUCE! The Most Toxic Game Mode EVER

    Unfortunately because of my work schedule I've been playing this game at odd times. Times when most of the Captains I would normally play with are not online. I've discovered something about Operation in this game, I think they have their difficulty tuned for full divisions of players who are on coms. Because I've played every operation with Randoms and with Full Divs. The result is rarely does a operation with Randoms end in success and mostly it is frustratingly hard to do. But when you are in a full Division of players who can use voice coms to coordinate the attack the Operation is laughably easy to complete.
  4. RedSeaBear

    TRUCE! The Most Toxic Game Mode EVER

    I stopped playing the Raid the Filth game mode once I got both the T8 and T9 Inferno Camo. Because getting 8k of Filth just to unlock another chance at the T10 Inferno camo is a grind I don't have time for. I also started seeing the whole "Hey lets have a Truce" only to be ganked at the portal by the ones calling for the truce. Not sure why WG thought adding a super grindy event that can be derailed by grief'ing players was a good idea. But they are the Dev's that don't see a problem with Rank so... What I find interesting is the people who are shocked to discover that there is a large number of players who what to play a game and not have to deal with jerks who grief them for the lolz. Its like being shocked a kid who just spent their time building a sand castle is angry when it gets trampled on by kid who yells, "Its a PVP beach, noob". What I'm say is, If you go into the Raid for Filth and agree to a truce be prepared to cap a fool on your way out. Truces are only as good as the guns that enforce them.
  5. RedSeaBear

    Wargaming: No More Blind Dates!!!!!

    The "Don't Be Shot At" advise ranks right up there with "Get good at using the Italian Torpedoes" as some of the dumbest national Flavor a line of ships has ever had. I'm not sure whats funnier about the Italian cruiser; how comically bad they are or how, much like a octopus, when they face danger they blow smoke in your face and run away. Its like 2019 the player base has been asking WG if they have any more dumb ideas and WG keeps responding "Hold my Vodka" while trying to out do the last big screw up.
  6. RedSeaBear

    When you FINALLY Get a SC......

    I feel your pain.
  7. As I spend most of my time in Randoms I try to keep track of the ships I see. And I don't see that many Moskvas. Not saying its a bad ship but I see more Stalingrads in Randoms. I don't play competitive matches nor do I really watch them as I find most competitive events like KOTS boring to watch. So I don't comment on what works or doesn't work in Competitive formats.
  8. The Krispy Krym was released a while back. The Neuteredshimy has been release, you can find it in the Armory for Steel...yes Steel. I have seen less than 3 in game since its release. I'm sure some people bought it but they aren't playing it much. The Khaba used to be broken. But to day I would rather play any other Destroyer over the Khaba. Ok I might take the Khaba over the Shima because the IJN T10 torp boat isn't always fun to play. I personally would like to see the Khaba get a small Range increase on her guns and her torps. Because she has to get way to close to enemy ships to do damage and those ships have gotten good at blapping her. So while that 50mm armor piece frustrates DDs, its a great target for Cruiser and Battleship AP.
  9. [Points at Krasny Krym] Most of the Russian Cruiser line is at best Meh boats, some are down right bad while others can't survive a near miss from any kind of AP round. The Poor Moskva has even been made obsolete by those two Russian Baby Battleship masquerading as cruisers at Tier 9 and Tier 10. The Russian Destroyers are a mixed bag as well with most being guns boats with suicide/ambush torps. The Khaba was OP but has been Nerf'd and power creeped into middle of the road. The Groz started out as an AA monster, got nerf'd and had to be buff'd after its release to make it competitive. Don't get me started on the bad joke that is Neustrashimy. The Trashkan was named that for a reason and somehow found a buff with the line rework. Most of the OP Russian ships are some of the Battleships, most of the Tier 10s or Premiums. I'm not defending the rather strong Russian ship that have been add to the game recently. But lets not forget the Russian Tech Tree has some stinkers in it.
  10. RedSeaBear

    Why so much French bias?

    I have played a lot of the French Line and I'm still not impressed. But 75% of my opinion of the French is from watching players be wholly ineffective at doing anything to win a battle. In Fact most of the time they stay at max range or beyond damage farming why their team dies trying to win the match.
  11. RedSeaBear

    Thoughts on Perma Halloween camos

    I'm farming Filth like mad. Already have the T8 camo on my Benson, she looks ok in it. Trying to get the T9 camo and Not sure I can stand this event for the T10 camo. Having said that, The Monster Montana camo is very tempting but Expensive.
  12. RedSeaBear

    Why so much French bias?

    I disagree. Personally I find French Cruisers to be next to useless, fragile and annoying. The French Destroyers are Garbage and not worth playing. While all but the French high Tier Battleships are boring and not worth the time to grind them. I figure the more "Unique" consumables (aka, line flavor) a ship line needs the more some one is compensating for terrible ships.
  13. The problem I have with the new Filth Farm Sim, is that you will get more of every other consumable than the one you really need. Which is the Heal. I find you will get 1 heal for 2 or even 3 of your other consumable. Now this could only be a problem for the T1 Filth Farming ships as I know the T2 BB has an AOE Heal but its not making life in this event very fun.