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  1. These grindy time gated events to get a ship are not worth the worry or the effort. Brisbane joins the growing rank of ships that are not worth the effort to get be they premium, Fremium, or even tech tree.
  2. RedSeaBear


    Last night while playing the Harbin, a terrible ship and waste of resources, I was getting out spotted by a Sub and shot at by BBs who were outside Harbin gun and torp range. My only option to counter the Sub was to run away. Which didn't work as the subs torps kept chasing me down. Dodging homing torps while dodging BB AP made for a real enjoyable time until I died while doing nothing for the team or my earning. Fighting Subs is like having to deal with a Carrier in a ship with no AA or a ship with AA and there is nothing you can do to defend your hull. The game is getting so fun and engaging that facing some Match Line ups the best bet is to go full W and walk away from the game. Log out and find something else to use my limited free time on. Hey did you know they have remastered OO7 Golden Eye for the Switch? Its kind of fun to enjoy a game I never got to play outside of my friends console and evening of old school multi player games. Those times when the gamer roasting you was at arms length and very near by, lol.
  3. RedSeaBear

    San Diego Has Respectable AA

    Yes there can and are double CV games in Rank and I'm not counting Green teams and Red Teams regular CV. If you have a normal CV on the enemy team with a Nebraska you are facing a double CV game. You can also end up facing a normal CV and that Dutch cruiser with its air strike consumable, Double CV game. But the worst of all is when you see a Normal CV, plus a Nebraska and the Dutch cruiser because then you are facing a triple CV game. Yes, I know its a bit of a stretch counting a ship like the Dutch cruiser as a CV. But besides the rare cases of getting 3 ships with planes on the enemy team, it can be a very unbalanced game when one side of the match gets a Nebraska. One side having a spotting advantage can be a hurdle that is hard to overcome for an opposing team.
  4. RedSeaBear

    San Diego Has Respectable AA

    I apologize for not getting a damage screen pick on my side to what kind and the amount of planes I shot down in that match. That whole night of playing Rank was very frustrating as all but one match had a CV of some type. Double CVs, Double CV and an Hybrid, Double CV Hybrid and a Dutch cruiser, and one match with one Hybrid BB/CV on the enemy team. But I can tell you that in the game in question I was supporting the Caps I while under constant air attack. Not to mention the level of play from the Carriers and their hybrid abominations is so sad it makes me question the future of humanity.
  5. RedSeaBear

    San Diego Has Respectable AA

    I was the Mass in that game the number of planes shot down was stupid. With no signs of stopping, at some point those Plane printers need to run out of planes. It only gets worse when you have double Sky Cancer and a hybrid BB/cv and that stupid cruiser with air strikes. Its this kind of crap that makes me not recommend this game to sane people.
  6. For your stream you should play Rank as a Destroyer and show how enjoyable it is to play against Carriers. Because I could use a good laugh at people other than myself trying to play Rank but getting curb stomped by planes I can do nothing about. I suspect when Subs are added along with Carriers to Rank there will no longer be a reason to play that game mode.
  7. RedSeaBear

    New Year's stream starting up!!!

    Its sad when you miss the stream because you're pulling a 16 hour double shift. Hope it was fun.
  8. RedSeaBear

    Where I've been (Heavy subject warning)

    Well this isn't the best way to end a Year. I hope you have a speedy recover. Also just more proof you are the cat that survived all those ships sinking out from under it.
  9. It can be assumed that WG has grown lazy and have no interest in producing the same quality of product that brought people to this game. It can also be assumed that WG doesn't care about the WoWs community, only what they can milk from a shrinking player base.
  10. RedSeaBear

    What is a Clan & what is the benefit ?

    The Clan bonuses can be nice but the clan drama has never been worth it.
  11. RedSeaBear

    Rent is Due

    Was I not supposed to sell them for scrape ?
  12. RedSeaBear

    what a joke - economy rework

    What did you expect from the people who brought you all the other successful and well received "Reworks" of the past few years? At some point you get so charred from all the other times WG burned you that you no longer feel any pain.
  13. I think that All premium and reward ships should be made available for in game currencies. So at some point in time all ships are available to players who don't have the wallet or the time to invest in a pixel boat. I got my Missouri the hard way by earning the Free Exp by playing the game and not by Whaling. I got my Black by playing 5 Rank seasons to Rank 1, which was one of the most painful Grinds but I also got the Flint along the way. At the end of the day we're playing a game with digital boats where the game is made up and the points don't matter. I'd rather have fun sinking ships than trying to flex on captains because of some special ship I have.
  14. RedSeaBear

    WG Please Make Ocean Great Again

    The only thing that needs to be done to the Ocean map is have storms and rain fronts moving around the map for the duration of the battle.
  15. RedSeaBear

    The Three Little Pigs

    Forsooth this tale doth bring much mirth to a weary soul.