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  1. But can you bribe a Pigeon of War with a meme?
  2. By Our Skill Points Combine,,,Franken Captain Come Forth!!
  3. So what about the French T6 Destroyer they teased?
  4. So concerning a Minotaur Captain do you pick Manual Secondaries or IFHE for the second 4 point skill? 


    1. Umikami


      My Minotaur Captain isn't up to 19 points yet, but I'm thinking concealment expert and AFT, or possibly RFP if you're a DD hunter. I'd check with LWM on exactly what the benefits of IFHE on RN CL guns will be; I know she has all that on spreadsheet already as she has given me similar data on other ships (DD's). I'm not sure the rewards equal the price. I have never used Manual Secondaries on anything but Bismark, and while they are impressive on her, I would think Minotaurs smaller caliber secondaries would diminish the benefits of this skill overall.

      My opinion, but if you've actually got a 19 point captain, you obviously have more experience in the ship than I do. (even with your unintended and involuntary vacation from playing!)

      Whatever you choose, let me know how it comes out so I can know when I get mine to 19 points.


  5. No what the Belfast needs is the Fiji AP and the Conquerors HE. Oh don't forget 8k torps.
  6. My best Super Container rewards from taking the Try Your Luck option was an Anshan which helped get my Third Rank 1 win and 30 days of Premium time which helped me get my USS Missouri faster.
  7. And here I was thinking the Conqueror had finally dethroned the Belfast as the most hated OP ship.
  8. Well to start will this weekend I actually got to go on a WoWs Spree. Because after over 2 months I finally have replaced my laptop and can play this game. Its a very nice laptop and even has a proper graphics chip though its not the top of the line. I'm now able to play the game at medium setting with 70+ FPS and I load into the game so fast. So Saturday evening after down loading WoWs I was like,
  9. Its an old replay but this might help you.
  10. Two thinks; First, the game looks interesting and the game includes some of my favorite USA air frames, plus a free B-26A makes it very tempting to jump at WoWp. Second, OP your avatar is hilarious.
  11. Played 8 games. Collected 3 daily Containers, The Flint is fun and a bit dirty. The Missouri is still a Boss. My Neptune was taking names till the internet went down due to weather here. Got the first two parts of the first Russian BB Mission done. A good evening. Tomorrow will be better. 

    1. Umikami


      Nice to hear you talking about playing; happy face!!