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  1. Darth_Crater

    Stalingrad taken from my port

    My guess is simple: 1. He submits a false ticket to WG customer service, saying he purchased a Stalingrad but never received it. 2. Customer service, performing as expected, doesn't bother to check and credits him the ship. 3. Two hours or so later, they realize they've made a mistake and un-credit the ship.
  2. Darth_Crater

    Stalingrad taken from my port

    It's real (his account apparently had Stalingrad for 4 games played in randoms) He certainly shouldn't be able to have it, but clearly he did somehow.
  3. Made it into Hurricane! We're recruiting for the next KotS season now, as well.
  4. Bumping for clan battles! Still recruiting, as usual. (Experience with the Yueyang is a plus!)