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  1. Love Number 4 too many island have hidden snag points that can really jam you up when you pull a Notster.
  2. There is already a flag that reduces service costs by 10% why would they create another to make it obsolete?
  3. After playing the Duca this weekend even boosting Agility (much faster rudder shift) And decreasing detection(vision control) would help alot. Making cits smaller would impact cruiser vs cruiser fighting too.
  4. Do you really think there are enough masochists...I mean cruiser mains like us to fill in those gaps consistently?
  5. Given how In Wot many clans got flush enough with gold that they never had to buy it anymore it is safe to assume that gold gains in WoWS will be minimal to prevent that from happening again. OT: I have mixed feeling about this on one hand its good for the game, but on the other Clan stuff will split the already thin population much like ranked does.
  6. Yeah there were alot of matches launching with one side having a division and the other side not. Despite that Saturday was a good day for me.
  7. It would be also nice of premium time didn't subtract a time if you didn't play/login that day but thems the bricks.
  8. I know I already suggested one change how about another. When your mag gets hit you get a grace period to DRP to stop a det from happening and if your DRP is on CD that's your a**. This grace period would be accompanied by some kind of audible cue like a steam whistle building up to warn you of the imminent danger.
  9. Wow i thought my 25k Duca Commander exp gain was awesome grats.
  10. Sounds like you got a team full of people afraid to PVP. One or two of them is not too bad but get too many and it turns into a sad litle S***show of a match.
  11. Strangely I seem to do better on the weekend than during the week just lucky i guess. The dog pic is one of the funniest things i have seen in a month TY dude.
  12. Get rid of it? If anything they plan to roll it out on the USN CVs.
  13. Yeah that was how last night was for me tonight was good, However due to playing the super agile duca alot i was making silly mistakes in my other CLs when i played them.
  14. It would be nice if a det would take a percentage of health and disable the guns who's mag was hit for the rest of the match instead of a one shot. But I doubt the Engine could handle something like that plus this mechanic is a carryover from WoT anyway.
  15. It is good that match went better than the one we were together in.