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  1. Consider how often the Myogi's 14 inchers overpen that thing would be even worse.
  2. Wow I cant believe you stomached that whole 150k grind I didn't even bother to try since my experience with French cruisers was a nightmare that caused me to drop the line altogether. Once I wot i did something similar playing missions in order to get a free premium 1 mil exp later i was burnt bad on the game.
  3. Ohh you mean the player who is gonna "ninja the cap". I hate that they almost always get wrecked since the cap they think Is undefended usually has half the reds inbound to it.
  4. That because the stormtroopers with Vader are the 501 Vader's fist they are actually good soldiers.
  5. The same issues that have dogged me a n many PvP MMOs tunnel vision and losing my cool. If I can stay clear-headed not get to invested in a target i can do well. Bug my temper can exacerbate my tunnel vision and mess up my aiming badly.
  6. Saturday was good Sunday was nothing but losing/winning blowouts.
  7. Had my UI go berserk and then the game errored out and crashed. Lucky for me when i loaded back in i was still alive but omg that was peeving me off.
  8. This sounds more exhausting than the Bismark event was with less time to finish and worse rewards.
  9. Speaking of the Dutch the De Ruyter light cruiser. Also some more Aussie cruisers like the Canberra.
  10. Some people who spend money in this game think it makes them investors. Thus they believe that gives them the right to try to dictate to WG.
  11. Just adding the ASW suites into dds/cls and the mechanics for said suites would be a ton of work for WG.
  12. You have to be doing more just rubbing to turn pink. I crashed into a friendly CV, got jammed on his superstructure, and was dragged by him for a solid minute neither of us turned pink.
  13. The people that spam the expletive one are the worst. I'm tempted to make a comment like " I remember my first beer" when they do it.
  14. The voice over actually comes with the captain not the ship if you swap her out with a regular captain it has normal voice overs.
  15. I would have thought that the GZ would have been a lower tier CV, but since its an 8, does not have focke-wulf fighters , and no stuka diver bombers i'm not gonna get it thats for sure.