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  1. Wouldn't like 500 be much closer to the equivalent amount of free exp you would need to do 3 lines?
  2. Krupp_Sabot

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    So Subs in randoms Jan or Feb of 2020 and im guessing ASW will be automated like AA since WG doesnt think it players can walk, talk, and chew bubble gum at the same time.
  3. Well on the bright side it will give BB mains a new target for their hatred...aww who am i kidding they will yell at DDs to kill the subs while still demanding DDs be nerfed into the ground.
  4. Krupp_Sabot

    Molotov does not live up to its name

    She really isnt a big fire starter even though her name might suggest that. Also her ap can be a lethal surprise as well for Cruisers and BBs.
  5. Krupp_Sabot

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Meat is too expensive more like prairie dogs.
  6. Krupp_Sabot

    "lets rework to make cvs more popular"

    Nah just more of his low effort trolling to try to start drama to entertain him while he waits 5 mins in the que on the sea server.
  7. Krupp_Sabot

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Comes from a Bull and doesn't smell pretty.
  8. Krupp_Sabot

    Game is too BORING (add 3 marking, please)

    It is a good idea as long as it is like WoT with it being limited to t5 and above and no buffs just some nice paint on your barrels or whatever ship equivalent there was for such things.
  9. Much like belfast is to the RN line they will become useless as crew trainers sadly.
  10. Krupp_Sabot

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Gotta get them views my man. OT: When WG stops acting like the Russian EA maybe people will start having better feeling about them. Especially in regards to this game which they seem to like using as a test bed for [edited].
  11. I mean were BBs ever truly dethroned from that position? To the op would hold off since who know which way the fulcrum with swing next carrier may be back in 8.7.
  12. Krupp_Sabot

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    Not really it wasn't worth it. It should also worry people when WG is talking about a IFHE rework since their history with reworks suck.
  13. Krupp_Sabot

    Why have so many good players.......

    This is why i continue to watch the game from afar. With the rework still not declared done despite 8.4 being declared the end of it and the upcoming IFHE changes.
  14. Krupp_Sabot

    Gonna take a break

    What specifically has soured you?
  15. My issue with the japanese and American BBS come from playing the Germans first. Boh play poorly in the german style