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  1. Krupp_Sabot

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Some of the people view him as a pubstar and disregard his opinion just for that.
  2. Krupp_Sabot

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    Try offering the devs a Klondike bar.
  3. Krupp_Sabot

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    So you want a barge the size and armor of a DD with battleship guns?
  4. It doesnt help that you practically could have a college level 101 class to explain the ship mechanic depth and metas, ship interactions, consumable use, etc.
  5. Krupp_Sabot

    UK Heavy Cruisers' Armor Broke?

    Weren't Brit heavy cruisers called so more due to their displacement/guns rather than their armor?
  6. Krupp_Sabot

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    True for most but when i comes to WG especially WG/Lesta im just too pessimistic.
  7. Krupp_Sabot

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Nice ideas but the game is too far out of port to put them in now. also your trusting WG to do a good job on something like this when, for example, their attempt in WoT to make a training tutorials is a hilarious failure that actually teaches players the wrong lessons.
  8. Krupp_Sabot

    More and more the few punish the many

    So do they just not invite clans like yours or do they just make it too much a hassle to bother? Or is it a Rasha clans only type deal?
  9. Krupp_Sabot

    More and more the few punish the many

    I mean you had to know it was coming CVs were going to be put into CW eventually. At least it looks like they made the Fighter consumable less useless.
  10. One thing that would help would be increasing the number of battles required to start posting but still let low post counts have access to the new player section.
  11. You should have given to that WG charity thing instead 200 would have granted the MO for you but w/o the extras from the boxes to be fair.
  12. I dont know what your talkchining about sir.
  13. Krupp_Sabot

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    Well if you like the pacing of this game ie slower more deliberate allowing you to think about your moves more than you will hate WoT. The pace of WoT now is so sped up that you can find yourself losing before you even realize it. The economy over in WoT is also less forgiving due to the necessity of prem rounds and the inconsistency of HE. The low tier experience is also arguably more brutal with the amount of dedicated seal clubber clans and all the derp one shot tanks being played.
  14. Krupp_Sabot

    WG can you fix T7 MM

    Sledgehammer has a quality all its own comrade.
  15. Krupp_Sabot

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Some of it from my pov is just people who want to argue for the sake of it. That's where all the its not 100% pedantic argument comes from imo. Tbh even if its 50% that is still bunk imagine if pvp was suffering from a 50% mercy rate the pvp mains would riot.