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  1. The flatness of the Russian shell arcs make hitting smaller targets easier I have found.
  2. Help me Understand British Cruisers

    A few bad tilts can screw up your individual wr in a given ship. You should give it till 100 games to truly average out. However it just could be a cursed ship those happened to me in wot.
  3. October Revolution GudBot!!!!!

    You should really be sure to pass the honeymoon period before making such a declaration. My first 2 games in the mutsu were 100k multikill matches but after not so great.
  4. The Taint

    Papa Nurgle says its fine.
  5. I kinda hate how a match will end abruptly if one team loses too many too soon. It is rare but a team could come back from that i've seen it happen in WoT enough times.
  6. The Taint

    So its called the taint, it looks like fart gas, and it kills you ummm lol?
  7. Its getting way to easy to shoot DD

    Well IRL or a sim that would be the case but in a game that would drop DD survivability like a rock. In balance terms DD's are supposed to be the paper to the BB's rock by letting rock beat paper you destroy that balance. I'm mean even with several overpens you can chop off 25 to 50 percent of a DD's health anyway.
  8. Its getting way to easy to shoot DD

    They actually are thinking of changing BB AP interactions with DD's so you may get your wish.
  9. clans how to find the one to join

    Gotta admire his/her persistence manged to wear you down to a yes.
  10. Warships.today is back ...

    I can see that being a big problem which leads to my issue with it. My issue is that lack of detail in sigs like average tier which is a useful metric in and of itself. But like i said above WT is so in and out that I'm just tired of dealing with it.
  11. What wasn't mentioned is how much more dangerous these little bastards are gonna be to hunt in Cruisers since your reaction time plus the greater damage means that they can kill a hunting CA/CL much easier than other DD's. I personally feel like these torps will just end up getting torps and by extension DD's nerfed more.
  12. 0-14

    End your tilt at 5 in a row like I do and you will be much happier.
  13. Warships.today is back ...

    I does seem to be stricter when calculating stats perhaps it is missing something that WT has/does, but at least it is more reliable.
  14. In Game Captain Removal

    If you don't want your Steven captain I'll take him off your hands.
  15. Warships.today is back ...

    Meh myself and others have already switched to wows numbers seems like a fix will be to little to late if it ever arrives.