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  1. Krupp_Sabot

    What angers me most about HE

    Why aim and time your shots when you can just derp.
  2. Krupp_Sabot

    Is it real?

    Both notster and ichase have been put on my teams proof that this sweethart system doesn't exist.
  3. Now they just need to find the sub that killed her.
  4. Krupp_Sabot

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    @Lert aren't its HE shells really strong too?
  5. Krupp_Sabot

    T5 CA balance

    Damn this thread makes me almost regret moving up to Aoba.
  6. Krupp_Sabot

    Update 7.12.

    Is the might prinz campaign temp as well or perm?
  7. Krupp_Sabot

    Co-op Achivements?? What are ones you can get?

    Cant even get that in co-op.
  8. Krupp_Sabot

    Update 7.12.

    Hopefully they will extend the PEF campaign by a week in compensation.
  9. Well until they fix it its thier loss on the money front.
  10. Krupp_Sabot

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    Meh May be if it was 10 or 20 for it but 40? Forget it not going through that grind after the Cossacks grind for a t3 ill never play. Also I love the irony if having to win dailies that take t5 or greater to win a ship that Can't do dailies or any other missions.
  11. Krupp_Sabot

    WoWs Legends console Closed Beta Sign-up

    Not only that but if wot console is any indicator the player base will be dumber and more toxic. Also within a year it will be overrun with OP premiums.
  12. BBs are elephants and red DDs are mice if the BBs even think there is a DD nearby they freak out and run.
  13. Krupp_Sabot

    Repulse and Prince of Wales

    The really sad part about those 2 ships is how metal slavagers are slowly tearing them apart. Ships like the Bismarck and Yamoto are lucky they sunk in deep waters.
  14. Krupp_Sabot

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    It would be intersting to see if she stayed in game if she left WG under bad circumstances.
  15. Krupp_Sabot

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    The pacing of the matches is also much slower making it less appealing to the twitchy adhd playstlye of a lot more modern shooters.