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  1. Krupp_Sabot

    Old Pensacola vs. New New Orleans

    But they have flags I have over 300 para para's.
  2. Tbh WG should have never made it 3 mans but duos only in WoWs. In WoT a 3 man can be dragged down by 12 other players much easier than 9 in WoWS. It's not a coincidence that Supers in WoWS have WR that are generally 8 to 10% higher than WoT Supers WR. Sadly they cloned over too much from WoT without thinking though the impact.
  3. Krupp_Sabot

    Wows Nightly News 22: CV rumors

    The text on the crawl is funnier than the main content. +1
  4. Krupp_Sabot

    Amazon Pay is back!

    Nice ty for the news.
  5. Krupp_Sabot

    is it safe to come back?

    According to Fem the rework is slated to wrap at 8.4 check back then to see how things are.
  6. Krupp_Sabot

    Adapt and Overcome - Surviving the New "Old" Meta

    While that is true he does have a vested interest in the game continuing to do well. He may not be being paid by WG but he isn't doing the vids for free either. Game goes down or loses significant popularity and he is left w/o enough ad revenue/patrons to continue making them.
  7. Krupp_Sabot

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    So much for lowering the skill gap.
  8. Krupp_Sabot

    Low Tier Bashing

    In what world is the Kawachi not crap?
  9. Krupp_Sabot

    USS Montpelier - Tier VIII Cleveland premium?

    Never said He was getting canned. What said was if they had went through with it and it went badly being it was his idea he would likely be scapegoated to save face. Its likely with the backlash from the GC fiasco that he and they realized this and pulled back from the idea.
  10. Krupp_Sabot

    USS Montpelier - Tier VIII Cleveland premium?

    Well from what i understand it's mostly one guy pushing it (Sub_O) but as a result i think the specter of it failing, him taking the blame, and likely getting canned will prolly keep prems safe for now.
  11. Krupp_Sabot

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    The pan asian line was to get into the interest from the chinese market much like the Chinese line in WoT and the fake China TDs.
  12. Krupp_Sabot

    USS Montpelier - Tier VIII Cleveland premium?

    They actually retreated from that unless there has been another bit of news i missed.
  13. Krupp_Sabot

    The Final CV ?? or what the .....

    Seems like it would be a good pve event boss but otherwise no.
  14. Krupp_Sabot

    100 games in a West Virginia '41

    Well for me it due to me Being a resident of AZ.
  15. Krupp_Sabot

    The right way to fix OP ships

    I was fine with the same. Although i'm not sure what you would nerf really? The speed? the stealth? The alpha strike of the he? Her armor was already crap so that wasn't the issue.