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  1. I got that T9 container too but I'm a broke af f2p player so had to pass it
  2. Serkev1

    Anyone watch The Gate?

    Yeah, is true that there is a lot of females and the only one that is justified enough to be in battles are the military women and the gothic loli god. Still would love to watch a 2nd season.
  3. Serkev1

    So is Rimuru a guy or a girl?

    Rimuru is Rimuru Anyway, I suppose that being another species makes you lose any kind of interest in humans from a sexual perspective. Still you could get some kind of romantical attraction about somebody (or even about something!) so what should be objectively important is that what Rimuru feels, and not how he looks
  4. Serkev1

    Prinz Eugen vs. Hood, who did you pick?

    Back in 2017 I started playing AL because I liked the design of Ayanami and Prinz Eugen a lot. It was quite the surprise discovering of how sensual PE's voice was.
  5. Serkev1

    No se como completar las misiones de batalla

    Tienes que usar barcos de tier 5 o superior para poder registrar el progreso en esas misiones