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  1. Smolensk- raining fire is a thing. Thunderer- burn at a distance and AP as soon as possible. Kamikaze- Hunting Scharnhorsts is FUN! Flint- The ship I have that's closest to scratching your fingernails down a chalkboard to the enemy.
  2. I'd throw in the USS Utah as a tier III (outfitted prior to becoming a target ship). She's still sitting on the bottom of Pearl Harbor. All the Pearl Harbor battleships should show up. I'd also include the US and Japanese cruisers from Savo Island, Cape Esperence, and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Salt Lake City was in the Kommondorski Island battle, but you could pull Richmond from there.
  3. Golden_Spike

    Ship coupon is live!!!

    I used the coupon to grab the Flint, then caught a super container from a Mr. Gibbins raffle that put me less than 10k from the Georgia. It has been a good day.
  4. Golden_Spike

    Salt in Co-op

    I tend to play random during the week and co-op on the weekends. I also hit co-op on things like the Exeter mission where I can push through two or three matches there versus one random. Yes, the tactics are totally different. I pull off things in co-op that would be suicidal in a random match. That's part of it's fun. The free-for-all brawls around the caps can be a blast. I don't see much salt there, but it does show up, especially on missions where the goal pits teammates against each other to get that killing shot. But that's an issue with Wargaming picking mission parameters, not co-op or randoms.
  5. First attempt at Sunray this year in the cruiser. 450k damage, including 174k on Rasputin in about 1 minute. He appeared less than 1km from me and hit him with a bunch of torps then kept him burning with IFHE while he flooded out. Only 4 stars, though. Nobody got the CV.
  6. Golden_Spike

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A Kraken in my Kamikaze that included 3 devastating strikes and a high caliber. But it cost me three Karma points because earning it ticked off a red division who didn't like sinking.
  7. Golden_Spike

    Wrong Answers Only: 09

    That's definitely the Australia. A competitor in the 1980 America's Cup from the Royal Perth yacht club.