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  1. The problem is how you will spot DDs. CVs can do this but now they are trash. so cruisers cant run into a DD, because DDs are faster and if they try BBs delete him. the power of BB make cruisers camp for dont die and DDs gain space for get in torp/gun range and cruiser still dont like get close. give radar make easier to hunt DDs but still the same thing: nobody can get close for a DD or BBs delete him. the stealth DDs can try but if the DD be spotted will recieve focus fire for everyone.The counter for stealth DDs are stealth DDs, but be spoted for another stealth DD is a death sentence. In the end the strength still the same (concealment) but he isnt rewarded for this.
  2. The problem isnt stealth fire exist right now. the problem is nobody trying to counter this. for counter stealth fire you need spoters, but if 6 ships on your team are BBs, they are not able to push into a stealth fire ship, if a cruiser try to push BBs delete him and if a DD push he will fight againt other DDs and recieve focus fire. WOWs is like a FPS, you gain more for kill and damage then for support and everyone want do damage. But no one play like a support because rewardable, except if you win a ranked game, but recieve less XP and credits witch isnt fun. With everyone playing like damage dealers and no supports, is hard to counter some mechanics, like stealth fire, torpedoes, aircrafts, smokes, etc. But I want WG making more then only favour the BBabies. They have the best damage potential and avarage damage but cant do much against mechanics like this, and WG try to make this game a simple shoot in open ocean at other ships. because BBs cant do nothing and cry because no one want support him. Have things more importants for balance now, IJN DDs, German DDs, CVs. But hey need buff ever more this class that want be the Chuck Norris and other ships are only peasants.
  3. Leander or Fiji or Edinburgh?

    MY OPINION: all RN CLs have the same playstyle (i am grinding now, i am in edinbrug), is all about positioning like a god, diferent then DDs (my favorite line before 0.5.5) you cant smoke in open ocean and stay here or try to get out, because you still be a cruiser. But they are fun, except when people know how to counter smokes or get good random shoots on you. you will be deleted in smoke, without be spoted some times, but this is normal, dont worry. A good position is where you can accelerate fast foward if you be spoted or smoke ends and you still able for shoot in some ships. You dont have US arcs, but have US shell velocity. In other words, your shells need a year for hit the target but you cant shoot behind islands like a cleveland or a atlanta. You are a pure damage pool for everyone, everyone wants your body and they can easily kill you, and they underestimate your DPM. Play with a spoter and is GG. Is like a BB, but without armour, you are a DPM focus line, but alone is only a damage farm. Fight against DDs is a nightmare, because you cant explode him, and they are manuverable, but with your DPM and good aim you have a chance. Talking about the ships: Leander: good ship, good DPM and hit belt armour will do damage, diferent then other cruisers, because is RN AP, and have better torpedo power then Fiji. But is T5-T7 all time, is rara be top tier, but you will be bottom tier some times; Fiji: GOD ship, she has the firepower (and DPM) then edinburg (same numbers and type of guns) your AP is the better of the tier, even payfast belfast dont have the RN AP, is a normal AP. With premium smoke, Jack of All Trades and flag of reduction time od consumables you have 2 mins of smoke and 54s without smoke, dont die in this 54s and still god, because radar on T7 is rare. Have a lot of T5-T7 battles, and you are top tier all time. Have only 3 torps per side, this is the downside. Edinburg:same firepower then Fiji, only 3 torps per side, a littl more HP, wich isnt good but she has some upgrades. First: better heal then everyone on T8, T8+ have a really good heal, can recover more life then BBs heal. Second: 10 km torps, aviable for T8+ again, with this torps you can zone how will push into your smoke, and this occurs all time (they see you like a dog see meat) and you can stealth torps like Atago. Her worst point is be a T8, all US and RU cruisers have radar, bismarck have hydro. Against radar i recomend: if is US radar run, they have a lot of DPM for kill you (her AP is a demon at close range) and 30s is a lot of time spoted, specially if he has support. If is RU radar try to avoid his shoots without leave smoke or tank in smoke, they have good DPM but radar duration is low and is hard to get out of your range when you are stopped and he is at 30 knots.
  4. nope, the UI reworked is coming, nothing about buff or nerfs, only the UI will be like starcraft (i dont play starcraft and dont know how is this)
  5. Anti-Communist Rounds

    american AP + low tier armour = angle? what is this?
  6. Nagato, what should I expect?

    nagato is a sniper: big guns, good accuracy, GOD penetration (no armour on any T7 and bellow), better turret tranverse then fuso and slow ROF. 12-17 km is a good window for play with him, and have time to react. With you accuracy is easy to hit anything. But is harder to use then fuso, you need good aim and positioning for dont be surprise. Obs: not imune to cits like germans, caution if you will rush
  7. Saipan the true cancer

    guy remember saipan loadout: 3-0-1: forget fighters and shoot down that bomber, only need maintain your fighters near by allies and problem solved, he need use fighters close by a AA bouble. YOU have the damage on ships advantage (2 TBs and 2 DBs); 2-2-0: now is more dificult, he has more variety of tactics and you need pay more atention. And you still have damage advantage Obs: saippan cant aply sustain dots without help, even 2-2-0 cant because use one TB only their planes will down quickly. And if you give up air superiority you can snipe him ( he dont have DF like T8)
  8. Shimakaze 0.6.0+ Builds

    my build is similar of you but I choose AFT for RPF for avoid dds, essential for a torpedoboat.
  9. RPF on IJN DD?

    Use with 100% of certain, except in akizuki. you can avoid enemy dds and play smartly.
  10. My shima build: T1- preventive maintence T2- last stand and adrenaline rush T3- torpedo armament expert and superintentet T4- concealment expert and radio location (for avoid enemy dds).
  11. look the world of warships today in the last week. Hiryu have 52% winrate, best avarage damage and K/D. She dont looks weak for me.
  12. Myoko Skippers - Captain skills?

    This build work in my zao and probably in all IJN CA's: T1- Direction Center For Catapult Fighters and Priority Target (take this first); T2- Expert Marksman (Essential) and Adrenaline Rush (you can survive and do more damage); T3- Superintendet (for heal), Vigilance and Demolition Expert; T4- Concealmente Expert. With this build I can be "save" against CVs, torpedos and burn quickly the BBs. You can chase Demolition Expert and Adrenaline Rush for somethink you like. OBS: dont take Radio Location you arent a DD hunter and is situational.
  13. You NEED this skills in every build for zao: 1- pririty target (extra information); 2- expert marksman (take or turret dont turn); 3-superintendet (for heal); 4- concealment expert (obvious). Other options: Level 1 skills - Direction Center for Catapult Figther: a passive hydro for you and extra defense againt CVs. But even a full AA zao (BFT, AFT, Defensive Fire, Manual AA and Direction Center for Catapult Figther) can do much against t9 an t10 CVs. Other skills are useless, maybe Preventive Maintence can be usefull. Level 2 skills - Adrenaline Rush increase your DPM and Zao have good survivability (sthealth and snipe). Other skills dont have a good benefit; Level 3 skills - Demolition Expert: you have 21 % of fire chance WITHOUT this skill, can use but you can dispense. Vigilance for another passive hydro. Level 4 skills - Useless. Dont take RPF, you dont have radar or planes for long range spot only will say "hey I can see you hidden ship". spending for points for nothing
  14. How to play IJN DD

    For akizuki take AFT, Concealment Expert, Demolition Expert and HEAP (Inertia Fuse for HE), use stealth fire and dont rush or cap, even BBs are faster then you and radar will destroy you. For the other dds take Concealment Expert and RPF. With this skills you can avoid enemy dds, not being surprise so easily. If you want play more agressive and do more damage use torpedo acceleration for reduce the time reaction for your torps and afrenaline rush for reduce your cooldown on torps, guns are usefull but, you arent able for gunfight with other nations.
  15. How to sunk ships in WoWs: using shells, fires, floods, torpedos and aircrafts. After CVs nerf, is basicaly one less enemie for you and cruisers use torps (and flood) only if you get close. In BBs fires are so strong for do damage over him life but with HEAP reduce this damage for reduce fire chance and can reduce more with module, BoS, High Alert and flag. HEAP force the ship for shoot more and not only set fire and run because you will do more damage brutal and depend less of fires. And HEAP dont help high caliber guns (more then 155 mm). HEAP only make low caliber guns viable for kill BBs and make akizuki HE usefull.