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  1. LoneWolf_31

    Critical error message

    Yup Im in THANKS BRO :) :)
  2. LoneWolf_31

    Critical error message

    Awesome thanks man :) Hopefully this works
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    Critical error message

    Anyone else getting a critical error message when connecting to game?
  4. LoneWolf_31

    TLW Recruiting

    We are a average clan with down to earth average players, we have a blast playin, win or lose. We are Seeking Tier X players with at least 2 tier X ships . Who wish to play Clan wars. We discord for CB ITS A MUST. Our clan is going through a shakeup with many changes to become more competitive in CW .. We are a salty bunch so 18+ . We are also looking for players who have good situational awareness and are able to give direction during the battle. We have 3 who are good at this but we would like at least 2 more. Those 3 cant be on every CW night so it would be nice to have a couple more. We have had plenty of nights where we have went 10-1 12-1 14-2 13-2 BUT its keeping that streak going that is the challenge, SO if you would like to take a leadership role in a clan or even just join up for the comradery and FUN TEAMPLAY search TLW in game THE LONE WOLVES .... Cant wait to hear from you in game.... Chances are I wont reply here ....... We are looking at our 1st 3 seasons as a learning curve ... Its time to change that up to a winning curve, looking forward to you being a part of that ....