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  1. [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    Thanks for Biscuit! Will Pudding eventually join her?
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    Slowly sucking out your soul as you stare back.
  3. In response to Op: Do you want another ’Bamagate? Because this is how you get another ‘Bamagate.
  4. I need a break

    Well I took your advice and hung up the admirals hat for a week and a half. In that time I picked up another game to keep me occupied (GFL for those interested). While I couldn’t visit Iowa, I did visit her sister Wisconsin in Norfolk Virginia. Such a pretty ship. Today though marked my return to a World of Warships. I logged in, doubts lingering in the back of my mind. Although some people’s life choices today were questionable to say the least, I must say my temperament as much better, and I With the help of three others was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, despite a certain asashio’s attempts to prevent it. I missed this game, and I’m glad I can play it again without wanting to uninstall every match, even if it’s just for the time being. I also would like to think Iowa is proud of her Admiral.
  5. I need a break

    *sigh* Little bit of a vent here. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ve become so jaded as of late I don’t see the fun in the game I used to. Maybe it was one bad team to many. Whatever the reason I cannot join a match without several minutes in feeling frustrated, annoyed, and most importantly I’m not having fun. I’m not enjoying my time in a hobby I love. High tier isn’t fun to play, and even low tier is grinding me out. I’m not blaming this on anyone, I just think it’s time to hang up the captains hat for a while, because at this rate I’ll probably rage uninstall within a week. I love this game, but maybe it’s time to rest before I start to hate it.
  6. How many times have you "died"?

    Are we counting times we were sunk or can we count where we died internally?
  7. I think people don’t credit Mamie’s quick heal as much as they should. Fire spam doesn’t mean much when you can repair it that quickly.
  8. Lyon, super OP

    Fellow Iowa fan I see.

    She’s a good ship, but she plays a little differently. She is one of the few BBs in the game I can respect seeing at 16km out. Her guns rotate so slowly trying to close the distance is I’ll advised. That said, DO NOT BOW ON REVERSE. As you already know people like to HE spam you, A LOT. At least if you’re always moving you can maybe get away. Also be careful how you angle: if you overangle even slightly you are going to eat citadels.
  10. How OP is Conq?

    Right? I see so many people put out one fire nowadays, even at high tier. Did I miss a thing?
  11. How OP is Conq?

    Conqueror hits so hard, her initial blast extinguishes the fire and then sets another in its place.
  12. How OP is Conq?

    To be fair, conqueror is more than capable of setting 2 fires a salvo
  13. Nope, but you may need group counseling. IVA (Indianapolis Veterans Anonymous) has meetings every Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Together we can work through our ship preferences.
  14. How OP is Conq?

    It’s NOT OP. What it is though, is the most frustrating, unenjoyable experience in the game. Fighting a conqueror is painful not only because of how tough the ship is to kill, but because most captains just spam HE from long range. There’s something wrong about seeing a battleship spamming HE and lighting more fires than a cruiser.