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  1. Usedcarjock

    Sync Dropping

    I figured as much. Still kind of sucks that you have half of the enemy team in full voice communication versus randoms but such is the will of the matchmaker I suppose.
  2. Usedcarjock

    Sync Dropping

    I just got out of a match where six players on the enemy team sync dropped. The match went as well as one could expect. Is this allowed? If it is I understand but... Jesus that was scummy. Really scummy.
  3. Usedcarjock

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    Yeah I feel ya. I personally skipped out on Benham because DD gameplay isn’t my favorite (still more enjoyable than CVs). If a sale for Boise comes around that’s not this loot box thing I would definitely recommend it.
  4. Usedcarjock

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    Yeah I lucked out and got Leningrad and Lazo which I didn’t have a chance to grind for so... all things considered not bad.
  5. This ship... has impressed me. I decided to give the ship a go in ranked and... just wow. The 15 gun salvos, even with an 8 second reload, absolutely shred enemy ships. The Fire chance is pretty good too. The heal? Holy cow is it fantastic. Out of the three ranked games I’ve played, I’ve gotten 3 Confederates, 2 High Calibers, and a Dreadnought award. It’s just a fun ship, and for that I’m not regretting picking it up. Is this the ship I’ve missed out on for the past few months?
  6. Has anyone been having equally poor luck with people and failing the mission over and over? I’ve tried multiple different ships and no matter what I play, people fail to keep ships out and then get stomped out by the main attack. I have yet to win one in the 12 times I’ve tried this week.
  7. Usedcarjock

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    Retreating in my Alsace. I was the closest one to the enemy. My accuser then proceeded to run to the corner of the map and afk in protest because of a cowardly team.
  8. Usedcarjock

    Struggling to Invite Friend with an Invite Code

    Is the link the code? Because I gave him that. He’s wondering if he needs to input another code. Like is the end bit dggOM4a something he’d need to input?
  9. As the title says, my friend can’t seem to figure out what the invite code is. I’ve sent them the link and they clicked on it and are making an account. They see a spot to fill out an invite code but dont have a code or don’t see a code. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Usedcarjock

    For Every Bad Experience in Ranked

    Ty figured it out. Sure enough it worked! Looking back there was plenty of things to improve upon, such a neat feature.
  11. Usedcarjock

    For Every Bad Experience in Ranked

    So I uploaded the replay from the replay folder to replaywows.com, is it supposed to play or does it just show the results screen?
  12. Usedcarjock

    For Every Bad Experience in Ranked

    Yugumo guns hit like an absolute truck! If you're accurate you can surprise a lot of people.
  13. Usedcarjock

    For Every Bad Experience in Ranked

    I was rank 12, but most on my team were trying to breach 10.
  14. You get a game like this: So a little background: All four of these kills, the Kitikaze, the Buffalo, the Iowa and the Fletcher all occurred within the last 5 minutes of the game. The Alsace and I were the last two alive, and after our BB took a one way ticket back to port, I was left alone in my smoke screen after sinking the Iowa with one torpedo spread. While I was sitting in smoke, the enemy Fletcher was spotted by our BB, and right before he disappeared, the Fletcher could be seen turning in my direction. Knowing I had a radar cruiser and two gunboat DDs pushing me I fled the smoke, but not before firing my second spread in the direction the Fletcher was coming from. A few moments later: torpedo impact. I turned my guns towards the smoke, and sure enough the Fletcher exited the smoke on about a third to 40% hp. I fire a gun salvo... and detonate him. Now it was one versus two. My smoke dissipates and I see seven kilometers from me the Buffalo nearly full HP, and the full HP Kitikaze (he shot in my direction in vain to help the Fletcher), splitting off around the isle I was using to defend myself. I decide to choose the side the Buffalo was going, and fire a torpedo spread in the Buffalo's direction. Unknowingly, I was closing to fast, and waltzed into spotting distance. Luckily for me his guns were for whatever reason pointed the wrong way. I fire my second spread, as the first missed, and start to pepper him with the 127 millimeters. To bring all his guns to bear, the Buffalo shows broadside, fires, misses, and gets deleted by my second torpedo spread. I didn't have time to celebrate, though the chat did, as the Kitikaze finally rounded the corner. Now it was a gun duel to the finish. We exchange fire, and let an isle pass between us. Less than a minute is left and they are up by points. The enemy team must have been screaming at him about this, because the very next moment I saw the DD, he was attempting to retreat, but was only 4 km away. With time counting down I spam LMB as much as I could, and with two seconds left, I snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Tl:Dr A game I wish I had recording software for.
  15. Usedcarjock

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    Ty for bringing Pudding back! Also, I've tried the method of manually installing the voice mod as directed on the first page (by going to the WoWS res_mod folder and selecting 8.0.0, where I drag the sound files for Prinz Eugen) but I've been unsuccessful in getting the voice files to show up. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for all your hard work! Edit: It worked! Thank you again!