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  1. Usedcarjock

    New US BBs - technically inferior for their tier

    As of now, their armor is at most 32mm. So no, they’re going to be damage piñatas.
  2. All free containers, 6 premium containers, no cvs.
  3. Usedcarjock

    Theory Wars: Countering KAK Div. (edit #1)

    I’ll make sure to sink myself at the start of the battle when I’m on your team then.
  4. Usedcarjock

    So is Azur Lane

    Basically from what I gathered, the Hood (and other sunken botes like her) are manifestations of the mental cubes you collect. She’s not the same Hood that was sunk in the tutorial.
  5. Usedcarjock

    Another Azur lane post

    Here Here. But then again WG said they’d listen last time and yet here we are.
  6. Usedcarjock

    PSA : Opt in for anime ******s.

    Something Something Baka
  7. All I'm saying, is don't spend too much time with your other shipgirls.
  8. Could you imagine getting dupe Yat Sens?
  9. Baltimore is best fite me. /s As for the rigging being harmless, tell that to the Siren Prinz Eugen's rigging tore apart. I digress: I hope that in the future this collaboration can perhaps give out individual commanders... even though I know that has as much chance of happening as Azur Lane giving Eugen a good dub voice.
  10. Roon is a good girl... so long as she isn’t trying to feed you to her rigging
  11. Usedcarjock

    I'm think I'm done with ranked

    Same. My BP is high enough in randoms. Don’t need it any higher lol.
  12. You’re comparing Azur Lane to FGO. FGO is well known for being the worst Gacha game when it comes to throwing money in a bin. Azur Lane is leagues above that game in terms of fairness. I digress; The point is WG is being greedy right now.
  13. Except to this day, I have yet to not get a ship girl I want. I’ve never needed to spend actual money to get shipgirls. Meanwhile you only get 6 chances for $50. $50! Let’s say you want to roll in Azur Lane. The in game currency to create shipgirls is cubes and gold. Gold is earned in many different ways, most of which is in game missions, commissions, or passive gain. Or you can spend 450 gems to get 15k gold. Cubes are the more difficult currency to get, but with the daily missions available and the commissions that give them out like candy, it’s not hard to make a stockpile. But even if you need them, you pay around 700 gems for 20 cubes. 15k gold and 20 cubes gives you 10 rolls. 1150 gems costs $20 with leftover currency. Now let’s compare to the loot boxes in the Azur Lane collab in World of Warships. For 6 rolls you spend $50 for a chance to roll the ship girl captain you want. There’s no other way to get rolls outside of forking over cash. The two may look similar, but one system is FAR FAR FAR more forgiving than another.
  14. Not even your .jpg images. You can actually use your shipgirls in the game. Again, the difference in effort is astounding.
  15. She was a reward for a mission chain last time. So unless she’s it again nope.