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  1. With the coupon refreshing in a few days, once again I’ve come to a dilemma on what steel ship I want. I’m mainly a BB player and I’ve maxed out both the IJN and French BB tech trees. I also have Musashi and Jean Bart respectively. I’m leaning more towards Burger myself since haha 510 mm guns seem more like a meme than anything else, whereas Burger has more to offer competitive wise. What do you all think? (ultimately this will be for ranked/clan battles potentially)
  2. I see. Is there any way to stop the current installation so I can check for additional software without causing even more issues?
  3. Only thing installing is World of Warships. The installation of the game halts when it reaches a certain update (10.4.somethingsomwthing). I would have screenshots if I hadn’t given up and gone to bed. Appreciate the help.
  4. No idea where it is on the WGC. I’ll look into it in the morning.
  5. It’s an SSD. I’ve tried the WG check tool. Honestly at this point I want to just start from square one with a fresh install. How do I just stop the install and start fresh?
  6. I was using the WGC repair tool. As for being coy, I’m sorry I can’t babysit the thread.
  7. Installing it on: Storage Set 2: 1x Storage (2TB Seagate / Toshiba / Hitachi) Capacity left is 1.9 TB.
  8. So to sum it up: try lowering graphics from max to high where it was set from the get go and hope for the best?
  9. I would try that, if reinstalling the game would let me get past 51%.
  10. So in laymen's terms: settings are too high, turn them down?
  11. I’m playing other games perfectly fine. It’s just this one. I’m reinstalling the dumb thing again. It’s a brand new computer. It’s running everything just fine. It just won’t run this.
  12. Meaning what exactly?
  13. The error I’m getting is this. ive repaired the game client. This isn’t some bandwidth issue.
  14. I am about this close to uninstalling this game for good. Three times, I have been kicked mid-game because there are missing files and I need to fix my client. So I go in, fix the client, come back, I am pink for 2, then 4, then who knows how many matches at this point. I love being punished because your client cannot properly upload files. I have NEVER had this many issues installing this game, but this has been an absolute nightmare today that does not seem to want to end. At this point, I might as well uninstall and reinstall the game; can't wait to spend another hour or so waiting only to be stuck on the client bug that won't let me finish downloading the dumb game until I restart my computer 3 or 4 times. Seriously, WG, your client sucks. I know this doesn't take priority over other amazing additions like submarines and premiums but it would be nice if you could make downloading your game in the first place not an absolute chore! Rant over. See you all tomorrow.
  15. Usedcarjock

    Dockyard: ZF-6 Boosters

    I think the ship should be interesting. It looks like some weird pseudo German-French hybrid DD. I like both the German and French DD lines (especially the French), so I’m interested in seeing how the ship play.