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  1. I’m not interested. I’m only grinding the Soviet line in the first place because of Moskva being a Premium ship. That’s all.
  2. I think you nailed it: it’s not a “fun” grind. There’ll always be stinker ships, but most grinds I’ve found to be fun. The Soviet cruiser Line is just... boring. Boring and unforgiving. Boring, unforgiving, and dreadful.
  3. I’ve been through many grinds, across many lines. The Moskva grind isn’t the toughest grind, it’s easy enough to spam he at max range for xp. The gun arcs are good, and the HE damage is manageable, even if the fire starting with IFHE is horrendous. What makes the grind tough is the people I played with, and the game experience at Top Tier in general. Watching as one team beat the lights out of another game in and out, with teams whose dds would die within three minutes of match start, bbs who would fire HE the entire game, with cruisers who don’t know what good positioning is, slowly broke down my patience for even the most minor of mistakes. Every citadel I took because the bus that is the Dimitri Donskoi cannot wiggle it’s aft compounded on that erosion, until all that was left was a bitter, irritated, husk of a captain whose optimism was replaced by sheer negativity. I feel horrible about some of the things I’ve said to other captains in sheer frustration, and some things I don’t, be it for truth or just spite. And yet my grind isn’t over. I’m just over halfway to Moskva. Thus tomorrow upon restart, my daily grind will begin anew. However, I urge you captains: please, do not let a grind consume your love for the game. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably uninstall, and that’s a damn shame. Don’t let the same happen to you.
  4. Sure you can plan ahead, but at some point you need to act. You can’t plan for: Oh is the Smolensk that’s spawned across the map going to start slinging 16 km HE at me from out of LOS while I deal with the Wooster in front of me? While trying to angle, while trying to pick targets. You can’t preplan the entire engagement, and some ships (like Colorado) have even less time to make a choice since a wrong one puts them in a bad spot. Again, it is easy to say you need to preplan, but as we all know, no plan survives contact with the enemy.
  5. It’s easy enough to say to push a flank or disengage. Some ships like Jean Bart, Georgia, and the Iowa class can do this quite handily. But if you’re in say a Colorado or hell even a Montana, good luck turning your hulk around before you lose over half your hp. Pushing nowadays usually amounts to battleships being focus fired and burned to the waterline even when properly using damage control and pulling back to heal. That’s what is so discouraging.
  6. Usedcarjock

    Why the CV attack delay?

    So all the people who rioted when Guilio Ceseare was being moved to Tier VI?
  7. Usedcarjock

    Why the CV attack delay?

    Because no one likes it when their favorite ship gets the nerf bat. I know I would be a little miffed if they nerfed Prinz Eugen or Missouri.
  8. Usedcarjock

    Why the CV attack delay?

    And even better, add the chance for a ship to mutiny if it takes too much damage, either taking the ship out of the battle immediately or swapping it to the other team!
  9. I don’t get stuck on islands. My ships get stuck on other ships.
  10. Usedcarjock

    CV's are Awesome

    It varies my gameplay from surface ships and allows me to play one of my favorite ships of all time (Grey Ghost). You don’t get a lot of love, if any, but when I carry a team to victory I get that Enterprise vs Japan feeling.
  11. Usedcarjock

    What is your winning ship?

    Over 87 battles, currently Atlanta at 73%.
  12. Usedcarjock

    This is why CVs are hated and broken

    You haven’t played Tier 8 CVs in a Tier X match then.
  13. Usedcarjock

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Well expect to scream until your voice is hoarse. The anti-fun police is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  14. Usedcarjock

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Cause saying this helps the situation right? I totally don’t see how this attitude would prohibit discussion.
  15. Usedcarjock

    Is Enterprise a decent carrier?

    Don’t let the vitriol keep you from enjoying what you paid for. There’s always coop to enjoy if you’re still a bit worried about randoms. I love both Enterprise and Lexington. Enterprise has fantastic rocket planes and torpedo bombers, while Lexington has fantastic torpedo bombers and dive bombers. Enterprise’s bombs are effective, but are trickier to use and require a goat sacrifice to farm citadels, so I usually prefer Lexington’s more flexible HE dive bombers. As for Lexington’s rocket planes, they can equip Tiny Tim’s which are fantastic for finishing off low HP ships, be it DDs or otherwise. Overall, Enterprise is definitely a fun ship, and worthy of your time.