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  1. Usedcarjock

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    For those looking to buy something, there looks to be an armory coupon for 35% off a dub purchase of whatever is there (AL Collab items only). Edit: False. It applies only to the things that aren’t already discounted.
  2. Usedcarjock

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    Always a shame that you can’t buy this stuff individually. I knew I was gonna pick up AL Montepelier, but I was hoping to grab a Wave 4 commander too (NJ). But with the containers having more than just wave for, I’m competing against 25 other AL commanders, some of which I already have (and have multiple copies of).
  3. Usedcarjock

    Yuro on StalinG

    I mean Stalingrad and Petro are the same but different. Petro is more useful up close whereas Stalingrad can be a sniper at ranges where Petro’s accuracy disappears. Petro tends to tank better than Stalingrad thanks to a cruiser fire duration and a low freeboard. They’re very much similar to Kremlin vs Slava in all honesty. And that’s why I kind of agree with Yuro’s sentiment. Stalingrad is not a bad ship, she just has a playstyle I don’t enjoy. It’s why I don’t have Slava: I don’t like the sniper playstyle. I like being in the action where I can use my HP to win games.
  4. *flashbacks to open water stealth firing cruisers* I’ll pass on that, even though I know there are plenty of people who want it back… I wonder why…
  5. Usedcarjock

    Birthday 🎂

    Eh… I would say there are better options than Tiger 59’. What exactly are you looking for in a ship?
  6. Usedcarjock

    What’s That One Ship

    You know that ship. The one you can always come back to to drag your team kicking and screaming to a win. The one you know you’ll crush damage charts with. The one you find the most enjoyable to be in. What is that ship? For me, it’s Bourgogne. As a steel ship, and as a French BB, I was hesitant at first when it came to betting on it being a carry ship. 10 games in and an average of over 140k damage later, and I can comfortably say she is an absolute monster. Something about 12 high velocity 15 inch guns and a main battery reload just- chef’s kiss Très Magnifique.
  7. It seems like Clan Battles are not happening today as well?
  8. Usedcarjock

    Is Kearsarge worth the money??

    The thing about Kearsarge is she’s not just another BB. She’s a unique ship with a unique and powerful gimmick. Her guns are just the cake while the rocket planes are the icing.
  9. Usedcarjock

    Is Kearsarge worth the money??

    Kearsarge is worth if you’re a fan of BBs, and probably the best BB available for coal. Her guns have North Carolina ballistics do the shell velocity is SLOW, but having 12 of them does mean things to ships. The planes use tiny Tim’s which you normally wouldn’t use on DDs anyway, but they absolutely shred cruisers and BBs, and have a high fire chance. Because of the ability to launch aircraft she cannot launch depth charges, however I wouldn’t judge her performance on that because it’s not your job to hunt subs, and if a sub is personally hunting you the game is probably almost over. Her biggest weakness is her flight deck, which eats HE and SAP damage, so you can’t get too aggressive with it. Overall however I would definitely recommend the ship.
  10. With the Steel Ship Coupon resetting soon, I’m trying to figure which one is the best option. The following are the ships I’m most interested in: Shikishima, Ragnar, Stalingrad, and Austin. Any suggestions on what ship I should aim for this time around?
  11. I mean getting congress for free is uh… yeah. Why complain?
  12. Usedcarjock

    Help me decide - FDR or Bourgone

    I would say Bourgogne. FDR is honestly a bit eh now.
  13. Oh Duke? Yeah she’s not a bad ship by any stretch. I’m not a fan of British BBs but she is more than workable.
  14. Curious which one was the one that had the bad rap.