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  1. Tbh tier 10 isn’t that appealing, I know you won’t think that but trust me on this one, don’t be in a rush to get there. Tier VII for example is the most fun tier you will have in WoWS.
  2. You don’t need premium to cover tier 8 repair costs. You just need to perform decently. Are you going to lose money if you play mediocre, yes, but you will make up those losses with one good game, this is coming from someone who can’t afford premium atm. Also yes repair costs are a flat fee, you don’t get reductions or increases depending on how much damage you have taken.
  3. New player - torpedos

    Unless spotted by another ship or aircraft you will not see the torpedo until it reaches its minimum spotting distance. Honestly torpedoes are not a big deal, and hardly op. Saying torpedoes are OP is like saying a BB’s guns are OP. They do a lot of damage because that is their primary armament.
  4. Just how many more nails are there going to be? Seems as though every patch is the “Final Nail” in the IJN DD Line’s coffin.
  5. 3 minutes into the match our Richelieu commits suicide by running his ship into the enemy, effectively handicapping us right off the bat. Unlike people that intentionally afk, this is technically O.K. It just sucks that this kind of attitude can exist without repercussions. Sure I can report him using the in game karma system but that won't stop his attitude from persisting.
  6. US Collection Crates

    I’m just chuckling how I’m 3/48 and I already have a duplicate, odds are pretty low of that happening. I’m well aware how duplicates work.
  7. US Collection Crates

    Me: Alright I have 3 collection items so far, not bad. Oh i just got my second daily crate let's see what's inside.... Me: Oh.... a duplicate. Also me: OK WG, I see how it is.
  8. 216 hits, 8 fires, only 61k damage. Compared to: When you are shattering your shells on tier 6 bbs, you KNOW the struggle is real. In other news I finally had a win streak higher than one today so that's nice.
  9. Lol elitist attitude

    Probably salty after x amount of losses in a row. People tend to lash out at random when they are salty. Hell I’ve done it myself. Just ignore them, most of the time they’re wrong. Of course if they aren’t wrong then....
  10. This is My Night

    If you purchase an Azure Lane Captain you get a repeatable x10 mission for 200% captain xp. I purchased Cleveland so that's her mission.
  11. This is My Night

    I just CANNOT get a win with cleveland. I'm not even having bad games (WITHOUT IFHE mind you): Switch to Atlanta and: I used the same playstyle in both instances yet one yields a win, the other a loss. What do I need to do in order to win games in this ship? I am just at a loss.
  12. Azure Lane Captains questions

    The VAs did a pretty good job for sure.
  13. I totally agree. But I also think the playstyle is generally VERY situational. Some maps are going to work for Cleveland a lot better than others. Part of her problem atm is the lack of spotting. Being able to shoot over islands is great, but not being able to shoot anything because you are blind isn’t great. For now Cleveland will be difficult to grind BECAUSE of the lack of DDs spotting for them.
  14. She can certainly “whoop whoop whoop” out of there if things get to hot, although with some high tier cruiser gun ranges, concealment is the only way to stop the HE Rain. I’m looking at you Hindenburg.
  15. Go CE. French BBs can tear planes a new one but the biggest threat to the French is the HE alpha from cruisers. Not being seen is a huge boon.