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    WoWs replay issues

    NVM got it to work, was using the wrong bin folder. Everything is fine and crisis averted.
  2. I may be an odd case since I use the Steam Client and a WoWs EU client as I have a NA and EU account. But for the Steam one I use a WG account to play. I also use the latest Hakabase modpack. Replays for the EU client work fine, I can just open them and watch near instantaneously. But when I try to watch a replay from the Steam client, it just goes to the login screen and if I log in, it just has the loading symbol and goes on and on and on. I've tried using both the EU and Steam client and I can't get this to work. I'm not sure what you guys need but if it's info or files I'll gladly provide them as long as it's not personal info.