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  1. Fruta_mala

    Official Bonus Code Thread

    Good idea, several did not work when copied but did when typed in. Thanks!
  2. What, 50 Halloween camos? 50 ram flags?
  3. Fruta_mala

    Jingles to re-record his lines! - Update

    #makejinglescrapagain all cruisers are Aoba!
  4. If this song is still in my head tomorrow, I'm reporting you for human rights violations.
  5. Fruta_mala

    New special Yammy camo

    No discount for resupply after battle, only in acquiring the ship in the first place. " It provides a 50% discount for researching and purchasing Japanese battleships in the branch, as well as for researching and purchasing modules for ships of this branch"
  6. Fruta_mala

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    Bought 4 created with dubloons and picked up sinop mission.
  7. Volume up. Different browsers. Different CCs, watched practically every day. Even unlinked my twitch account from wargaming and relinked. I just take this experience into account whenever WG promises anything.
  8. I haven't seen a twitch container of any kind since November. WG says that's random chance. I find your complaints hilarious in a very bitter kind of way.
  9. Fruta_mala

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    That was me for the first week. Then nothing ever again, for 3+ months. And Wargaming's customer "service" replied to my trouble ticket saying this was random chance. They didn't even look into it. :(
  10. Fruta_mala

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    I haven't seen a twitch drop after the first week despite regularly watching everyone's favorite CCs. I have no faith in twitch based awards.
  11. Fruta_mala

    Azuma the new port queen

    BTW, Your Abruzzi took another two citadels while sorting in Port.
  12. Fruta_mala

    What to spend Florins on?

    If you have to ask, you aren't ramming enough...
  13. Fruta_mala

    How to fit your team in one square

    Please report the Edinburgh for yoloing, not team player
  14. Fruta_mala

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Don't post things like that when mid drinking. Now I have to clean my screen.
  15. Fruta_mala

    Game links to forum not updated

    I received a message in-game about receiving an emblem. the link button on the message lead to: "https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/177016-world-of-warships-collectors-club/ Where I get the following message. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H