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  1. WG please buff periods.
  2. I did, but I was able to pick up the spare so it was ok. That allowed me to get a Yatzee! on my next scrum. Remember; never bluff a full house until AFTER you've landed your triple-axle!
  3. I remember my first 4-haul... Following the red card, I was at the free throw line (par 4) with 2 balls and 2 strikes, when the center snapped the ball and bullseye! Right past the goalie and into the corner pocket. I even made the extra point! Good times...
  4. Garbage boats you like...

    OBT Furutaka. I grew to love that ship. How it's too good for me.
  5. Radio direction finding, techniques used when searching for radio sources. Not what it's called in-game, but a valid equivalent either way.
  6. kill assist

    When I've got a ship down to a few hit points and I'm worried he's going to get away/go dark/get behind as island, I practically beg my team to focus him until he's dead. Dead ships can't win solo warrior.
  7. Arms race failure.

    I swear I'd heard on the anniversary steam that the T9-10 limit for arms race was part of the overall attempt to relive the T8 MM meta a little.
  8. I got a pirate flag this morning, didn't have pirate voice activated. FYI.
  9. No one can answer this question with facts right now. All we can do is speculate. Strong AA ships will still be strong, however the new AA mechanics work. Don't choose your ship based on guesswork of future guesswork. You either enjoy the US light cruiser line of you don't. Good luck!
  10. Anniversary Supercontainers

    100 india xray 50000 FXP 15000 coal 50000 FXP 100 juliet Charlie (4th det flag from an SC this year) 50 Gamescon cammo 50 WOWs 3rd Anniversary cammo 100 sierra mike 50000 FXP 14 days premium
  11. Massachusetts 3rd skill BFT v. SI

    This is important. If you are hesitating to add MS because you see your secondaries fire from both sides often, you are probably overextending to often. Play more like a cruiser, keep one side of your ship protected as much as possible, so you can focus everything...your secondaries, your main batteries, AND your angling...on fewer ships. This also helps you concentrate on keeping your targets about 9-11KM away, so your secondaries rain down on decks instead of crashing into belt armor. Side shots are for German BBs. Mass needs the plunging secondary fire to really increase the shatter-to-damage ratio.
  12. IF you have a dedicated 18-19 point captain, Mass is the most fun you can legally have in WoWs.
  13. Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    Any IJN cruiser if I'm looking for fun, Nuremburg or Degrasse also.
  14. Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    I've seen New Mexico called NewMex or just NM a lot, Wyoming has been referred by WY. Guessing state abbreviations are easier and/or lazier than other nick names.
  15. 50 November foxtrot flags (5% consumable). Since SC have twice given me 50 ram flags this year, I'll say this is an improvement.