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  1. Fruta_mala

    What to spend Florins on?

    If you have to ask, you aren't ramming enough...
  2. Fruta_mala

    How to fit your team in one square

    Please report the Edinburgh for yoloing, not team player
  3. Fruta_mala

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Don't post things like that when mid drinking. Now I have to clean my screen.
  4. Fruta_mala

    Game links to forum not updated

    I received a message in-game about receiving an emblem. the link button on the message lead to: "https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/177016-world-of-warships-collectors-club/ Where I get the following message. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H
  5. 1000 coal not worth the time to download WGC. Three premium days is less time that it takes WG to get a problem resolved, such as not getting your three premium days.
  6. Fruta_mala

    please stop with the plane missions.

    I don't see how the Exeter is worth that grind. It feels too similar to the PEF grind. Takes the fun out of the game.
  7. Fruta_mala

    What else could you buy with $73.34 USD?

    Your argument is incomplete until you site how many waffles you can aquire for the price of the USS Alaska.
  8. Fruta_mala

    Transaction processing error.

    I had this error. Closed game and restarted, all was well. I sent an error report in with screen shots and was told the error was a known issue.
  9. Fruta_mala

    Finalizing your modules and captain skills

    If the just announced hot fix is changing flak vs. DPS, then the hot fix should extend the free Respec period to allow players to respond to another new meta again. Otherwise zeroing out my captains and waiting for 8.1 seems prudent. Actually, just playing less for a while also feels like a good idea right now. :(
  10. Yes, I was getting squadrons erased by random ships. That's too much. Meanwhile in actual AA cruisers I might as well have stayed in spawn for all the difference I was making. So many balance changes are still needed
  11. That may be, but there must be real, measurable consequences for a CV player's decision to charge into an AA cruisers defenses, or WG will have effectively eliminated AA cruisers from the meta. Is that their goal?
  12. Both PTS rounds were boring as heck, even compared to co-op which I don't mind playing. Having said that, I was very unhappy with AA cruiser play which has always been my favorite style, DD play when a carrier targets you was hardly an improvement over the current meta, and CV play was either mind numbing easy or "what happened to my planes?" I really don't feel like being a lab rat during my premium time. It just wasn't fun.
  13. I bought AA special upgrades for coal, regretting that right now.
  14. Santa and RNGesus were very good to me, I have all the discontinued ships in my Port now.
  15. Fruta_mala

    How to play Kutuzov?

    If you have skill at long range firing, she is an outstanding damage farmer and fire starter. If you can get in close, she's a DD killer. Just keep in mind MK had a rather large visibility range when firing in smoke compared to most light cruisers. Don't get caught sitting still in your smoke because a hidden DD 7km away spots you when you fire.