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  1. Fruta_mala

    Musashi or Salem?

    If you are thinking about the Salem, then "get Salem or grind DM" is a valid thing to consider. Just like "get Musashi or grind to Yamato" may affect your decision to get Musashi at all.
  2. I got a Duke of York. That's functionally the same as not getting a ship. NOT ANOTHER DIME!
  3. Fruta_mala

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    If you are a whale, then be prepared to throw a few hundred dollars at the crates until you get it. If you don't have a few hundred dollars to spend, then be prepared to be disappointed by the signals and camo you get instead.
  4. Fruta_mala

    PvE guys

    On Wednesday I stuck to cve to rack up the British ship wins mission... And was team killed 4 times. In one day.
  5. Fruta_mala

    2 Supercontainers

    That's interesting... I've not seen a super container in months, and then this weekend I got two SCs back to back from resource containers. I got the coal drop and the 100x 5% consumable flags drop. Lucky weekend, I guess.
  6. Fruta_mala

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    Every single ship part tier 1 is supposed to be earned. All of the in game economy was supposed to be earned. XP, FXP, credits...all purshaseable now. Hell COAL just came out, was supposed to be earned, and WG already made it easy to buy your way thru that via the right crates. Steel will be no different... it's just another pretend currency that some players with more money than time will pay for, and WG will sooner or later want that money. Not judging either way, just sayin'
  7. Fruta_mala

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    Hey, if you find yourself splitting reds a lot, using both sides may make sense for your style, so go for it. And yes, Mass secondaries are already accurate. What I've found is that by enhancing that accuracy further with the manual skill often makes the difference between heavily damaged DDs that escape and dead DDs. Like I said, they usually run, you only have a small window to finish them off. If they *charge* you, those extra seconds may mean the difference between eating torps or not. Also, the faster rate if dealing damage pushes cruisers to make the decision to run away sooner. That can mean the difference between life and death for the friendly DD you're supporting. Either way, good luck to you in battle!
  8. Fruta_mala

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    Pushing into 11-9km range of a cap to back up your capping\spotting DD can make a huge difference. Most red DDs or cruisers, don't stick around as you melt them just by being there and professionally left clicking on them once. Even aggressive lower tier battleships start bleeding hit points, with or without fires. Stay bow in, don't rush enemy BBs like you were a Bismark. Don't stand still and invite torps. Don't run away just because someone is peeling you with HE. Your rapid cool down heal helps you recover the points you lose. You'll collect dreadnaughts like a British BB. And patient cap bullying will translate to your timid-but-not-cowardly teammates actually moving up to get in on the action as they realize the reds are backing off. And IFHE makes all that happen; steady reliable damage beats RNG fires, especially at convincing reds to get the hell out of your range. As a bonus, your less reliable (than AL or NC) guns are quite effective at 11-9km. Again, don't charge in like a Tirpitz. Your armor isn't that special.
  9. Fruta_mala

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I assume we're still in the same situation where wargaming just nerfed a T9 ship right before selling a premium T9 ship of the same nation. I can't support that behavior, regardless of price or method of currency. No JB for me ever.
  10. I believe wargaming hasn't been happy with battleship's place in the game since the beginning. Your long list of nerfs stretching back to the beta days clearly demonstrates that. I'm not arguing that the changes worked as intended. But wargaming clearly intends to change the battleship meta, and you should expect them to continue doing that. You are mistaking my observations (which you were proving) with my opinion. For example: I'm not a great player, but I've discovered that I can adapt to the new battleship meta. I can play a battleship, and deal with cruisers and destroyers - I don't have to sit there and take it. So on the one hand I can tell you that you can adapt, too. On the other hand, I also adapted to the new destroyer meta and can play them, but I don't enjoy the new meta, and I've stopped playing them months ago. So while I can tell you that you can adapt, I can also say that I understand that if you don't like the new meta, and that "can adapt" does not equal "problem solved". It sucks when a game you play for fun changes in a way that is less fun.
  11. You've just made a fairly solid argument for how overpowered battleships have been since the very beginning, and how hard it has been for wargaming to bring them back in line with their intended capability.
  12. Fruta_mala

    Why I play T8 better in T10 than T10 in T10

    I have the same problem with T8 cruisers...I'm better in them in T10 battles than I am in T10 ships. Still mediocre, but better.
  13. Fruta_mala

    T8 MM is Broken and everyone refuses to believe me

    I mostly play cruisers, and I came to the realization that I enjoy T8 ships more than T10 ships, regardless of MM. I feel like I regularly perform better, have more impact on the outcome, and have more fun in virtually any T8 cruiser than in the T 10 counterpart. Example: Ending a T10 match at the top of the chart, outscoring most/all the t10 ships in a Mogami is be coming normal. Meanwhile my usual Zao match is 'OK' with only occasional great games. What witchcraft is that? Zao is better than Mogami in almost every measurable way. I'd expect to perform better in her after a while. Oh, I do agree that being the only 1 or 2 T8 in a T10 match over and over gets really old. But it hasn't scared me away playing T8, for reasons above.
  14. Fruta_mala

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    Go double rudder and play her as an open water cruiser. Kite and burn, come back in and repeat. US cruisers struggle with wiggling ships at range, as you probably know. If they give up, come back in and resume hunting DDs and flaming battleships. If a BB pushes in, go quiet and pretend you are a Kagero (2 Kageros if you can turn around and use both sides of your torps). Turns out that style keeps the Mogami interesting to play as a bottom tier ship in T10. You still get erased if you get caught out in the wrong position, but isn't that all t8 cruisers?
  15. Fruta_mala

    well this game has got me to surrender now

    WG please buff periods.