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  1. USS WhateverIWant

    It'd be nice for the opportunity to pick from names that were used in a class. Hundreds of Fletcher names to choose from. Plus it'd be cool to command the West Virginia, San Francisco, Portland, or Washington (the only US BB to sink another battleship during WWII). Be pretty fun for historical battles to have Kirishima, Washington, South Dakota, and assorted escorts face it off again.
  2. torps op?

    Play some DD's and see how much you miss with them. So no, they are not OP. However, if you drive in a straight line at constant speed DD's are going to wreck you. CV's too. If you change course or throttle up or down they're going to miss. Like the above post, if someone is doing well making me miss, I will search elsewhere for easier prey -- Generally for the folks that think torpedos are OP... When I play BB's or cruisers I do all the things I see people do when I miss with torps. I dodge a lot more than I get hit by and very rarely eat a full spread anymore. Even from torpedo bombers.
  3. Camo Type 1

    Are you using engine boost? I just recently discovered that when boost is active you get detected further out. Also, I personally use the other camo on my DD's. Reducing accuracy when you get detected is pretty handy for an already highly maneuverable hard to hit ship.
  4. I've think I've figured out something with the minekaze. People think that it magically appears at close range because they're either tunnel visioning or not paying attention. If the player is on the ball, really paying attention I'll make it to 5 km before taking fire. If they're not I'll be on top of them before they notice me. Launching from close range with the 7km torpedos makes it pretty hard to evade and seems to generate a lot, lot, lot, of OP destroyer how come I didn't detect you rage in chat. So OP, probably a good idea to pay attention to your minimap and develop a little more situational awareness, because in no situation have I been undetected at 2400 meters, including when I'm trying to cover my retreat with smoke. When I play a BB or other sluggish ship you can be sure that I pay very close attention to where destroyers and torpedo bombers have been detected, even if its across the map.
  5. Torpedoes on Minekaze

    Changing my mind. Had a frustrating run with the 10km torps today and switched back to the 7kms. Instantly had better results for the more aggressive style of play that I like.
  6. Torpedoes on Minekaze

    I use the longer ones, and still mostly launch from just outside detection range. Personally I like having the extra range for the it flexibility allows.
  7. 2nd or 3rd day of OBT. I'm in a Wakatake and learning how to destroyer. Have one of the two remaining Reds left trapped in a channel. I get off a full salvo of torpedos, he barely evades, and my torpedos continue on to wipe out a nearly full health Green Wyoming coming down the other side of the channel. Felt like a total moron.
  8. To any modder

    Only if she calls me Obi Wan.
  9. ^ Both you guys beat me to it. If I remember correctly the DE Samuel B Roberts also took some direct hits from the Kongo and continued to fight until they abandoned ship.
  10. I'm expecting some correction. And I'm not trying to brag. Part of why I asked was that I saw the 65 percent win percentage without getting the feeling that I was carrying the team. Wondered how much was luck and how much I was contributing. Particularly since I had a rough dd learning experience with the wakatke.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm just trying to play smart. We'll see how it goes when I get into some of the tougher grinds I've been reading about. Specifically the two beyond the Minekaze.
  12. So a little over 100 battles in and I'd like to think I'm contributing and my winrate isn't just luck, but was curious how anybody that's been playing for a can give me an idea whether or not I'm doing it right. Its low tier and all with a small sample size, but what areas do I need to improve in, what do I suck at, etc. I'd like to avoid my WOT mistakes and try not to suck completely for the first 1500 battles. http://worldofwarships.com/community/accounts/1014688201-/
  13. I started the 2nd and what I've found most surprising is how many people get to an island and either sit at full stop or try and peak a boom like its WOT. I'm brand new to this other than youtube videos and some books, but making yourself a stationary target is never a good idea.
  14. Sunk by Friendly Torps

    Well, I'll admit I did it the other day on the first day I started playing and sunk the guy. I felt really really stupid and you can at least count me in as someone who learned my lesson. Fortunately it didn't cost us the game.