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  1. The rules for Clear Skies is broken. In a tier 10 match it took over 77 plane kills for me to get it.
  2. I think the issue is the mix of old DX9 and new DX11 graphics. The new fancy flames don't mesh well with the ship's out of date textures. WG needs to work on the textures fast.
  3. Easy prey for my Kaga
  4. Sucks to be working on a Saturday with this nonsense.
  5. If WG keeps going this route then it may make me rethink spending more money on this game and I have spent hundreds of dollars on it already.
  6. This. If you love the game and play on average at least two hours or more a day then get premium time. WG will have sales on premium time for close to 50%, mainly around a holiday like Black Friday. I suggest getting premium over a premium ship to build up XP and credits.
  7. Are we talking about the GZ or over hyped anime?
  8. This is why you cap. Hope you learned your lesson.
  9. No Halloween monster ships? Dafuq?!
  10. That's OK, I still gots my Kaga
  11. I purchase premium ships mainly for their uniqueness. Good examples are the Tirpitz and Warspite as they were the only BBs for their nations for some time, Warspite for much longer as we all know.
  12. I bet this will have a psychological impact on CA captains that thought it was a good idea to engage a BB at close range
  13. LOL, this was more so for the Yamamato missions for the 200K fire damage mission. Still not done yet so...
  14. I got 64K fire damage with my Zao yesterday, mostly on BBs plus top XP player for the match
  15. The worst players are CV captains that get a TK. Howdafuqdoudodat?!