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  1. I spent way too much at first, mainly for converting XP into free XP. Buying premium time would have been a better for me. I suggest anybody who likes leveling up in this game to get premium time, especially when its on sale.
  2. Hopefully it's more rebalanced than retarded.
  3. Yeah, the skins made me buy the camo too. Got the $50 package, got all the skins and then some. Very thoughtful of WG to do this. I hope we'll see some cool skins for T10 ships next year, namely the Yamato.
  4. I'm sure it'd be just as fun as a RTS on console too. It's better they keep it on PC.
  5. It's challenging but very fun at the same time. Got all but one of the stars so far. Very nice rewards. My issue as the CV is I can't use manual drop on targets in the Filth as its all green. Is there a way to change to change the manual drop outline color?
  6. It used to be firing on ships while hidden in smoke...
  7. Got all the stars yesterday. Team work makes the dream work. Use the following pro-tips: 1. Use AP on the catapults, this goes for all the ships. 2. Try to stay in the circle, even if its just you. If Trans stops then you lose a star. Staying in the circle heals too. 3. Torps is the best weapon against Rasputin. 4. Hope your team doesn't suck.
  8. Can we get Kryptek camo too please?
  9. I'd be surprised if this isn't a free XP ship worth close to one million free XP which is way more than the Missouri.
  10. If you're gonna get one thing for Black Friday, get the Premium for half off. Its a good deal and makes leveling up less painful.
  11. The rules for Clear Skies is broken. In a tier 10 match it took over 77 plane kills for me to get it.
  12. I think the issue is the mix of old DX9 and new DX11 graphics. The new fancy flames don't mesh well with the ship's out of date textures. WG needs to work on the textures fast.
  13. Easy prey for my Kaga
  14. Sucks to be working on a Saturday with this nonsense.
  15. If WG keeps going this route then it may make me rethink spending more money on this game and I have spent hundreds of dollars on it already.