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  1. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Yes, they are more fragile than my Dunker's. Also, I took out a Richelieu's turret with a direct AP hit from my Dunker's yesterday.
  2. Super Containers are *** nowadays

    Got a Huanghe in a super container a couple of months ago. That was pretty super.
  3. Lag issues since 7.2

    Most here believe it's a memory leak.
  4. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    Got it first try with my Musashi last night. Played aggressively by taking a cap and dealing mega damage to the enemy team! Those who dare, win.
  5. Attack on Titan emblem

    It's pretty common as I read manga and anime artists found its good luck to name at least one of their characters after a Japanese battleship.
  6. Attack on Titan emblem

    Did you also notice there is a battleship in WoWS that has the same name as a Attack on Titan character too??!!
  7. Curious about CV on dolphin balance.

    Let's hope it's more interesting than last year's unplayable submarine.
  8. So now I'm the scumbag AFK.

    I report AFKs in the hopes that WG will do something about it. Not certain what they can do but my idea is for AI to take over a AFK player's ship after a certain amount of time and that player earns only a penalty.
  9. Just a Pic

    I'd rather play this than a match with five or more DDs on each team.
  10. I play Kaga and my fighters are for escorting my bombers only. If I see unescorted enemy bombers near my fighters then I'll attack them but thats it. I do this because CVs don't have unlimited planes. If you want AA then go cruiser or sail near one.
  11. QE: Clear Skies

    It's a real pain to get Clear Skies as you also have to shoot down the catapult planes of cruisers and BBs too.
  12. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game and no ship is worth more $50 IMHO. Save the money for premium time instead.
  13. This is why I don't report AFK..

    I report all AFKs. It'd be nice if WG can have AI take over a ship if the player is AFK after a certain amount of time. The AFK player wouldn't earn any XP and credits though.

    Wow, forgot about that map design. Don't understand why it was changed.