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  1. I laugh at Saipain captains that choose fighters over TBs. Yeah, you control the skies but you can't sink ships with fighters.
  2. That " Uh-oh" moment

    Weak sauce. Never give up, never surrender!
  3. That " Uh-oh" moment

    Pretty bad when its a CV that TKes themselves...
  4. How Much Does MM hate you?

    I don't complaint unless I'm in a Tier 7 CV in a Tier 9 match.
  5. Giulio Cesare

    It's a good ship though for Tier 5 I still think Kongo is tops because of its range and speed.
  6. Ships with no camo

    Some people like to play... bareback
  7. ARP ships

    I'm probably going to hide mine, feels like a waste.
  8. Er Mah Gawd Its OCEAN

    Ocean plus Epicenter please!
  9. Epicenter sucks. get rid of it.

    Keep it. Epicenter should be played on Ocean map too.
  10. My Teams Suck! (or do they?)

    My heart sinks when a player complains about the map or game mode when the game starts. Tells me they have no interest in accepting the challenge to win the game as the parameters don't fit their comfort level.
  11. I almost TK'd a friendly BB with three torps today. Thankfully my team mate was sunk by the enemy team before that happened
  12. Finally

    I got several solo warriors. Mainly as a lone DD or CV hiding and running out the clock with points ahead. That is why taking caps is important.
  13. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    Better than expected ship. German BBs below tier 9 are all awesome fun.