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  1. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    Edit: BTW, Benson has been an amazingly lovely boat so far. Really excited to get to Fletcher, and I might pick up Kidd if it goes up for sale over the holidays.
  2. Don't like...

    And to separate the 'cool' option with a green arrow, so 'cool' is still and option, but those of us that are archaic can have something simple to still show our agreement and whatnot with posts. Please? @Radar_X
  3. AFT and BFT weren't nerfed because of stealth firing, at least, that wasn't the main reason. The main reason(s) were Cleveland and 155 Mogami. Those two ships with AFT and BFT were able to out perform every other cruiser in their tier spread, and were clearly better than the heavy cruisers, which historically were built to outgun light cruisers while being able to withstand 6in gunfire. I mean really, with BFT and AFT, Cleveland and 155 Mogami could out range and out DPM every CA in their tier spread. BFT also turned them into ships that could easily take on battleships 1 on 1 (with a competent captain, of course) simply due to the sheer DPM the 6in guns could put out. The only thing that really needs to be 'reverted' are some of the nerfs with EM to the 6in guns on Cleveland and Mogami. WG went a little overboard by nerfing EM along with BFT and AFT. Mogami had received a small buff to turret traverse I believe, but it's not quite enough, and hopefully with the USN cruisers split Cleveland will be fixed as well.
  4. Aye, I'm aware of what the new "upvote" is. Still wish it was just a green arrow... Yeah, I wasn't 100% sure as the two look similar even though the latter one takes place years(around a century if I'm recalling correctly) after the first. I thought they were both still good. Man, now I want to go re-watch both Last Exile animes.
  5. OP, I would give you an upvote, but the new forum doesn't have a green arrow anywhere. Guess a gif will have to suffice. The anime is called Last Exile. There are two different ones, I believe the one in GoldPile's sig is from Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing. I thought both were good, the musical score in them is amazing, and for being an early 2000s anime, the CG used is actually pretty good and not cringe worthy.
  6. The only issue I have there is I had friends before the whole "follower" thing was here, so there's at least three people, whom I don't remember, that were on my friends list but are not on my followers list.
  7. Or, at least all of the people on my friends list. Just to note, I seem to have lost all the people that I've 'friended' on the forums. The followers are still there, but I'm not friends with them anymore. @Radar_X @SuperNikoPower @Pigeon_of_War I don't know if this is a bug with the new layout and if it'll be restored in due time, or if it's something that was overlooked on the change and now we'd have to go back and re-friend those people.
  8. New Forum Changes

    If I might make a suggestion, @Radar_X, perhaps you all could at least put the green upvote arrow option back in with these silly 'reactions'? I spend some time on another forum for a game called Warframe. They had updated their forum to include these silly emojies, but they at least left the green upvote arrow in.
  9. Forum changes

    Guys, I figured out how to get the "old" red/white forum back. Pick 'WOT Modern' "WoWs Classic" in the theme settings. Now only if they'd get rid of these damn emojies and give us our green arrow back...
  10. It's either latency, or it could be the shell bouncing off internal armor. Shells can do that. If the round penned then bounced inward, it could have gotten in somewhere where it scores a 33% pen rather than just an over-pen.
  11. New Computer Advice

    I bought this laptop last year: https://www.amazon.com/K501UW-AB78-15-6-inch-Full-HD-Gaming-Glacier/dp/B01DT49XN8/ One of the primary reasons(other than my old Asus being similar to your Dell, with only and onboard GPU and that GPU starting to fail) I chose this one was because of its discrete look. The GTX960 is good enough for this game. I don't play around with graphics settings too much(I'm a little too computer illiterate to really push the hardware in my machine), but I have my game settings on a mix of high and medium and get an average of 55fps when playing. The Nvidia control panel says I can max the graphics out and the card should handle it just fine. There was another I was looking at, but passed on because it was a bit bulkier(had some slightly better hardware for gaming), and with me planning to get back into college to finish where I had to leave off, I wanted something that would be light enough to tote around in a backpack all day. Here's the other one: https://www.amazon.com/ZX53VW-Gaming-Laptop-NVIDIA-i56300HQ/dp/B01LXCBXQO/ If you don't mind swapping manufacturers, then I'd recommend Asus. They make good computers, and I've really enjoyed both the Asus laptops I've owned. Hmm... looking at those listings again, I have to wonder if Asus is still making those models. Just be aware those models might be 'outdated', and you may have to purchase them from a third party seller. I was able to get mine from Amazon.
  12. What is this man doing?

    Supposedly, he's supposed to be good luck for a SC when picking TYL. Though, personal experience says he's the opposite for me, as I'm fairly certain that most of the SC's I've earned through TYL have been when the torpedo guy isn't present.
  13. Grrrrr... Still no Isoroku cat captain or Mina captain. WG, where is best girl and best cat?!?! Edit: Also, I hope someone out there will mod that camo so it's actually Yamato's camo. Hers was actually really cool in the show, I liked the blue more than the red on Musashi.
  14. Greatest Naval Disaster 100 years ago.

    Yeah, well, high school US history is pretty censored.(and I'm unsure of the reason why) The only 'bad' thing I recall being taught was from our expansion west and what happened with the Native Americans. What truly saddens me though is the lack of any instruction on stuff that the US wasn't directly involved in.(in the sense of "hey, we sent soldiers here, fought, and saved our allies. Go America!) There are lots of events world wide that affected the US without our direct involvement or we had influence on/in without actually having been involved with our armed forces. WWI in particular, as I don't recall our history class covering it much at all aside from the last two years of the first world war when the US really got involved.(but boy did we ever go over the 'roaring 20s', prohibition, and the great depression. That was the culture part of history class. With little mention of anything that actually led up to the second world war aside from Pearl Harbor, which marked our 'official' entrance into WWII)