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  1. I can understand why WG went with Helena(St. Louis 1939 sub-class) though. St. Louis and Helena are the same ships as the Brooklyn-class, except they had improved machinery and some other minor adjustments upgrades. They were the ideal design of the Brooklyn-class cruisers. The only reason we have "Helena" in the tree is because WG wants to avoid confusion by having two ships in the US tech tree named St. Louis(and likely to avoid having three ships in the game under the same name, USS St. Louis(III), Saint Louis T9 French CA, and USS St. Louis(VII)). Though I honestly don't see the issue in calling the T7 USN CL, St. Louis(1939). It's not like WG hasn't done this before, not using the lead ship of a class or sub-class for the tech tree. Scharnhorst is the premium, whereas Gneisenau is in the tech tree, even though most sources cite the class as the Scharnhorst-class, making Scharnhorst the lead ship of the class.
  2. I think I'd rather have Boise as NDJ, because it opens up the possibility for another Brooklyn-class CL to be a premium for the USN. (I want Honolulu personally, but Savannah is also a good pick, along with Brooklyn herself)
  3. Yeah, but the main difference between this and TRB on IJN DDs is that torps still take up to a minute or more to reach their target. An artillery salvo will at most take about 15 seconds to reach it's target. So, main battery reload booster. Like cue-balling? Shouldn't the USN CAs be he ones getting a consumable like this? Since it has a basis in historicity like TRB on IJN DDs.
  4. When WOWS Goes to console

    No CVs(at the moment, they seem to be waiting for the PC version to straighten out the rework), that's all I know about since it's in their FAQ. https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/20-intro-faq/
  5. Operation: Random

    I cannot into maths....
  6. Are you referring to Ultimate Frontier? Because the difficulty of UF was adjusted (read: lowered) with one of the recent patches. In fact, I believe it was the patch immediately following the week that operation was up as the operation of the week.
  7. Yeah, but you just need to be mindful of that 26mm plating where the aft deck steps down. That's Richelieu's one weak spot as it give access straight to her citadel. Luckily, to fire over the shoulder, you have to show just enough side(with both guns able to fire) to easily trick an opponent into thinking you're broadside or broadside enough to take citadels. And it's easy to mask the forward most turret to present the strongest angle to the enemy.
  8. For being an all-guns-forward ship, Richelieu is surprising good when firing over the shoulder.
  9. The one Duo bundle I was hoping for won't be sold unfortunately. I wanted to get Enterprise with Enterprise, but alas, no premium CV sales until the CV rework is implemented. I do hope they offer some more duos(even if I'm not interested in any of the others). I also hope that there will be another batch of captains after the 29th(I think the original article hinted at this only being a first wave of sorts, but it was worded ambiguously). I'd love to see AL Prinz Eugen show up.
  10. I think it has more to do with the lack of knowledge about proper battleship jousting. Which is where you push in close quarters but avoid the 'ram' and instead aim for the other BBs broadside. This isn't such an easy maneuver to pull off though as it requires knowing how to avoid an enemy attempting a ram, timing on when you let salvos loose(so you're not reloading as you pass) and pre-turning your guns so you're not trying to get them on target as you pass(since at distances of 3km and less, a pass at full or 3/4 speed will out pace your turret traverse speed). I've been doing this fairly successfully in Richelieu when I do push in close quarters with another BB. Once I even successfully pulled it off in a cyclone against a Baltimore and Nagato, then went on to brawl(read: joust) a Richelieu shortly after passing the Nagato. All three of them ended up dead(thank you teammates) and I came out able to repair back to 50% HP. But I do believe that most BB players don't realize how effective good battleship jousting is, and instead opt for a ram since it's a 'guaranteed' enemy sunk. As for ramming, it should only be a viable tactic if you're definitely going to go down. Which usually means that your brawling opponent has more HP than you, but it could also mean that you're in CQC with more than one ship, so it's better to guarantee you take at least one with you.
  11. How to Des Moines by Yuro

    Oh, look! It's @Lord_Zath in the video when Yuro is talking about the skills. He's the poor Minotaur getting rekt by Yuro's Des Memes.
  12. How to Des Moines by Yuro

    Have you not seen his MAXIMEME TEAMPLEY video?
  13. Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Alabama's not the one at fault here though. Blame the actual reason, which was the incessant Kvetching by solely the NA server over misinformation regarding Alabama/Massachusetts.
  14. I wish the would just move the patch/emblem element down to here: In this way, it doesn't obscure the screen as much as it currently does. My original post with this image: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/148308-can-i-shut-off-badges/?do=findComment&comment=3552794
  15. What do you think is Super

    I said no on the coal, but that's just because I have no idea what the ratios for getting it in containers will be, and the potential price of some of the most expensive items in the arsenal.