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  1. GhostSwordsman

    Time for some New Scenarios?

    Raptor Rescue is due to be back in rotation in the next update, which I think drops next week.
  2. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Looks like these are some of the new ships coming in the Eagle Union event that was talked about at the expo. According to reddit, the red-head girl is USS Birmingham, as she has a nametag on that says CL-62. The rigging she has matches that of Cleveland, Denver, Montpelier, and Columbia too. This would make for another Cleveland-class boat. I wonder what rarity she'll be. As for the one in the back, opinions seem to be split on whether or not it's Iowa. Reddit says that the turrets on the rigging are too small to be Iowa. Aside from that, I think people are forgetting that Iowa(and maybe some or all of her sisters) is likely to be released in the same manner as Bismarck, with her own event. Much like how i expect the same for Richelieu and Yamato. While Enterprise is clearly the flagship of the Eagle Union faction, Iowa is likely to be the defacto leader of the Eagle Union. Like how Bismarck is the leader of the Ironblood. I think that the girl in the back is likely Baltimore, or one of her sisters. Others on reddit also seem to think so too. Lastly, Centaur has just been announced. She's permanent too, so no need to waste cubes with ENs anniversary around the corner.
  3. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Lol, the submarine rigging in Surcouf's chibi looks like a whale. I want to say it kinda looks like a Beluga whale, but as I'm not familiar with marine biology and google-fu can only take one so far, I can't really say for certain. It is kinda adorable though.
  4. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    As for the posted image, I only included it because of the meme-ing text added in. I'm using the official art found in-game and on the wiki to make my Mk1 eyeball guesstimations. I'm in agreement in that I think the artist's skin and base design are inconsistent. As for Surcouf, she's classified as a cruiser submarine, or submarine-cruiser (I think the latter rolls off the tounge better). I-25 also states that she's a submarine-cruiser and one of the few Subs tha could carry and launch aircraft. Being like Surcouf in those regards, I wouldn't expect her to be a loli, or an oppai loli. Both she and I-26 look older than I-19 to me(even though I-26 doesn't have large breasts). As an aside I'm looking forward to the I-400's, who should have Surcouf like physiques.
  5. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    So apparently, London's retrofit allows her to equip either torps or DD guns as an auxiliary weapon, at the cost of the torpedo preload/Torp base +1. Unfortunately she doesn't get MGM +1 either. I have to wonder if Curlew and Curacoa's retrofits do something similar, as I haven't seen anything about their retrofits beyond "look they're getting (lewder) retrofits, here's the art.". Also, this hurts me a bit inside: Mostly because I feel like people are suddenly jumping on this oppai loli thing.(mostly, from what I can gather, based on the clothes used in the school uniform, since apparently those are tied to specific age groups) From an amateur examination of her base art, I-25 looks to be roughly 7 heads tall. I-26 appears to be about the same height too in her base art (which makes sense). But the skin, I-25 only looks to be roughly 6 heads tall. And she has shoes on in the skin which should boost the height a little. So to me it would seem that either the artist is being inconsistent between the base art and the skin, or intentionally drew her as 'younger' in the skin, perhaps to enhance the "cuteness". But I could also be wrong. I'm nowhere near an expert at examining artwork, and I-25's pose in her base art makes it difficult to get an accurate head-height measurement.
  6. GhostSwordsman

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    It looks like some of your info is accounting for CE, camo, and/or the concealment module, while others are not. Some quick numbers to help you calculate those values: CE and camo apply to all tiers. To get the number you multiply the ships base concealment by, multiplying 0.90*0.97 = 0.873 <--- This value mainly applies to T5, T6, and T7 destroyers, as they can't mount the T8 concealment module aside from a few exceptions like Z-39. So, for example, your Akatsuki number doesn't account for camo and CE, while your Kagero number accounts for camo, CE, and the module. Akatsuki's base concealment of 7.38km multiplied by 0.873 equal 6.44km. So Akatsuki with a full concealment build is spotted at 6.4km (roughly. the game cuts off the decimals at the tenths in-game, but Akatsuki will actually be spotted almost as soon as you get within 6.4km of an enemy because of that extra 40m that isn't shown in the in-game UI). Since I mentioned your Kagero numbers, I'll use those as an example for calculating any T8+ destroyer. You multiply the ships base concealment value by 0.90*0.90*0.97 = 0.7857 <--- So take Kagero's base concealment of 6.84km (taken from the wiki) and multiply it by 0.7857 and you get 5.37km (6.84km * 0.7857 = 5.37km), which in the in-game UI gets rounded up to 5.4km. As a comparison to the above, a Kagero can be "5.4km" from an enemy ship and still not be spotted. This is because the actual value is less than 5.4, but due to the way the UI rounds, you run into stuff like this. So, a quick run down so the numbers are more clearly visible: 0.90*0.97 = 0.873 <--- This value is multiplied by the base concealment of a DD to determine that DDs concealment with camouflage and the Concealment Expert captain skill. (note that CE and the concealment module are interchangeable) Applies to T5, T6, and T7 DDs primarily. 0.90*0.90*0.97 = 0.7857 <--- This value is multiplied by the base concealment of a DD to determine that DDs concealment with camouflage, the Concealment Expert captain skill, and the T8 concealment module. (this only applies to T8+ DDs and Z-39) I think it's important to remember each DDs concealment assuming that they're maxing out their concealment value. This way, you're never surprised by a DD appearing closer than you would have thought it should have. Plus, it allows you to know if an enemy DD is not running a concealment build (which all DDs should be, in my opinion. Concealment is a DDs armor, not maxing it out is just silly). As an example, I played a ranked sprint game where I was spotting a red Z-39 before he could spot me in my Z-39. My assumption was that he likely didn't have the concealment module mounted (though he could have been running a captain without CE too), but it changed the way I could approach that match, because despite having the same ship, I could bully him off a cap zone by simply spotting him for my team to shoot at, no risk to myself.
  7. I think it depends on the player and the situation presented in that moment/match. The few times I've been attacked by a CV in my DDs early game, I tend to not even turn my AA on(heck, sometimes I'll go all game without ever turning on my AA in a DD, and if the CV sinks me it's towards the end of that game). I'll maneuver towards the planes before they spot me, if they'll definitely spot me, then I wait until they've lost contact and then change course if they swing around to make a pass. My hope is that me going in a different direction will either mess up their attack or confuse them if they can't spot me again. If they do spot me and can complete an attack, then I'll turn my AA on to try and deter a second pass. Otherwise, I either stick relatively close to my cruisers (so the CV has to fly into their AA if they want to make a pass or turn around to make a pass), or turn towards one of them if planes are vectoring in my direction. I find it easier to use smoke against CV planes in RN DDs too. The short duration and numerous charges make it the perfect tool for escaping aircraft detection and attention. Other DDs have longer smokes, and less charges, and depending on when in the game I'm potentially coming under attack, it might be better to risk some HP and save that smoke for an escape or to safely make a cap. I think it's important to keep in mind that if a DD blows his smoke on first contact from a CV, he can't cap and have a lesser risk of being reset by planes if his smoke is on cooldown (assuming there's no enemy radar near the cap to spot you anyway), so it could take longer for them/your team to secure/contest a precious cap in the early game.
  8. GhostSwordsman

    p2w clan wars

    Charles Martel, 155 Mogami, Lightning, Z-23, Bismarck, Edinburgh, etc. etc. T8 has a lot of great ships, both tech tree and premium. I'd say that T8 is the most balanced tier second to T10.
  9. GhostSwordsman

    Blue Wars

    Maybe not the current AL UI, but it certainly bears a striking resemblance to the old AL UI. That's my bad for not specifying. Granted, I've not played many mobile anime-style games. So far just AL and FEH, so I had no idea that AL's UI was similar to other games out there. I wasn't saying that the 3D models or the use of them was bad. It's a good thing that other companies and games are trying to be different. It's just not something that is standing out to me personally. And that's more of a combination of the designs of the ships/girls in this game along with the newness of it. I'm certainly not going to 'hate' on this game like the animosity you see between the hardcore Kancolle community and the AL community. In fact, I feel like AL has made a large enough impression to keep it's spot among any competitors currently out there and the ones that will show up, like this game. I also think AL has shown a willingness and ability to adapt and evolve so they don't become obsolete, in a sense, like Kancolle did. If Blue Wars catches on and becomes popular, good for them. It won't bother me a bit as AL is still going strong and has a lot of potential for future content and stories. Competition in markets isn't really ever a bad thing. That said, from what I saw in the videos above, it looks like Blue Wars would do better to be on consoles anyway. The lack of animations and repetitiveness of the ones present doesn't strike me as high quality (likely due to the choice of mobile platform over the traditional console or handheld console). In fact for me personally it detracts from any potential overall appeal. But I'm just stating my personal opinion and impressions based on the videos you've posted.
  10. GhostSwordsman

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Because cruiser torps are like the Spanish inquisition, nobody expects them. (Though they differ in the fact the people actually don't expect to be hit by cruiser torps, nor expect cruisers to be stealth torping them. The latter most is almost exclusively a high tier thing regarding IJN and RN cruisers though.)
  11. GhostSwordsman

    Blue Wars

    It sounds like the Prinz Eugen in this game shares the same VA as AL's Lexington. It sounds very weird to me, such a stark contrast to AL Prinz Eugen. So, Kancolle arcade-like 3D models and Kancolle-like enemies, Azur Lane UI (it's damn near identical), and Warship girls R-like designs(?). This looks like it would be a decent game for consoles, like Nintendo Switch, but I'm not digging the designs of the girls at all. And while I never played Kancolle, I did/do like some of their interpretations of the shipgirls, just as I like how AL does their girls too. It's an interesting concept to this genre, in my opinion, but I guess we'll have to see if it catches on. The videos above haven't piqued my interest beyond "oh look, cool, 3D models".
  12. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I'll be honest. I never expected to see a Stargate reference in a game like this. (The F-Zero reference with the hovercar furniture isn't all that surprising to me) I love these devs. It's just a shame it's a premium furniture. It's probably the one thing I would never spend gems on. Now, if it were available for deco tokens? I would have bought it in a heartbeat solely for the reference.
  13. GhostSwordsman

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    999,999 fxp.
  14. GhostSwordsman

    Dear WG, a case for Javelin, Ayanami, and Laffey

    I could go for this idea. But first I'd like to be able to purchase the AL wave 2 captains individually. I wanted Eugen but couldn't get her because I wasn't shelling out however much money they were asking for all of them when I only wanted one. Nor was I going to waste money gambling on a 'chance' at getting the one I wanted.
  15. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Day 5: Mission success! Now I just need to get her level raised up closer to Surcouf and maybe then I can start tackling the harder backline disruption raids.