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  1. Then I guess we should just remove Missouri from the game then.
  2. Not to mention, that since the protected MM was added to T4, T4 ships have received buffs that would make them stand on much more even ground with T6s, if they could match against them. So, really, at this point there's no reason for T4 to be in protected MM(not that there was really a reason before for T4 to be protected either, power gaps get bigger between tiers as you go higher, so the power gap between T4 and T6 is smaller than the gap between T6 and T8).
  3. I've played both versions. Oddly enough, I seem to have had better luck using only smoke. I didn't see the appeal in having TRB with smoke. In my experience it usually meant they weaved through 16 torps instead of 8. I already have CE, I won't take a DD out of port without it, especially an IJN DD. Concealment is just to valuable and important to forego CE for something else with the first 10 points. Plus it makes it easier to move the captain into premium DDs or Atago for grinding out captain exp. I always run my IJN DDs with PM, LS, TAE or SE, and CE for the first 10 points. The next skill is either at 13 or 14 points, depending on what I feel I need most, it's usually whichever 3 point skill I passed on the first 10.(I don't run IFHE or RPF on the vast majority of my DDs)
  4. Thanks. As I said, first impressions are looking good, but I'll have to play more games in her to get a feel for it. I'll probably still take you up on that offer to div at some point(I actually had right around 90k exp on Shira when you made the offer, so when I got the itch to play again the other day, it wasn't too difficult, thankfully, to grind out the remaining exp), as having someone who could give pointers for Aki would probably be beneficial. I still have to get to 14 points so I can pick up IFHE, and I'll need to respec to swap out TAE for SE.
  5. I just got to Akizuki yesterday. Played one game and I think I'll like her. From my experience going up the split line: Hatsuharu wasn't as bad of a grind as it was made out to be(hearing from both those who grinded her as a T7 and those who played her as the T6). I skipped Minekaze as I had played up to Mutsuki before the split. Shiratsuyu was, for me, a true exercise in frustration. I do not like Shiratsuyu at all, and question where the fanbase comes from(I simply can't believe that everyone that likes Shira is also a Kancolle fan), Akatsuki is by and large a much better platform, despite her shortcomings. I did manage to bring my Shira up to 55% for WR and I think the other stats are average or above average(which is what I like to shoot for before moving on in a ship usually), but the grind started out with a 0-8 run, and it was a long, steep climb to just bring it up to 50%. First impressions of Akizuki are looking good. I do own Harekaze, so the 100mm guns are not unfamiliar to me. I still need one more skill point to be able to put IFHE on her, but even being a knot slower than Shira, it feels like Akizuki can assert influence over the flow of battle much better.
  6. I can see how it would be hard for some to just keep the exp. Personally, I just don't pay any attention to it. If I'm moving up a line, I aim for the required exp while using ship exp only. So my free exp just builds up. I also put papa papa flags on any premium I run regularly, which helps to build free exp faster since premiums earn more exp than tech tree ships.
  7. I have ~230k free exp, but I've no intention to get Nelson or Missouri myself. I use the free exp to research modules to get out of stock ships/grinds. I still play the ships, just not in stock configuration(mostly, some ships I research one or two important upgrades, like hull and guns/torps or GFCS, then grind out the experience for the rest). I'll also use a couple hundred to a couple thousand free exp to unlock the next ship, but no more than that, so I don't have to play one more game(which could turn into more than one game if you don't manage to get enough experience from the match) or just so I don't have exp on the ship in need of being converted to be used. I honestly think that's the best use of free exp. Edit: In fact, just earlier today, I used a little less than 1000 free exp to unlock Akizuki, then spent 20,000 free exp on the hull upgrade, so I wasn't playing on a stock hull(I'm grinding out the exp for the torps, since Akizuki doesn't rely on torps as heavily as the rest of the IJN DDs. And ever since the bloom/detection changes, I generally don't get GFCS upgrades right away for my DDs, and play the ship some to determine if I absolutely need the extra range or not).
  8. How do you fly at 16fps?!?
  9. Yes, as it's an automated system, it will place the ban on the player as soon as they exceed the required number of reports(from different players). But my point was that had that happened to someone who had not typed in chat at all, like a single clan with a division or two in the match reporting one player just because they could, then that player wouldn't be auto chat banned, as I understand it. This was done to prevent abuse of the system, so groups of players couldn't target individuals they simply didn't like and prevent them from using chat(as a chat ban prevents you from even using chat in port, not just the in-match chat).
  10. A couple things to note about karma and reports. 1. It takes two reports from separate people to lose 1 karma point. If the same player wastes all 7-11 reports on you, it only counts one. If a second player also reports you for anything, then you lose a karma point. 2. The system only counts 'misbehavior in chat' reports if you've actually typed in chat a short time before the report is filed. As I understand it, when it was recently adjusted, 'misbehavior in chat' reports don't do anything(such as inciting an auto chat ban) if you've not typed in chat. I also seem to recall that there's a point in which 'misbehavior in chat' won't result in any actions taken against you even if you've typed in chat, like there's a cooldown or something to help prevent it from being abused(I may be recalling this incorrectly, so don't quote me on this specifically without actually looking it up first). 3. Karma is like Who's Line Is It Anyway? Everything was made up, and the points don't matter.
  11. Well, if you want to get technical, he is right in the sense that the moderator that removed the post/comment in question didn't follow through entirely by editing/removing the post in question from the subsequent comments that it was quoted in.
  12. That equates to roughly one and a half torpedo strikes(not accounting for TDS and or damage saturation).
  13. You've made a thread about the moderation against you, which is clearly stated to be against the forum rules(not exactly the TOS, but similar enough). Section 2.8
  14. You called out opinion, not fact. And you did circumvent the filter for profane language. Also, this thread is also violating TOS, so....