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  1. If I had to guess, more than 10 seconds. This is of course assuming that Cleveland receives no RoF buff when she's moved to T8.(I believe her current RoF is slower than what she could achieve historically, in order to shoehorn her into T6. Actually, if I'm recalling correctly, her RoF was actually nerfed in late OBT.) If Cleveland does get her historical RoF, then I would guess that Helena and Dallas will have a reload time around ten seconds or so, like T6 Cleveland is right now.(Helena's almost certainly guaranteed to have a slower RoF than Cleveland in order to balance out the extra 3 guns a tier lower) As for the T9 and T10, no idea. Though I suspect the T9 at least will match Cleveland's RoF at T8. This is all speculation of course, and as has been pointed out above, we won't know until the line is released.
  2. I can see how it's necessary to have all three options at once. Sorry, I wasn't completely transparent in my thinking. I'd honestly much rather see smaller games if the 'criteria' for MM can't be met quickly.(with the way MM is currently functioning for T8-10, where it seems that there's only 3-5 T8s, a few T9s and the rest T10s, it's entirely possible that the match could have been a 9v9, 10v10, or 11v11 with no T8s involved at all) I was thinking, but not typing it out(again, sorry for not being clear), that if MM wasn't so stringent on making all games 12v12(but at the same time, making no games smaller than 8v8 or 9v9) only having MM try to make sure bottom tiered ships are outnumbering top tier ships. Still not a perfect idea or solution, but those are my thoughts on what MM could be compared/based on how it currently seems to be functioning.
  3. I don't play WoT, no. And I'm aware that you weren't suggesting a +/-1 MM, I was just letting my opinion on +/-1 MM be known. I was just commenting that out of those three options from the WoT MM, option C is all I think WoWs MM needs.
  4. This is all I'd really like to see from an MM change. Even if just as a stop-gap to a larger overhaul to how MM puts together matches. I'm not one to advocate for +/-1, and honestly I think it would dull the game a bit more; I actually like +/-2. What I do have a problem with is the way the +2 usually ends up. Nothing is worse than being outnumbered by higher tiers or the highest tier you can match against. And I think that's the biggest problem with the current T8 MM situation. Being bottom tier like that can be bad enough, you're the smallest fish in the pond so to speak. But being one of only 3-5 T8s in a game dominated by T10 ships, it makes you feel even smaller. I think that something like the quoted above would go a long way in reducing/alleviating the complaints about T8 MM. I'd certainly feel better after getting uptiered multiple times in a row if the number of T10s per game was low and T8s filled out the vast majority of the team rosters.
  5. My Crate Did This

    Looks like your crate should have equipped one of those anti-det flags.
  6. Please make IJN torpedoes great again

    When rudder shift times are measured in full port/starboard to full starboard/port, then yes, because the actual time it takes for the rudder to go from neutral to full port/starboard is actually 10 seconds. If one assumes that torpedoes are launched at a perfect perpendicular angle, and the target doesn't maneuver or spot them early, 1.6 seconds makes a huge difference when it takes ~5 or 6 seconds to get the rudder from neutral to 1/2. And half rudder is generally sufficient enough to dodge the majority of a torpedo salvo. Throw in the full rudder and throttle adjustments(and when reducing throttle speed in this game causes the ships to turn more sharply), and it's fairly easy to make all but one or maybe two torpedoes miss.
  7. Hmm... I wonder if there's any significance for using the 0.6.10 build. The bug that @RipNuN2 mentioned was much older than build 0.6.10, and that citadel bug when fixed actually ended up breaking underwater shell ballistics. Which hilariously gave us quite the opposite situation we have now, where it was impossible to citadel ships via underwater pens because shells simply stopped existing after hitting the water. It made cruisers so powerful that it was common to see one charge down battleship or two and torpedo them or burn them to the waterline well within 10km.
  8. We Need More CVs Each Match!!!

    "Gib moar aircraft for muh AA botes!"
  9. Points Have Me Perplexed

    Because potential damage is rewarded disproportionately compared to things like caps and damage done to spotted targets. I'd wager that you earned a ton of potential damage if you managed to stay alive while running from enemy ships so much.
  10. Congradulations, you learned how to carry more harder.
  11. I believe Massachusetts holds that title because she fired the first and last 16 inch rounds of WWII, for the US, not for the entirety of the allied nations or world powers involved.
  12. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    It being somewhat of an issue when T8 is top tier is why I think that T8 cruisers should only get one chage standard, at least to start. Players who don't use superintendent or premium consumables would only be able to heal back a little bit of damage, those that use one or the other would get two charges, and those that use both would get 3 charges. This is one less than Atago(and I'd advocate putting Eugen in the same boat as her, with 2 charges standard) and the T9 and T10 cruisers. I think this would give them the staying power they really need when middle/bottom tier, while not making them too powerful when top tier.
  13. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    I only mention it because I think it's a neat nod to reality, intentional or not. I wasn't necessarily saying it was realistic, or should stay the way it is because it would be realistic. Just making a remark on how cruisers being so powerful at the highest tier is a nice or neat nod to history/reality.
  14. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    Outside of Atago and Edinburgh, no other T8 cruisers have access to repair like BBs. That's why T8 for cruiser lines are considered a wall that many don't bother grinding through. It's just too tough for the average player to do reasonably well and advance on to the much better T9 and T10 cruisers in a timely manner. Plus, most T8 cruisers also lack the range to keep fights against BBs outside of 15km. Also hence why it's a topic of discussion that's fairly common around here. T8 cruisers need a nudge of some sort to make them more appealing and easier to do well in. T9 doesn't, outside of one or two exceptions and T10 is fine.
  15. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    Yeah, just earlier today I bow tanked an Alsace in my Baltimore. Poor guy even tried switching to HE as well, but since I could fire about 3 times as fast as him, he still got burnt to the waterline. Poor thing. To be honest, I don't think it's really a bad thing that the top tier cruisers can almost go toe to toe with battleships and come out on top. It's a great nod to reality, where the cruiser platform evolved and continued to remain relevant, and the battleship platform didn't or couldn't. T10 ships are supposed to represent the pinnacle in technology of that era for each type. By that time, cruisers were very much like battleships in terms of firepower and even survivability, while still maintaining better maneuverability, flexibility, and utility. Sure, people will always have this notion that battleships should trump cruisers because "I haz big gunz and much armors", but the reality of it is that by then, the lines between those two types was getting rather blurred. Cruiser heavy matches are a ton of fun(well, maybe not so much for DDs), and the flow of the game is extremely dynamic and fluid. Perhaps if T8 cruisers get a little nudge to make them more appealing, and people start to realize that high tier cruisers are pretty powerful in their own right, then maybe the cruiser population will see a large enough increase where matches can be fun again because the majority of them are cruiser heavy.