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  1. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Six fleets, that's good. I was starting to get worried that I would have too many shipfus and not enough space to use them all without switching some out now and again.
  2. No need. I have a small amount of disposable income and get paid tomorrow, so it's all good. Edit: Just realized, you can also get one of the permanent camos with the amount of tokens out of those boxes.
  3. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yeah, well, I'm a native Kentuckian and I love me some UK basketball. So naturally I'm drawn to the color blue, lol. Do you mean like the number of fleets we can use/build? Or how many fleets are able to be deployed per sub-chapter? We get 4 fleets to make formations with(you unlock the 3rd after clearing chapter 4, and the 4th after clearing chapter 5). I'm up to chapter 5-1 and have only been able to use two different fleets within the same sub-chapter. I don't know if they allow more than that later on in the story.
  4. Buy the $3 crate pack from the premium shop? Comment no longer applies, lol.
  5. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Don't worry, Busty Lusty should get a really great skin down the line(hopefully really soon). I'm personally looking forward to the day this skin is available for purchase. I love that blue dress. Edit: Haven't started or joined a guild yet. Word going around the chat rooms is that guilds are largely useless, even in CN and JP, which are further along in the development cycle. Though I do think it would be neat for the few of us on Avrora to start our own guild. Maybe make the name a reference to WoWs somehow?
  6. Azur Lane anime announced

    We don't know yet. The show could take the ARP direction, where the ships are real and the girls are just some sort of personification of the ship's 'soul'. Or it could take an HSF-like route, where WWII never happened as we remember it(an alternate history/reality), and the ships still exist in their WWI/WWII forms and the girls may be tied to the sirens somehow or happened to somehow inherit the essence of the ship they represent, or perhaps it was some technological advancement that allowed humanity to 'create' these girls and their ability to fight as a warship once did. They could also come at it from a completely different direction that nobody has thought of yet. It will really depend on how closely the anime follows the loose narrative being built by the game. @Kamaitachi_Mio has already outlined the basics of the game's story line above, as they play on JP which has had more events to give this lore to build and follow.
  7. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I'm thinking it's some sort of punishment, because in total(counting the handful of cubes I acquired after the event started) I had about 80-90 cubes. When I finally rolled Atago, I had between 34-40 left. So I only used about 40-50 cubes. For all the people claiming rate up is a lie, it sure seemed to work in my favor. Now only if I could get the equipment I wanted for my girls...
  8. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Farming for T3 rammer or fire extinguisher BPs. RNG: Nah bruh. You want those other BPs that you'll never use, like this nice triple Pensacola 203mm BP or this Blackburn DB BP. Farming for Repair Tools BPs or Kaga. RNG: Here have Elite ships drops on escort fleets and commons on the boss node. And here's an entire nation's worth of Zero's. Farming for CL gun and Auxiliary gun BPs. RNG: Have a metric-butt-ton of gear parts and the occasional common ship drop. Is this my punishment for rolling all 3 of the event ships via construction??? Not looking forward to farming 5-1 for the twin 127mm DP blueprints for use as auxiliary guns on my USN CLs...
  9. Submarine Poll

    Ah, yes as AI controlled opponents, they'd add some spice to a few Ops. I'd be fine if they were non-player controlled.(I just don't see how submarines could ever fit into this game outside of a PvE encounter, either specifically built for player controlled subs, or as an AI opponent) Though they might just make some of the Ops too hard to 5 star with randoms, in my opinion. (imagine if a sub were to randomly spawn on Aegis and shred a star off because everyone has to commit to the CVs in order to get that star and draw the attention of the incoming fleet away from the convoy)
  10. Submarine Poll

    If WG is going to shove them into their own little corner of shame game mode, then I guess I'd be fine with it. However, allowing them into operations will be a mistake. DDs are already largely useless in operations without a highly skilled captain at the helm. Subs will be 10 times worse as they'll have, less HP, no smoke, less/worse guns, less torpedoes, and they'll be slower. It'll be like going into an op two or three ships down instead of one.
  11. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Note to self: When a new PvP season starts, wait a few days before diving in deep to farm merit. Since the season just changed over today, I thought I'd get a head start on gaining the last ~10k merit I need to get South Dakota. About 5 matches in and only advancing one rank, I start running into level 90+ fleets(many of which had multiple girls with a promise ring, not that it does anything statistically) with the fleet power for both main and vanguard over 10,000.
  12. You can select the container type without opening it. It'll just sit unopened until you choose to do so.
  13. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Bad choice in names WG. You virtually lost the entire NA server's worth of sales before this thing even hit internal testing...
  14. Edinburgh Arctic camo

    Check your port filters, you may have it hidden by accident. Also you can look in your inventory to see if you actually received it.