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  1. Just everyone wait for when these satirical "reviews/previews" become reality:
  2. Depending on the caliber of the gun, and the fact that you definitely weren't in a T8 game with that Emerald present, 41 over-pens is still anywhere between 41k and 52k damage. I'm sorry, I don't see the problem, since that's the server average damage for mid tier BBs.
  3. This should be interesting. The IJN cruisers are my favorite class type to play, and likely some of my most played ships. I look forward to hearing your opinions on the mid and high tier cruisers. And I look forward to your pointers for Zao, as I'm only at Ibuki right now.
  4. Dear Mac user, from Wargaming, Buy a PC. Join the master race.
  5. This is what I'm trying to figure out. What's wrong with a balanced 'all around' loadout? Isn't that one of the reasons why many USN CV captains run stock with a 1-1-1? Or why Hiryu is generally considered a good CV since she has a 'balanced' loadout with 2-2-2? Bringing CVs into balance is going to require allowing CVs to fulfill multiple roles and be versatile like a cruiser, and to do that they need to have at least one loadout that isn't specialized or gimped in some way. I honestly think it's funny, WG openly admits that the 2-1-2 is a 'versatile' loadout, and they think that because of it's versatility, it's uninteresting. Yet, that's exactly what CV captains are asking for, more versatility and flexability, which hyper specialized loadouts(USN CVs) don't offer.
  6. In the same menu that Wuff mentioned, make sure the eye icon doesn't have a line through it. The check box hides the ships from the carousel, the eye icon hides the unique ARP skins and captains, disguising them as regular IJN ships and captains.
  7. I just want to point out one of my 'concerns' with the past season. The rewards past R11. I probably could have climbed higher than 11, but I had no incentive to. Camo doesn't appeal to me because most of them give only bonus exp, which I don't need.(if they gave out camo with commander exp bonuses or credit bonuses, then I'd consider pushing higher) Signals on the other hand are way more useful, and was the primary reason I didn't push any higher, as there were no signal for awards beyond R11. I'd honestly much rather they put flags back as the reward for ranks beyond 11. I use signals all the time, and some of the flags from the more difficult to get achievements are great to have and ranked used to be a good way to stock up on them.
  8. Did you try setting Object LOD to high? It shouldn't affect something like that in port, but if you haven't tried it, I'd say it's worth a shot.
  9. Given the usual response to this kind of content, I'm actually not surprised they did it that way to be honest.
  10. I ran into him a couple of times in game. Pope has it right. That's the chat you can expect from him. Also, WB is a terrible CV player, and I believe that's what he mostly plays in. So, if you ever get him on your team as a CV, then just farm damage, it'll be a guaranteed loss, if he's on the enemy team, then rejoice as you're likely to down half his air wing with DD AA.
  11. I'm curious why it seems a lot of people think that a team is likely to lose because a player or two fire at an island? I see that mentioned a lot in these kind of threads. I've done that before, though not with any sir of regularity, just to hear the guns fire and maybe see the arcs. Usually, it's because I need to swap ammo types and feel like firing the guns instead of double tapping the number key. And granted, I don't do this in ships with long main battery range, or if its been more than a few minutes in, when I'm guaranteed to nor be spotted.
  12. 1. Pick USN cruiser. 2. Load AP. 3. Profit.
  13. As midnight said, it's a nod to the source material for the ARP content for the fans of the series. WG could do this because ARP commanders/captains can be changed between all ARP ships without the need for retraining, thus making their individual specialization moot.
  14. Uh... Two Tosa-class hulls were laid down and launched. The first hull, Tosa, was cancelled in accordance to the WNT, and the second hull, Kaga, was converted into a carrier. So, the Tosa's are not *fantasy*. Sure, they didn't exist in the original designed state as battleships, but the hulls did exist and one did serve the Imperial Navy as one of the backbone carriers to their navy. The Kii's on the other hand, they were ordered, but never actually constructed, as their keel laying was stopped due to the WNT.
  15. I'd like to be able to sell some, maybe for 22,500 credits a piece?