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  1. GhostSwordsman

    Killer Whale - Different latitude, same problem.

    Exactly this. Forts have a tendency to screw you at the worst times. Whether it's just by having disgusting accuracy and chunking your HP or by setting a fire or two right as your DCP goes on cooldown. Target and eliminate the forts first. They're easy to take out so long as at least one person (Not a CL) is shooting AP at them. Forts can only withstand one BB AP salvo and rarely live past two heavy cruiser AP salvos.
  2. GhostSwordsman

    Fixing Smoke

    Yes, they need to fix smoke. It needs to go back to being a deployable island that you can shoot through. It's getting tiresome being spotted when shooting from behind a smoke screen (when there is nothing that has LoS on you), like it's not even there. The smoke firing detection ranges were enough to keep people from camping smoke screens 4km away with impunity, but somewhere along the line it seems to have changed and now smoke can't be used tactically offensively, as anyone behind it still gets spotted as if it weren't there.
  3. GhostSwordsman

    Grinding the Italian Cruisers

    I posted this in a discord I'm part of. These are my thoughts off my limited experience in Trento: Well, after having played a few Killer Whale rounds in Trento, i feel like I have a better idea on where she could be improved. First of all, the reload does need to come down a bit, imo. Probably closer to 12.5 seconds. Second, she needs to be a little stealthier. I have not played any KW rounds with CE (I only just unlocked it earlier. The reason I was playing KW in Trento), but even the buffed conceal of 12.7km is going to be a tad too large I think. And lastly, her smoke firing concealment penalty is just too much in my opinion. I think it would be better if it were somewhere between 7km and 7.5km. That will give her a bit more breating room, while not making her too difficult to spot when using her fuel smoke consumable. Positioning when using it will still be important. SAP still needs work (this is well known). I don't know if the proposed buff ever went through or if it's still in testing. Did WG apply that before the line released? Where the bounce angles for SAP were increased? If not, that should help once it does go through. As a general thing for all smoke carrying RM CAs, I think they could use the ability to mount the smoke module. The dispersion time would go down to 9.5sec and the action time would only go up to 32.5sec. I'd hardly consider that 7.5 seconds extra action time too powerful. Plus, mounting the module would prevent them from taking the first rudder module. And their rudders (at least the mid tiers) are already pretty fragile it seems. LS is likely a decent pick for this line, but with their gun traverse speed, EM is probably a better first pick if you're like me and don't immediately stick AR on everything. So not having the rudder module and LS not being a mandatory top pick for the first 10 points I think is a fair trade off for being able to mount the smoke module.
  4. GhostSwordsman

    Some other Accuracy Quirks...

    I wanted to quote out this particular statement. I myself have noticed that the torp lead indicator does not target the center of the ship. Rather it targets the stern (or perhaps WG has set it to center on the rudders of ships). Either way, it doesn't target and calculate from center of mass like we tend to do when we're aiming our guns. At very short ranges, this can cause torpedoes to miss entirely despite being "on the line". I've made it a habit to aim ahead of the grey cone whenever torping from under 4km.
  5. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I don't know if anyone else saw, but Manjuu has said that the zoom in on your secretary bug won't be patched out and will be implemented later as a proper feature. https://twitter.com/AzurLane_EN/status/1196689332666421248?s=19 Someone posted this in response to it on reddit:
  6. GhostSwordsman

    Jingles' misidentification - joke is on me

    So you're saying that his impression will evaporate as fast as a spotted Emerald?
  7. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Remember, she hates everything, especially this. *obligatory Manjuu hire/commission cuboon already* *obligatiry where are our bunny girl skins!?*
  8. GhostSwordsman

    I'm sick of waiting.

    Pretty much this. The number of times I've seen a Smol shooting in open water (especially when I'm in a DD spotting it) and not gettting shot at by anything, has left a near permanent red mark in the shape of my hand on my forehead...
  9. GhostSwordsman

    World war II question

    Midway happened on June 4, 1942. Coral Sea was a month before that in May. The first Eesex-class carriers weren't commissioned until late 1942/early 1943, around 8+ months after the battle of Coral Sea. The Essex-class Hornet, CV-12 couldn't have been the one being discussed, as she hadn't even been built yet, let alone had her name changed to Hornet in honor of CV-8. (The keel that became Hornet, CV-12 wasnt laid down until August of 1942, two months after Midway and 3 after Coral Sea) I mentioned Midway because it's a well known battle with well a well known date as a reference point to show that CV-12 could not have been the one the question was referring to.
  10. GhostSwordsman

    World war II question

    CV-12 wasn't launched until over a year after the battle of Midway. It wasn't till almost a year and a half after Midway (three months after her launching) that CV-12 was actually commissioned.
  11. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Oh, that wouldn't have affected me anyway. I prefer to have a physical copy of games if I can, so I buy the cartridges/discs.
  12. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    On this point alone, this has been a known thing for SwSh for a while yet, and it's not the first time in the franchise that pokemon have been cut and unable to be traded in from previous titles. But I'm reading that this isn't the only issue, and not the biggest issue. Eh, I wasn't expecting much from the game other than a time sink. I think I'll get some enjoyment out of it, then it will be back to Fire Emblem and the other games I regularly play.
  13. GhostSwordsman

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Wait, what went wrong with the launch of the new pokemon game? I've had no issues with mine (granted I haven't progressed very far, I've yet to fight the first gym). My switch is just fine.