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  1. IRPerm

    Clan Brawls

    I like the formats without the CV's for 4 tier 8.
  2. IRPerm

    Questions About CV's

    I have run my Worcester and got the AA defense expert. It does not seem to put a dent in the never-ending stream of planes especially with 2 CVs. So I still question the number of planes and the speed the regenerate. Because as a team player I have to change the way I play, I spend most of the game providing AA Support to BB's I feel I should be given an option to play this way. I should be able to opt out of CV matches. Until that happens I will continue to report and black list CV players.
  3. I am returning after about a year and I have some questions about CV's. I thought Match Maker would prefer to not have 2 CV's. If CV's get never-ending planes why don't other ships get never-ending fighters if they can carry them? This is more of a observation than a question. The plane replacement rate seems too fast so that planes are expendable. I wonder if the replacement rate should be slowed down.
  4. IRPerm

    found on you tube, the loner

    I have been playing solo lately due to ranked. Ranked promotes solo play.
  5. IRPerm

    Acosta Missing Camo

    Hmm interesting point. But it is still not unique as stated.
  6. IRPerm

    Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    They should fix the description then.
  7. The description of the ships says free and unique camouflage.... But I don't have a free and unique camouflage for it.
  8. IRPerm


    It is in every rank because it is super versatile fast firing with radar. It is however a glass cannon. I prefer it over the Des Moines. I know some don't because it is fragile. Also with all of the DD's it is a good counter.
  9. IRPerm

    Ranked what a joke

    I feel your pain. I have been noticing that the games that are horrible losses I am the only rank 11-10 the rest of my team is all 15ish. While the winning team is all rank 10-11. What really annoys me in some of these losses is coming in 2nd.
  10. I love this MOD it provides me with no end of amusement.
  11. Same, I lost 3 in a row the other night. The first two were total collapses but at least I came in first place and did not lose a start. The last game that night was a loss because I became so desperate to win. We were behind and our last DD was attempting to take a cap and a BB was defending. If I opened to take some heat off the DD I would be spotted possibly exposing my flank. If I stayed dark for another 20-30 seconds I could get behind and island and protect at least one flank. I opened up and killed the BB (he was broadside and I got a couple of citadels), but right after I sunk the BB I was deleted by a Yammy who was on my flank. That DD went on to kill 3 more ships. We lost the game by 50 points. If I had stayed dark and stayed alive we probably would of one. These are the mistakes I am making because I feel I have to carry the game.
  12. I play tier 8 all the time I love the Dirpitz.
  13. IRPerm

    Battle of Midway Movie

    While slavery was one the reason they were fighting. The war was really about the rights of the states vs. the rights of the federal government. Saying it was about slavery oversimplifies the conflict.
  14. IRPerm

    Ranked Has Me Frustrated

    Your Right Shima is OP! Seriously still not as bad as WoT. When people get "salty" I do what my wife does to me and drives me nuts. I respond with w/e it either shuts them up... or even better makes them throw an even bigger fit. HaHaHa What Ever FTW!