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  1. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    I'm sorry but a well played CV can be basically invulnerable compared to any other ship. As a CV you can spot him way b4 he spots you behind whatever island and if you don't just kill him from spotting you make him turn away and over double the time it takes for him to get anywhere... by the time he gets around said island IF he is even alive after you spotting him and bombing him the whole way your CV has already skippered off to a different corner to hide.... Only way CVs die is if THEY SCREW UP and /or their TEAM MELTS like in the first 5 mins so the match is too one sided and long for them to hide the whole time. Honestly you can make anyone turn waaaaay b4 they reach you in a CV with torps and bombers. And with CV god-like spotting you have ZERO excuse to ever be surprised unless the other CV is running the show... then you get to watch from everyone else's perspective as a CV just man-handles the game and all 20 other players like they were his personal playthings as if it was RTS game against AI pinatas. IJN CVs as a line do the most damage, and spot the most, and the damage taking is a totally moot point for them. Essentially they do 2/3 most important things THE BEST and arguably do #3 the best since they are absolved from even needing to take damage at all. What better way to tank then NEVER have to do it and be irrelevant to everything you ship does while you top damage and spotting and control the entire match really from your lofted RTS armchair? CVs basically play a mni-game super imposed on everyone else game where said people are made to be their fish in a barrel, and honestly it is [edited]. Thank god CVs are excluded from clan wars. Playing them it is ONLY class I can been able to get 70% win rate almost over 40 games. Coincidence? Nah.
  2. I'd give you a +1 but I'm actually out for today...
  3. Does this look right to you?

    Post completely reworked to try and abide by forum rules; Basically I'm going to say nothing but post an end of match battle picture. Can you guys tell me if anything seems wrong or fishy here? Just posting the end result of a type of battle I have NEVER experienced once in my 1800ish games and I hardly know what to make of it.... what am i looking at?!
  4. Pan-Asia DD Radar

    Bravo! lol
  5. Pan-Asia DD Radar

    Wow this is bad. Deep Water tops + best concealment + best smoke + best turning + being a great DD vs DD brawler + radar.... RETARDED WG. FIRE SOMEONE. Honesty just fire who ever even thought of even adding the pan-asian Frankenstein crap to the game. Worthless.
  6. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    I'm talking about the CV's ability IN MATCHES. You talking about credit and XP gimps to bring them in line with other classes is completely moot on that account. Yea you SHOULD have to pay a premium to play such an OP class where the other 20 non CV players are your pawns. Too bad it is to tiny compared to how OP the ship is. But good to know you can't contest the ship is OP where it really counts, ie matches. No one gives a flying F about the credits if the ship is OP. You are taking hiding in a corner too literal; they effectively are hiding every match unless they screw up regardless of where they are on the map. And getting some of the highest average damage and spotting everything from the moon while doing so. Of course it is a stupid technical moot point to talk about WHERE they are hiding, whether it is in a corner, behind an island, or elsewhere. Point is they are going to hide. You have essentially conceded CVs are OP in matches by your inability to argue otherwise and are trying to justify it with XP and credits crap which really just further proves they're OP if they need to tweak something that irrelevant to their in game performance just to discourage people from abusing it to make insane bucket loads of credit and XP if they got the same XP per damage and spotting values as say DDs had.... What a joke; yea every class sucks when you get up-tiered. Another moot point. How is that worst than having your bow over-matched in a tier 8 BB 4/5 matches? It isn't. And stats bear that out. IJN Cvs get the highest average damage as a line as whole regardless of all those matches where they are down tiered. In addition to their spotting and never having to actually risk their neck ever. You can't complain about the CV's performance unless it is higher tier American. I see it everyday. And just because they have gimped CV Xp by screwing with values doesn't mean the ship isn't OP. How you can't understand XP has NOTHING to do with in-battle performance when they screw with cp values specifically for classes like CV that do the job of like 2 or 3 DDs by itself. If XP value was done properly and not screwed with to account for class imbalances no DD would ever in a million years average the xp a CV gets since they can't spot as well or get the damage a CV does and instead die a lot more. Apparently none of that computes with you which is jaw dropping. I have never once heard in any of the time I've played this game even once how it makes sense a CV really does EVERYthing a DD does with the sole exception of smoke BETTER without risking its life ever the way the DD does most seconds of every game. They can't nerf them like that because it would be SO unhistorical. And then no one would play CV because it isn't as fun unless you are carrying the team 50% of the time compared to dodging bullets and shooting guns. So instead they kick them out of clan battles, make 50% of random battles have NO CV, and the other limited to 1 or 2. Makes sense all in all. Good way to deal with an OP class/line that you can't fix. Leave it kinda broken but limit how much it ruins everyone's day.
  7. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    Moot point. None of that affects their in match performance. The fact WG has to screw with XP and credit rewards doesn't affect their actual performance. It does point out if they got rewards other ships did though it wouldn't even be a contest, a ship like a DD would never get XP values even close to a CV. It doesn't spot as much or do as much average damage and dies way more often. It HAS to be screwed with becuase CVs are so stupidly OP compared to any DD who can't spot as well, can average maybe half the damage, risks its life eveytime it tries anything, and its only advantage stealth can be negated by a babysitting CV most of the game. It is A TOTAL JOKE how strong CVs are from a game play perspective. CVs risk dying on average the least, but average basically the highest damage as a line. Fundamental problem with the risk/reward setup there. i don't care if they gimp your credits and xp a TINY bit; the class is OP in battle 100%. Where they are on the map doesn't matter; minor technicality. CVs have the highest survival stats; they do essentially hide in the back and get better rewards (higher damage, win games, sink ships) without any of the risk. Where exactly they are on the map is irrelevant; they are hiding and make sure they often stay alive even if the team loses and dies. That is all their survival stats tell us.
  8. So... you LET him ram you and now you want mechanics fixed..... Look if the enemy BB is waaaaay lower HP than you and heading right at you you should have thought about it before he got within 5kms of you.... sounds like your fault. Like complaining a DD with 10 HP fired a point blank torpedo salvo at you... same thing really... you LET it happen. It didn't have to happen. But you let it.
  9. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    #3 is pointless on its own. It is conjunction with #1 and #2 that it becomes salt in the wound to every other player and almost Troll-like in its effect. Yea you could do 120k damage and lose... and still never get hit by all the enemy players sometimes who want nothing but to get back at you... but the match ends with you laughing at how they couldn't and you sank 4 of them. Even if you team loses it really takes the hurt off to walk away with such insane stats and/or not dying. Afterwards you can go back to your 60% win rate. Poor CV right? Um... no not really. Stills seems grossly unfair no matter how you spin it. I mean Com'ooooon. If the CV risks itself less than all the other ships it should be less likely to get the same rewards as a function of fair gameplay. Instead it gets better rewards. That is in my opinion the real core problem of the CV other than their spotting; ultimately you risk less hiding in corners of a map but you have the capacity to do the most so often it is flawed. This is the basic problem with artillery in world of tanks why it was considered the ultimate scum and trash game play.
  10. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    2. Winning is fun and engaging I'm pretty sure. Doing damage as fun is subjective as it is shallow. By that metric DDs are the least fun which isn't true. Actually the most engaging class of them all. Look at MMO games, entire classes there don't deal any damage really but do nothing but support, heal, buff, take damage. The entire basis of TEAM play is that we have different roles and we don't all do the same thing, ie not everyone does a butt load of damage every game. CVS DON'T fit into a team game if they do 2 out of 3 things BETTER THAN ANYONE. That is their problem. They do do everything except take damage... which they don't need to take since they can attack from across the map so it is a total moot point for them that just helps them avoid repair costs... I get the sense when I play CVs all the other ships are like lackeys... they are pawns and pieces in the real game between the enemy CV in myself. The fact 20 other players can become just PROPS to what feels like my personal CV RTS game is a joke. It is ONLY in CV where you can get that experience where the entire battle feels in the palm of your hand from start to end. Well at tier X you have like 100 planes in your hanger so not a big deal if squadron goes down. Also really MINOR to lose a squadron compared to a similar mistake from the Des Moines, like accidentally take a broadside AP salvo. You can't equate CV losing planes from mistakes to other ships outright dying from mistakes that for the class might not have been much worse. They just don't have planes to take the fall for them. So you have god like spotting in a CV and unlike a DD spotting, who can't spot nearly as well, doesn't even risk his ship doing so. Just planes he can have so many more of. In conjunction with being able to spot everything, deal such consistency high damage, and otherwise just RUN THE SHOW unless the other CV does it instead of you, being able to not take a hit or even be seen the whole match by the people you massacre or sometimes even when you lose is adding salt to the wound. Repair bill you don't have to pay and most people would consider it is satisfying to rarely get sunk;' doesn't feel like you ever lose. You always escape; it was all the props who died while you hide in the back laughing at the meat bags take the hits. it is world of tanks artillery status troll-like. At the end of the carriers aren't risking as much as other players but are getting better rewards. That isn't fair and poor game play. I'm thrilled they are kicked out of clan wars.
  11. The Taint

    " I am an artist, so I get a free pass," Yea you my grandma, my dog, and the kid doing hand painting in kindergarten are artists too. You couldn't sound more arrogant if you tried. You better be fck'n Picasso or gtfo with that [edited].
  12. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    Objectively CVs don't have many definitive struggles other the gross imbalance between the two CV lines. Everyone knows US ships of every class tends to have their struggles more so than other nations so not much to say other than russian bias seems dead set of making the US the least viable or at least least fun nation to play outside of their Bbs that are at least a little less frustrating. Looking at the IJN CV line: 1. One of the top 4 highest average damage dealers of any ship at almost any tier, no other line averages the same kind of DPS from the bottom to top of the line. 2. God like spotting, no DD flanks, nothing hides, everything is spotted. Might as well have spy satellites for you team. CVs could do THIS alone without 1 pt of damage and still be viable in team play. 3. Highest surviability rate of any ship win or lose. Objectively IJN Cvs are retardly OP based on stats and basic logic and most people play IJN CVs if they CV outside of low tiers. CVS are victim of nothing but their own success that makes them imbalanced for the game. The other 'struggle' i hear about is their UI. But that is subjective and no one ever says what a better one would look like so i don't take it seriously. The carrier UI works for what it needs to do. And stuff like how the planes fly has been massively improved over time even if still in need of work. I remember at release Dive bombers would dive down through my ship under the water then flew away after bombing me rofl.
  13. tier 8 MM is a bit harsh

    Just a fact 4 out of 5 games at tier 8 you are matched against 10... it a total joke and honestly I believe WG does it on purpose to try and make you buy your way past ships. Same with double up tier MM at tier 5. They want you to be desperate for tier X because that is where you make the least credit anyway and spend the most to get there. And you have to pay again to transfer the useless XP into free Xp. WG $$ greedy naturally. \\ Generally speaking: Tier 1-4 are to suck you in, tier 5 is your first pay wall, 6-7 are generally to suck you in again, 8 and 9 are again often big pay walls unless you want to be constantly up tiered. It is a pathetic joke MM in this game. Gets REALLY old.
  14. Faction

    I'm sorry but no. Every time I see this implemented in a game it SUCKS. A concept like that belongs in an open world MMO-rpg ALONE. NOT in game like WoWs or For Honor which was a god awful game. For honor was team battle game like WoWs that had a campaign map 'territory' battles at the end of the week like you are suggesting. IT WAS SOOOOO BAD. It was one of THE WORST ways I have ever seen a game try to make their battles feel 'relevant.' Actually just highlighted how irrelevant they were they had to tack on something that un-engaging and boring to try and make it feel relevant. For one it serves no purpose. None. It doesn't mean anything other than most people like Axis or Allies better. What really matters is you individual performance. Not some made up group of people who clicked Axis or allies. Second, side with more people wins. If the side with more people doesn't win that is also a problem. Because then they need to start screwing with the algorithm for who wins to counter act the population; since obviously if one side TENDS win it would only get worse. Everyone would switch factions or pick the better one at start; it becomes a self fulling and worse. So basically it becomes a big LIE where they are manipulating the equation for who wins every week so everyone gets a cookie and every faction looks viable. Even though in reality certain factions are played WAAAAAY more or on average have better players. That is what h append in For Honor. And if its not that it will be one sided with the same faction winning 4/5 weeks because they have just more and/or better players. Either way it a terrible idea to implement. Have open world battles for territory in open world games like dark age of Camelot. Not WoWS or garbage games like For Honor where pasting in crappy after thought features like that is a waste of development money. End of the month stats based battles are the most non-engaging boring uninspiring feature I could imagine.
  15. Yes, I'm sure that is the best you could do. IE not much. Try again though. Never gets old watching you even try.