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  1. He is a passive-aggressive troll. The more he tries to seem anything the more the opposite is the case.
  2. This is entirely true and a valid point, I'd +1 the comment if I had any left today. Not taking a cap was my one failure that match. I chased the red Shenyang off the cap early on and got first blood on a cruiser with trops while doing so but kept chasing towards the BBs he was exposing and didn't cap (although I think my team did cap that same point). My team kept falling behind in # of ships and I kept chasing kills and laid 2 team smoke to try and even the odds but it never turned around. Ended with the enemy CV just behind the island you see behind the score in the screen shots and the last friendly BB (Kaiser) died in a 1v1 duel the Myogi which ended the match before I could cap or reach the CV.
  3. No he was ridiculing the entire concept of carrying while losing and thus the entire thread in a passive cowardly way. He was himself ridiculed in the process of doing so but that was not his aim.
  4. Did you finally find someone as pathetic as you? When is the wedding? To be expected nonconstructive trolls try and feed off one another.
  5. Actually I despise people who have nothing constructive to a thread to add but passive aggressive crap like yourself. Any issue I have is resolved by putting you in your place. Which is done. Good day.
  6. You don't care after 3,100 battles you are as bad as some people are on their first battles? Well ok... I guess you don't care if you live with your mother either. Some people just have no self respect. Not worried about your stats but the poor people stuck on your team. That isn't fair to them.
  7. You lose 52% of the time? Wouldn't want to be on your team; you sound like dead weight. Not something I'd share so openly maybe.
  8. Nice!! almost the same damage and achievements as mine too. Hurts don't it? xD
  9. Premium Ship Review: Varyag

    Ah that explains it. If it was russian built the devs would have given her the BALANCE COMRADE treatment..
  10. Yea I bet you get confused really often. It's too late at night for this thread apparently and it was never on rails to begin with because of brain dead tools like yourself. It's ok I get just as much enjoyment out of embarrassing mites like you.
  11. What point was that? It is not like anything you have written/posted makes you better than a troll deserving of worse insults. Try again. Go cry to someone who gives a F your feelings are hurt.
  12. Says the tool who had nothing constructive to say and then gifs when he doesn't have a response. Why are you still here? You are a troll the way I see it.
  13. Yea i stfu and walk away when I look dumb too. Not as often as you I imagine.
  14. I mean if you see that on your screen arguably you F'd up. Also retarded to assume being the last alive or doing the most in the game means you were ignored to the last. If your team is melting all around you it can only be harder.
  15. Most retarded thing I've read all day.