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  1. Well I didn't, I shot a not on fire Bismarck almost the entire game. Aiming for the superstructure. What you believe I could care less about but maybe you should go somewhere else if you are going to question people's honesty. If I am lying I am a troll and you've already waltzed into my cave. Either way dumb move isn't it?
  2. Ah well I used forumla that to run the maths; Even if who I was shooting at had all the fire prevention skills and mods to his ship I would still have had a 5% chance of fire per hit. 1 in 98 hits is still closer to 1% and a poor as hell showing :(
  3. So my Gnevny is supposed to have a 10% fire chance.... from HE. Yet this was the second match today that looked like this. More like a 1% fire chance. I feel so trolled by RNGeezus idk what to say. Common as I fear? lol. I got the ONE fire like in the last 3 shots I landed in the match too which was hilarious... in a messed up way. At least we won? Didn't feel like it personally I guess though.
  4. Well the Germans only took France and Poland basically because the USSR did an under the deal table with Germany where they split Poland and gave the Baltic countries to the USSR. So it doesn't even out; the Russians got what they deserved for basically conspiring with the Germans and supplying them with raw materials too. Hitler was only in a position to invade Russia in 1941 thanks to Russian scheming back firing spectacularly.
  5. Last 2 days the teams I've seen have been so unbelievably god freaking stupid I've wanted to delete this game. 5 Potatoes on the cap about to win the game... all 5 charge off the cap AND die instead of winning the game. Teams who capture one point, then run away to corner and never go anything. Teams who I yell at 5 mins in advance to come back to base because they were too slow on the advance... nope they sail to nowhere while we lose. I can't even understand the level of stupid I've borne witness to over the last 2 days in random battles. This game must have some of the dumbest people on the planet playing it.
  6. Only you are at the 'you started it' level like some grade schooler. It is quite clear to anyone who can read, which I guess isn't you, who did. You responded to me. You used demeaning language first. And then you cried like a B!tch. End of story. Nice way of comporting yourself you have there. 5th grade is it? DO you always have your head up your [edited]? Lots of fun to watch
  7. A lot of meaningless talk from the one who thought he could start the insults and then get on a high horse over them. Stop crying because your insults were meaningless. Your idea of average adult seems grade schooler to me. Who else but a child start insults and then cries when someone else does it better? A stupid child at that. Go to your jungle gym brat.
  8. Wait... so you played T5 then when tier 5 DDs were some of the best instead of the worst DDs and you still got the same winrates? So you reaaaaaaaaaally sucked huh? And your saving grace is the OP premium while you judge others by the T-22 and T5 Mutsuki you basically never played? Have you always been this full of shite or did you grow into it? Wow so 1,590 games = 3,500? You can't count, nice to know. Seems like a lot of talk you have gotten better; your WTR rating is GREEN; so is mine. Your WTR score is marginally better; kinda pathetically better for having twice as many games. That is actually pretty sad. What is your excuse for not being light blue already? You just think you are better like a sad little prick. Your DD win rate at the same tier without the premium is basically the same. And if you think the Gremmy isn't better than the Mutsuki then you are a bigger joke than you have been thus far. Which is pretty huge ROFL. The Geade has an AVERAGE win rate of 55% genius... I'll play that ship soon enough. So keep pointing to stats that don't matter or make you just look dumb as all hell. That is like me mentioning I have a 68.75% winrate out of 32 games on my Isoakze, or 63.7% on Izyaslav, or 53.33% on Nicholas; all green above average WRs. I didn't go there first, and at least those are actually above average WRs unlike your Gaede ROFL. Owned.
  9. Run away because every time you ever try this happens and you know it:
  10. Ok so then by your lgoic your 0% win rate in your T-22 is all you are huh? OK cool. Thanks for setting the standard to measure you by! The T-22 ROFL Btw your winrates in most of the tier 5 dds you actually played is basically the same as my Mutsuki, low 40%! Wow so you are so good you have the same WR stats in the same tier as someone you call a DD noob stuck in a DD you skipped or never had to play? You are really damn sad huh? Go call mummy.
  11. Irrelevant; you can't complain about someones stats in a ship you have zero games in. Go back and play Mutsuki and do better. Oh no wait you only play BROKEN tier 5 IJN ships that WG themslves said are OP. Rofl. Loser. Fundamental logic you can't even understand. Keep running away like the pathetic you always show yourself to be on every other thread. How did finding those DD stats go? Fail. Rofl. Your Umikaze is calling; has your best stats it seems of any DD you have even over 30 games in. Wow....
  12. Haha what a joke. Mutsuki and T-22 are both dogs of the line; who cares if I do bad in the worst ships I grind from stock. Only thing I've learned is tier 5 DDs generally suck. I deserve 1,000 timers more credit than losers like you and Griz who FREE XP MONEY SKIP and then laugh at other people for using worse ships stock while you whine the BETTER ones aren't good enough. You guys deserve each that is for sure. Btw my Mutsuki damage is average; winrate I can do little about, but xp is above average. You meanwhile have never played a SINGLE game in Mutsuki. And actually i finished that grind and have the Fubiki in my port already, I also have the Gaede, Minekaze, Podvioksy, Nurnberg, and Leander all in the last 3 days. Not looking forward to starting those stock grinds; but the Fubuki looks amazing compared to tier 5 dds in general. Still have some other tier 6 ships I need to finish getting; Farragut, Ryujo, Hatsuharu, Aoba, Cleaveland, Budyonny, & Gnvey.
  13. Sure it does; apparently you lack even the fundamentals. Clearly WG has wanted them to be pre 1950s ships almost exclusively. WG has a responsibility to maintain basic consistency like any rational professional organization. All concepts and even words that are alien to the likes of you I'm sure. Hilarious anyway though. There is nothing histrionically accurate about ships that are flagged from the 1970s against ships based on 3 decades earlier for the sake of nationalism. That is what everyone who tries to communicate with your fragmented intelligence deal with. It is like trying to make an inept donkey minded child spell the word cat. You are going to be here awhile. Confusion is your natural state of mind all day everyday we all know. Neither does the entire idea of a pan-asian line with ships flagged from 2 or 3 decades later with a-historical weapons. Especially while italians have not yet been added and Commonwealth will never be. Only a brain dead blind imbecile monkey could not see that. People who defend political correctness are the lowest of the low; reality means nothing to them and they [edited] their way through life thinking facts are just inconvenient for them. There are invertebrates that function with more common sense.
  14. You're doing it wrong troll; DDs job isn't to farm damage. Get that through that tin skull and realize your classes job does not actually primarily resolve around having the biggest damage numbers. Absolutely shocking and ground breaking news to you I know... You still affect who wins the game most overall though. But of course the DDerpers and whiners will never stop wailing about their supposed superiority isn't rewarded enough to understand that.
  15. I guess you don't know much about China. Pretty much talking about them specifically. I don't know any. jokes on them anyway because US ships are the worst in this game easily. Oh and they pay the most those 'murricans so let them play their historically (with russian bias) accurate ships. That is the worst kind of politically correct social justice warrior disease crap. It is a-historical. Lines should represent one nation which was a major naval power from around 1910-1948. All ships in that line should be built and/or designed by the nation in which line that ship belongs. Anything else is a-historical pandering to nationalist sentiment. Corrupting the game for political correctness, greed, and hyper-nationalist a-historical crap. Most of those ships are 'asian' several decades after the time period in the game. Breaks any allusion or pretensions to continuity and consistency. The next Pearl Harbor movie we make should we add Thai, Chinese, and Korean ships being bombed alongside Arizona because... you know they just need to be represented in this crap too even they have nothing to do with it as a historical fact.