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  1. pls not again, it was a cv hell (coin flip hell) and i played every season and ranked out in every season except season 1. the torture was hardly bearable and ap bombs on cruiser that should counter cvs is flawed gameplay
  2. Pegneus

    So, Georgia?

    exactly that, with ifhe without fp. You have the fast repair party and the angle of our guns are way better than gk. This sec are so accurate i outdamaged an angled gk with it. with the dispersion module and graf spee accuracy this ship is more consistent than most bbs at that tier.
  3. Pegneus

    So, Georgia?

    Very fun ship and competitive with full sec build and is one of the best t9 at the moment. I can really recommend new and old player and wish we had a sec build tech tree line like the premium US ships like mass and georgia.
  4. how desperate is wg...
  5. Pegneus

    Henri IV is THE BEST ship for ranked season

    what a joke, do this games in a r5-2 bracket and we are talking I could play khaba in this ranked bracket and would have this monster games too very unimpressive OP
  6. Pegneus

    Ranked Sprint

    World of Belfast
  7. First an AA cruiser needs to hide behind rocks so he dont get dev striked from a BB in this distances, second the slingshot ignores mid and long range antiair of the cruiser that do all the damage to the planes . Third you dont lose that much planes because you pre drop and after the drop you are out of flak range. If you see a hak with 170k average in randoms you know it will be trouble. You don´t know what unicum cvs are capable of.
  8. people will slingshot drop with hak and kill all aa-cruiser, this will be fun sarcasm off
  9. Pegneus

    Announcing SKIPPER

    The funny thing is, it looks so realistiv with so many people with a wr under 50% as examples, it is kind of sad.
  10. Pegneus

    I think CVs are ruining the game

    all problems with the game at the moment in one picture
  11. Ok. I didn´t thought people with this many games would not buy premium. Under sale you buy like 1 month for 4 dollars, if you buy 1 year. But i would transfer my captain to the next line all the time, so in the end you get more exp through the 19pointer.
  12. how can you have this little elite captain exp + so few high level captains with this many battles. Do you guys only play coop or use a new captain for every ship?
  13. The problem is it depens on the air drag, speed of the shell, how heavy the shell is and a hidden variable named Krupp-number. It is to difficult to show it all without confusing the average user.
  14. Pegneus

    F der Grobe secondaries

    It has two meanings, depends on the context. It stands for great and large. Here in germany you can say:Du bist groß. Translation: You are large and Friedrich you can not translate with Frederick.
  15. Pegneus

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    52 with commander exp for 5 or 6 more