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  1. BearlyHereBear

    WG what is the reason behind T8 mm???

    Just play T10 ships...
  2. BearlyHereBear

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    snowflake only
  3. BearlyHereBear

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    May I remind you peeps that you can play a TT boat without respecing the captain. You just take the 50% reduction in bonuses.
  4. BearlyHereBear

    What is the best way to make coal?

    The 6th grade Science teacher here loves this answer.
  5. BearlyHereBear

    second steel ship pick

    I can't stand a DD w/o smoke...
  6. BearlyHereBear

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    They may change some, but prolly not a lot. Remember that many of these were purchasable like a premium ship. WoW usually doesn't mess too much with stuff you paid for.
  7. BearlyHereBear

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    NOOO! If you have premiums ships, your commander can switch between then. My Halsey is speced for Monty, but also does Texas, Az, WV, Bama, Mass, Mizzou, and Ga.
  8. BearlyHereBear

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    Here are the Unique Commanders and their bonus skill/abilities: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders
  9. BearlyHereBear

    50% off 360 days Premium time. LAST CHANCE

    I've got 12,000 days right now and wish I could sell most of it back.
  10. BearlyHereBear

    RB & Snowflake Question

    Judging from how long you've played this game and the number of BOATS you own...that really doesn't surprise me. I have around 85 empty slots and 1200 days of premium that I would dearly love to sell. Best of luck.
  11. BearlyHereBear

    Alaska and Smaland

    I HATE EU DD's. I will give Friesland a pass but it's a one trick pony.
  12. BearlyHereBear

    RB & Snowflake Question

    Are you allergic to botes???
  13. BearlyHereBear

    Benham or Somers

    When I'm in Benham mode...happy dreams...
  14. BearlyHereBear

    Merry Christmas to all.

  15. He makes a damn fine marinara sauce.