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  1. BearlyHereBear

    No damage???

    As I understand it saturation only occurs with AP, not HE.
  2. BearlyHereBear

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    Crap, you're right. Fugly camo back on.....
  3. BearlyHereBear

    Yoshino vs. Salem?

    I have both. Salem is almost identical to DM with a better heal. Yoshino is better than Zao with MUCH better torp arcs. I really like her play style...then again, I don't like to hide behind islands.
  4. BearlyHereBear

    Incoming OP Russian Premium; Be Very Afraid

    But does it come with Stalinium™shells?
  5. BearlyHereBear

    New summer sales

    Wait for Santa.
  6. BearlyHereBear

    The NTC reset ( asking for clarification)

    Grinding for Steel would be a great solution.
  7. BearlyHereBear

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    I did pick up a Fletcher since I been grinding the dailies with merican DDs. Still think Gearing is better though.
  8. BearlyHereBear

    Yoshino opinions?

    Torp angles sooo much better than Zao.
  9. BearlyHereBear

    1 XP

    WG effort to say, "I fart in your general direction!".
  10. BearlyHereBear

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    ^this^ Especially for those of us who can't clan battle because of the hours.
  11. BearlyHereBear

    10,000 battle count Tin foil hat

    Nope, no difference. But Santa loves us all!
  12. BearlyHereBear

    1st time

    Try T1 at 5AM. Solo battles.
  13. BearlyHereBear

    Are there plans to bring back the "original" Epicenter?

    Epicenter is my least favorite engagement mode in Randoms. CoOp is better since you can ignore the circles and just kill boats.