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  1. Pillager_Serj

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    I absolutely adored my Molotov when she first came out, I didn't always do well thanks to her fragility but those 180mm laser beams would pen ANYTHING using AP. despite the namesake and the arguably better performing HE i just felt like AP was the way to go,
  2. Pillager_Serj

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Awww, but i want my dodecahedron groupings!
  3. Pillager_Serj

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    I'm planning to get her. I loved the USS Massachussetts as a kid, and still do love reading old newpaper headlines about "BATTLESHIP X" I do lament the high citadel with respect to her historical layout but my primary issues piloting the Mighty Mo' were usually getting flat-footed against some very very very good DD captains. I'm not a fan of bow-tanking meta either, but so long as i have OK protection from stayin' skinny and can not getting screwed from a fletcher or shimakaze ambush, that should be OK for me, though I wish sometimes for at least Gneis' armor on the Iowa class. looks like with the update one can hope. SoDak being stubby and highly maneuverable with some good guns gives me some hope that I can push her out and play her like a super-heavy cruiser.