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  1. Korval_BB55

    Premium Ship Review #123: Lazo

    As always, thanks for another wonderful review, and the real reason I'm posting here: Get Well Soon! (Seriously, hope you'll be feeling much better and back on track, being sick stinks)
  2. Korval_BB55

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Oh, that port is adorbs ... do want! (I'd 'squee', but that would probably be too weebish ... :P)
  3. I'll have to see if Scharnie & I can drop by that weekend, sounds like fun.
  4. Korval_BB55

    Who Would You Like to See?

    How about col, er, i mean "admiral" Deering???
  5. Welp, having one in my port, I think that my shorter review would be: Enjoy your new Hood 2.0, now available a Tier 6, similar gunnery, less survivability. :P
  6. The day I bought my Nikolai for the low low price of, I dunno, it was a long time ago in a WOWS far away, cheap, like $25...
  7. Thumbs up, would buy. :) (friend gave me the book years ago, it was a great read)
  8. Happy Anniversary to you & thanks for the videos, I've enjoyed a few. I'm tempted to send you one from time to time, but I'm not sure how educational they'd be.
  9. Welp, I luv my Arizona, but I'm not sure if I'd love the WV. Maybe, maybe not. I'll think about it.
  10. Korval_BB55

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    I'm pretty happy with Vanguard so far, she's like a big Cesare. Use your conceal, play like a giant cruiser, wiggle your stern, have a good time. :)
  11. Korval_BB55

    Little White Mouse

    Dang, now I'm jealous. Who do I have to sink repeatedly to get some fanart? (Would it help if my avatar grew some, (ahem) well, you know ... features?) Hehehe. I must admit, I've kind of given up on her reviews of late, I love them, but ... they're so detailed and chock full of information these days, that my ADD makes me skip to the end for the pretty picture. That, and she kicked my tail the last time I saw her in one of the space battles last Spring. Not that I'm salty over that. Noooo, never. :P I'll probably never contribute to her Patrayon, but if she ever left the frozen tundra to attend a WG event down this way, I'd consider offering to buy her a black forest sundae at the local Braums (or equivalent)... So, wherever you are Ms. Mouse, consider this one thumbs up for you.
  12. Korval_BB55

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    Ooh, those camo pictures are verrah interesting... Not sure I want to paint my NC black, though.
  13. Korval_BB55

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Hey there... Was a pleasure seeing you in your Emerald this afternoon. Pity you didn't last longer, but that's Emerald life (or not). As for scenarios, Guadalcanal is a gimme. I think it would also be amusing to have battles based (loosely) on: Dakar/Casablanca/Mers el Kebir: French force must escape North African harbor and put up a fight/escape against Brit/USA enemies. Komandorski Islands: Japanese force must protect convoy from USA attackers. (Not a theme you see everyday) Big Samar - what if Halsey had let his CV's chase Ozawa's force, and had intercepted Kurita instead? Mediterranean Madness: Italians attack British NA convoy, or vice versa. Note that all of these scenarios (I think) also offer an interesting possiblity of mirror imaging, i.e. same map, one version of the scenario you are the attacker, then another version, you are the defender. Could keep things spicy. Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty more fun ideas out there, these are just a few off the top of my noggin'.
  14. Didn't watch the video, but I think the Spee & company would have been a much better design with two or three three or triple 8" turrets, one front two back, lighter weight and those big, high torque diesels geared for 32+ knots. The 11" guns were nice and all for propaganda, but overkill for merchant ships, and too low rate of fire and difficult to aim well against warships. (imho)
  15. Korval_BB55

    The Great 8 is coming to World Of Warships

    Id rather have Erika from that other battleship movie ...