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  1. I did it once for a corgi just to spite a rushing enemy DD.
  2. DerKrampus

    I wish we could get more maps like Solomons

    The problem I have with Solomons is that each flank is essentially sealed-off from the rest of the battle. It's the same problem with two brothers. If, at the start of the match, your team lemming-trains hard to one direction, you can tell within 1 minute that you're going to lose that match.
  3. DerKrampus

    What is your Role in Clan Battles and do you enjoy it?

    My role is to play other games until CB season ends, because it makes it impossible for me to pull a regular division from my clan.
  4. Probably a pair of 20s, like I did.
  5. I'm just glad they removed duplicates. No more 4x Emdens! I also bought 40 mega crates. In no particular order, I received the following: Monaghan Huanghe Aigle Ashitaka Duke of York Abruzzi Nueve De Julio Massachusetts Gascogne Kronshtadt
  6. DerKrampus

    Santa Crate Mikhail Kutuzov = No Radar

    As everyone else has said, Kutuzov has never had radar. In fact, "Mikhail vs Chappy" was a point of contention back when T8 skirmishes were a regular thing.
  7. DerKrampus

    British CVs

    This. They released pics on the dev blog months ago.
  8. DerKrampus

    Buffed Myoko is a monster...

    Should have. It's all Japanese 203s, I believe.
  9. DerKrampus

    You think Dusty Rodes is Iconic....

    Dusty Rodes, Take me hooooome, To a plaaaaace, Where I BELOOOOOOONG!
  10. DerKrampus

    1941 West Virginia in the shop now

    Dusty Roooooooodes Take me hooooooooome to a plaaaaaaaace where I beloooooong! WEST VIRGINIAAAAAA
  11. In light of the recent changes to large-caliber AP against Destroyers, I decided to help the world prepare for what's to come. Enjoy!
  12. Found it. :p
  13. What it comes down to is this: BBs aren't going to preload HE on the off chance of running into a DD unless that DD is the only thing left to shoot. They're not going to swap shells when they see a DD, because chances are, that DD will have vanished before they have a chance to do so. They're not even going to fire what they've got and reload with HE, because there's probably not going to be a second salvo. BBs are going to continue spamming AP at DDs. They're just going to get rewarded less for their trouble.
  14. DerKrampus

    Any Tabletop Gamers Here?

    Plastic sheeting finally came in, so I decided to try out a different approach. Instead of painting blues and greens onto the base, I just painted the surface foam and waves, and left the rest clear. Took me two attempts to come up with something I was happy with. Here's the first attempt, (which became an "experimental" base, with a sculpted shell splash) I wasn't happy with the "striped" look of the bow wake, so I went back to some reference material and tried again. And here it is, next to my initial, painted test. What do you guys think? Painted or clear? My plan is to buy one or more large gaming mats made of mousepad material, and printed with a sea texture. Standing alone, I personally like the look of the painted version, but I think the clear version would look better on the printed mat. Thoughts?