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  1. DerKrampus


    When you tell a scrub to 1v1 you and MM makes it happen.
  2. One player doing very well in a ship for one game does not equal OP. I once got a Kraken in a Marblehead, without taking a single point of damage in return. I got lucky. That does not make Marblehead any less mediocre.
  3. The big thing no one is noting yet: Try your best to find someone to division with. If you're alone, and the team is rolling over passively, there's jack all you can do about it. But a 3-ship division making an announced push at an enemy weak point can sometimes inspire a random or two to join in said push, and now you've got enough momentum to actually make a breakthrough.
  4. DerKrampus

    What are your keys to success in USS Alaska?

    Like all cruisers, try to keep it alive until the late game. Once things start to thin out, you run less risk of being focus-fired, and you can put its impressive brawn to full use.
  5. DerKrampus

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    This. Good way to learn positioning and gunnery.
  6. DerKrampus

    Man, the Massachusetts is a Monster

    Yeah, It's okay.
  7. DerKrampus

    Worst Premium ship in game

    Oleg. It's a gimped Bogatyr.
  8. DerKrampus

    Police caught the USS Ling vandalizes

    Posted about this back when it happened. Hope they throw the book at them.
  9. DerKrampus

    Thoughts on Nueve de Julio?

    No real reason to pick her over Boise, due to the lack of other pan-american ships. However, she's a solid damage dealer, and her heal allows for someehat more aggressive play than might otherwise be possible. She'll get the job done without ifhe, but you'll still want to pick it up asap.
  10. DerKrampus

    Too much bbs...

    >Grab an Asashio, take torp acceleration and close to just over detection range. >Farm dev strikes
  11. Ishizuchi It was maligned as garbage for so long, but it's so much fun.
  12. Hm, on the bigger screen, think you're right. Wasn't sure if maybe I was looking at something similar to a formula engine. Just a row of massive intake ports with no plenum.
  13. Engine actually looks mostly intact. Motor mount failure while under ungodly amounts of load?