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  1. It's absolutely not a good gimmick. But is it fun? Ohhh, yes it's fun.
  2. That's usually the case. The nature of the constantly-ticking point counter means that driving the enemy team negative is really only ever going to happen in the very early game.
  3. TIL: I'm a hacker

    There should be an achievement for receiving a Hackusation in a soviet ship. "Russian Hacker." HAAAAX
  4. Twelve Months of Trying My Luck

    Seems to reaffirm what I've felt all along. Better to just take the more focused boxes, and get more overall?
  5. I'm really liking the Short Fuse/Long Fuse option for BBs. WG, TAKE NOTE PLEASE!
  6. matchmaking is completely broken

    Well in the next game, your DD is fail divisioned. Can't complain over that.
  7. The Brushwolf

    Tis but me!
  8. Important note: ship torpedoes, just like air-dropped torpedoes, take a bit of space to arm. If you find yourself forced into the pass with a Tirpitz, you MAY be able to thread the proverbial needle, sailing so close to her that her torpedoes don't arm before hitting your hull. I've done it, I've seen others do it, I've had it used against me. Executed properly, it works. That said, the reality of it is that more often than not, it DOESN'T work, and the victim just eats torps point blank. Still, if you've got no other way out, and you're gonna eat torps anyway? Might as well try.
  9. Missouri, plus gamescom camo, plus special flags, plus normal flags... It can pull down some downright stupid credit numbers.
  10. Let the grind begin

    Nah, gotta go old school. "Mess Around" by Ray Charles.
  11. Ah, yes. But it's still a bit like the emperor's new clothes. He'll think his ship is normal looking, but to the rest of us he'll still be wearing clown camo. XD
  12. #YearOfTheNikolai confirmed?
  13. If so many experienced players are out seal clubbing, and presumably being assigned to all teams, then what, precisely, is the problem? They're just as likely to run into someone as skilled as themselves.
  14. So, if a new line releases, a player with strong stats shouldn't be allowed to start it from the ground up? Should a player be restricted to only their T10 ships after leveling them, despite possibly enjoying earlier ships in the line? Thereby making the entire game stale at best and boring at worst for them? What about players who realize the high-tier meta is complete bollocks, and prefer the more exciting and fluid play that the lower tiers provide? Or those who have purchased (like Tachibana,) or earned, (Mikasa) or obtained through Santa crates, (Nikolai) premiums, only to be locked out of playing the ships they spent very real time and cash acquiring? What about players who game the new system by just not spending their experience to unlock higher-level ships? What's to prevent a player from stat-bombing to gate their way back into low tiers? I can already see this whole idea chasing away devoted players, just to please the frustrated few who likely won't even know its a mechanic anyway, and are fully likely to just quit the game out of boredom in a month regardless.