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  1. DerKrampus

    About to pull the trigger

    Now that I've sat down to lunch, I can elaborate a bit. The best approximation of the Alaska that I can think of is "picture a Scharnhorst with better AA that's traded its torps for a radar set." It's moderately fast, nimble for its size, somewhat tanky (but also sonewhat fragile) and strikes a good balance of striking power and reload. The HE shells are decent at burning battleships at range, but not to the same degree as something like Azuma. At close range, it still hits DDs like a truck. The AP is fantastic for blapping cruisers at medium range. The improved bounce angles allow you to more easily find the citadels of cruisers who are trying to peek their rear guns out. Their penetration may not be as high as their Russian railgun counterparts, but their lower velocity also makes them less likely to overpen. Overall, the 12s get the job done, if you can make her slightly-floaty arcs work. (Bonus points if you can lob over cover.) Her bow and deck armor are thick enough to bow tank 15" guns with little drama. It wont save you fron HE-spamming DPM cruisers, but it'll help you win a duel against a stubborn AP-spamming Bismarck or Jean Bart. AA is on-par with other T9 USN cruisers. It's not best in class, but it's certainly good. All in all, between its traits and its consumables, it has the tools to take on pretty much anything it'll face, IF you play it to its strengths. I've never felt overpowered in Alaska, but I've never felt as if I were completely helpless either. Overall? Gudbote.
  2. DerKrampus

    About to pull the trigger

    I'd go for it. I've found Alaska to be a solid ship all around. Not the best at anything, but nice and flexible.
  3. DerKrampus

    Truncated Co-op is weak sauce

    I feel that co-op could be renovated along the lines of the old stamdard battle: take points out of it, and base the win purely on kills.
  4. I think it depends on tier and play style. For instance, some of the high-tier CAs (Like DesMoines and Hindenburg) have rates of fire that are on par with lower tier CLs, and are thus very versatile in terms of tasking. At lower tiers however, the slow reload rate a (and turret traverse and sonetimes maneuverability or number of guns) can negatively affect a CA's ability to "do cruiser things." If I'm trying to sniff out and destroy an enemy DD for instance, I'd much rather be in a Leander or Helena than an Aoba or Myoko. On the other hand, the heavies are going to have a longer range on average, and are going to be somewhat better at finding the citadels of their peers. Survivability, I've found, is generally a wash. At the very high tiers, the heavies can utilize their armor a bit more effectively, but the reality of the matter is that they're both cruisers. They'll both end up shot out from under you in an instant if an enemy gets lucky or finds you broadside. Personally, I prefer the flexibility of light cruisers at low-mid tiers, but prefer heavy cruisers above tier 9.
  5. DerKrampus

    Graf Zepplin's Captain skills?

    Full secondary build and charge! XD
  6. DerKrampus

    Audacious' obsession with brooms!

    "When a kamikaze hits one of our carriers, its six months of repair in Pearl. When they hit a limey carrier, it's a case of 'sweepers man your brooms."'
  7. There are very few BAD T7s. Part of what makes it such a fun tier to play is its assortment of very solid options. Yorck and Fiji are very different ships, but both are quite good. Fiji is a straight up monster, but Yorck can definitely hold its own in the right hands. It'll feel like a tank compared to the 'splosionberg, for sure!
  8. DerKrampus

    If you could only buy one

    Definitely Graf Zeppelin. Speed is life.
  9. DerKrampus

    Wargaming goes on copyright rampage against guys 3D printing tanks

    Honestly, as a 3D printing enthusiast, I avoid game models like the plague. Most are completely unsuitable for print.
  10. DerKrampus

    Triple Gun DD Turret

    Worth noting that eventually, even double mounts were phased out. (Largely with the advent of the cruise missile.) Look at many modern destroyers; a single gun (often a low-caliber autocannon) in the bow, mostly for shooting up Somali pirate skiffs and the like.
  11. DerKrampus

    This would be an interesting battleship

    "This is the KMS Freudian Nightmare, calling all ships..."
  12. DerKrampus

    I Would Kill for a Capitani Romani class CL

    I think she'd fit better as a DD than a CL. The Duca already has a problem with damage output, and cutting the gun caliber would only make that worse. Giving this the concealment, smoke, and citadel-less existence of a DD might make up the difference.
  13. DerKrampus

    Help Getting Better

    I'd recommend checking out the clan recruitment section. Most are happy to help someone get better.
  14. DerKrampus

    Help Getting Better

    One of the best things you can do is div up with better players. Spend enough time with them, have them critique your play, and do your best to rise to their level.