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  1. You can win by killing all ships on the enemy team, capturing their home cap in standard battle mode, or via capture points in domination mode.
  2. I, for one, miss the A hull Kongo.
  3. I'll admit, I'm kinda basing it off of my vague memories of Kamikaze. I know it has a 30 second reload, and that once you've seen the first wave, the second only has another 10-15 to go before launch.
  4. Scharnhorst. There's something satisfying about charging another battleship in her. They know what's coming. They're fully conscious of their fate. They know their guns aren't going to sink you. They know they're not fast enough to outrun you. They know they're not nimble enough to ram you. All they can do is die honorably.
  5. Well, that's somewhat difficult to avoid. xD And if you're in a Colorado, and I'm in a Scharnhorst barreling down on you, there's little you can do beyond puckering. But in open water, against DDs? It works. I think some people have torps arrive on their doorstep and complain about their inability to react in time, without realizing that the torps in question have likely been in the water for 20 seconds or more.
  6. Think of them as flak, and you'll probably be alright.
  7. avoidance deep water torpedo help?

    In the absence of friendly support, you can do what convoys did to throw off U boats: Zig Zag. Make regular, large course changes every 20 seconds or so. Sometimes, I like to position the enemy DD (or where I think they are) roughly 45 degrees to one side. I'll wait for Priority target's lock indicator to flash on and then off again (usually a good indicator of a torp launch) and then I'll immediately make a 90-degree turn, to place the enemy DD on my opposite 45.
  8. Probably double-dip, then. Unless the Harugumo is particularly fat, of course. The Devs mentioned vulnerability to AP being one of the drawbacks of the KMS DDs due to their wide beam. I haven't taken a close enough look at Harugumo to see if that's the case or not.
  9. Either the double-dip bug, (which should definitely be fixed) hits below the waterline, (which will slow down and possibly strike for normal pens) or you weren't as broadside as you thought, (thereby giving the shell more ship to travel through, causing normal pens) But at 20Km, like the OP claims? If a DD gets nuked by a battleship at that sort of range, it's a bit like getting torpedoed by a Soviet cruiser. Namely, it's never happened to someone who didn't deserve it. xD
  10. Ask, and you shall receive!
  11. I can confirm that you will only ever see my best games on my channel. Lol
  12. The fastest BB shells in the tier-10 bracket belong to Izumo, with a muzzle velocity of 870 m/s. (with possibly Roma having lower flight times due to its wonderful drag characteristics. However, even if the shells did not slow at all in flight, it would take 23 seconds for the shells to traverse 20 Km. Due to shell drag, it would actually take a bit longer in-game. The slowest DD rudder shift in that bracket is the Khabarovsk, at 11.1 With its speed, even a small deflection in rudder can put the Khaba in a very different position over that 23 seconds. You either got unlucky, or you got out-played.
  13. 1: Your turn was evidently predictable enough for the battleship to extrapolate your turn and estimate your position. 2: You were turning away. The shells entered the stern of your ship, and therefore didn't overpen. 3: You may have cone under fire from multiple sources, or he got lucky on dispersion. 4: Git gud, and don't suck. XD
  14. I greatly prefer the Atlanta. A well positioned Atlanta can bring an entire push to a halt. An Atago, far less so.