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  1. [Edited] it WG...

    What does the the ship say?
  2. They'll only hear if they have the same commanders.
  3. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    British BBs have very strong He, and due to their AP being unreliable and sometimes struggle against fighting enemy BBs, they're going to use HE a good majority of the time. Like everyone else stated, don't fight on his terms. If you're going to engage a British BB, plan to. You out-range him, and are quicker.
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    A wolf that studied under some sort of mage
  5. 1. Then every other ship in the game shouldnt be able to take citadels either when in the same situation. 2. Every point you make should happen with every other ship in the game otherwise it really wouldn't be fair, that, and it would encourage a more suicidal mentally with Cruisers and bring forth a new breed of idiots. 3. As Thrawn said, don't sail broadside to a BB and sail at a certain angle, Cruisers can already do mass damage too a Battleship. Just gotta play smart, i've seen Cruisers shred bbs that aren't careful.
  6. I do enjoy long-range colonization with Orion.

  7. Premium Fusou class idea?

    Fusou-class Destroyership. Speed of a Destroyer, guns of the a battleship.
  8. Aslains Mods. Legal or not?

    Aslain's shouldnt be illegal, im not even sure what mods in it are considered illegal. Ive used Aslain's plenty of times and had no legal issues or troubles over it.
  9. Remember: Pespi Cola goes good with a nice side of enemy citadels.

  10. The American tech tree as it should be...

    Don't jinx the french.
  11. What the Soviet Tech Tree should be

    We get it, you're trying to bait people with crazy tech tree line ideas. So, could you stop spamming it now?
  12. Few questions and some assistance please

    I only got the Inzusucihi(however its spelt) didnt see a Gullio but i got a bunch of free exp.
  13. So, you're telling me...13 ships failed to sink a single Leander? With 5 of them being able to wipe it out in a single salvo or at most fatally damage it, the other 5 being able to equally wipe it out in one salvo with torpos or again, fatally damage it, while the last 3 can simply make british toast. That isn't matchmaking being rigged thats just terrible players.
  14. Forum Members Represented as Cartoons

    You just seem so crafty just like Jerry.
  15. who knew how fun the Pespi Cola was, i love getting citadels with it.