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  1. Gustavoveiga007

    Carriers. Do they improve the game or no?

    The biggest problems of the carrier rework was the [edited] sector switch that make AA even more RNG, the ridiculous fire and flooding duration on CVS that make it a annoying target to sink with dds and the brilliant idea of permitting double Carriers games, the nerf of stacked AA, On carrier side the autopilot is rubbish and the auto consumables was a bad idea , the tier 6 and 8 carriers get shafted by matchmaking a lot, The tier 4 carriers has anemic strike power, and i don't think removing tier 5,7,9 was a good idea.
  2. Gustavoveiga007

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    Giulio Cesare at Tier 6 will be a turd like the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, On Tier 5 New York is hot Garbage, Kongo and Konig can't hit a broadside of barn, Iron Duke is a HE Spammer and Bretagne is another turd like New York.
  3. Gustavoveiga007

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    i'm ended the grind and the best part was when i removed P.E.F from my main ship, I hope that turd sink while on the port collecting rusting. I ended doing well with her, but i hated it almost all the time especially when uptiered
  4. Gustavoveiga007

    P.E. Friedrick

    PEF utiered in a tier 8 match was a painfull experience, I hated PEF every second during the grind.
  5. Gustavoveiga007

    Welp, thats the end of Ranked for me.

    This ranked season i played more games in rank 02 to 01 than in the season 6 with the Belfast and Sins spam, The thing that triggered me is the teammates throwing the game and my progress getting lost because my team just go full potato, The star progression system is the cause why ranked is a painful grind.
  6. Almost all my tier 8 ships, because playing tirpitz and bismarck with those 380mm guns and that crap dispersion in a tier 10 heavy match is not fun.