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  1. dbs1701

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    I’ll bite.... remove epicenter but give me back Encounter Battles, Draws, and Ocean Map!
  2. dbs1701

    It should have been a WWI game

    Ok this isn’t going to be WoWS at all but it would be cool to have a WWI or interwar game where you controlled 1 BB, having to manage the secondaries, or controlled a division 2 cruisers (maybe guns on the first ship and the second target the same ship with AI aiming), or control a flotilla of 4 DDs, again with the AI helping with some of the micromanaging. Your “units” would have at least ballpark HP to each other so less overbalancing would be needed to make smaller ships “balanced” and the game would feel more realistic. No one would like it except me. But I think it would be cool!
  3. My two cents: I just want the play to feel fun for both CV and surface ships. The CV needs to be able to impact the game but not more than any other well played ship. AA needs to work without neutering the CV play. The better player should do better in any ship v ship engagement. right now the FEELING i get is that if both CV and surface player are both the best they can be and don’t make mistakes, the CV will win. The only time AA seems to hold the lead is if it’s an experienced surface player vs a new CV player. Once the players catch up in skill the counterplay against the CV stops mattering. The skill needs to continue to ramp up so that it is balanced even at high skill levels. It’s not easy, but that’s what we want to pay WG for to figure out! If they can’t figure it out, we’ll play less and they won’t get paid as much...
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with the RNBBs. I thought it was a joke when folks (totally in jest) pondered that since their cruisers could only fire AP then their BBs would only fire HE. But of course.... so they found a way to make what should be the gold standard ships in the game (you know, the INVENTORS of the dreadnought BB) both annoying to play and maddening to play against. but the ones they did RIGHT, boy are they great! My Warspite and Hood are joys to play. Disappointed in KGV though, I REALLY wanted to like her. so all in all a wash, it’s fine, engaging, and balanced on the whole. But I won’t pay or grind missions for a paper concept (not even dignifying it by calling it s paper ship) that is ANYTHING like Conqueror, when the British designed perfect good and extremely interesting ships like the G3 and N3. When they make a fast BB version of THAT, sign me up!
  5. dbs1701

    Sighting change idea

    I love it; but I’d have all planes show ships on mini map only, even spotter for your own ship. It can extend range and raise the view, sure, but not render spotted ships. We can barely use real-time remote telemetry NOW, and no way was it realistic for the first half of the century. I know this isn’t a sim BUT I don’t care, this has always bothered me.
  6. dbs1701

    [edited] you do to my NM???!!!???

    It always takes a few games to readjust to even an old ship. I spent a ton of time in Alsace for ranked, but gunnery feels different enough that going back to Warspite (my all time fav BB-which I’m tied for most games in with other fav Nagato) took 5+ matches to get the groove back. I was surrounding red ships on all sides consistently last time I played, it took a while to dial that sweet spot back in. in the meantime I suggest a sacrifice of three live chickens. But it might be a small enough issue that a tub of KFC will do fine.
  7. This discussion of Kami is ridiculous! Tier 5 must’ve seen reverse power creep if a reward ship that was originally slightly worse than the tech tree ship is now so overpowered if has to be removed or uptiered. What seems to have happened is that tier 5 is now being considered to be still “training wheels” level and not like the first “real” tier as it used to be. Less experienced players started getting catered to and the “hard” elements have been slowly but surely gotten rid of. if Kami moves it will be the end of an era that’s for sure
  8. Heck I’m still mad they nerfed the Alsace and I didn’t spend a cent on her!
  9. I just want Hood’s guns to be in between Warspite and Vanguard. 1. Warspite: great accuracy and gets overmatch thanks to Tier 6. 2. Vanguard: OK accuracy, ROF, great pen. Stats need massaged because guns are long in the tooth at Tier 8. 3. Hood? Ok accuracy, pen between the two?
  10. I liked the idea that radar only benefits the ship using it. I’d go further: remove team spotting entirely. Here’s how I’d like to see it: - you can ONLY lock on ships in your LOS. If your visual rangefinders can’t SEE it, you don’t get to shoot at it. - if you use radar, you will see and be able to lock on any ship in LOS and in radar range (smoke and storm). But you will only light up ships on teammates minimaps and they won’t be able to target. - if you spot a ship for your team, you STILL get spotting XP. You make the ship you spot show up on your team’s map but unless they are in LOS they can’t see it onscreen to lock on yet. - spotter planes and cv planes can spot torps, and ships they see render on the minimap but only ships in LOS can see onscreen and target them. Yes I know WoWS isn’t a simulation. No I don’t care, and will still share this idea!
  11. dbs1701

    AP shell in a nutshell right now.

    My favorites are the 0dmg pens on DDs (rare but have happened to me); I always think “wait....what possible module on a DD could BB AP penetrate and NOT completely demolish? I should at least incapacitate something!”
  12. dbs1701

    Where do you shoot Warspites?

    You do have to predict where the citadel is but don’t fear the bow armor as long as you’re close-ish
  13. dbs1701

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    I still think the easier and faster fix is just to fix uptiering issues. Tiers V, VI, and VIII are key points I think in player’s progression yet they are in the very worst MM environment. SO; Try +\-1 for one patch and revert if wait times balloon more than say 25%. OR go back to straight +\-2 mm and then implement protected MM on certain ships that can’t uptier. OR keep it as-is but ensure the balance of tiers is closer to 5 low, 4 mid, 3 high. If top tier waits too long put them in a Tier IX/X only match. I don’t see players quitting over skill in MM, it takes a lot more experience to realize that’s even an issue than most who quit get to; what they do notice is always being bottom tier right when the learning curve steepens!
  14. dbs1701

    Hood 50% off, Sumner sale 7/21.

    She’s just a hair less accurate than Warspite but has better range. I quite like her but then again I like trolling players who are in the “best” ship at a given tier
  15. dbs1701

    Beautiful Freakin* Shot

    I rolled the hard six in Yamato a few days back; 20KM vs a Bismarck, all nine shells hit, 8 penetrations and one overpen, for a 34k salvo without a citadel. I had terrible RNG for two days afterward, as RNGeesus had to make up for it