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  1. Withoutaname

    Stop putting my T8 ships in T10

    No I didn't. I said the mission was impossible/suicidal to do, not that I managed to "suicide trying to get [my] secondaries into bad situations". What the [edited] kind of T8 has 11km secondaries? Something tells me you don't understand T10 gameplay.
  2. Withoutaname

    Stop putting my T8 ships in T10

    Except I can actually take on T8s in my T6 Aigle/Shinonome/Graf Spee or what have you, and it didn't involve stupid [edited] missions. I didn't. Do you know how difficult it is to even get into secondary range at T10?
  3. And then expecting me to do impossible/suicidal tasks like somehow get close enough for my secondaries to go off without dying.