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  1. No update for, but I can confirm that the mod is still working. Planned future update will most likely include voice lines from the High School Fleet mobile game, which will be shutting down soon.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, but the diffuse texture for Akizuki's torpedo launcher should be JGT012_610mm4_Type_93(_dead)_a.dds. For future reference, if you do need to figure out which models/textures correspond to a particular ship, you can always download the ContentSDK from this link (You don't need to learn how to use Python/Flash mods) 1. Extract ModsSDK 2. Find the ship you wish to mod (in this case JSD108_Akizuki) 3. Find the modules associated to that ship (in this case, gun/JGT012_610mm4_Type_93)
  3. Update for 0.8.10 Added extra voice lines for AA/scouting request Added death lines
  4. 5700 XT user here. I used to have this problem too. At first I thought 0.8.8 was to blame, but it turns out it was a driver update that broke things. Try using driver version 19.7.5.
  5. You're free to delete the .bak file if everything is working fine. The tool will automatically create backups just in case anything horrible goes wrong.
  6. Sorry, must have tried to copy the link too quickly. It's fixed now. Also added a forum attachment for good measure.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I just updated the tool, so it should work now. Did a little too much copying and pasting.
  8. Updated to work with 0.8.8 for voice mods only. Sound effect mods are a lot trickier to update for 0.8.8.
  9. Added download link for 0.8.8 version of this mod.
  10. KinoMyu

    Mods not working

    Try opening up the paths.xml files for the game client and seeing if the line "<Path>../res_mods/</Path>" exists. You can find path.xml in WOWS_INSTALL_LOCATION\bin32 and WOWS_INSTALL_LOCATION\bin64. If the line doesn't exist, try adding it after "<Paths>". The game uses this file to determine the folders to load mods from.
  11. I'm unsure if the mod as it is currently is compliant with WG's rules for mods, so I won't be distributing it. That and the fact that the mod requires admin privileges to capture file open events using a kernel tracing session. HOW IT WORKS (Forgive the throwaway code) Should WG add official support for subtitles and/or subtitle mods?
  12. 0.8.0 Update - Added Moeka (fixed most of the audio, still has some audible distortion that can't be fixed) - Shuffled around some voice lines that were changed in 0.8.0 - Added on-summon fighter line - Added friendly fire line - Added easter egg lines
  13. Hey KinoMyu, will you make a HSF Yamato skin for the people who they have the HSF collection ? Thanks,

  14. It's slowly but surely coming along. I'm not too sure what kind of recording environment could produce all of these artifacts, but it sure isn't Ten-chan's fault. Here's a before and after of one problem file.
  15. It's no longer necessary ever since 0.5.2 (I think) because sound mods moved from .bnk edits to having their own folder structure. This mod, like the Akeno/Thea mods does provide voices for all quick commands. WG did not record proper smoke consumable end, anti-air request, and scouting request lines for this batch of VOs. Akeno and Thea's official VO mods do not include anti-air request, scouting request, smoke request, and retreat lines.