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  1. These procedure is exactly the same, except now you can point to a folder that contains a Voice folder, a SFX folder, or both. There shouldn't be any difference in the XML file in terms of functionality.
  2. It's slowly but surely coming along. I'm not too sure what kind of recording environment could produce all of these artifacts, but it sure isn't Ten-chan's fault. Here's a before and after of one problem file.
  3. It's no longer necessary ever since 0.5.2 (I think) because sound mods moved from .bnk edits to having their own folder structure. This mod, like the Akeno/Thea mods does provide voices for all quick commands. WG did not record proper smoke consumable end, anti-air request, and scouting request lines for this batch of VOs. Akeno and Thea's official VO mods do not include anti-air request, scouting request, smoke request, and retreat lines.
  4. WG has not added any voice-able events in Operation Narai and Ultimate Frontier sadly.
  5. Using the old folder method, I'd say it took about 20 minutes, probably because I'm used to it. Regarding Moeka's problems, most of her lines have distortion and clicks (Her DFAA off line is a serious offender)
  6. The super fast way to convert the official mods to standalone mods would be to use a text editor that support search and replace with regular expressions. That way, you can remove all of the XML tags that are unnecessary. If you're creating a VO mod from scratch, there's the Sound Mod Creator which you mentioned and Aessaya's small tool:
  7. 0.7.0 comes with new commander voices, this time in the form of Koko, Mei, Maron, and Moeka (the quality's a bit questionable on Moeka's recording). This mod will add the voiceover options "Koko", "Mei", and "Maron" to your audio settings under "Voiceover Modication". Differences between this and the official version: - Anti-air and scouting request lines - Smoke generator finished line Preview: DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a5jiner5gte695o/KokoMeiMaron.zip To install: Extract the .zip file into the WoWS\res_mods\CURRENT_VERSION folder such that the folder structure looks like ...\res_mods\CURRENT_VERSION\banks Also make sure that the ...\res\banks folder does NOT contain the Languages or OfficialMods folders, as their presence will disable all VO mods, including official ones like Steven Seagal.
  8. 0.6.13 changed how voice mods are read. Now, they mod.xml file which lists all of the files and the lines that they correspond to. You can either use my mod.xml generator or WG's in-house solution to convert old sound mods to work with the new version of WOWS. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142239-modxml-generator-convert-old-sound-mods-to-work-with-0613/ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/91436-old-sound-mod-converter/
  9. Gun sound mods don't work with WG's converter, but I'm pretty sure they will release one that's compatible soon. Never mind, just tested it and it seems to do fine. Not too sure what the user complaining about gun sound compatibility was on about. Seems like a good tool to use.
  10. Mods not working in steam?

    Inside the steamapps\common\World of Warships\ folder is a bin folder which contains 2 different clients. The 297724 folder contains the client for NA. You can then install mods as usual using res_mods.
  11. Updated to accommodate SFX mods and mixed sound mods. Hopefully, I didn't break anything.
  12. I assume you have installed the mod in the past and know exactly where to place the folders. In that case, do any other mods work for you? If not, there might be an issue with your paths.xml file. You can find paths.xml in the base game directory. Open it and make sure the entry "<Path>res_mods/</Path>" is in there.
  13. To add voice mods to the client, make the folders ...\res_mods\\banks and ...\res_mods\\banks\Mods. Then copy the voice mods to Mods.
  14. Try using "C:\Users\User\Desktop\WoWs Mods\Voices\Sendai\Sendai\Sendai" without the quotes.
  15. That's weird. It would help a lot if you could tell me what the directory is, so I can find out what the problem is.