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  1. They are in the .bnk files. It seems the AA sounds are in WOWS_AA.bnk, but I'm not too sure which .bnk file has the sounds for primaries/secondaries/torpedoes. A much easier way to mod gun/torpedo/aa sounds is to use the SFX mod method shared by Niko.
  2. Sound effects editing is a bit more involved (I'm assuming you're not talking about gun/torpedo/aa sounds). These types of mods will require unpacking and repacking of .bnk files which can be found in ...\res\banks\ for music or ...\res_unpack\banks for general sound effects. MajorRenegade has a tutorial on how to do this on the WoT forums. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/488138-how-to-create-voice-mods-914-version-and-onward/
  3. They removed the line for res_mods in the PTS. You can edit your paths.xml file in the root directory of the game to fix this. Add a line between "<Paths>" and "</Paths>" that says "<Path>res_mods/</Path>". Then put your mods in ".../res_mods/".
  4. Made a camo that is loosely based off of Montcalm's camo. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bsav5bjnd9fdh0y/degrassecamo.zip
  5. EDIT 8/12/17: - Complete remake of hull texture based on HSF Graf Spee (HSF Graf Spee isn't quite accurate to the show, but at least it's not as inaccurate as HSF Harekaze) - Edit metallic gloss and normal maps such that the bow of the ship is no longer wood and has steel plating - Fixed penant number font
  6. Are you certain that it was an instance of cheating? What ship were you in and what ships were the enemy using? 1 shot kills are quite frequent if one is caught off-guard.
  7. EDIT 8/7/17: - Added weathered versions
  8. I don't mean to sound nitpicky, but a few I found were the spotter plane launch, damage control party, ally base quick message 3, and enemy base quick message 6. One more thing to note, I believe the tango down messages for dive/torpedo bombers are used when the rear gunners finish off a squadron, but I could be wrong.
  9. Sadly, there's no way to actually make ships dock like that in port. To make that screenshot, I modded the ocean map to look like Sarushima Base, and then took Harekaze in a training room.
  10. 0.6.8 shouldn't have broken any sound mods. What exactly is the issue? Is it garbled sound, not appearing in the sound modifications menu, or silence?
  11. Alright, it's done! (https://www.mediafire.com/?arr34gz0e6djw6d) Word of caution though, it will change the appearance of 610mm quad tubes, Akizuki's/Shiratsuyu's/Yugumo's/Shimakaze's main guns, Shiratsuyu's/Akatsuki's/Kagero's/Yugumo's/Shimakaze's fire control director, and Shiratsuyu's/Akatsuki's/Yugumo's rangefinder. (Hopefully WG would update their Content SDK so changes to Harekaze don't affect other ships.) Working on this made me realize that WG messed up on the directors. The fire control director for the 4-10 hull should be the same one from Akizuki rather than the current one.
  12. A few things to check: 1. Are the textures in "...\res_mods\VERSION\content\gameplay\russia\ship\destroyer\textures"? 2. If they are, make sure that they're named "RSD004_Pr_24_Khabarovsk_1947_a.dds", "RSD004_Pr_24_Khabarovsk_1947_ao.dds", "RSD004_Pr_24_Khabarovsk_1947_mg.dds", and "RSD004_Pr_24_Khabarovsk_1947_n.dds" for the diffuse, ambient occlusion, metallic gloss, and normal maps respectively. 3. If the file names are correct, check the file called "paths.xml" in the root folder of your World of Warships installation folder (default is "C:\Games\World_of_Warships"). Make sure that there is a line that says "<Path>res_mods/</Path>" (replace with the current version number). Add the line if it does not appear, making sure that it is between <Paths> and </Paths>. Hopefully this helps!
  13. I wasn't going to do a turret/torpedo launcher/director retexture, but I'll work on it. I know for sure that the red striping on the 10cm turrets is not quite accurate and the color of the director for the 5"/54s are the wrong color.
  14. I'm quite curious to know which textures the fleur uses. Here's an attempt at a model swap with the A turret replacing the B turret (https://www.mediafire.com/?28826l185u2ft3c). I would try this in a training room first before testing it in an actual match, as model swaps tend to be a bit unstable without the .model and .visual files, though it may be fine in this case since the models should be similar enough to be compatible.
  15. I have a feeling that the Fleur de lis uses the ...\content\gameplay\france\ship\battleship\textures\FSB011_Dunkerque_Nolan_1940_misk_a.dds texture, but I can't be certain since I do not own a Dunkerque. You can try darkening this texture to match the hull of the camo, or you can try model swapping the A turret (...\content\gameplay\france\gun\main\FGM501_330_52_Mle_1931_Nolan\*) in place of the B turret (...\content\gameplay\france\gun\main\FGM507_330_52_Mle_1931_prem_Nolan\*). EDIT: The B turret model doesn't contain the fleur de lis. EDIT: The UV map of the B turret definitely shows that the B turret has the fleur de lis. It's weird though, since the model itself doesn't seem to contain it. That, or the software I'm using isn't importing it properly.