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  1. [[ U P D A T E ]] Another quick update, luckily I was able to bypass something in my system and am able to log into world of warships once more. Therefore my previous update is void and I am once again a point of contact within the game. Meaning anyone wanting more information can now message me through the contact system and I can provide you a brief overview of our fleet and offer a short insight into what our plans for the near future are! [[ End Transmission }}
  2. [[UPDATE]] A quick update for everyone, my laptop that I'm currently working off of until I return home wont start WoWS after I go through the launcher, so if you tried to message me in game, unfortunate I cannot respond for the time being, so please contact me either through Discord, here or contact one of my people, most effective way of doing so is to shoot a quick message to each of them letting them know you saw this post! [[Sorry for the inconvenience!]]
  3. Good Day! I'm Nagato, the Dai-gensui of Dai-ichi Kantai! I'm here to let you know my fleet is recruiting mainly IJN players for Clan Battles! Details: Almost a fully upgraded naval port! 40 maximum player limit! 33 total, active members! Mostly TX players! A healthy mix of both anime fanatics and Historical Turbo nerds! What we're looking for: Active members who are both friendly and looking to have a great time exploring WoWS and the history behind the ships we use and fight! Oh! BTW! We're also taking on KMS players as an "Expeditionary Fleet" type of deal! What we offer: As I stated above, we have a nearly fully upgraded naval port, 33 current members with a 40 max cap. We're looking to expand that all the way to 50 and then establish a secondary fleet. We have a fully fledged ranking structure based on dedication to the fleet and experience with the game. We have a tactics guide and active seek to create more doctrines for clan battles and 3 man divs!Most of us are players who have been playing since the game launched. With that being said, we're willing to take on new players to the game, even if you aren't able to join a fleet yet, our boosts will aid you in raking in credits and experience! If you're interested, contact one of these people on discord; Nagato#1920 - Myself Shiro_roku#6919 - Second in Command Ashipnerd#5490 - My Secretary Ship Derpy4Evr#5313 - Highest ranking Officer SushiSlicer#9057 - Recruitment Specialist Officer If for whatever reason you can't reach any of these points of contact, talk to us in game at; Nagato_1920 - Myself Shiro_roku - Second in Command Yamato_K117 - My Secretary Ship Derpy4evr - Highest ranking Officer omarzaneyoussef - Recruitment Specialist Officer Or if you just want to apply to the fleet, the name is; Dai-ichi Kantai [KAN1] We're all available almost all the time, so feel free to drop us a line! Thank you for your consideration!