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  1. I agree! How about they finish the 2nd Japanese DD line?
  2. HE Spam

    The only HE that might be a little overkill is British BBs. Anything else is mostly fine.
  3. Izumo sucks because the only thing going for her is her gun performance(when she can use them) and she is coming from the Amagi which is an amazing ship. Her armor scheme and size make her fragile. She handles very poorly. While her turret arrangement makes her shell groups tight, her turret angles are horrible. Worst of all, she has to play in t10 matches most of the time where her shortcomings become more pronounced. She can be made to work, but she is by no means a pleasant ship to play.
  4. I do, but that is more because I dislike the playstyle of T10 matches than because T8 ships cannot make a meaningful impact there. I do not find it fun to spend the first ten minutes of a match playing as cautiously as most high tier matches play out. Thus I stick to T7 and below ships where the matches are more dynamic.
  5. Commander Skills 0.6.0

    HE that fails to pen has its fire chance halved right? That means Akizuki's base 5% fire chance is halved to 2.5. Akizuki with flags, HE/AP, and demo expert can reach 2% fire chance. As long as you hit the super structure of BBs(19mm which you now pen) your fire chance does not change too much from stock. It's still about half of what you would have fully speced without AP/HE but with her rate of fire its probably a worthwhile trade.
  6. Blyskawica is the best overall DD for its tier and a blast to play. If you like DDs I highly recommend her.
  7. When a push does not fall apart it works magnificently. However, in normal situations trying to push often results in smaller ships turning tail and running at the first sight of the enemy leaving an aggressive BB to die or no one following in the first place. It's not just an issue of BBs not pushing, it's an issue of nobody pushing. That should not be surprising though, teamwork is hard to guarantee outside of divs.
  8. I'm not sure these laws would even apply to begin with. I mean it's not like they charged the people who got these camos for free and digital property is rather shaky to begin with.
  9. It's a shame we can't keep them but I can't say I am surprised.
  10. I never knew that, a stealth fire buffer would definitely go a long way toward making her better. I will have to give it a shot. Giving up a bit of rudder and some of your already meager AA sounds worth it.
  11. It's a real travesty what they have done to the 15.5s. The range nerf was justified but the current state of the traverse is an abomination especially when the Russian ships suffered no such fate. Buffing them up so that with skills they are just a bit worse than the 20.3s without them would be just right rather than the current state.
  12. Keen Intuition ain't so bad!

    I don't think it will be as big an issue as some people think it will, if only because it competes with a lot of other, more generally useful, skills for points. That depends on how its implemented of course.
  13. Gun wise they feel nearly the same. The shell behavior is the same. The traverse on the 20.3s are close enough for it to not really matter(15.5s are slower than many battleships). As others have said Mogami has a better arrangement and slightly better firing angles but it does not feel significant enough to counteract the heal and forward torp arcs. Consider Mogami to be a gimped Atago in its current state.
  14. IJN DDs definitely could make use of it. I am iffy on it being a pick for most cruisers and USN DDs though, knowing what direction a DD is in is nice, but that's generally something you have a pretty good idea of anyway if they are within range where you can respond to it. It seems pretty useless early on in a match too, lots of room for false positives. You know something is in that direction but is a DD? A CA? A stealth build BB? How close is it? who knows! That evens out a lot later in a match but I would much rather take CE and a few of the lower cost skills. DE, super, vigilance, torpedo expert, EM, etc are all more universally useful on general builds and AA builds don't have room for it and CE.
  15. Keen intuition seems like a questionable pick for most ships to be honest. At 4 points competes directly with things like CE, manual secondaries, AFT, AS, and manual AA or a couple lower cost skills.