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  1. OP is more or less right. At the end of the day the majority is either ok with the game state or they walk. They don't go onto forums or reddit or where ever and try to fight a losing battle. Does that mean they necessarily love every aspect of the gameplay? No, of course not. However the ones that stick around are ok enough with it to just keep playing anyway. Forums represent an incredibly small subset of the population, one that is usually more invested and with stronger opinions that the rest of it.
  2. Tekina_

    Any guesses on FDR release date?

    I have a gut feeling it's going to be dockyard so WGing can cash in on it.
  3. Over a large number of games if you are good in a ship you will generally win in it so solo win rate is a reasonable measure of skill. That's over a large number of games though. With small numbers of games it's hard for any statistic to really say whether you are good or not.
  4. Tekina_

    Thank you for the carrier changes!!

    Don't apologize man, there is nothing wrong with preferring the new CVs to the old ones.
  5. Tekina_

    Nerf the Kitakaze already WG

    I would rather see Harugumo get some buffs, at the very least they should remove the AP full pen from it(and the Khab for that matter).
  6. Tekina_

    Kii versus Hizen?

    Do we even know what Hizen's armor profile looks like yet? It's kind of hard to say without knowing something like that. Never mind that it hasn't been finalized and there are numerous soft stats that could push it either way.
  7. Tekina_

    Why are you rocking the boat WG?

    Overall the new skills look good. There are only two real problems I have with it and they both relate to nonstandard cruisers. The loss of AFT for small gunned cruisers is going to really hurt Atalanta/Flint. The loss of FP also sucks for super cruisers(although they probably need the nerf).
  8. Tekina_

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    The skill page also mentions the base range of BB secondaries is apparently going to be increased too. I'm looking forward to that if it goes live.
  9. Tekina_

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    I'm not sure about that. You are looking at a pretty sizable buff to AA for not that many points. At the cost of 6 points a cruiser gets +20% more sector reinforcement, 20% more raw continuous damage(which means it's multiplicative with DFAA and sector), and a bit more flak damage(but who cares about that last bit). Add AR now boosting AA too and a specced cruiser should have pretty nasty AA.
  10. Tekina_

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    Seems interesting. Conceptually I like the idea. There are some interesting ones in the list of new skills too. This however, is something I am against.
  11. Tekina_

    Richthofen vs Hakuryu

    I strongly recommend against FEXPing straight to a t10 carrier. You won't know what you are doing. Much better to take your time and work your way up the lines since you do not appear to have any games in any carriers.
  12. Tekina_

    Best Special Commanders?

    Isoroku followed by Halsey are by far the worst unique commanders and Kutnezov is one of the best. I don't know what you are smoking.
  13. Tekina_

    Shiratsuyu is Unplayable

    I'm grinding through her again and I'm really enjoying her. The secret, like other IJN DDs with TRB, is to run it over smoke. Being able to drop large torpedo walls or quickly engage multiple targets far outweighs whatever minor utility smoke provides these ships.
  14. They definitely aren't. They have lower velocity. Izumo has 870 m/s shells with slightly higher shell damage. They also aren't the ones on Amagi and Nagato either. They have 806 m/s shells with slightly lower shell damage. This is somewhere in between with 834 m/s. As far as I can tell, these are entirely new guns.