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  1. It's pointless when you have the biggest superstructures in the game. Of course the French have it worse but the American 38mm is functionally almost identical vs HE. The main difference is vs IFHE 18cm guns. Super cruisers and IFHE HIV pen both regardless which leaves IFHE Moskva and IFHE 20.3cm CAs as the sole outliers of ships that can pen 38mm but not 50mm. Those are not common enough to be relevant.
  2. Not to mention that if you actually want to make a full secondary spec build you have to pass up on fire prevention. Either you sacrifice your secondaries effectiveness in some manner or you burn to death.
  3. IJN DDs got a gun buff while you were gone. The 12.7cm has pretty high alpha now and with the narrow profile, good ballistics, and rear facing gun layout the torp line can kite very well. You don't want to go seeking close range gunfights but you can absolutely defend yourself against quite a few DDs now.
  4. Even with TA the reaction time is pretty significant,(12s or so) when the standard reaction time for IJN torps is in the ballpark of 10 seconds. That and the worse concealment for reasons are the main issues I have with her. Truth be told, I would have liked to see a Yuudachi that focused on gunnery rather than torps. The high tier IJN 12.7s are a blast and I would be happy to give up some torpedo performance and concealment at T7 to have something close.
  5. 15k torpedos that are straight out worse than the normal ones IJN gets at this tier. Smoke is of questionable use with those guns and will mostly be used to run away since your concealment is awful rather than in any sort of meaningful capacity. As far as uptiering goes, it will uptier terribly like any other t7 DD due to lack of concealment mod. And no, sitting back and spamming 15k torps in not a viable strategy if you want to have meaningful impact on the match.
  6. What a surprise, yet another JP premium that is underwhelming at best. As expected of wargames.
  7. Tekina_

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Not to mention Haru still takes full AP pens and with it's fat hull has a high chance of receiving them.
  8. Tekina_

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    I recall her stats were comparable to 155 Mogami, albeit with fewer guns. Mogami never got the same buffs though and instead got hit with nerf after nerf to her 155s.
  9. Probably has something to do with boomers being the worst generation in history, having inherited everything and destroyed it all so that their descendants are left with nothing but broken, crime infested nations, garbage economies, and destroyed culture all while siphoning up tax payer dollars to line their own pockets with unsustainable programs whilst blaming the younger generations for not living on easy street like they did. Probably.
  10. Tekina_

    ORP Błyskawica needs help

    Actually it was, at least when she was first sold. The announcement explicitly mentioned it. It's the entire reason I bought her long ago and I have not played her much since it was removed. She is just a generic power crept DD now.
  11. If your secondaries are out damaging your main guns regularly it sounds like a PEBCAK issue.
  12. She is nothing like Zao. Zao has a much better armor scheme, better guns, better stealth, is more maneuverable, and is a smaller target. Yoshino is a t9 sold as a t10.
  13. Does not matter. You are better off running the non-long range torps. The aim time and arming distance are too long on the long range ones to be useful.
  14. Tekina_

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    CVs were ten times more borked before the rework though. The only reason they did not kill the game is because they were so scarce.
  15. Kamikaze/Fujin on release were a near clones of the tech tree ship. She is only standout now by virtue of Minekaze being nerfed into the ground.