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  1. Tekina_

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    She is pretty terrible to play. The buffs might have made her less so but her core issue, her abysmal turret layout, cannot be fixed without redoing her model. She essentially only has 6 guns and zero if you need to flee.
  2. Tekina_

    when does WR start to matter...?

    Damage is the single worst metric to care about simply because it does not account for what you did the damage to or if the damage stuck. XP is a decent metric, but some game winning actions such as spotting are still under rewarded. The best indicator of a good player is a high solo win rate because it's the only quantifiable metric that takes into account all possible factors.
  3. I don't have PEF but if her gun's pen is similar to Scharn then all you have to do is aim for the upper belt. You won't get citadels but you will still get reliable juicy damage.
  4. Against human players I see this more as an area denial weapon than anything. It looks to be very powerful in that role, 12 torpedos down an alley or into a cap every couple minutes will basically stop pushes from happening on that flank.
  5. Tekina_

    Good ships?

    Kamikaze is crazy good. Fast, stealthy, agile, with fast reloading torpedos with decent range and good damage for the tier. Her guns are not great but not unusable in a pinch either. She is pretty much the ideal torpedo boat and there is a good reason she is not sold normally anymore.
  6. Damage rewards are scaled to the percentage of max HP. Doing 20k to a BB is worth less than 20k to DDs. Shooting DDs pays better and wins more games.
  7. For DDs, Z-52 is still the best at AA even without DFAA. It gets 9 flak clouds for mid range AA, the majority of it's AA bubble(from .15km out to 5km) and the most of any DD by far. To put that in perspective that is more base AA than about half the cruisers. Grozovoi is better than Daring I would agree although it's pretty close. However, Gearing, even taking into account DFAA is pretty bad at AA.
  8. I am glad to hear they are going to do another test with some balance changes. Despite all my criticisms I don't think it's unfixable.
  9. Yes accounting for DFAA. DFAA only increases continuous DPS by 50%, for most ships that is barely anything. It also increases flak damage by 100%, if anything it makes it even more lopsided in favor of flak.
  10. Unless it has been datamined somewhere no one knows. She and other premiums were not available on the PTS.
  11. Tekina_

    No Kamikaze

    The thread was nearly 4 years old. Did we really need to necro it?
  12. Flak already overlaps with continuous damage. From a programming standpoint even if bubbles could not overlap it would be simple to simply have close range bubbles have the effects of the previous ones+itself.
  13. The amount of time between salvos is unknown and unlisted. Continuous damage tics seem to be once per second but can miss it seems. AA mod 1 increase the number of flak clouds in the medium and long range bubbles by a flat 2 per salvo. AA mod 2 increases damage of both flak and continuous DPS by 15%. For captain skills you have BFT which increases continuous damage by 10%, AFT which increases flak damage by 15%, and MFAA which increases sector reinforcement by 20% and decreases shift time by 20%. CVs can also take skills that decrease the damage their planes take by 10% and have various modules that increase plane HP(up to 25% more hp for one squadron type with 10% for the rest). Nothing affects AA range anymore period. What you have is what you have.
  14. With all the controversy surrounding the rework I feel it is high time for some hard data. Since some cannot or don't want to download the PTS here is the relevant AA stats for T10 ships. Note I did not include modules or captain skills, this is the base stats only. Battleships: DDs: CA/CLs CVs: Conclusions, Musings, and general TLDR: AA bubbles do not overlap. Short range AA is useless, if you are shooting down planes it is with your flak clouds. All flak clouds do good damage if they hit. The most important stats for determining if AA is good or not is number of flak clouds and range of medium and long range AA. This means at T10 the best AA ships are those with no short range AA. Conqueror, Rebublique, Henri IV, Daring, and Z52 fit this bill for surface ships. Worchester still has heavy AA despite it's blind spot. Montana and Gearing have poor AA now(with Gearing only being better than the Shimakaze). Speaking of DFAA it now boosts continuous DPS by 50% and flak damage by 100%. IT's nice IF you have enough flak to hit but otherwise does little.
  15. That's the same conclusion I have reached in my tests. I don't know if they are sufficient or not but I can definitely say flak clouds are the majority of your ship based AA damage.