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  1. BlackBeardargh

    Royal Navy Battle Cruisers

    When are we gonna get Royal Navy Battle cruiser . I see every paper ship in the work getting tested and put in but not ships that actually existed like all of the royal navy battlecruisers . I know other ship fighting games that has had the battles cruisers in for ages now and WOWS still has not budged on them . They actually existed unlike almost every ship they are adding in now and some of us battle cruiser lovers would love to see some in the game , Its Long overdue .
  2. BlackBeardargh

    World Of Warships Battlecruisers

    They gameplay would emulate history, fast hard hitting ships like the hood , the idea is already there it just has to be split off with more ships added to fill the line. Like the hms renown and etc, ton of ships that were in history . plenty of examples of gameplay like scharhorst , dunkerque, hood, alaska .
  3. When are we getting Battlecruisers in the game? Numerous nations had them and they could make a fun tech tree line to add to the game, and place some of the current ships which are labeled as battleships or cruiser in their correct tree line. Sure subs would cool but Battlecruisers seem like something that should of happened before subs and the new mechanics that the developers will have to add in for subs.
  4. BlackBeardargh

    Constant game crashes

    after using that guide, my game doesn't crash anymore . I really recommend people look at it because the steps helped.
  5. BlackBeardargh

    Constant game crashes

    This has happened to me all day today , where every battle I crash and it has never done this before the new update . Can anyone help me?