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  1. Bjoring

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    I spend more time lurking than participating, but I appreciated your ability to keep a handle on the forum's excesses. Good luck on your next gaming endeavor. Now about that lovely flag... Enterprise is not intimidated by higher tier targets!
  2. Why was the Liquidator achievement removed? And why was Guepard the only ship to receive any gameplay changes? I'm certain there are other ships that need some balancing.
  3. Shells often fall significantly short of the target when fired at the waterline of the bow or stern of a ship moving almost directly towards or away from the line of fire.
  4. My carrier replays in 8.7.0 are very choppy, even when the game shows itself as running at 60+ FPS, and the aiming reticles are not shown. It also seems like the results screens for replays uploaded to WoWs Replays is bugged in this patch. Link to example: https://replayswows.com/replay/60870#stats I don't use any mods; just the vanilla game.
  5. Bjoring

    Submarines are Coming

    Well, this is disappointing. WoWs submarine capabilities will be even more divorced from reality than the usual for ships in this game, and anti-submarine gameplay will be almost entirely automated.
  6. Bjoring

    ST, Submarines

    I'm quite happy that submarines are finally starting to arrive. Submarines were of significant importance to naval warfare in the dreadnought era, of course, and will introduce an interesting asymmetric element to WoWs gameplay. Hopefully the dev team can implement the new class reasonably well. I'm even happier, though, with the amount of salt I'll be able to mine with this new class. (Bad) WoWs players seem to hate anything that doesn't fight from the surface or make itself obvious when attacking. Submarines do neither, and so will generate more rage than CVs ever could.
  7. Also note that I want mouse steering disabled by default and activated with RMB, not removed entirely.
  8. Steering with the mouse and steering with the keyboard does not have an effect on aiming speed; it is the size of the turn made which matters, not the controls used. The difference is purely one of convenience, so there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to have one disabled by default.
  9. I'm really enjoying the new CV gameplay after having been away from the game for a bit, but having mouse movements affect squadron course by default is very annoying. I prefer to steer using a/d and use the mouse to keep an eye on the target and general situation. It is tedious to always hold down the RMB or have my aim dragged by the direction of the camera. I'd appreciate an option in settings to disable mouse steering by default, and have the RMB activate rather than disable it.
  10. Bjoring

    Soviet Ships in OP Cherry Blossom

    Soviet contributions to the war effort were entirely in the European theater until late 1945. Their only contributions to the Pacific theater in 1945 consisted of defeating the under-equipped and inexperienced Japanese army in Manchuria and removing themselves as a potential mediator for a Japan-USA armistice. The Japanese military had been effectively crippled, and their navy almost completely destroyed, before the USSR declared war on Japan. Soviet contributions to the war in the Pacific were therefore negligible, and they made no contributions to the naval campaign against Japan.
  11. Operation Cherry Blossom, based on the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay in 1943, is restricted to American, British, French, and Soviet tier VIII cruisers. The operation is played from the American perspective, and both Britain and Free France were allied with America against the Japanese, so their inclusion makes some sense. The USSR, however, did not declare war on Japan until 1945. If the developers were going for historical accuracy, then allowing Soviet cruisers doesn't make sense. If they don't care about historical accuracy in ship selection, then it doesn't make sense to exclude Japanese and German ships. It's a minor inconsistency, but one that I thought was interesting to note.
  12. Bjoring

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    Another excellent review. Have you (and Lert) considered doing reviews for non-premium ships? I think a lot of people, particularly new players, would benefit from your insight into each ship's strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.