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  1. Bjoring

    Soviet Ships in OP Cherry Blossom

    Soviet contributions to the war effort were entirely in the European theater until late 1945. Their only contributions to the Pacific theater in 1945 consisted of defeating the under-equipped and inexperienced Japanese army in Manchuria and removing themselves as a potential mediator for a Japan-USA armistice. The Japanese military had been effectively crippled, and their navy almost completely destroyed, before the USSR declared war on Japan. Soviet contributions to the war in the Pacific were therefore negligible, and they made no contributions to the naval campaign against Japan.
  2. Operation Cherry Blossom, based on the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay in 1943, is restricted to American, British, French, and Soviet tier VIII cruisers. The operation is played from the American perspective, and both Britain and Free France were allied with America against the Japanese, so their inclusion makes some sense. The USSR, however, did not declare war on Japan until 1945. If the developers were going for historical accuracy, then allowing Soviet cruisers doesn't make sense. If they don't care about historical accuracy in ship selection, then it doesn't make sense to exclude Japanese and German ships. It's a minor inconsistency, but one that I thought was interesting to note.
  3. Another excellent review. Have you (and Lert) considered doing reviews for non-premium ships? I think a lot of people, particularly new players, would benefit from your insight into each ship's strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.