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  1. CaptHarlock_222

    Operation Killer Angel!

    Nice work. In my experience, CA's (heavy cruisers, just in case anyone didn't already know) have always been really good for Killer Whale. Heck, I remember when T5s were still let into ops, I'd bring Furutaka, despite her slower reload compared to Aoba, because she not only had the guns, but also much better torp arcs. Also, I have to agree with everyone else that has suggested getting Molotov for this op, she's darn good at it.
  2. CaptHarlock_222

    South Carolina

    OK, look, I've been at this since just slightly before the game left Open Beta stages. I can tell you from experience that nobody is good with a BB until they get at least a couple hundred games in them under their belt. It took me until I got to Kongo before I finally figured out what I was doing and got my instincts and timing down, and even then I had to keep learning and getting better from there, as once you get good at one tier, it does not entirely translate to the next tier. Also, each ship line has a different 'flavor' and of course every line has it's stinkers that make you question why you even bother playing, but I can assure you, the rewards can be worth it. File that under encouragement. And one final warning, if you're going to get fed up and give up immediately every time something doesn't go your way, then I recommend you leave this game right now, as it only gets tougher from here and you're going to have a lot of 'why do I even bother' moments.
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    PT, time between plane attacks

    Acceleration used to play a role when we could 'throw' our bombs to the nose of the reticle at the very last second and get pens into the side belt armor, but they changed things to eliminate that exploit and acceleration of the planes became much less important. It's actually a bit funny, but I've had this nagging feeling like I might have accidentally remembered the wrong lead to give in the North Carolina example I gave, so now that I'm back home, I had to take Hakuryu out into the training room to see if I remembered it correctly. I set things up pretty much as I described, enemy NC bot, unarmed, moving at full steam to my cap zone, and lo and behold I was just about dead on with my memory. First three bomb hits were all cits and it only took one full DB wing to kill the NC. There is some room for adjustment, and it's certainly going to take practice to get it down really well again (considering I've been doing anything that isn't this game for about a month and a half), but I'm glad I was able to verify myself and help you guys out. Edit- Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more thing my little test reminded me of. If you go for a head-on run (which is pretty much just as good as approaching from behind), you need to slightly increase the lead you'd give when calculating when to start the attack in order to account for the increase in relative closing speed. The results screens I took from my self-check, just in case any one's interested.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    PT, time between plane attacks

    Sorry I'm late for the party, but I've been taking a break from the game for a bit. This is going to sound crazy but I pretty much learned the rework CV system with my IJN CVs, thus I learned how to dive bomb with AP first. Part of the trick is that bomb penetration is very dependent on release altitude, but dispersion is also tied to it. Worse yet, different nation's AP bombs have their dispersion change in differing relationships to release altitude. I'm sure it has a bunch to do with what ship type WG wants you to be attacking with a particular nation's CV's ( one of my biggest annoyances with the Rework, no ability to try and tailor your loadout to your preferences). Obviously, IJN AP bombs are what I'm most familiar with, so they are going to be my example. I should point out that like my clanmate Shoggoth, I don't slingshot, though in my case it's more to do with how I fly and that I never quite got the hang of it anyway. IJN DBs seem to be aimed at anti-capital ship work, thus their dispersion is at it's best at a high release altitude, when their penetration is at it's highest. The ideal approach on a forward moving ship is from directly behind it (granted we're talking under ideal hypothetical conditions, thus the ship is not trying to evade). Under that circumstance, depending on how fast the ship is, you want the center crosshair of the guide to be either right on the nose of the ship or some distance in front of it. Typically, I find that for a high release on something like a North Carolina, you want the center about 1/4 of the reticle length ahead of the nose of the ship at release. Obviously, this has to be adjusted depending on enemy ship speed and desired release altitude (penetration). Throw in attempts to evade and things get really interesting. I will say that the one type of AP bomb that even I can't fully figure out is the eggs that GZ's planes drop. Those things just kind of go where they want, but I tend to play my GZ in a rather... aggressive way anyway, meaning my AP bombs aren't relied on much for damage.
  5. Another option is to have Ise in-game be a member of an IJN BB line split as an alternative to Fuso (possibly with improved secondaries, considering it does have the 140mm guns as found on Nagato) and Hyuuga be the 'BBV' premium. I honestly think both forms of these ships deserve to be in the game at some point, much as I'd like to see a Yamashiro (1917, at T5) and a Yamashiro (1944, at T6 or possibly 7 with the full AA outfit) at some point.
  6. Count me in as well, though I pretty much live in co-op and ops anymore because I'm a brawler by nature and the trench warfare in randoms was more than I could stand after a while. I used to use what I called the 'One Ship Navy' build on Yamato and Izumo. This was full basic secondary build (no IFHE), plus the old Manual AA skill. This gave me excellent main guns for cruisers and larger, very good secondaries for dealing with DDs that get too close (plus at least something that can shoot and make hits to the rear on Izumo), and the old Manual AA skill could make almost anything with even a marginal long range AA battery into a very prickly target for planes, especially when combined with skilled evasion. It was a rather effective build, right up until the Rework killed it. Post-rework, I transitioned to a full IFHE secondary build on those two (plus I already was working on it for Musashi, a BB with the front 1/2 of an IFHE 155 Mogami for a secondary broadside is an attractive thing to me), though it looks like that might change yet again with the IFHE changes. Either way, I've learned a few tricks of angling to mitigate the armor scheme weaknesses in Yamato and Musashi to keep them alive in a brawl. It's not an easy task and takes a lot of practice, but I found the challenge enjoyable.
  7. CaptHarlock_222

    Wichita Issues

    The funny part is, I wasn't even playing CVs back when checking that was relevant to them. I always checked it to both see what on the enemy team was likely a dangerous build and to see what allies might need/want my AA umbrella. Yeah, I was/sometimes still am that kind of team player, I'd even warn our CVs of who looked to have an AA build that might not have been an obvious ship for the job.
  8. CaptHarlock_222

    Wichita Issues

    That, I can help with. In the old days, the AA rating number changed when you had AA upgrades and this was clearly visible on the team display on the load screen before the battle. Now , those numbers don't move no matter what you do, which I suppose could be a boon for hiding your AA build, but it is an important loss to the battle planning abilities of a CV player. And that is exactly why I was always big on my AA builds. People thought I was crazy, but when the flies started dropping around me and the CV player decided he had somewhere else to be, it more than paid off. Heck, when the old Manual AA skill was still a thing, I'd take ships like Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo into co-op (often easier to find CVs there at the time, plus bots CVs have always gone for DDs first) and setup AA ambushes for the toaster planes, just for the enjoyment of swatting flies out of the sky. Many people don't believe it, but the old Manual AA skill could make almost any ship with a long range AA battery into an effective AA ship. Case and point, my Yamato and Izumo pre-rework. I had them setup with what I called the 'one-ship-navy' build, full secondary battery build, plus manual AA, meaning that my main guns could handle cruisers and bigger, my secondaries could keep the DDs off me if things got nasty, and my AA could make me a very prickly target for planes. It worked out rather well, right up until WG killed that build with the rework (I went IFHE secondaries for them after that, though it looks like that may change again soon). Also, having had five Kongo class battlecruisers, I decided to get creative with builds for each one. I had Kirishima as secondaries, Haruna for main gun accuracy, etc. Kongo herself was (and still sort of is) AA build. In the days where 7.2km long range AA from her was possible, plus the old Manual AA skill, she was a nasty surprise to more than a few low tier CV drivers. I can list plenty of other examples of my 'unlikely AA flotilla', but I think I've used up enough space here. Suffice it to say that AA has always made a noticeable difference, and continues to do so now, even if the effect is reduced. Also, WG really should rethink the 'Massive AA Fire' skill and perhaps either lower the point requirement to fit the target tiers better, or buff the skill into relevance.
  9. CaptHarlock_222

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    Easily the most important lesson to learn on Iowa, MO, and especially Georgia. I even did the IJN BBs first (because Yamato) and the speed difference was enough to throw me off at first. On the other hand, I ended up much more prepared for when I went down the French BB line. The funny part is, once you get used to the speed, you start missing it in certain circumstances when you run other lines that don't quite match it.
  10. CaptHarlock_222

    Russian Bias and USN Bias: How do you feel about it?

    Interesting, I actually went to Wikipedia and even it states 152 mm and 6". Even simply going off of 6" and multiplying by 25.4 (the number of MMs in an inch), you get 152.4. I have no clue where the OP's claim of 150 mm came from, but it certainly wasn't any source I can find. My best guess is what an old high school teacher of mine would call, 'cerebral flatulence'.
  11. Well, at least in the case of the twin, quad, sextuple Bofors guns used by the Allies and the various Maxim/Vickers Pom-Poms, there's a delightful little feature called water cooling that solves that issue. Heck, even Minotaur's main guns are water cooled to deal with their fire rate, you can clearly see the water jackets and re-circulation pipes on the barrels.
  12. CaptHarlock_222

    Massive AA fire?

    Yeah, I think it's most useful on a ship that has about 2-4 rifle caliber MGs for AA, as anything else that has even a modicum of DPS is likely going to be better off with the DPS boost from normal sector defense. It's definitely an over priced skill in terms of both downsides and skill points. I realize the old Manual AA skill would be massively OP with the rework (heck I'd argue it was OP before the rework, I had such fun in my full AA build ships just lying in wait to shred anything that came near me, Harugumo being a particular favorite to use it on), but I think the skill we got in it's place was a couple steps too far in the other direction. I almost wonder if it should be replaced with a skill that either increases the accuracy of mid-range and short-range AA mounts temporarily while sector defense is active (which would be useful for almost any ship) or increases the number of flak bursts temporarily while sector defense is active (which would only be useful on ships that can generate flak bursts). I tend to favor the first one, as it would be more usable for any ship type, rather than favoring ships with heavy long-range AA batteries.
  13. CaptHarlock_222

    ST, changes to test ships

    Ok, I know some players aren't the brightest sparks, but seriously, just how dumb does WG think their playerbase is? Come on guys, if we're that dumb, why not just go ahead and rename the game to 'Shooty Boat Game' or 'Shooty McBoatface'?
  14. CaptHarlock_222

    Weekly Combat Missions: Great White Fleet

    Stuff like that makes me think you're jealous. I assume that's not your intention, but good grief you sure are making it seem like you are.