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  1. CaptHarlock_222

    Way too many torpedoes

    I'd argue that he has a point, though it's less to do with the torps and more to do with the speed of DDs vs. the speed of BBs, not to mention that bots tend to approach head-on. Kind of hard to land devastating cits from the front, even when you have overmatch, due to the dispersion BBs get. It's simply a matter of the game mode favoring fast moving boats that can charge up and dump devastating damage into enemies faster. I've had more than my share of matches where I didn't get a chance to get into position with a BB (especially when the top speed is below 26-28 kts) before some one else did one of those drive-bys and left me trying to get into effective range of another target. There's no way that any amount of skill is going to fix that, it's simply a matter of speed sometimes combined with range. There's a reason I rarely play my USN standard type BBs anymore, they've not only been power creeped badly (mainly NM/AZ and NY/TX, Colo is still pretty capable), but the speed tends to leave me in the dust of everyone else that was able to bum-rush and drop torps. Short of getting great RNG and a lucky hit on top of that, there's almost nothing I can do in that scenario. Can't get into a good position if I don't have the time/speed to do it, no matter how much skill I have. And before you respond with the obligatory 'git gud' nonsense, put your money where your mouth is and go play 50-100 matches in co-op in any BB that is slower than 28 kts and then tell me how you feel about how skill is the determining factor here. I've seen this problem from all angles (BB, CV, CL, CA, DD, and even CC) and I assure you, it's all a matter of speed, not skill, except for when your DD players are potatoes, then it's a matter of their (lack of) skill sometimes being in your favor.
  2. Important thing to note here. IFHE lets 127mm guns pen 27mm of plating with HE. In other words, without IFHE, your secondary guns are near useless at damaging a considerable number of the heavy cruisers you will be fighting in T8 ships like Mass, with IFHE you can directly damage them with those highly accurate 5 inch guns so long as you don't hit the belt or other thicker plating. Personally I find that to be very useful. Edit- Really? Another drive-by boring emoji. Get more creative people. Get some guts and tell me why you disagree, don't just sit there and put meaningless stickers everywhere as a response.
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    Other Countries have veterans too!

    I know just enough about Canadian military history to know that you don't really want to tick off members of the Canadian military. I may make the occasional joke about Canada the country (usually something like when our local news weather team mentions a 'blast of Canadian air', I'll make some comment about it smelling like moose and maple syrup) but that's about as far as I go. About the only joke I laugh at that involves the Canadian military is the one they made for themselves, the Ross Rifle of WWI infamy. Too bad Charles Ross couldn't even copy an Austro-Hungarian design without making too many tweaks.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    Ark Royal leaving shop?

    Not to mention for Enterprise we don't even know exactly what the reason was, merely that it was having 'performance irregularities'. That could mean almost anything, though I will admit that most tend to agree that it likely has something to do with the big changes to plane speed and speed boosts that we've seen over the course of the rework. Honestly reminds me of the recent local event where Icelandair suddenly ended continuous flights between Iceland and the KCMO airport for 'business reasons'. Never mind that that route was actually doing reasonably well, just pull the plug for no apparent reason.
  5. CaptHarlock_222

    Ark Royal leaving shop?

    Nice. Was thinking Smolensk initially, but Thud changed the priorities for the coal reserves. Besides, in many ways it's mostly a Russian T10 Atlanta-style CLAA and I do have Grozovoi to more or less cover that bracket for now. If I have to pick one or the other, I'm usually going to go with the fairly unique BB over the 1950's Russian Atalantaski.
  6. CaptHarlock_222

    Ark Royal leaving shop?

    And this is why I have a bad habit of grabbing premiums I want as soon as I can, whether they are good ships or not, because you never know when they might pull it from sale. Learned that one twice over, first with Imperator Nikolai (couldn't afford it at the time) and again with Kutuzov (figured it was relatively safe, then the removal announcement dropped right when I was out of spare spending money and it was the night before payday of all things, 12 hours more and I could have gotten it). I'm now what you might call paranoid about ship removals, often to the detriment of my wallet. Of course in this case, Ark has been part of my fleet long enough to earn a reputation as the T6 RN Kaga (a good rep in my book), so I'm unconcerned personally about it's removal from sale. The current premium I'm scrambling to get is the Thunderer. The only reason I had any interest in Conq was to see if I could make those 457's work (as I usually do with 'unpopular' ships/builds). When Thud dropped and Conq lost the 457's and became purely the HMS Montana, I completely quit grinding my Lion and shifted priorities to grinding coal and the numerous other ship lines I'm currently in need of grinding on my USN/Allies account (don't really need another Montana style BB right now, got Montana with the USN/Allies and GK with the IJN/Axis). Of course this had to come a month after I blew my coal on Salem (I regret nothing), so it's a fairly long, tedious grind. Fortunately, I still have that ship coupon available and am roughly 40-50k coal away from the goal currently.
  7. CaptHarlock_222

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    And that's why both Iona and Chihaya Gunzo are still 'trained' for that particular boat on my account, though I do have Iona living on Yoshino and Gunzo was on Azuma right up until I earned the AL Azuma captain. I figured if I wasn't going to put them on something like Yamato, I at least wanted to put them on something 'Yamato-enough', so the mini-Yamatos it was (Musashi has the correct HSF captain).
  8. I, for one, hope they don't go too crazy with increasing team size in co-op. One of the big reasons I switched from randoms to co-op was the smaller teams. What good is a big team if it immediately disintegrates into everyone doing their own thing with zero coordination. At least with the small teams there is room for everyone to do their own thing. Also, as others have said, the problem lies in the 'mercy rule' for the most part, with other things like DD population per match and randoms players coming to get easy wins for missions being contributing factors. Now I'm not against people having an easier time with missions, I know sometimes I barely have time to get some of them done, and I don't hate DDs, as that would be self-contradictory when I play DDs myself, so I think the main solution lies in this 'mercy rule' and possibly limiting DDs per team to 2 or 3, 4 is too much, I know that for a fact. A longer queue timer could help as well if people are having issues with half-full teams (I actually prefer half-full teams, less competition for food, especially when I drive some of my slower BBs).
  9. CaptHarlock_222

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    Well there was the buggy DD placeholder for the ARP I-401 at one point.
  10. CaptHarlock_222

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    Nice. Always loved it when someone complains about my boats, then I turn around and wipe the floor with the enemy team. The stunned silence in chat is music to my ears. Even had people berate me for bringing them into ops, even as far back as the days when ops were open to tier 5 boats and my collection of Kongos were my preferred choice for operation killer whale. They were seriously good for that op in skilled hands, would love to see some sort of T5 op again.
  11. CaptHarlock_222

    Coop change is not quite enough

    The Ensign is right. It's people like me that help make that possible- experienced decent players that choose to live in co-op for one reason or another. In my case it's several reasons, stuff like I prefer the smaller team format, Random battles got too static for my taste and I like to brawl, sometimes my internet modem is garbage and blanks out on me, and most of all, waayyy less salt in chat. Co-op can be plenty difficult, especially when there are only 2-3 humans on a team, heck I've had plenty of matches where I carried a full team of bots to victory despite their best efforts to make me lose. I've also had full teams of humans where I had to do the same dang thing. About the only times I loose in co-op anymore are when I'm in ships that are less capable of carrying a team (Neptune this morning for instance) or I get swarmed because my teammates couldn't even manage to pull half of their weight, let alone their full weight.
  12. CaptHarlock_222

    ARP ship changes in 8.10

    Well it's about dang time. I never cared too much that these ships couldn't mount camo, but one thing that ticked me off was the inability to mount special upgrades. One of my original plans with these duplicates was to outfit them in a way that mirrored the ships in the anime and one particular special upgrade was perfect for this setup on ARP Nachi, the hydro enhancing one. I tried to mount it as soon as I got one (back when they dropped from the not-so-supercontainers) and lo and behold I couldn't do it. Ended up trying to go through the customer support (twice) to see if it was a bug, the first time they didn't seem to understand that what I was trying to do was mount the special upgrade and not the hydro consumable. I sent it back in a second time clarifying my statement of what I was trying to (I think they may have taken that the wrong way, I felt I was responsible for not having been clear the first time and felt it wasn't really their fault for the misunderstanding) and got a response that ARP ships couldn't mount those upgrades. That made me less than happy, but I found a home for that upgrade eventually on my then new Admiral Hipper. Now it seems I might want to spend some coal and get another one of those upgrades to put on Nachi when this drops, might have to look at some of the others, too and see if any fit with my plans.
  13. CaptHarlock_222

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Try playing Yamato with a secondary build that way, I dare you. FYI, Yamato is one of my better secondary build ships.
  14. CaptHarlock_222

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Well then, by all means, continue letting the game do the work for you. Wish my game did all the work for me. I still have to do things like angle, determine primary and secondary targets, anticipate where the enemies will be, plan where I will go next, watch for enemy aircraft, anticipate torpedoes and make the proper preemptive maneuvers, and pay attention to the minimap, you know, all the same stuff I do with any other ship in this game other than CVs. Maybe things are different for you, maybe you trust the autopilot to not run into an island, maybe you get enemies that only fire the wrong ammo at you, maybe you even get enemies that can't aim, I don't, plain and simple, and I'm playing mostly against normal bots. So what if the secondaries mean you don't have to fire your main guns at every target you kill, it still takes some amount of skill to know where to go, what to engage first, and sell your ship's health pool at a high price. Secondary build is far from an automatic 'I win' button, seen more than my share of teammates and enemies with secondary builds fail badly, often out of overconfidence in their secondaries. Maybe I'm just different, because I don't count on my secondaries to win me battles, I merely use them to augment my already considerable firepower and engage more than one target at once, maybe that's why I can do well with secondary build on ships that many people think are terrible secondary build ships. Sure you may be doing 'fine' letting your secondaries do the work, I aim to do better than 'fine' by working the secondaries AND running my ship as per normal.
  15. CaptHarlock_222

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Nah, German secondary build BBs still benefit from actual skilled driving like any other ship. Just because they don't take as many cits does not mean that they don't take big hits from the increased numbers of normal pens they take. You still have to put in effort to not be sunk in the 1st 5 minutes.