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  1. CaptHarlock_222

    Torpedo 'S' Curve

    Renown had her two submerged tubes removed during her rebuild, yes. However, she had eight above water tubes added during that same refit and carried them until her scrapping. It is the above water tubes that she has in game.
  2. CaptHarlock_222

    Torpedo 'S' Curve

    It isn't anachronistic, these are not homing torpedoes. Using gyro settings to send a torp on a different course from the launcher was possible in WWI, but rarely used in part due to the fear that the torp might not stop turning and make a circular run with deadly consequences.
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    As I recall, the main interests in her from the USN were optics, possibly examining her radar sets, and those stabilized 105mm AA mounts. Now admittedly I have heard that some in the Navy did expect to be able to continue studying her after the bomb tests, the effects of radiation still not being widely known, but I've never seen any reference to any plans to keep her for more than study.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    Splash Screen Ships ?

    Superstructure is wrong for Edinburgh. It's far too square, it's gotta be Neptune.
  5. CaptHarlock_222

    Fun Picture of USS Missouri in WW2

    I seem to recall there is one like that of North Carolina as well. Always a neat thing to catch, even tried my hand at it in game using training rooms for screen caps. It pretty much involves spamming the screen cap key while firing the guns and seeing what comes out at the other end, in case anyone was wondering how I got that shot.
  6. CaptHarlock_222

    New Bot AI......Really??

    Ran a test match in my Yoshino a bit ago and was highly effective at dodging most of the incoming fire until I got to approximately 40mm AA gun range (sometimes I wish that was a thing to start extra fires in a real close brawl), many salvoes dropped a turret's worth each to port and starboard of me. Looks to me like we either are facing the gunners of Spaceball I or Imperial Stormtroopers and likely will be for some time.
  7. CaptHarlock_222

    I wonder if the econ change is working for WG

    I've only taken a look at the whole mess today (been busy in Azur Lane recently, it's eating into my WoWS time). I do like that now that economic bonuses are separate from camos, the few ships that I do not like the permacamo pattern for are now free to wear another paintjob and still earn better credits and xp. That said, I'm hating the interface changes, no doubt in part because I've been used to more or less the same interface since 2015. The most major issue I have is that I really don't like having my combat bonus signal options on the equipment screen as I almost never use the equipment screen except for when I'm first outfitting a new ship. It's going to be a pain to remember to use it to mount or unmount signals between battles, but maybe I'll be able to get used to it. Truth be told, I miss being able to see the ship in port and use the equipment interface at the same time, but that change has been around for some time now and I'm mostly managing with it, though it has caused me to forget to mount upgrades on a new ship several times.
  8. CaptHarlock_222

    Kitakaze at T10?

    I've loved Harugumo from day 1 and had nothing but good luck with it since. I admit I mostly work in co-op, but there was a DD killing mission a couple patches ago that I dipped back into randoms to complete and Harugumo was my pick for it. Despite not having faced a real player in years and never having been an amazing DD player in the first place (I'm at my best in heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships, in that order), Harugumo pulled her weight and made short work of the enemy DDs including a sneaky Ragnar that tried to get the drop on me. I think of her as an IJN version of the Defiant, as in NX-74205 USS Defiant operating out of Deep Space 9 and that's precisely how I run her, gunboat first, AA/ASW escort second, torpedo boat third.
  9. CaptHarlock_222

    I think WG forgot something with the Regolo

    I agree. When an angry plane has you in it's sights, you use everything at your disposal to try to make it go away, effective or not. Best case, you actually hit it and knock it down, middling case, you scare it off, worst case..., well the worst case is obvious.
  10. CaptHarlock_222

    Renown is Wrong

    Don't forget the missing section of the bow. Sell a repaired Wisconsin with it to have the full package.
  11. CaptHarlock_222

    Renown is Wrong

    Heck, I gripe about how Kii's main gun turrets and lack of torpedo bulges makes no sense. Her rangefinders are too small and she still has the obsolete and problematic sighting hoods on her gun turrets when the IJN was set to phase out sighting hoods on the Amagi and Tosa class ships. Also a 1945-46 refit of a 1920's capital ship that is still somehow lacking torpedo bulges? Are you kidding me? In what world does that make sense? So yes, I find it more than reasonable that people are upset over this wacky partially refitted Renown that we got. Half the point of adding a refitted Renown is to be different and more AA capable than her sister Repulse, which we already have with lacking AA capability. Why would I play Renown with the bad AA when I could just use Repulse instead and go zipping around at ludicrous speed? It's as stupid as using the old C hull of Fubuki when she was Tier VIII and giving up a useful DP gun turret for a questionable increase in her underwhelming short range AA. (I still want my third turret back WG.)
  12. CaptHarlock_222

    Question about Azur Lane collaboration, "Last day today".

    Considering that AL itself is soon to add Plymouth and Chkalov as priority research ships (edit- Prinz Rupprecht as well, just got the word), I'd say this isn't the last we'll see of this relationship. As long as WG can magic up paper ships that AL is willing to use and we keep buying anime captains on this end (very guilty of this myself), the collabs will likely keep going.
  13. CaptHarlock_222

    Do not buy Iwami

    Brawling in IJN BBs has proven a hard habit to break, especially when I've been doing it since they had the best secondary batteries in the game (pre-German BBs). Heck, there are times that I miss having AP secondaries. That should explain why I've gotten pretty darn good at it.
  14. CaptHarlock_222

    Do not buy Iwami

    Mine missed that memo about not being a brawler. Then again, so did my Yamato, Musashi, Shikishima, Izumo, Bajie, Amagi, Kii, Nagato, Hyuga, ARP Kirishima, and Ishizuchi. Brawling with them is not for the faint of heart, nor for the inexperienced brawler, but they are capable ships in a close fight when specced correctly and when the captain understands the limitations and capabilities of them.
  15. CaptHarlock_222

    NA Stream - Devblog Reveal!

    Very interesting. Seeing as I do have PR, this might be worth my time to fast track my (very) slow path to Ohio. I get RP at an excruciatingly slow pace as I play co-op and ops and refuse to reset lines that already took a very long time to grind once and that was back when some of those lines were still playable (looking at you, USN slow BBs).