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  1. CaptHarlock_222

    NEW Yamato Model - In-Depth Screenshot Comparison

    It could also be that she was altered to the same layout in aircraft handling facilities as Musashi. Wouldn't be the first time a younger sister ship had improvements that were later added to the preceding units. It's really hard to tell from the existing photographs from '45 unfortunately. I'm still happy that that prominent missing pair of triple 25's are now on the C turret, not to mention the better geometry overall. haven't had a chance to take her out yet between update delays, working on those new RU BB missions I got lucky in getting, fixing a broken keyboard, and some other IRL stuff. Might just wait for tomorrow to try her and focus on grinding the base XP missions instead. She's not going anywhere, and I've got my naval base screencaps of her for my ever-growing screensaver.
  2. So I play on a gaming laptop that happens to have some issues with cooling that tend to negatively affect my built-in keyboard, so I've been using an external USB keyboard for the last 2 years. This has actually solved several of my problems at once. It gives me a keyboard that still works once my PC has warmed up, it helps a bit with the cooling issue in that my hands are no longer adding heat/preventing cooling, and it gets my screen further away so the I'm not having eye strain issues. What could possibly go wrong with this? I'll tell you what, being as it is a laptop and I can take my whole setup with me in a backpack, I do just that and it lead inevitably to the cord on my keyboard getting a short. Specifically, the two wires that provide power to the thing wore through, came in contact with each other, created a short, and welded together. Of course this meant I lost all functionality of my external keyboard which means no shooty boats until keyboard works again. Considering I've got 3 of the 4 RU BB unlock missions on the go and I'd kind of like to do them, I decided to see if I could do something about this. Using nothing more than my trusty Swiss army knife, a roll of electrical tape that is likely as old as I am, and my normal mechanically curious mind, I set about attempting a field expedient repair. One hour (and a fair bit of frustration and electrical tape) later, it would appear I have a working keyboard again, if this post is anything to go by. I'm still likely to replace this thing as soon as I can, but this 'test post' proves that my repair is working and hopefully can hold out till I can get a replacement keyboard. I figured some here might find some amusement from my misadventures and I figured it would make a good test of my handiwork.
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    The obligatory what did you get in the RU BB crate post...

    Well I must be in good standing with RNGeesus (or I just used up my daily allotment). I got the 7 pack as it's all I could spare the cash for and got 3 of the ship missions. Pyotyr, Sinop, and the real goal of Vladivostok. The flags will be helpful for my financially challenged USN/Allies account as well. I'll be doing a lot of operation Narai it seems to get that base XP goal met, which is fine as I love Narai and have several great ships for it. In other news, my IJN/Axis account's battleship squadron flagship is looking magnificent thanks to this update.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    Well they did say they rebuilt the Yamato model from the ground up, clearly they misspoke and meant that they were actually constructing a replica from the ground up.
  5. CaptHarlock_222

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    Darn, I'm itching to see the new Yamato model up close finally. I can wait, but still I'm getting antsy.
  6. CaptHarlock_222

    Roon vs other tier 9 cruisers

    Interesting how this has partly moved into a sidebar discussion on Seattle. Personally, I found Roon to be very unremarkable. I play co-op and I play fairly aggressively for the most part and that is not Roon's gig so it's no surprise that I'm not a big fan. I can see where she'd be great in a kiting role, but I have so little chance to kite in that way that Roon was mostly a speedbump on the way to Hindenburg. Now for this Seattle sidebar. I can kind of see both sides to the argument. When I first got it and it was stock with a partially trained captain, it was pretty lack luster. Once I got my old (as in was at T6 back in the day, same as the ship) Cleveland captain transferred after some training work for my Azur Lane Cleveland captain to get her up to par, Seattle started to shine. She is very much an IFHE required boat, and it also pays to use both AP and HE when the time is right, but she does well in the right hands with at least a 10 point IFHE captain (currently using a 16 pt, though with only 14 pts. used).
  7. CaptHarlock_222

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    Heck, many of us co-op players are ex-random players that got fed up with the meta of the month nonsense that happens in randoms, or perhaps we like brawling over sniping. I can assure you that a fair few of us do very much understand game mechanics as that is exactly what we fight in co-op, game mechanics. I dare you to find a random player that can brawl in a Yamato as effectively as I can, it's become something of a specialty of mine and taught me a heck of a lot about how to angle bounce 460mm guns. Anyways back to the Georgia, I've been interested from the get go, though I am also hoping for free xp or even outright premium shop purchaseability on it. My coal reserves on my US/Allies account are currently near depletion after finally getting the Salem, and it will be a long while before they build back up again. I will say I think the speed boost is a bit much and going to be of limited utility considering that I find Iowa's 33kts. to be too fast sometimes (first lesson I learned on Iowa is that it is more than fast enough to get you into trouble if you're not careful). I hope the secondaries stay at the Mass levels, as I've found effective secondaries help cover for inaccurate or slow main guns fairly well in co-op, though in this case they'd be covering for the low numbers of shells from the main guns. It's effectively a super-Gneis without torps and that sounds fun to me.
  8. CaptHarlock_222

    Really hate how game outcomes depends on the carrier

    Funny people that play everything (such as myself) focus more on what a player can do with their ship rather than what the ship type is supposed top do. I do not lay blanket blame on any one class for 'ruining the game'. As a matter of fact, I don't even see it as ruined, it may have issues to still be worked out, but people sure seem to have long term memory issues when it comes to certain aspects of the game. I can still remember when it was possible for one team to get a CV and the other did not. You want to talk about influencing which side wins a match, that was a shining example of it. I can say from long experience in this game that CV influence on who wins a match has dropped nearly exponentially. Of course now that even a decent CV player cannot cover as well for the spuds that make up the rest of their team, the spuds cannot make the connection that perhaps they are the ones that made the mistakes. I guess it takes a certain level of self-awareness to realize and admit to making mistakes and trying to learn from them, rather than playing the blame game.
  9. CaptHarlock_222

    [humor?]antropomorphized ships are historically accurate

    A 180B, huh? Nice, just been admiring a relative's shiny new BRN-180, not quite the same and missing much of the retro appeal, but still a nice piece of work. Hopefully they might start making a version in slightly more retro trim.
  10. CaptHarlock_222

    [humor?]antropomorphized ships are historically accurate

    Well, I'm not very surprised. One thing I do know about the Japanese is that they have some cultural beliefs about inanimate objects being capable of having 'souls'. I'm simplifying a bit, but it's not even uncommon among western cultures either, take something like Excalibur, or the piece of sacred oak in the Argo for instance, let alone the Greek tradition of the figurehead. Heck I even tend to name some of my stuff, although many of the examples I can list are from after I started playing this game, so some names might be a bit familiar. My computer is Yamato (because it's the most powerful computer anyone in my immediate family owns), my current phone is Mutsu, my old phone was Amagi, my car is Fubuki, heck I even gave my dad's latest car a name as a way of annoying him, partly based on it being bright red (in a family of mostly white or blue cars traditionally) and being a bit of what I considered a reckless overspending, it got the moniker, 'Errant Venture' and yes that is in fact a Star Wars Expanded Universe reference for any that might recognize the name.
  11. CaptHarlock_222

    High Tenure Players.

    And here's where the complicated story of why there are 2 of me comes in. I registered about a week before I had a computer that could handle the game in late June of '15. I actually attempted to create what is now my IJN/Axis account first despite that account having a join date in July of '15. What happened was, I created the log on with my then primary email account, and was immensely annoyed when I got no confirmation email after a day or so, so I tried again but missed the clue of being unable to use the same name or email address because I was so annoyed. Thus my USN/Allies and also primary forum posting account came into being. I ended up receiving the 'first' confirmation email several days later and being now saddled with 2 accounts, I had the 'brilliant' idea to separate them by which side of WWII a nation was on (with a few oddities now with the pan-Asian and pan-Am lines now). I have come to regret this choice as it has caused issues with events, progression in lines, collections, and how I have to balance spending my spare cash between the two. I'm too far invested in either account to make it feasible to just abandon one of them and restart the lines on the other, but as far I can tell, WG does not do account merges, so I'm stuck like this for the foreseeable future. Heck, I'd pay actual money to get them merged if I could. All I can hope for is that either enough other players make the same sort of mistake and request merges or WG has a change of heart for some reason and allows it.
  12. CaptHarlock_222

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    I think I'll refrain from getting this one as there are no special bonuses to it and I'd rather not have my Yamato look like Lord Dessler's taste in wall and floor decoration, especially with her beautiful new model. Kii, Ashitaka, and Roma were (mostly) ok by me, especially because of the bonuses, but Yamato's rangefinder is a step too far for even me. And for those who need an idea of just who I'm referring to when I'm talking about when I mention Dessler.
  13. CaptHarlock_222

    No love for Graf

    I'm with Haze on this one. I wasn't that big on the thing either before or even when I bought it the other day. Then I read on the wiki something about using the secondaries in the late game and figured, 'shoot, why not?'. I was not disappointed. Suddenly, it went from just above Saipan in interest level (I still haven't actually bothered to get Saipan and don't plan to unless I somehow end up with cash to burn and nothing better to do with it). https://replayswows.com/replay/47375#stats Admittedly, this is a co-op battle, but that matters little to me for a couple of reasons. First, I live in co-op anyways after leaving an increasingly static and stressful random meta. Second, CV play is actually harder in co-op, because bots move in groups and you have less time to work with because your teammates tend to gobble up everything quickly. Finally, bots love to target CVs and DDs above all else if they are spotted, even if there are bigger threats closer to them. I am having the most fun I've ever had in a CV with the GZ, and it's funny because I almost didn't buy it. I am still peeved over the missing catapults, and it would have been nice to have Stukas, even if the stats had to be tweaked to the realm of fantasy. The promo stuff on the sale notice even still mentioned the Stukas as a feature. On the other hand, I have always loved the FW-190, and the TA-152 is a further development of that design, so I am less upset about the Stuka issue than the missing catapults.
  14. I think the 'arming time' idea for CVs is a good idea, but I'd hardly call it an improvement, not from the CV's perspective. Yes it cuts into the potential damage total because it cuts into your actual playtime, but it was a thing in the old version of CVs and should not have been removed. On the other hand, CVs are in a spot where they can focus a single BB all match and still sometimes not sink it, depending on a number of factors like player skill, rng flak bursts, distance (and therefore travel time) to target, etc. I do think a start delay was needed, but I think CVs should get something in return for that lost action time, preferably a slight damage buff or a flood chance buff. I was originally thinking of suggesting a plane cruising speed buff, but I'm starting to think that wouldn't be the right compensation for either side as it would likely negate part of the effect of the delay too much.
  15. I'm still peeved about the missing catapults, those empty trenches look bad. Admittedly, I do like the ship, even though the planes are not so durable and few in number. One hilarious thing I've been trying out is attacking with both the planes and the ship's secondaries at the same time. I live in co-op, so I can generally get away with nutty stuff like this to some degree, but I was amazed that it has proven reasonably effective for me so far. I wouldn't recommend it as a go to strategy, but it is hilarious and a bit like driving a Mikasa and a CV at the same time. Gives me some motivation to get that captain skilled up more, as I'm only working with a 6 pointer right now. The reactions from some of my teammates have also been entertaining.