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  1. CaptHarlock_222

    User Music appears to be acting up again

    Considering some of the stuff I've got in my playlist, I can't really judge anyone's music choices. A lot of it is Two Steps from Hell, but then there's things for when I'm feeling less serious. Everything from Rasputin for balansd stuff like Smolensk, a bit of the Zombie Land Saga soundtrack for DDs, on through the very Japanese version of 'Paint It Black' from Westworld for Mogami. Of course there's also both the original Captain Harlock theme and the version from the 2013 movie.
  2. CaptHarlock_222

    Training Scenario?

    Training battles are available under the battle type selection. You set up a new training room and can choose bots as both friendly and enemy ships. You can also choose whether they fight and move or not and can choose low level or high level AI difficulty. I do it all the time to test new ships and was particularly annoyed that they won't let me do it with the super BBs to get a feel for the maneuvering characteristics.
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    Operation Aegis Three Additional Battleship Spawn

    Definitely seen the second scenario happen when I had a particularly bad team around a year ago, I was in Ryujo and did my best to try and salvage the match, but it was no good. Gotta love how they put in things to surprise people who try and get too creative or to hasten the end of a really bad team. As I'm fond of saying, 'stupidity will be punished'.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    User Music appears to be acting up again

    Good to hear, was worried I'd have to try the big boats without proper battle music, and that just won't do. Call it superstition or tradition, but I don't even take my ARP Yamato out unless I've got a few select songs playing.
  5. CaptHarlock_222

    Bombshell leak! Elbonian hybrid added to counter Russian CVs!

    I wonder if Ian had any idea how far Elbonia would go when he created it?
  6. CaptHarlock_222

    Impressions of Tone?

    The short version is she's a pretty decent cruiser, even without the planes. The planes are most useful for situations when you need to do some damage from beyond your gun range, around an Island, or just need some air scouting. The heal is a nice touch and makes her almost like Atago -1 gun turret and with Mogami torp arcs. Honestly she gives me hope that a proper AA refit Maya with her C turret replaced with additional 127mm DP guns could be an interesting ship for T8.
  7. CaptHarlock_222

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

    After 2 co-op matches with Tone, I can report that she has potential. She's actually a pretty decent cruiser without the planes and I was a bit surprised to find she carries a heal (guess I need to read things a bit closer). The planes are nice when you need to do something from range, often range beyond what your guns will do. My second match put me in Tone vs. a Baltimore, a Chapayev, and a Monarch with little support but good island cover and I got some good AP broadsides on the cruisers + a good normal torp strike on the Baltimore, then lured the Monarch around an island, right into my just reloaded torp tubes (76 seconds without 'fill the tubes'). After that it was chase down the CV, where I used the one and only TB strike for that battle while I was still out of gun range, then went all guns once I was in range. The TB torps are wimpy, but they can be useful at times like that. Ended the match with 4 kills and really good damage, sadly forgot to take a screen cap.
  8. Just got in to the new update after doing the usual annoying transfer of my user music folder to the new location and log in. Guess what, none of my music is playing, just the in game music, and I have checked to make sure that the 'listen to your own music' option is selected, even toggled it on and off to make sure. It looks to me like user music is not working this patch. I was just logging in get Tone and check a few other things, so I can wait a bit for a fix, besides, I also tend to wait for my chosen flag mod to update before I really get going after a patch. Hopefully this is a quick and easy fix.
  9. CaptHarlock_222

    Log on

    Stuff like this is why I make an effort to periodically check the news page, even when I don't plan on doing much in the game that particular week. Right now I'm just waiting for the game to come up so I can get my Tone, maybe give it a few trial runs, then swap over to something like Fallout 4, which is what I really feel like playing today.
  10. I'm pretty sure the Tolkien version of elves exist to some degree. Tolkien had a fascination with Finland and the Finnish people. The elvish language in his books is based on Finnish and I'd just about bet the legendary elven marksmanship comes from the Finns as well. That said, while it's not impossible the Russians to have had a few thoughts about hypothetical planes for their hypothetical CVs, they would be lacking in the experience of what it takes to make a good carrier based aircraft. The British had experience designing carrier based aircraft and still had issues trying to adapt land based designs to carrier based designs. The Seafire needed quite a lot of tweaking to make it work as well as it did and it was never perfect, though most of it's issues were in landing and taking off, once it was in the air, it was still nearly as good as a normal Spitfire.
  11. CaptHarlock_222

    The Great War of Archimedes — Viewing Code Giveaway!

    "The Men's Yamato" as I recall, or as it was rendered in English for the very definitely available in the States release, simply "Yamato". I ordered that one around the same time as I pre-ordered the new movie. It's got it's flaws, but overall it wasn't bad, really the big one that kind of mildly annoyed me was Yamato being in 1945 fit for the entire movie which covers something like '43-'45. It also has the common war movie flaw of having to condense most of the war into a single film, because you can't trust that the audience has enough WWII background knowledge to understand what's going on anymore, but that's just how war movies kind of have to be these days.
  12. CaptHarlock_222

    The Great War of Archimedes — Viewing Code Giveaway!

    While I can't say it's an instant viewing method, but I've had the physical disk on pre-order with Amazon since I first found out the details about the movie. My copy is due to show up around Monday or so. They had both DVD and Blu-ray, though I opted for DVD as nothing in my house but my computer is Blu-ray capable and I'd kind of like to watch it on the big screen.
  13. CaptHarlock_222

    What is your favorite ship, and why is it Bayern?

    At T6, for me there is no question, the Mighty Fuso conquers all. In my estimation, she and Scharnhorst are tier for tier the strongest BBs in the game. I can work wonders with them no matter what tier of ship they face in their MM spread, and for Fuso at least that extends as far back as when she could still see T9s regularly.
  14. CaptHarlock_222

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

    I've already picked up the doubloons I need to get Tone, I figure that the design is distinct enough to warrant going for it, that and I've been waiting for it since basically forever in terms of this game's lifetime. Ise has proven an interesting ship to handle and darn useful in ops, I think Tone could prove just as interesting to play.
  15. CaptHarlock_222

    [POLL] More hybrids - how should they be handled?

    My view, blame the people responsible, not the equipment. Tone, for all that we tend to personify ships, was still effectively just a piece of equipment. What was done on her deck was wrong, but we are talking about a warship here, death is always going to be a part of a warship's existence, no matter how it happens. As to how hybrids in the game should be handled, I say that depends on just how many there are. If it were left at just a handful, say Ise, Tone, maybe the early North Carolina preliminary and BBC proposal for Jean Bart, it would be fine to leave them as is. If WG start pulling tons of the things out of their backsides, then it might be best to treat them as a separate class.