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  1. IAintGud

    USS Batfish needs your help!

    Bump I gave a small amount and sent it to a Scout parent who took is troop from KC there a couple years ago. They only had good things to say about the experience.
  2. IAintGud

    So I need some help with replays...

    ******Probable Work Around******** I saw in a relatively recent post that they got it to work by copying the replays into the bin32 and bin64 folder. What I have found works for me is I copy the replay directory into the bin64 folder (C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\bin64\ for my system) and I have to have the replay file in that directory. I can open another copy of it from anywhere, but for me a copy has to be in that \bin64\replays folder.
  3. IAintGud

    So I need some help with replays...

    Same for me. I was able to load replays until recently, but someone from my clan started having this issue a little while ago. Just reinstalled the game hoping that would be an quickish fix, but not resolved
  4. He really just wants me to post my first video on YouTube I did of him where he had the carries of all carries in ranked. If you watch it, the second half gets nuts. SafetyBunny Epic Ranked Comeback.