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  1. Is there a shooting range?

    Yup. Just go to battle types and hit training room. You can set bots up as targets.
  2. My only problem with her is inconsistency- getting so many bounces and overpens even on ships that are presenting a flat broadside at mid to close range is infuriating.
  3. Debate: Which T6 cruiser is best?

    For Tech tree, my personal favorites and pics (out of ships I actually have played) are: 1. La Gal 2. Nurnberg 3. Aoba (Used to be my favorite cruiser back before the other trees were added- with changes to MM and the buff of Furutaka, it's pretty crappy now) If I were to included premiums, the order would change to 1. La Gal 2. Graf Spee 3. Nurnberg 4. Aoba
  4. This is a great way to put it.
  5. Eh..... I'd generally take what Lindybiege says with a grain of salt. Especially after that ridiculously uninformed "Spandau vs Bren" video. A lot of the errors would have been correctable with a simple wikipedia search.
  6. Shouldn't that be 3x3 for the main battery?
  7. Germany still makes bad ships

    I thought the mount had been successful on Hamburg.
  8. Germany still makes bad ships

    Wasn't the F-125 intended to carry the 155mm mount adapted from an SPG? What happened to that?
  9. Roma needs BUFF

    The issue seems to be much more pronounced with Roma.
  10. Roma needs BUFF

    What I'll say is this. I think the accuracy is mostly fine. Over-penetration on the other hand is far too prevalent. I can see over-penning the ends of lower tiered cruisers or superstructures and the like, but getting overpenns on a battleship showing broadside or on a tier 8 or higher cruiser is incredibly frustrating. I think even a moderately shorter fuse for AP would help Roma a great deal without making it a broken mess.
  11. Hmm, whoopsie.

    Originally the F125 was intended to be able to use the same 155mm gun system that was experimentally mounted on Hamburg. Anyone know what happened to that capability?
  12. Questions About The USS Zumwalt

    I still think we would have been better off arming the Zumwalt with a modified Army 152 or 155 like the Germans did experimentally with the Hamburg, a Sachsen class frigate. Seems like that would have been much cheaper to develop and to maintain supplies of parts and ammunition for.
  13. Henri IV Secondary Build

    I haven't got the Henri yet, though I've been running a mixed AA and concealment build with the French cruisers Algerie through the Saint Louis. Seems to work reasonably well and AFT certainly helps secondaries.
  14. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Supposedly JS Aksuka was used to test fire it. Although she's a general test bed, to me this indicates that they are at least considering ship to ship use.
  15. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    This is slightly older news, but Japan has been testing ram-jet based ship to ship missile systems capable of speeds exceeding mach 3. Apparently one of the tests used a RHIB as a target. Talking to Navy Recognition at MAST Asia 2017, a Japan defense industry source who didn't wish to be nammed explained that XSSM shares many similarities with the XASM-3 air-launched anti-ship missile (also currently in development and which is rumored to have been recently tested), including its shape/looks and performances. XASM-3 is capable of reaching Mach 3 speeds thanks to its ramjet engine fed by two air intakes (in a similar fashion to MBDA's Meteor air to air missile of to the French ASMP-A air-launched tactical nuclear missile). XASM-3 is flying close to sea level in the final stage of attack to reduce probability of detection and intercept. XASM-3 basic specifications: Overall length: 5.25m Maximum speed: Mach 3 or more Firing range: 80nm (about 150km) or more Weight: 900kg Power: Integral Rocket Ramjet Navigation and seeker: inertial / GPS (intermediate stage) + active / passive seeker (terminal phase) The source confirmed a speed in excess of Mach 3 and range in excess of 80nm for both XSSM and XASM-3. Both missiles are currently being developped by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Source : https://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/naval-exhibitions/2017/mast-asia-2017-show-daily-news/5313-mast-asia-2017-jmsdf-tested-its-xssm-anti-ship-missile-against-barracuda-usv-mt-target.html