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  1. If you're willing to branch out into space anime, all the associated Space Battleship Yamato films certainly aren't a bad start. I'd say the best for that would be the 2199 and 2202 series, and then go back to watch the older movies. Aside from that, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (the original version) is fantastic. Branching out further, there's always the various Mobile Suit Gundam franchise which aside from the obviously excellent mecha battles actually has a lot of capital engagements.
  2. I'd say the best by far are: Zipang, as it is fairly well animated and revolves around ships the whole way through. Some would argue the show has more than a little Japanese nationalist chest thumping, but honestly that's part of why it's fun. Alternately, there is Konpeki no Kantai, also known as the "Deep Blue Fleet". It's an older show, and shares a lot of similarities to Man in the High Castle, but it's mostly naval focused. It's very hard to find english translations (subs or dubs) for, but there are some floating about.
  3. Kingfishercritic

    Why bow is strong and side is weak on BB's

    To add to this, dispersion in game is more horizontal than vertical, whereas in reality it was often the other way around. Thus in game, you are more likely to hit a ship from side on whereas in reality you were somewhat more likely to hit a ship that was bow in under certain conditions
  4. Kingfishercritic


    She plays well as a support boat (and somewhat as a division anchor) with tier three and four battleships, and actually has rather good torps if she manages to get into range. I find playing her in concert with brawling minded battleships can work rather well actually
  5. Kingfishercritic


    I believe it is basically down to budget shenanigans at this point.
  6. Kingfishercritic

    Any other Let’s Battle Tour events for 2019?

    Here's hoping the USS Olympia and the Seaport Museum will get an event one of these days. Heck, considering that the USS New Jersey is right across the river, there could be a two in one event if WG went through a few extra hoops.
  7. Kingfishercritic

    Naval Traditions: Naval Cuisine

    Personally, most of my sailing has been in small cruising sloops and day sailors, so usually I'd just bring hoagies for the rest of the crew.
  8. Kingfishercritic

    Premium Ships and Soviet Battleships WIP

    What about the Francesco Caracciolo?
  9. Kingfishercritic

    New Langley

    I recommend you practice attack runs with the rockets in a training room or Co-OP first to get the hang of it. Generally, as the American Rocket reticles are ovular, you'll want to attack from the side, or wait for the reticle to to narrow as much as possible (though it will only narrow after you begin your attack run. The longer you allow your planes to run, the tighter the target area will be. Of course, the trade off is you will lose more planes to AA if you fly straight for long periods.
  10. WASD are for large turns and changes in speed. The mouse is used for fine, subtle adjustments
  11. Kingfishercritic

    HMS Campania in Game?

    I think that's a reasonable possibility.
  12. Kingfishercritic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When Ron Weasley ditched Hermione and started a wild cover band.
  13. Kingfishercritic

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Welp, the Kerch Strait thread just got deleted. Suppose the Ruskie and the Ukrainian fellows got too political.
  14. Kingfishercritic

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    Yeah, I'd agree that's an issue. Hopefully as ships are added, the BR compression issue with the naval mode can be resolved.
  15. Kingfishercritic

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    It does, though it's labeled as a gunboat, and appears as the German completed "K-2".