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  1. Kingfishercritic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When Ron Weasley ditched Hermione and started a wild cover band.
  2. Kingfishercritic

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Welp, the Kerch Strait thread just got deleted. Suppose the Ruskie and the Ukrainian fellows got too political.
  3. Kingfishercritic

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    Yeah, I'd agree that's an issue. Hopefully as ships are added, the BR compression issue with the naval mode can be resolved.
  4. Kingfishercritic

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    It does, though it's labeled as a gunboat, and appears as the German completed "K-2".
  5. Kingfishercritic

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    Yet another interesting tale of Dutch heroics. We could use more of those in the US I reckon. In any case, hopefully this plucky little boat will make an appearance in War Thunder's naval mode.
  6. Kingfishercritic

    Sailboat crashes into USS Midway

    As someone who sails myself.... there's really no excuse for this unless there was a major mechanical failure on the boat or there was a storm. I mean, it's kinda common sense that larger vessels have right of way in channels, and even more so that a stationary ship in an anchorage has right of way over a moving vessel :P
  7. Kingfishercritic

    Lert is a Vampire!?

  8. Kingfishercritic

    firing single guns from 1 turret.

    One gun isn't enough to account for dispersion or properly calculate lead.
  9. Khaba already has the armor advantage and a heal. It also has a significant speed advantage. It's fine as is.
  10. Kingfishercritic

    Can we have Steven Seagal Back now?

    Welp, here's another thread that'll probably get locked quickly.
  11. Kingfishercritic

    IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    It's likely that Nagara or Sendai will be part of a future IJN CL branch.
  12. Kingfishercritic

    Akizuki not listed as Elite

    This happens each time additions are added to a line. You'll have to wait till Kitakaze is released.
  13. Kingfishercritic

    The wargamers who won a real war

    I agree. Many of his videos are actually informative and quite entertaining.