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  1. Kingfishercritic

    ST, changes to test ships

    Any word on the secondaries on Shikishima? Originally they were going to have the same (admittedly mediocre) 7km base range as those on Yamato, but at one point it was announced that the test version of the ship was changed to have an even lower 6km base range. For a ship with only six guns in the Main Battery, especially given their somewhat slow reload and traverse rates I reckon at least having the option to spec for secondaries to fill in the gaps in the barrage while the main battery is loading would be rather important. Were the secondaries just that ridiculous that the range reduction by a full kilometer was warranted? Other question would be exact overmatch value on the 510mm AP in the current test iteration and HE pen.
  2. Kingfishercritic

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for all the folks from my clan, Bunny. While we've had a rough last month or so with the leadership shake up, everyone's been doing great, and we've managed to hold things together. Additionally, I'm quite thankful for the wonderful folks here on the forum, who I wish I had more time to spend conversing with. @Lert was very helpful this past year with providing some formulas that improved my ship suggestion threads. I'd be really thankful for a Graf Zeppelin or Kaga if carrier premiums are alright. Alternately, I'd be quite thankful to receive a Viribus Unitis as I've long been an advocate for old ships and particularly ones from Austria Hungary.
  3. Kingfishercritic

    ST, Submarines

    There were some so called hunter killer cruisers in the 50's and 60's (which were reclassified as destroyer leaders later on). These include DL-1 USS Norfolk, and DLs 2-5 of the Mitscher class just to name a few American examples.
  4. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I have seen all of the OVA, and I especially loved 0080. Thunderbolt is a rather good series but at times the differences in shading and style can be a little off putting. Even so, Thunderbolt has rather good sound design, especially for the beam rifles, and the OST is pretty great too, being a strange free jazz track. Both protagonists come off a bit poorly in the first season I think, and it's really the overarching story and secondary characters that pull the series together. The Southern Seas Alliance is pretty cool as a faction (I'm still hoping bandai will release some model kits for their units like the Dahle and the SSA Gouf Flight Type). I did watch both seasons, and I'm hoping for another further down the road. Personally I haven't seen much of Seed, so I can't comment too much on it.
  5. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I enjoyed it, and I felt that largely characters got fitting sendoffs. I'd go into specifics but that would be rather spoiler heavy. There were aspects of IBO that I didn't like so much, such as the trend for flashing lines to replace actual movement in clashes between MS at high speeds in space, but that's by no means exclusive to IBO anyways.
  6. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I did watch Unicorn. I have mixed feelings about portions of it, but over all I did really enjoy it though. Narrative on the other hand I'd say is kinda skipable. The Zeon characters in Narrative were pretty monodimensional. Personally I'd say my favorites (in no particular order) are the original 1979 series, Gundam the Origin, Zeta Gundam, and probably Char's Counter Attack.
  7. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    For me I tend to go a bit old school, though I do rate FMA: Brotherhood rather highly. 1. The Gundam Franchise (Specifically the series set in the Universal Century Timeline, though Iron Blooded Orphans is quite good as well). Simply put, Gundam is the grandfather of modern mecha anime, and basically nothing comes even close to it's 40 years of content. While quality varies a little from series to series, for the most part the various character casts are excellent, varied, and quite memorable. The "Char's Counterattack" Film is also excellent. Last but not least, each Gundam series has a well made, unique soundtrack. 2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Original Series) The original version of Legend of the Galactic Heroes is another series with an excellent main cast, political intrigue, and well orchestrated battles (Literally, most of the soundtrack is classical orchestra music). Unlike most space anime, the series focuses on the strategic and political ends of a war story. 3. It was difficult to pick a third show but I'd say the original Fist of the North Star. It's just a fantastic story, bit hilarious at times, but it also has it's share of tragedy to it. Also, some pretty great martial art shenanigans, if not exactly realistic.
  8. Kingfishercritic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Cheerful Bunny theif
  9. Kingfishercritic

    Somers Question

    Personally I'd highly recommend Somers. She's reasonably agile, carries insane killing power in the form of her torpedoes, and is generally a flexible ship. While torpedo focused destroyers have been somewhat off-meta for a little while now at top tier, Somers is a bit of an exception to this due to her flexibility. She's got eight guns in a pretty good arrangement, and the ballistics are much flatter than lower tier American destroyers so if she has to fight other destroyers, she can have some degree of success. The only area where she's truly lacking is AA as her's only kicks in at 2.4km and has rather lacking DPS for a tier 10 ship. That being said, you'll still down planes from time to time. Those torps she's got are basically magic though. If you spec for torps fully (as I think one should) you can get the base reload down to around 90 sec or so, and with adrenaline rush even lower.
  10. Kingfishercritic

    Some questions regarding subs and other stuff

    I doubt that'll be an issue unless the speed of changing depth (diving, surfacing, and otherwise swapping depth zones) is exceptionally quick.
  11. Kingfishercritic

    Combattante FS56

    Certainly not a bad pick for coastal work at a minimum. Looks a little top heavy perhaps, but I'm sure that's been accounted for in the design.
  12. Kingfishercritic

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Back in OBT, I was predominately a Battleship player. In one of my earliest matches I recall firing a broadside salvo from Myogi at a Kongo across the map. Even though I'd accidentally left HE loaded and only one or two of the shells hit I ended up detonating the Kongo at nearly maximum range. Still one of the best single battleship moments I've had, even considering all the Krakens and harder to achieve stuff I've done since. As far as a birthday wish, I'd go for the Graf Zeppelin or if that's not possible an Abruzzi Finally as a side note, I was happy to meet you @Femennenly and the other staff at the Battleship New Jersey event this year. I had a lot of fun at the event, and the high energy of you and the other staff was by no means a small part of the fun.
  13. Kingfishercritic

    Changes to the Names of Italian Cruisers

    Heh, somehow doubt that'll happen, but you never know. I'm just glad the name "Pisa" has been reserved as we could get the Pisa class armored cruiser in game, or perhaps another ship using that name for a armored ship or heavy cruiser line.
  14. Kingfishercritic

    Ribbons in the Air - 23rd - 29th

    Not my best Hak match, but hey, got the ribbons. Sadly our Groz that match decided to abandon playing and just sail back and forth on the A line, throwing the match right at the end.
  15. Kingfishercritic

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    Here's a quick Co-Op Game I had in Furious this morning. I wasn't such a big fan of Hermes, but I'm starting to warm up to the quirks of the British Carriers now that I have bombs that can actually penetrate more ships. In this case the match was over before I got to do much- the battleships actually played well in this match, but hey, a victory is a victory.