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  1. Kingfishercritic

    Coupon expiring

    Grabbing Shiki personally
  2. Kingfishercritic

    Just playing around

    If you had the Moskva already, you'll still have her. Check your port again
  3. These are the same guns that Harugumo, Kitakaze, and Akizuki have. Muzzle Velocity would be the usual 1000m/s, and with the quick reload of only 3 seconds (before BFT and/or Reload mod), the DPM would be insane. That being said, the hull as described in the OP certainly has some limitations.
  4. Kingfishercritic

    USS Nevada has been found

    Nevada would also function well as a part of a battleship line split.
  5. Kingfishercritic

    USS Olympia.

    I've advocated for her in either the original config or one of the later refits for years now. I think either could work in game, but if she were in the original config, she'd need a higher than average secondary range for the tier to function IMO.
  6. Kingfishercritic

    Brazilian Aircraft Carrier

    I agree it would be great to see some Brazilian ships in game, however if we are to get a ship with the name Minas Gerais, I reckon we're somewhat more likely to get the battleship from 1908. Personally I'd quite like to see the carrier Minas Gerais in game, and perhaps we could instead get Sao Paulo to represent that class of battleship. Of course, there are many options for Pan American carriers and battleships at low to mid tier, but filling out the higher ranks would be somewhat difficult if we were to try to make a full tech tree. Still, whether it be full lines or sets of premiums, there is great potential for more ships from South and Central America.
  7. Kingfishercritic

    Pan-EU light cruiser tech line proposal

    I've got some slightly more detailed discussion of the Austro-Hungarian cruisers here: Frankly, I think you've overtiered Admiral Spaun and Novara unless you give them hugely deviant from the norm gimmics. They simply don't have the health pools or gunpower to be uptiered.
  8. Kingfishercritic

    My Pan-European BB tech line proposal

    Seems to me that you're vastly over-tiering many of these designs, particularly some of the Ottoman and Greek options. Even with completely absurd upgrades the hulls are simply inadequate for the tiers where you've placed them. Sultan Osman I for example is basically a tier five or six at best, not even close to top tier. There's also the matter of your line jumping back and forth with caliber on a regular basis, which is something Wargaming generally tries to avoid in line progressions. As such, a safer bet may actually be to lean more heavily into the Austrian designs, which even with only AA additions could span tiers three through seven or eight at a minimum. There's always room for many premiums or reward ships from Greece, Spain, and other countries, but the Austrian designs are your best bet for a single consistent line with progression in gun caliber, armor, and other improvements.
  9. Kingfishercritic

    kremlin firing range

    Kremlin, as it is is one of the most (if not the most) competitive battleships in the game. The slightly shorter firing range is one of the few things that even remotely begins to limit Kremlin's strengths. She's got easily some of the best guns and armor for her tier, and is reasonably mobile as well. As it is, 20km is pretty significant for a firing range anyways, only really being limiting in specific circumstances.
  10. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I have seen all of the OVA, and I especially loved 0080. Thunderbolt is a rather good series but at times the differences in shading and style can be a little off putting. Even so, Thunderbolt has rather good sound design, especially for the beam rifles, and the OST is pretty great too, being a strange free jazz track. Both protagonists come off a bit poorly in the first season I think, and it's really the overarching story and secondary characters that pull the series together. The Southern Seas Alliance is pretty cool as a faction (I'm still hoping bandai will release some model kits for their units like the Dahle and the SSA Gouf Flight Type). I did watch both seasons, and I'm hoping for another further down the road. Personally I haven't seen much of Seed, so I can't comment too much on it.
  11. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I enjoyed it, and I felt that largely characters got fitting sendoffs. I'd go into specifics but that would be rather spoiler heavy. There were aspects of IBO that I didn't like so much, such as the trend for flashing lines to replace actual movement in clashes between MS at high speeds in space, but that's by no means exclusive to IBO anyways.
  12. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    I did watch Unicorn. I have mixed feelings about portions of it, but over all I did really enjoy it though. Narrative on the other hand I'd say is kinda skipable. The Zeon characters in Narrative were pretty monodimensional. Personally I'd say my favorites (in no particular order) are the original 1979 series, Gundam the Origin, Zeta Gundam, and probably Char's Counter Attack.
  13. Kingfishercritic

    You favorite anime

    For me I tend to go a bit old school, though I do rate FMA: Brotherhood rather highly. 1. The Gundam Franchise (Specifically the series set in the Universal Century Timeline, though Iron Blooded Orphans is quite good as well). Simply put, Gundam is the grandfather of modern mecha anime, and basically nothing comes even close to it's 40 years of content. While quality varies a little from series to series, for the most part the various character casts are excellent, varied, and quite memorable. The "Char's Counterattack" Film is also excellent. Last but not least, each Gundam series has a well made, unique soundtrack. 2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Original Series) The original version of Legend of the Galactic Heroes is another series with an excellent main cast, political intrigue, and well orchestrated battles (Literally, most of the soundtrack is classical orchestra music). Unlike most space anime, the series focuses on the strategic and political ends of a war story. 3. It was difficult to pick a third show but I'd say the original Fist of the North Star. It's just a fantastic story, bit hilarious at times, but it also has it's share of tragedy to it. Also, some pretty great martial art shenanigans, if not exactly realistic.
  14. Kingfishercritic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Cheerful Bunny theif