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  1. If WG asked the community whats next?

    Well, Italian cruisers will be coming by the end of the year I reckon. CV rework was announced to be in the works, but not ETA on that.
  2. So they are unrelated to B62?
  3. I've found a number of details on the various B62 related designs. However, I came across these images, which were just labeled "A", "D", and "G". Might these pertain to some of the later B62 related designs? The layouts seem to match at least somewhat.
  4. Ah. I kinda figured the older designs might be a tad harder to find details for. I'd be more than happy to get whatever info you have, though there's no rush. I'll probably work on fleshing out details on the Kongo preliminaries and adding a section on the Design X.
  5. @Azumazi Hate to bother ya again, but I'm now looking for any details or images on the Amagi Preliminaries (B-58 through B-63). I have some very basic information, but I've so far been unable to find any original documents or images of these designs. I figured you'd be the fella to ask. Here is the (currently very rudimentary) thread I'm working on:
  6. Interesting. Yeah, I'm familiar with the 120mm short.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. Nav Weaps didn't mention that use. I wonder if Yubari and Katori ever used the Type 0- would be interesting for them to have some dps against planes a tad further out.
  8. Interesting. I know there were some sankaidan shells for the 140mm guns, but were there any conventional AA shells produced? If not, it seems odd to select a weapon without ammunition already in production.
  9. Were the 140mm turrets meant to be dual purpose or only for surface targets? Just wondering as they seemed similar to some dual purpose 150mm turrets proposed for some of the planned Austria-Hungarian battleships @Azumazi
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for some help finding more detailed information about some of the more obscure Japanese proposals for battlecruisers and fast battleships. I have limited data for quite a few, but was particularly wondering about the armament and armor details of this design on the Hiraga archive: http://gazo.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hiraga2/show/id/20470301#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=1&xywh=159%2C620%2C2353%2C1355 Supposedly it is "Design X" and is some sort of battlecruiser, but I've heard a number of different armaments and armor schemes for it. I was hoping some other historically minded folks might have an answer regarding this ship, or have some ideas for credible online sources for other battlecruisers and fast battleships. Perhaps @Azumazi will know.
  11. French BB Sub Forum

    How is it that we still don't have a french battleship section....? I mean... come on, we'll be getting the new American cruiser line in a few weeks.
  12. Insane conspiracy theory

    I find the USS Scorpion theories to be more interesting and more plausible personally.
  13. Sunset on Orion--What a difference a day makes!

    Eh, I generally prefer Kaiser anyway. Still, Orion was much more fun before the nerf- she's one of the few ships I've gotten more than five kills in a match with.
  14. Giulio Ceasre...secondary build?

    Her secondary range isn't all that great stock, and the rate of fire is't stellar either. You're probably best of going for a survivability and main battery focused build. Though, AFT really helps her AA too, so that's worth considering if you have spare points.
  15. Why can't I win in Yamato?

    She does get a lot of overpens.