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  1. When I pay cash for a ship in a game claimed to be free to play because I want to play something special in the ONLY game mode I deem worthy of playing and then you tell me I am forbidden to play it I call [edited]! If this is the way its going to be I want ALL the money I paid into this game back because it is FRAUD pure and simple! "Hilarious I cannot even use the term B plus S to describe a word. WHAT A JOKE!
  2. Clan battles would be more interesting if you held to the same meta where there was three tiers to choose from. Why is it every single other game mode you play with T-10 to T-8, T-7 to T-5 and then the bottom tier but in ranked and clan battles there is one and only one tier to choose from? Please consider trying this out and see how the players like it, I am betting more players are going to like it than not.
  3. Because you want to treat CV captains like we are stupid the very least you could do is fix the map waypoints so the carrier stops running into any island it is close to! This has been a problem since the first patch when you changed carrier game play. You really would think this would have been fixed by now! While you are at it could you please fix this when the carrier is near the edge of the map and instead of just turning it sets there and goes backwards for the rest of the time before we manually have to babysit the thing to straighten it out!
  4. I ended last ranked season completing silver league and now instead of going into gold I have been reset to bronze again. What gives, I thought I would be starting out in gold this season? If this is how its going to be what even is the point of playing if you can never get to gold?
  5. SaltyRat


    So I see while you have known about the torps that refuse to stay on course and bend worse than light hitting water, you refuse to fix this and instead opted to add another game mechanic (subs) that rely completely on them! How about fix what you have known is totally broken now for the last two updates and will be three coming up this week. A competent game developer would have hot fixed this game breaking issue ASAP, so guess what that says about you WG! You guys really are pathetic!
  6. SaltyRat

    ST 0.10.7, changes to submarines

    Welcome to the wonderland that is World of Warships where they advertise how historically accurate the game is, all while very little about it is based in anything historical or reality for that matter!
  7. SaltyRat

    Airstrike observations forT6 Kijkduin

    In settings where? I assumed it was in the Controls but there is no parameter to bind called "airstrike"? Disregard, I found it but it no longer says airstrike, it is labeled "Armament/Squadron 4 in fact not a single one of these keys is assigned by default. Yet one more thing this developer neglected to get right!
  8. Your obvious greed is hanging out all over the place WG and what happened to the "we will never offer a T10 ship for sale" statement? No surprise, we have come to expect WG going back on their word!
  9. I fail to see what the point of this new mechanic is for CV rocket planes? It used to be that when I aimed at a ship and hit the mouse button the rockets released and for the most part hit where I expected them to. Now however the only thing that hits where I expected the rockets to hit is those ignorant, waste of time bullets, or whatever you want to call them and then and only then after they hit my rockets come down. I find it rather retarded that this game developer went out of their way to dumb down CV game play because they was not happy with how few people played them. Now they are building features like this that not only complicate it but make it even more guesswork if you can hit the target! So please, someone explain to me exactly how this is supposed to make rocket planes more effective or easier to play?
  10. SaltyRat


    Who in the world thought it was a good idea to include carriers in Brawl? You guys really only care about carriers having fun I take it! Flamu is spot on and thats why you booted him because you cant handle being called out on your incompetence to make a balanced game!
  11. SaltyRat

    Brawls in Update 0.10.0

    Love clan brawl but here we set craving steel and as usual tight [edited] WoW refuses to offer the option to earn any! Sorry but snowflakes and the once in a very long while clan wars being the only way to earn it just does not cut it!
  12. Playing clan wars it occured to me that it would be very useful if we had an observer position option. This could/should be optional but very helpful for those of us with less skilled players and would give us the ability to have a commander in the game that does not necessarily have a ship but can watch the game being played, have the ability to go in and put his/her focus as if watching through a players eyes during battle to help them with things like aiming, positioning and movement. This position could also be perfect for a battle commander to issue orders and just be the overall team leader during a battle. Its difficult coordinating a battle when you are playing because you are focused on what you are doing and not always readily available to issue orders. As indicated this should not be a mandatory player, but I think it would prove its value very quickly and would make this game that much better. Please consider such a position, I think a lot of clans would jump at the opportunity to have this type of position available and I think it would be even more valuable to have this available for the game in general for those of us training new capt and give us a tool to better help them with their game play.
  13. It would be great if there was more options to earn steal! I have a life and cant dedicate 60+ hours a week to play this game and it sucks I have to make a one year plan if I want to grind for something that costs as much steel as you are wanting for these ships! I dont mind having to work my tail off but seriously there are few and far between ways to earn steel and even then the options we have are so limited it makes it depressing to even think about.
  14. SaltyRat

    Potential damage???

    Its the most ignorant game metric of them all!
  15. SaltyRat

    Give me back control of the CV!

    Yea but that really isnt an option given as a carrier player any team fail is already blamed on us and if we have to stop flying because of this ignorant mechanic that is only going to justify their accusations.