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  1. Dido-Class Cruiser

    I've advocated for a Dido-class in this game since the RN light cruisers were first announced, and probably even before then. They fit right in as a Tier VI premium, with characteristics similar to the Atlanta (i.e., infinite charges of DFAA) and instead of radar, give her a creeping smokescreen like Perth and Haida as well as possible hydroacoustic search. She'd be a bit squishier than an Atlanta, but would be able to perform well as a scout cruiser and cap support ship with a rapid-fire main battery.
  2. Which Go Navy Camouflage?

    They've all got the same bonuses, m8, so it's a matter of aesthetic taste. Personally I liked the Eagle camo for the Woostah.
  3. Pin-Up: Trailer

    To be quite honest, I like the trailer. It's something different that is done tastefully, and should be a pretty good promotion for the game in its final form.
  4. Puka Puka Fleet

    I am honestly curious: are you trolling? I'm having trouble telling...
  5. Puka Puka Fleet

    But the producer and studio—the people and money behind the production, without which it would not have happened—were both American. And American audiences loved it.
  6. Puka Puka Fleet

    The people who made, and the audiences who watched A Bridge Too Far would like to say a few words...
  7. Dev Blog - ST RN DD Balance Changes

    Nah, if WG did that, then the whiners would be quick to resume that tired old hew and cry of "torpedo soup." Only the Japanese are allowed to have dedicated torpedo boats, and they aren't allowed to be "good" at it.
  8. Puka Puka Fleet

    Keep at it, work up your strength, and someday you can virtue-signal as hard as the Twitter SJWs. Because right now, you're just a tryhard. ...
  9. Whoa. PvE players, PTS bots have evolved

    That's actually one of the things that pisses me off most about the bots; as soon as you've lined up that perfect, impossible-to-dodge torpedo salvo, one of their secondaries will inevitably knock out one (or all!) of your tubes the nanosecond before you click to fire them.
  10. Issue - Rude Players

    The so-called "emotional IQ" you mention does not exist. Your argument is invalid.
  11. Issue - Rude Players

    There you have it, folks. I tried to lead the horse to water, but he just wouldn't drink. He continues to disregard the sense of perspective that we have been trying to give him, that this is just a blip on the radar and bears no real or further consideration. He has not only repeatedly rejected it, but he insists on being disingenuous about it. He can have his little pout, and we can all go back to our games.
  12. Issue - Rude Players

    What is it with you and making a mountain out of a molehill? Perspective. It's what's for dinner.
  13. Issue - Rude Players

    If the above quote is enough to wind you up...well... Regardless, that's the whole point of a formal argument—to put out one's opinion and back it up against another person's opinion and the rationale behind theirs. Frankly, I don't care whether or not you have played war games for decades, and neither does anybody else; we were all newbies once, but we made the effort to learn and become better. If you really want to do that, then what other people have to say to you shouldn't bother you, especially since you clearly knew that the guy who "insulted" you was incorrect and being dumb (and whom you apparently put on ignore). The world isn't going to pad its sharp corners for you, sunshine. So it is on you to grow a pair and step up to the table, or go away and play by yourself.