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  1. Tolerance, sustainability, diversity and egalitarianism are fine goals to pursue, it's just that all four of those terms have been perverted by the Academy to mean things that run contrary to their spirit. For example, diversity should only matter when it comes to diversity of thought—the more perspectives brought to a problem, the better—but the SocJus hordes have mutated it to mean the exact opposite. Disagreeing with them is, somehow, being anti-diversity. Egalitarianism should mean equality of opportunity, but again, SocJus has transformed the ideal into a goal of "equality of outcome," which is the very definition of oppression. I could go on, but even going this far might endanger the thread.
  2. You don't want to know. but in case you do, feel free to send a PM.
  3. The more you indulge in memes, @LittleWhiteMouse, the closer you come to being an ethnic Kekistani...
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't think Dasha is "all that?" I mean she's pretty, but she isn't what I would call "smokin' hot."
  5. This is why I play co-op on weekends. On the whole, however, I think that having an official Steam release for this game will turn out to be a good thing. In the long run, we may well end up having a larger pool of players—even if they aren't any better on average than the norm—and that will mean bigger and better things further on. Like, for example, an engine change... If you aren't willing to wait out the initial potato rush in Co-op or Operations, then at least take solace in the fact that as time goes by, they will eventually learn. Just gotta grin and bear it, I guess.
  6. Holy ship, employing SJW tactics?! Someone's been listening to, and following the example of, a certain Armenian conwoman waaaaaay too much!
  7. The usual method, I assure you, which comes in many metaphorical flavors: the straw that broke the camel's back, the crack that burst the dam, the pulled thread that unraveled the garment...the list goes on. The gravy train had to stop eventually.
  8. It was only a matter of time before this came under the eyes of governments. Gambling has been a part of the human condition for so long, is it any wonder it is so heavily regulated? What makes lootbox gambling so pernicious is the dopamine response, and how games publishers will go out of their way to exploit it with things like pretty colors, snappy animations, and whatnot. Especially in games marketed toward the younger crowd, that hasn't developed that impulse control. Mobile games have been guilty of this for years, it's only recently that these scummy practices have migrated to the mainstream gaming market.
  9. Sorry, mate, but you had to know.
  10. I have both Battlefield 3 and 4, and never bought a single "loot crate" though I was aware of their existence. Bought BF1 on sale this summer, and determinedly avoided them too, even though progression in that game was even more dependent on "battlepacks." You're right, that this is light-years beyond all of that previous stuff, but for me the kicker was the three-hour "cooldown" on earning in-game credits through single-player activities. That is just outright unacceptable. This would be the equivalent of WG saying that, after X amount of battles in Co-op, you can no longer earn credits and XP for a similar amount of time.
  11. That settles it. I am officially not buying this game. What with Star Wars being dead to me anyway, it is for the best that I commit to the cutoff made in the wake of The Force Awakens (which I watched for free by borrowing the DVD from my housemate when he offered to lend it) and refrain from indulging Disney—and, by extension, EA. They didn't get my money for Battlefront Beta, and they won't get it from me for Battlefront Full Release. They got way too much of my money from Mass Effect: Andromeda anyway, especially considering that that game wasn't killed—it was murdered.
  12. In fifty years, we'll have figured out fusion power and sent men to the stars and back again, several times. I guarantee it.
  13. It's no use arguing with issm, guys, it's just feeding his ego as the self-appointed One Sane Man on the forums. In other words, in his eyes you are only correct on something if he agrees 100% with you. (That said, comparing WG's practices to EA's, and saying that because of the latter, the former is doomed to descend to that level, is in fact both a false equivalency and a slippery slope fallacy. WG isn't even the same kind of publisher [they are their own developer, and operate primarily as a freemium studio], and is certainly not in the same league as any of the AAA houses.)
  14. Pretty much the gist of the single-player campaign. And yes, I just watched it on YouTube this evening—really, it ended the Galactic Civil War waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon (and this is now canon). Fortunately, I've long since realized that Star Wars is dead—and that Disney killed it. I was all set to get the game when it came out, but given what's been brought to light today, now I just don't know.