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  1. Goodwood_Alpha

    Future of the game?

    Gonna pull a Cathy Newman here: So you're saying that Wargaming is chasing the mythical "wider audience"?
  2. Goodwood_Alpha

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    The phrase "don't like it, don't buy it" coming from the seller isn't just bad PR, it also isn't even an argument. Generally-speaking, no matter which publisher or company is using it, it's an admission that they just don't give a flying goat flock about their customers and any opinions they might offer. It isn't even a cop-out. It's throwing the toys out the pram.
  3. Goodwood_Alpha

    Future of the game?

    With the carrier rework beta test being limited to those who have the Wargaming Center (a.k.a. Steam Wannabe Lite) installed, does this mean that WG are close to making having this piece of absolute [edited]-cancer on our computers mandatory to even play the game? If that is the case, my days playing are numbered.
  4. Le sigh. Wargaming, it's a good thing for you that I'm taking a break from this game to play Far Creed 6: Greek Wildlands. Otherwise I might actually give a crap that you're turning this whole issue from mere burning garbage to a full-on dumpster fire. And for those of you who are wondering what camouflage the eventual WeeVee '44 will get...well, it's obvious. She'll be getting WeeVee's Pearl Harbor camo. Because reasons.
  5. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    I think I see the problem here. All of us are a product of our upbringing and the culture and environment around us, as much as of our own personality, experiences, and personal agency. When the environment we live in is relatively stable, with little to worry about that is so vastly beyond our choice and control, we have the luxury of being able to look at things in the broader context without having to worry about whether what we see or say impacting our lives. But when everything around us is cast into chaos, where the line between good and evil isn't so much blurred as it doesn't even run straight, that puts a lot of strain on everyone, and leaves little room for imagination or informed speculation—particularly if one's existence is little better than hand-to-mouth. With that understood, I have a much better idea where you are coming from, and while I stand by what I have said about the war (Brazil did participate on the Allied side, after all), I also understand why you see it the way you do. It is extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, to separate the shades of gray when the world around you seems to have abandoned all reason and morality. I sincerely hope that things get better for you and your country.
  6. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Actually, shingles is a result of chicken pox in adults. Don't ask me how it works, since I don't really know.
  7. Speak for yourself. I quite liked those camos, and made sure to get them whenever I could. Saved me a lot of doubloons, in the end, and the "no step on snek" meme goes perfect with the Eagles camo for the Cockbote.
  8. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Yeah, thankfully it's the "raindrop" kind that is the result of a bacterial infection. The dermatologist actually said, and I quote, that I "don't have to use those TV medications!"
  9. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    I know, because I have it nearly licked! Thankfully, it's not as bad as his... One can only suppose that Halsey knew him, and trusted him well enough to do the job. And he certainly got it done...
  10. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Ironically, Halsey missed out on the battle due to a severe case of psoriasis.
  11. Send WG a message and don't get it.
  12. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    I don't think it's even necessary to reply any further, beyond a simple "you don't know what you're talking about." I've done the legwork, with several decades of reading and writing under my belt. and while I am still finding out new things after all this time and am quite willing to be proved wrong, I have yet to come across a single scrap of information that would back up any sort of mealy-mouthed "both sides were bad" interpretation of World War II. The Axis were the aggressors, the Allies were the resistance, and while both sides did bad things, the winners weren't just military victors, but moral ones as well. Prove me wrong. I double dog dare you.
  13. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Equivocation, shifting the goalposts yourself, strawman—no one is saying Europe is a holy land. So what are you trying to say, then? Are you not attempting to shift the goalposts yourself, or trying to say that when your nation is at war, they shouldn't try to justify it in some fashion? It's easy to do so when you're the ones being attacked, but more difficult when the conflict is the result of failed diplomacy, etc. To be honest, this reads quite like word salad attempting to explain an incomplete understanding of the facts. This is what's known as the gray fallacy, or else an appeal to moderation. Yes, there are a lot of differing shades of gray throughout history, and yet a significant portion can be seen in terms of black-and-white, of aggressor and target, irrespective of who wins in the end. That's what the academic discipline of history attempts to do: figure out the who, what, when, where and, most important of all, why. Once you figure out the why, most of the rest tends to fall into place—and in the case of the Pacific War, we clearly know the why as well as the how and the other four Ws. Duh. At this point, tacking on that little aphorism is basically gilding the lily, and means nothing.
  14. Goodwood_Alpha

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    And yet, if you look at the broader picture, you will see that this kind of barbaric behavior was the norm for the Japanese, rather than the exception for the Americans and most other nations—even Germany treated most of their Western Front POWs according to the Geneva Convention (the Eastern Front was a dirty war in itself, and both sides treated the other very rough). Japan never agreed to this convention because it was directly antithetical to their culture at the time; to them, surrender was the ultimate dishonor and those who did so deserved no respect as fellow human beings. Therefore, it was perfectly acceptable to do horrible things to captured Brits, Aussies, Americans, Dutch, etc., whatever it took to further the war effort. To be quite frank, you would do well to study up on world history a bit. The academic historians have done pretty damn well at keeping the propagandists at bay for a good long while now, with no signs of stopping.
  15. Goodwood_Alpha

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    I know exactly what you mean. This thread has basically dissolved into a pair (or is it a triplet?) of aidspigs wildly attempting to pull the object of their ire back into an argument she has long since won, in some vain hope that they can justify their own existence, somehow. If it weren't for all the solid walls of self-aggrandizing weasel words and desperate attempts to play gotcha and no u at the same time, it would be mildly entertaining in a perverse sort of way.