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  1. Why is there Team Damage in Coop?

    My take on it is that it's there so the WG developers can have a laugh every time a "friendly" bot teamkills you.
  2. Convinced MM is rigged

    It never ends with you people, does it? I'm beginning to think that simply hanging out in this forum is actively undermining my willingness to even play the flipping game.
  3. Tier 5 Carriers Prove Game is Rigged

    This is what you get for giving a sucker an even break.
  4. T9 Premium KGM FXP BB

    Grosser Kurfurst is in the game, and she's basically H-41, while Frederich der Grosse is H-39. Sadly, unless they ever do decide to put them in as some sort of AI-controlled boss ships for a hard-mode Operation, then we will not be seeing any of the more ambitious H-class or Tillman proposals.
  5. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Exactly. You resign the game. My point is that this isn't a one-on-one game, where that is an option; you cannot simply resign and expect your team to do as well as if you had stayed in.
  6. AFK solution

    Makes sense, and it would be nice if the data was able to be applied that way (and sanctions handed out). Hopefully WG will do just that.
  7. AFK solution

    And people wonder why I am so adamantly against people leaving the game before they have been sunk. This, right here, is a huge factor. After all, how many of these AFKers the OP describes are simple disconnects (which happens, and the servers sometimes seem especially poor in this regard), and how many took a look at the MM and/or used an XVM-type mod to preemptively decide the match was lost and, to put it aptly, abandoned ship? I guess we'll never know.
  8. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Yeah, and there are consequences for terminating the social contract, as well as declining to fulfill one's dutiful obligation—both of which you agree to when you hit that battle button. Of course, if you have proof that someone on the enemy team has already quit the match before getting sunk, then go ahead and reciprocate, but you better have one hell of a compelling argument and evidence ready to present to Wargaming, should they decide to sanction you for doing so. No less than two times in this game's history have they had to change the mechanics, to account for AFKers and deliberate disconnectors, as a direct result of other players complaining about you lot, so I can't see them being too chuffed at some folks actively advocating for this behavior. Personally, I find this write-up of yours to be fairly interesting, but unfortunately for you, it doesn't quite work as a defense for abandoning the game. In chess, when you are losing with no way out, there is always the option to resign by knocking over your king; this is a clear sign that you are conceding the match. However in World of Warships, being a team game, you don't get to speak for the team and declare a match to be over before the proverbial fat lady has sung. If you are really that desperate to escape whatever horrible match you have found yourself in, then have the common decency to yolo and at least try to kill one enemy ship. It's not as though dying in this game has any real-life consequences, right?
  9. Prinz Eugen is Too Fat

    Don't worry OP, that wasn't the Eugen's fault. It's these sticky pixels; they are becoming more and more outrageous and need to be addressed.
  10. How is this remotely fair?

    Wow. This is new; a thread complaining about CVs when in a DD, made by someone who has team-killed CVs for simply being there? The hypocrisy is over 9000.
  11. WG, I Dare You.....

    Nuklear powah.
  12. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Sophistry. You can walk away from this game any time you like; you can uninstall it, never have anything to do with it again, and even bash it to anyone who will listen on this or any other community forum or social media venue, for whatever reason you like. No one is disputing that, or whether or not you choose to run away and not get sunk, even if you are losing badly. But once you hit that Battle button at the top of your screen and get placed into a match, you are obligated to see that current engagement through to at least the point where you have lost your ship. Not only for the sake of common decency, but because of the rules set forth in this game. Frankly, no one cares why you want to leave a match before you have been sunk, anyway. All the excuses in the world are irrelevant, because they don't matter and are insufficient to justify taking such action.
  13. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I have highlighted the core thesis to your rationalization, for you and others' convenience. The answer to this very basic question lies in the very foundation of the social contract—it is the very reason why taking one's ball and going home is almost universally seen as a negative by anyone affected by the person doing it. You have agreed to participate in a game, and as part of that agreement, you are responsible for seeing it through and obliged to, if not give it your best effort, then to at least be present and do what you can to help win. Some games may well have a legitimate out for those who don't wish to continue (IIRC, War Thunder might be one, but having never played it, I can't be sure), but this game does not, which is why you are penalized for leaving it while your ship is still active. We can sit here and debate the morality and ethics of this issue until the Sun is little more than a cold lump of carbon, drifting through space. But in the end, you and those who share your opinion are objectively wrong. Period, end of story.
  14. As the Tier VIII tech tree ship of a second (or split-off, which I doubt) battleship line, absolutely. South Dakota only had eight twin 5"/38 mounts, due to her outfitting as a flagship, so while the ship might bear her name, the in-game model will in fact be that of Indiana. WG does this all the time, apparently; the Iowa in-game is in reality the Wisconsin, and the New York in the game is actually Texas (the former had a different bridge and foremast structure). Other ships from other nations have similar distortions, and that is understandable given how they tend to balance things. That's why, despite the powercreep, they keep insisting that the top hull for Colorado is "perfectly fine" when she should at least be Maryland.