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  1. Definitely a Baguette.
  2. I'd like to say that I did absolutely nothing.
  3. A counter to a counter which is a counter to a counter?
  4. inb4 this is implemented, OP goes AFK, and comes crying to the forums about his unfair punishment.
  5. Yes, that was me. I fired the torps because I thought you were going to die sooner, but my heart started racing once I saw you were healing and weren't dying. Too close, lol.
  6. Don't mind me very nearly TKing you at around 6:23
  7. It will take up to one week for the rewards to be distributed.
  8. Iron Duke?
  9. Hipper?
  10. Colorado.
  11. Cyclone?
  12. KITKAT
  13. Texas.