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  1. But that’s a deck gun behind the sail
  2. T4 and Radar

    Not radar; hydro. Most of the tier 4 and 5 cruisers have it.
  3. You can just look at the ship you want to spectate and press the spacebar, and it’ll take you right to it.
  4. Iron Duke in-game is modeled inaccurately. Actual Iron Duke: BF1 Iron Duke:
  5. Battlefield 1, Iron Duke class.
  6. Roma was only added today for testing. Of course she’s not ready yet.
  7. Lewds

    There's like what, 10 people viewing this thread right now? I think that qualifies
  8. The Wargaming Store is only on EU, so we probably won’t see this.
  9. Where did they say T-61 would be out in November?