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  1. Admiral_Reeves

    Any tech treee cruisers worth playing at tier nine?

    All of them are worth playing at least once, Whether or not you like them is just down to preference.
  2. Admiral_Reeves

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    Sadly though... WoWs said this on the idea on Redit: Hopefully they will change their mind.
  3. Admiral_Reeves

    Please dont do this WG

    Funnily enough it seems most of the discussion here is about the idea of Compressing all of these post into one thread. (which is fine) @Navalpride33 While on paper it can make sense as it cleans the forums up a bit the problem is that then it effectively kills the topics thrown in as instead of a dedicated section for each its thrown into a scrambled mix that consist of Hundreds of other post making very hard to find and even harder to find responses to. A example of this was when they compressed the talks around the Nerfs to midway right before the Rework happened and i think the rework itself.
  4. Admiral_Reeves

    Please dont do this WG

    Sorry in advance for my temper here. I'm 100% sure everyone has heard of it by now and I'm sure there are hundreds of post about this already but I'm going to add to it. I know you guys mean well and want what is best for the game, a lot that you guys have done has been good. But along with all the other issues this change WILL Kill the game. Hundreds if not thousands of players (Me included) are just going to quit. We don't want to have to regrind our favorite ships and lose all XP etc on them to then get a Broken buff that if you Don't get you will Never win a fight with someone who has it. It is also worth note this change would Massively increase the Power gap between new and Old players. And then we have this gem! https://streamable.com/pbf2k I don't know what you guys have been smoking or Snorting but this is Nowhere near comparable to fvqing Commander skills and consumables. And that's not to mention the fact that ANYONE Who gets to a point where they can get this will Guaranteed have a 19Pt commander for it and be able to afford Premium Consumables! And unlike Commander skills where Anyone who has a tier 10 will have at least a 15pt Commander on it VS a 19pt on the other guy this would Actually be like comparing a 0pt commander to 19PT if ALL of the points where into weapon and suitability buffs. Here are some ideas to give players more to do: New kinds of game modes: A carrier escort event would be pretty damn cool. New ships: like Italian Cruisers, Italian Battleships, Italian Destroyers, The South American Battleships, a US Battleship split, I can go on. I have been playing this game around 4 years now and have put thousands of hours into it, I've seen Many changes, some good some bad, I have stuck threw because i still love the core idea of this game. Would I honestly prefer if we went back to the Mechanics of 2015-16? Yes. but the current isn't bad it just needs some clean up. But this change On top of the mess that is 1960s ships fighting 1930s ships and GIMMICKS, Will officially be the final nail in the coffin, and that kinda hurts to say because I do love this game (other wise i would have quit along time ago) So please WG... If you read this... Don't do it, don't try to "Tweak it" to be more "Balanced". Just don't do it.
  5. Admiral_Reeves

    Please explain why Carriers have unlimited planes

    Where do consumables come into this? the Only Consumables carriers have are Limited and have cool downs... The main weapons (Planes) don't count as Consumables. Maybe that would make sense if torps were consumables but they aren't. Giving a plane type a cool down of around 1 minute might be able to work as long as it for the plane type you just used but you will then use the others, it would be [edited] if they made All the planes be on a cool down after a strike from one squad. Example is lets say you use torpedo bombers for example, they land and then have a 1 Minute cool down but you cans still Use Dive bombers. (and before you complain about the Reload of torpedoes keep in mind when your torps reload you can still use your guns. Also keep in mind the time it takes for planes to reach their target before they begin their attack. But I must say it seems a lot of people over estimate how much Dmg CVs do. Yes they are far more annoying but CVs still do the less Dmg per battle then they did Pre-Rework, its just a slow and steady stream of Dmg instead of getting Devastating struck by one at the start of the battle.
  6. Admiral_Reeves

    Please explain why Carriers have unlimited planes

    To that i say: Why do destroyers have Infinite torpedoes when most didn't even carry one reload? Why do all ships have Infinite Shells? Because it would be very frustrating if ships could run out of ammo because then your battle would be over just like that. So why should ships be able to shoot all the torpedo's and shells they want but the moment a CV gets the same treatment its an issue?
  7. I Mean... it could possibly work but the issues with that are that Aircraft in this game fly like 1000M above the ground so they are close enough to see them in normal fashion. On-top of that Dynamic spotting based on speed could get pretty buggy and cause issues in general.
  8. Maybe. But that's something WG would need to confirm though. And if not, then they can just abandon the fighter idea and instead focus on something like the AA change. Regardless something needs to be done because Destroyers are almost useless in the current Meta.
  9. Considering the fact you would only use them in a game with carriers that means they could be coming from your teams Carrier. Other then that... We have battleships and Cruisers sending upwards of 2-4 aircraft from 1 catapult so if we are going to go into that detail then they need to make all ships only launch one fighter. Edit: Also there where some Destroyers that carried aircraft (though they where uncommon and don't really apply here)
  10. Like Cruxdei they could just not spot. other then that another alternative would be you can only launch them when planes are close like on the current CVs.
  11. (Keep in mind I'm not a DD main) No matter what ship main you are you cant deny that DDs are in a rather bad spot right now between common CVs and Radar. So, I've thought of some ideas that can help the DDs out a bit (these may not be the best but they are better then nothing and Far better then just removing CVs bla bla blah) 1: Give Destroyers the Fighter consumable. This may seem odd to some but this will make a DD have Far better odds of survival when being attacked by Carriers, Some will argue that it makes no sense for a Destroyer to have the fighter consumable when it has no catapults. but to that I would argue that it would work the same way as the Fighter consumable for Planes where they call them in from the Carrier. After all Bombers don't have catapults. This also has the benefit of making it WG doesn't need to make so many Blanket Buffs and Nerfs to AA and planes to try to solve the issue. 2: Give all Higher tier Destroyers a Heal like Cruisers, I'm thinking around USS Kidd Level. This will make it that if a Destroyer gets attacked by aircraft or Radared it can at least get some HP back. Though of course the Destroyers like Khab that are based around their Heal will just have a stronger one. 3: (This is more of a change to all ships then just Destroyers) Manual Control of Large caliber Flak. (flack shells for Destroyers) So this is how i would do it: make it that the AA stays the way it currently is But for most ships there is a "4" Button that makes you take Manual control of the flak AA on the ship you are using. for battleships and cruisers this would be their secondaries. but for destroyers these would be their main guns so they would be a little different. While larger ships will just have control of their secondaries etc the destroyers would need to load "Flak shells" in loading these it would change the camera angle to be better suited for following aircraft and would allow you to lock onto planes like you would a ship, then a Aiming recital would appear (similar to the [edited] SPAA or World of Warplanes recital.) and then you fire Flak shells at the aircraft with lead and all Just like you would shoot a ship. this will Drastically improve AA performance but you would need to actually use your guns so this wont be a good idea when enemy ships are close. the AA would perform the same as it does now if you don't use the flack shells. While the last one is Unlikely i would Strongly advise the other two. If you can think of other things they can do for CVs Let me know of that and your thoughts on these ideas below.
  12. Admiral_Reeves

    FLAK is conceptually wrong

    Last thing we would want is flak be so easy to hit that being Skilled means nothing. then CVs would be Impossible to use .
  13. Give New Mexico a Reload buff like New York. 34.3 seconds is way to long for tier 6.
  14. Admiral_Reeves

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    So this is a good start but a lot more buffs need to be made to the Individual ships then just a small buff to New York.