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  1. immaguy12410

    Commander voice files

    I wanted to get some of ARP Hieis and Kongous voice lines, I looked in res/banks but its empty, and I don't know where their voice files or the other commanders voice files would be.
  2. immaguy12410

    Scharnhorst or Kii

    yeah im a BB main all the way, never really play anything else thanks
  3. immaguy12410

    Scharnhorst or Kii

    Hello, I want to buy both, but it might be a bit before i can get the other. What are their roles and how do they play overall, or what would you recommend out of the two? Thanks.
  4. I've been having this problem for a while, I hate getting the pink name because for some reason I don't load in. If i do load in, its the end of the game and i barely do anything. What is the fix if any? I can see the map and all that but never actually get into the game.