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  1. Worst tier ten game ever?

    I've seen worse, though not by much.
  2. Server Issues

    2 zaos on our opponent's team were AFK, and I can't leave my own division. Server is exploding.
  3. Premium ships, are better than free ships?

    It depends. MASS only has an advantage in brawls, but is weaker at range than NC. Musashi is actually a bit overpowered for tier, though.
  4. SMS Nassau

    It's still 50% higher than Kawachi or South Carolina. Turrenne is new and barely played, but even it is lower (usually new ships are on top til stats normalize). The only comparable ship to Bell is Nassau.
  5. SMS Nassau

    Of course, Bellerophon also needs nerfs. It (and Nassau) are pretty equally broken compared to the other BBs at tier. That said, I've taken down a Bellerophon in Kawachi before, pretty sure he was a potato.
  6. SMS Nassau

    If a Bellerophon doesn't lose to a wyoming easily, said wyoming player is incompetent.
  7. SMS Nassau

    That's because Nassau is a T3. If you count it as the second worst T4 BB, then you're acknowledging how powerful it is. What T3 BB doesn't lose to Wyoming rather easily?
  8. SMS Nassau

    Oh, to be sure I have. That's why you get close-which isn't a problem in nassau (or really any german BB until Bismarck). Funny, the sigma is 1.8, same as all the other T3 BBs (but SC soon). You don't need range in Nassau. You want poor dispersion, play kawachi (I see you have).
  9. SMS Nassau

    Fixed it for you. When all the other BBs at tier have a 30 second reload, and it has a 22 second one (with marginally smaller guns), there is a massive issue. Couple that with the best armor scheme and great secondaries. It's been needing a nerf since it was released.
  10. Nope. Anshan (and Gremy and Fushun) have usable torps. Gnevny doesn't, and so buffing the others would simply make them better Gnevnies, which isn't ok. This differentiates them a bit, which is good.
  11. Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    Will open my container when I get back from work. Until then, I'll just be hyped.
  12. Prince Eurgen or Atago

    I forgot about the rudder. If you go with Atago, LS is recommended.
  13. Prince Eurgen or Atago

    It depends on your playstyle. Atago is a sneaky ship with excellent torpedoes and arcs. The guns are decent, but her main strengths are the stealth and torpedoes. Play is similar to a giant destroyer. You have terrible AA, though. As for Eugen it has good armour, good range, and good AP against broadsides. Due to the armour, Eugen is the more survivable of the two, and also has decent AA. It has a very hard to hit (vs cruisers) citadel at close range, german hydro, and the torpedoes to back up brawling. Eugen is played as a mid range kiting/brawling machine. Both are excellent ships, it just depends on which fits your style better. I would say Atago is possibly the more flexible of the two due to the longer torps and concealment.
  14. Indianapolis compensation?

  15. MIA-A would love to have you. Will send invite when back from work.