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  1. thegamefilmguruman

    ST, Italian cruisers Part 2 and British Heavy Cruisers

    'Drake' is an appropriate name from a WWI armoured cruiser (as well as multiple gunboats and sloops). 'Goliath' was the name previously held by a predread and multiple ships of the line. Both are well used and appropriate RN ship names. They did miss a huge opportunity, though. They could have named the T10 'Josh' to complete the pair.
  2. thegamefilmguruman

    ST, Italian cruisers Part 2 and British Heavy Cruisers

    Should be 20,000+ tons. Not a small one. Plus by the end of development it was being called an armoured cruiser vs a heavy-and the old ones like Hawkins, Warrior, etc aren't named after counties.
  3. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    Oh, to be sure. I'm just saying that a historical faster reload could be used to justify it at T5. Obviously, at T4 that reload would need nerfing.
  4. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    The difference is reload. Those 7.5" guns had a historical rate of fire of 5-6 rounds per minute, or 10-12s reloads. This gives 50% more shells per minute vs Furu or Exeter, though the shells will be less potent and more floaty.
  5. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    Yup. 5 centerline, 2 wing for a 6 gun broadside. With historical 10s reload.
  6. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    Though there wouldn't be that many 7.5" guns to benefit from. Warrior only had 4, after all (2 per side). Pity the 26 47mms wouldn't count as secondaries in game.
  7. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    The main battery is 6x1 (4 gun broadside) 9.2". The 7.5" guns are secondaries. I think it could easily work at T4ish. My guess is the 1941 Cruiser Study for T9, and the 1938 "Treaty Cruiser Killer" study for T10. Someone already did the legwork on how those might fit in game as seen here:https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/97cobs/proposal_royal_navy_heavy_cruisers_t810/
  8. thegamefilmguruman

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    They did for the bathtub event and Halloween subs. What I want to know is if we'll get HMS Warrior (with the 6x1 9.2" guns)
  9. thegamefilmguruman

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    Oh man. It's been a long time since OBT when I started, so I have many memories. One I'm fond of is the time my buddy RedShirtedEnsign and I decided it was a great idea to division our new Aoba and Pensacola. The MM was different then (+/-3), so we ended up in a T10 match on the old Islands of Ice map. I remember sinking an Atago and putting some torps into the enemy Montana before going down. That was just fantastically fun. My wish would be either Georgia or Jean Bart
  10. thegamefilmguruman


    1. Punctuation. 2. At the end of the event any unspent ones will be exchanged for credits.
  11. thegamefilmguruman

    This is a joke...right?

    That's the only reward? Geez
  12. thegamefilmguruman

    This is a joke...right?

    That's about 50 games or so, max. Kinda grindy, but possible.
  13. Forcing would imply regrinding the lines was non-optional...but it's completely optional. Like playing clan battles to get steel ships, you reset lines to get reset points ships. You don't have to do either. Personally, I probably won't reset lines very often if at all. That's just hassle.
  14. thegamefilmguruman

    The RESET

    How much experience will be required depends on which line it is, as they have different quantities. It will cost as much experience to research each line you reset as it did to research them in the first place, though.
  15. thegamefilmguruman

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    Just got mine. Now I can Country Roads all over people.