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  1. thegamefilmguruman

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    Well, 30mm mid plating, but the bow and stern are still 25mm...and cit roof at the far ends still 15mm.
  2. thegamefilmguruman

    if you could remove green bots...

    Depends on if I'm there for snowflakes (quick wins) or some missions. If missions, usually I want less real players on my team to kill what I'm farming for potential damage etc, whereas with snowflakes I want those games over as quick as possible.
  3. thegamefilmguruman

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    Yes and no. Both T10s are fake by any metric, easy. The T4 for the Germans is pre WWII design and T6 was started. The T8 goes even further, with a different powerplant, so it's derivative but yes, quite fake. A plausible fake, but still fake-not a real design. GZ isn't in the line. Now for the Russians. The T4 is a conversion that was to be started but political shenanigans by the army, the T6 was sheduled to be laid down in 1942-but then 1941 happened, the T8 was a conversion that was started but little done on it. 1 conversion and 2 real designs vs 1 conversion and 1 real design. As far as the line is concerned, the Soviet line is actually better than the German one in terms of realism BUT the Germans have a much more real premium scene with GZ being nearly complete and the T6 premium being a legit draft study vs the only Chakolov being just a design.
  4. thegamefilmguruman

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    Indeed, though 'fake' on the German CVs depends on where you put paper designs. The T4 and T6 were at least real designs (and the T6 sort of a started conversion). T8 and T10 are fake for sure, though.
  5. thegamefilmguruman

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    Ironically, you're fairly close designwise. Iwami is project A140-A2 with a fake stern and torps (plus taking the IJN at face value when they said it had 410mm guns and not 460mm). Hizen is project A140-J3...which should have a Yamato-esque hull, but inexplicably uses Iwami/A140-A2's. So yes, Iwami is what Hizen should have been.
  6. That or they're a nutcase like me. I like the ship-maybe it's Stolkholm Syndrome. That said, it could do with a small reload buff.
  7. thegamefilmguruman

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    Halfway between from what I've heard. Shell drag/weight from datamining plugged into the ballistics calculator has it splitting the difference.
  8. thegamefilmguruman

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    I'm still holding out for USS Spokane (Juneau class-think Atlanta hull with Wooster turret layout)
  9. thegamefilmguruman

    Flower class (here me out)

    I love how your Flower class, based off the stats, are now twice as big in displacement, twice as fast, reload 3-4x fast, and somehow have torpedo protection.
  10. thegamefilmguruman

    British Battlecruiser line

    Also, Monarch's guns are the wrong guns for the design. The J3 would have used 15"/50 caliber guns (which weren't developed because G3 and I3 were better designs). The guns would have had 929 kg projectiles and 810 m/s muzzle velocity. I'd expect identical pen to Vanguard's-which is still not nearly as good as Richelieu's/Jean Bart's guns.
  11. thegamefilmguruman

    British Battlecruiser line

    In which case you've fallen into WG's trap-Monarch should have 15"/45 MkII guns (and also put what's essentially Monarch with more speed and less armor at T9). WG took the designation from the 14"/45 MkVII and put it on the guns incorrectly. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_15-45_mk2.php
  12. thegamefilmguruman

    British Battlecruiser line

    Ahistorically buffing reloads to insanity isn't good justification, and Renown is FAR squishier in terms of armor than Gneis-not to mention the caliber and performance are fairly different between those two 15" guns-so Renown is overtiered. T8 you have what is basically a madeup Hood, which might _almost_ work, but would still be worse than Vanguard. At T9 you have again the problem at T7: 15" guns are not all equal. In addition, JB isn't OP though strong, and that's ONLY because it has MBRB. You've also made up guns: There was no 15"/45 Mk VII.
  13. thegamefilmguruman

    British Battlecruiser line

    Why not: T3 Invincible T4 Queen Mary T5 Tiger T6 Renown T7 Admiral T8 J3 T9 G3 T10 I3 Your line feels like a real stretch in places, particularly your T6-9 for being overtiered.
  14. thegamefilmguruman

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Spider-Lert! Spider-Lert! Does whatever...
  15. thegamefilmguruman

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    When you scroll partway down a page and the Lertcat in the image ends up looking like a spider-like creature of some kind out of the corner of your eye.