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  1. Acasta

    More meh than bad in my opinion. I enjoy playing meh ships at low tier as it presents a challenge (examples: Emerald, T-22, New York) so I enjoy Acasta. Good ships at low tier just feels mean half the time. Could use a bit more torp range, though.
  2. Acasta

    Why it doesn't get the 7km torps Emerald now has at the same tier is beyond me...
  3. CV's that torpedo themselves

    I've nearly done that, but my torpedobeats were good enough to avoid my own torps! Sadly, the DD also had good enough torpedobeats-and more torpedoes.
  4. DD Stealth

    Can you imagine if we had accurate DD to capital ship ratios? It would look like low tier when a new DD line launches.
  5. DD Stealth

    Roughly double. This results in the ships being twice as big in the game (or the distances being half as big, take your pick). Things also move about roughly 3x as fast (it's 2.9ish).
  6. DD Stealth

    Detection values in game are based off the height of the ship's range finder (that or mast, I don't rightly recall). Past that we can do some math to show how this works. The view at the horizon is where h is meters above sea level. So if we take a ship like Farragut with a range finder at 45 ft high (13.716m) and we plug this into the equation, we get 13.22 km. This just under double the base concealment of 7.56km. Scharnhorst is similar, having a rangefinder at a little above 90 feet, or double that of farragut. It should have about double the base concealment, and it does, at 15.66. This seems to hold true with other ships as well. As such, we can determine that spotting range is loosely (because balance) based around horizon detection of a ship's rangefinder, divided by 2ish. Since we know distance is compressed by a factor of around two in game, this works. Of course, an enemy ship wouldn't be looking at you from sealevel, so...
  7. Acasta: Hot Garbage!

    Eh, I enjoy it. It's basically Gallant with worse torps at T5. That's plenty good gunwise (no worse than USN arcs, honestly), and the torps will still cause pain-you just have to be more careful and position right to use them effectively. The smoke is short, but you have lots of charges and they reload quickly, making for hit and run tactics. As for AA, only two DDs at T5 have any AA to speak of: T-22 and Nicholas (which has worse DPS but access to DFAA).
  8. MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Anchors Away: Anaheim

    Hmmmm. Looks like a worthwhile 9.5 hour drive. I'm in.
  9. Arizona camo change

    Also a possibility-though the same code was used even for the 5 turret ships (with 2 turrets left blank) as far as I'm aware
  10. Arizona camo change

    Arizona was part of Battleship Division 1 which also contained USS Pennsylvania and USS Nevada (though at pearl, Oklahoma took Pennsylvania's place because Pennsylvania was in drydock) You could pick out which ship of the division was which from the air by which turrets were coloured. Each division had a different turret top colour with the first two turrets being the division colour, and the last the section in the division. 1 was red, 2 white, 3 blue, 4 black, and 5 yellow. Nevada was Red Red White; Oklahoma Red Red Blue (when the attack happened). Arizona, of course, being the division leader (due to Pennsylvania being in drydock), was Red Red Red. I assume one turret wasn't painted to allow the triple turret BBs to fit into the code.
  11. Where's my T-61 ?

    Yup, got mine. Too bad I probably won't play it til next weekend.
  12. Where's my T-61 ?

    I'm updating the install on my laptop to find out if I got mine, yet (at work off to the side).
  13. Where's my T-61 ?

    Yup, generally these things are manually credited. I also spent 25k doubloons in game-I'm sure I'll get it sometime today. Heck, I'm going to be on the road or at work most of the day, so they could give it to me tomorrow for all I care, just so long as I get it eventually.
  14. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I wish this had been a thing a few weeks ago when I went through 44k doubloons on tech tree premiums. I shoulda waited.
  15. Inside 16km, Montana is more accurate with the USN BB dispersion mod than Yamato with its inferior dispersion mod.