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  1. o7 sir. You will be missed. We all love ya.
  2. USS Arizona reload times

    Nevada would have the best T6 BB AA suite (it's basically got an Atlanta mounted on it) and 4x2 5km base ranged secondaries firing HE per side. Only hitch is that it's slow at 20.5 kts. I really want it in game.
  3. USS Arizona reload times

    In addition to the previous comments, Arizona's 35 second reload provides the possibility of USS Nevada at T6 with the only 10 guns balanced with a 30 second reload (and AA/secondary suite).
  4. When you actually kill someone in Kawachi

    I've found running CE makes it work. 8km detection allows you to push up close and brawl-with the destroyers in caps. If you keep your rudder and throttle active and charge 'em, they kinda panic a bit (and sometimes you even hit them).
  5. Struggling with the Nürnberg

    You're on the last of the truly squishy german cruisers. To do well you need to kite and dodge at long ranges (same if you buy Makarov-because it's the same ship). Getting close save in planned ambushes or yolo rushes is suicide. The ship shines at range, an you'll want to spam ze HE unless someone gives you a pleasant broadside. It's quite a chore given the general lack of armour the ship has.
  6. When you actually kill someone in Kawachi

    Ah, but if you sail Kawachi, then it's not seal clubbing because you have enough of a handicap. I'm in it for the challenge and the 8km concealment nonsense.
  7. I guess it's so unbelievable you must be hacking! Though would an aim assist even help Kawachi anyway?
  8. Austro-Hungarian Battleships

    You could probably get to T7 with Austrohungarian BBs given some of their designs. Past that, there would be issues due to the nation state ceasing to exist. It would be fine in my book to end the line there, though.
  9. Bayren

    This is why you've got to get closer.
  10. Bayren

    Bayern is a tank at T6. If you can't take punishment in it, then you're playing it wrong. Push up a bit and brawl.
  11. What's your comfort ship.

    Always win in? Well, not sure on that, but Kawachi I've found is a great derp ship that puts a smile on my face of late.
  12. I hesitate to call 2x3 380mm Gneis a paper ship, as the conversion was begun, but not finished (and then Gnies was scuttled). But then the question becomes what constitutes a paper ship.
  13. Prince of Wales (53)

    4 fletchers if you count Black. 7? Myokos and 5 Kongos. 3 Bensons...
  14. Kraken Club

    In spoilers for readability DDs CL/CAs CVs BBs