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  1. thegamefilmguruman

    Azuma, is a paper ship. (Literally and figuratively)

    I think you got exceptionally lucky with that shot. The plating is 25mm, so you went through that and the rear bulkhead. You hit the curved stern juuuuuuuust right to not bounce.
  2. thegamefilmguruman

    Azuma, is a paper ship. (Literally and figuratively)

    See, the problem is that Azuma has an internal belt and spaced armour, but unlike Henry said spaced armour isn't a black hole.
  3. thegamefilmguruman

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    Yeah, I could see that happening.
  4. thegamefilmguruman

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    I feel like Mogami is also included.
  5. thegamefilmguruman

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    You can find the following quote here: While this might not be enough to convince you, the following might. In response to a question about why the difference between Conq's 457 and 419 armed variants was fine by that logic, the bolded portion was quoted again as a response. So it's basically confirmed (though not explicitly) that at some point in the near future, Conq will get the same treatment as Slava/Kreml.
  6. Oh, I'm not arguing that they (the Germans) would lose, but I don't think it would be as cut and dry as one side getting stomped. It really depends on how desperate the Russian fleet is. If not too desperate, then probably Emden at the very least is toast, and probably at least one of the other German cruisers. Tirp will take some damage but survive, provided it doesn't eat torps, and I'm guessing at least 1 of the 3 german DDs and 3 of torp boats are lost, however the russian fleet is severely mauled, 1 kirov, one Gangut, and at least 4 DDs probably are sunk, along with at least 4 of the guard ships and the rest hobble back to port. If they go for broke, it gets ugly and all bets are off, though I think the russians still lose. In that case both Ganguts go down and at least 9 DDs, 5 of the guard ships, and one or both Kirovs go with. The remaining DDs and guard ship either limp back to port or escape to be interred in Sweden, provided German aviation and battle damage don't finish them-maybe 2-3 DDs reach Sweden. However, I think they take all the German DDs and torp boats, 2 of the cruisers, and possibly the Deutschland class with them. Tirp is damaged but still capable of fighting. It would be bloody. There's also the low possibility they try and torp Tirp and lose more ships, but remember, the goal is to break out, not defeat the German fleet, though I doubt they could do that regardless, and unless they land torps, Tirp survives. There simply isn't the gunpower to do otherwise on the Russian side. Regardless of the number of ships the Russians actually sink, it's going to put a lot of ships on the German side out of action for half a year or more.
  7. Apparently Tactical Roar is also a navy series you can check out, in addition to WuYixiang's suggested shows. I can't vouch for it though, having not seen it myself. Of Wu's shows, Zipang is the most realistic of the bunch and well worth a watch. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  8. thegamefilmguruman

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    He's been saying that buffing the version of conq with 457s by buffing said 457s is not the same as buffing the version using the 419s. Yes, it's an overall buff to the ship because some portion of the ship got buffed, but it will not affect the performance of the 419 armed version of the ship in any way. Since the 419 armed version of the ship is what generates the majority of the stats we currently see, as they are simply better, using the 419 stats to pooh pooh away any 457 buff is laughable. HOWEVER, this entire discussion is pointless in the first place because WG will be splitting the 419 conq and 457 conq into two separate ships, and adjusting the qualities of said separate ships separately based on their individual performance in the near future.
  9. They have an advantage in cruisers (3 modern, one super, and 1 obsolete vs 2 modern) and battleship (1 modern vs 2 obsolete), yes, but a massive disadvantage in destroyers. What we have on the German side is 3 destroyers of the Type 1936A class (all with only 4 150mm guns, not 5) and 5 Type 35 torpedo boats (armed with only one 100mm gun and 2x3 torps-these are 2 classes behind T-22 in game). The soviets, in contrast have 2 Leningrad class destroyers, five Gnevny class destroyers, 4 Storozhevoy-class (NOT the T2s, the iteration between Leningrad and Gnevny), 2 Izyaslav destroyers, 5 destroyers that fit between Derski and Izyaslav in game, and 6 Uragan class patrol boats (armed with 2x1 100mm and 1x3 torps). Let's suppose the patrol boats and torpedo boats write each other off. Even excluding the 7 obsolete destroyers, the Germans have 3 modern destroyers vs the Soviet 11-all built within a few years of each other.
  10. thegamefilmguruman

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    Of course, all of this is moot as Conq will be split into two separate ships similar to Slava and Kreml, and each separate ship nerfed/buffed accordingly. Can't buff Conq if it's no longer Conq.
  11. thegamefilmguruman

    Notre Dame Cathedral fully engulfed, burning to the ground.

    I mean, it's both.
  12. thegamefilmguruman

    Notre Dame Cathedral fully engulfed, burning to the ground.

    For a national government restoring a priceless national symbol, I'd say it's a bit on the small side. But then, I'm talking from the perspective of the US which has a lot more money to throw around in general.
  13. thegamefilmguruman

    Notre Dame Cathedral fully engulfed, burning to the ground.

    700 million euros now. Note that the french government is only pledging a measly 10 million. Here's a summary of the damage:
  14. thegamefilmguruman

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    Remove the 50mm plate, then we can talk.
  15. In training room? Heck yeah.