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  1. NC is slower with lower velocity guns, less HP, slightly thinner belt, and less AA. However, NC is potentially more accurate (higher sigma, worse dispersion) turns much more tightly, and faces generally weaker opponents ("but they both face T10!" Yeah, but NC faces less T10s, even in T10 matches-I'm sick of this terrible argument). It could be that NC is stronger for its tier vs the Iowas. Now, I don't have Iowa, but I do have Missouri and have nearly the opposite problem-I can't win in my T8 BBs (with the exception of Kii, weirdly) but do very well in Missouri (and Musashi). You need to take advantage of your speed in Iowa instead of the more static play of NC, I think. That said, with Missouri I don't do horribly much damage, I just position myself in such manner as to hold caps with my radar.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's not a battleship. Might be some sort of missile destroyer or frigate. Too small for anything else, really. [Edit] according to the movie's wiki page, it's a fictional Frontier-class missile cruiser.
  3. Interestingly, besides marginally better gun angles (better on middle turret, slightly worse on rear superfiring) and (obviously) AA, Texas is the same as NY but slower and with a worse rudder. That AA seems to make all the difference. Remove those lifeboats on NY, and I think they'd be pretty even. I like my NY (blacked out Pirate camo for the win), but that AA is lovely on TX.
  4. New Mexico vs Arizona differences?

    Historical or in game?
  5. Queen Elizabeth: The Garbage Scow the DoY Wasn't

    I don't believe so. If only. Imagine a low health Atlanta.
  6. Queen Elizabeth: The Garbage Scow the DoY Wasn't

    QE has 2.0 sigma (tied with Warspite for best at tier) and combined with the second smallest BB dispersion ellipse at tier (tied with Warspite, worse than Fuso). If you can't hit things with the guns, I don't know what to tell you. Are you using the accuracy upgrade or the turret traverse-hang on, given the reload you stated, you are. I agree that the traverse is terrible (I played a lot of pre buff Warspite), but it's manageable. I run secondaries on Warspite and never had issues hitting anything-it's even more accurate with the upgrade you aren't using. As for the armour, you can bounce 14" if you angle properly, just like Warspite-clearly you aren't if you're regularly eating cits. As for HE protection, you're covered with 25mm just like everyone else. What are you even talking about with the hidden fire chance on Budy and Shchors shells? It's 12%. New Mexico's average WR is 49.57%-ie lower, as is Bayern's. So in terms of tech tree ships, only Fuso is better than QE. In other words: You admit that you do well in the ship, then complain about mostly invalid things and use bad information to support your claims.
  7. Please give me your pointers on Prinz Eugen!

    You are a cruiser of opportunity. Start the game staying more at medium to long range and punish enemies (especially cruisers) that make mistakes. Later in the game you can push up more. Use AP on broadsides of cruisers at most ranges, and also on BB superstructures. The HE is mediocre at best but is usable. Note: you will be able to play more aggressively soon with the addition of heal. I personally run a 61-62% WR in her over 167 battles.
  8. Vanguard Soviet Destroyers in Amazon

    I may have to check it out.
  9. Cool! Repair party for Prinz Eugen?? Diff Buff?

    I was playing PE the other day and would have had a kraken if only for a heal. I'm very much looking forward to it having one.
  10. Yup, St. Louis ROF but with two less guns, no AP, no armour, but with speed.
  11. I think it would have to be in game as a cruiser as having it as a BB would handicap your team. It would be an interesting but I don't think necessarily good ship.
  12. This makes me sad. They're rather neat. At least Bremerton's isn't going anywhere.
  13. Hmmmmmm. In that case, they didn't model the base properly. Not nearly as much steel there as there should be. Tsk Tsk.
  14. Up until recently, I'd not spent a red cent on the game. That said, I won a lot of premium time in contests, so I progressed a lot faster (though you can get premium time from PTS missions and such, too), even so, I got to T10 on multiple lines without spending money.
  15. Heck if I know! I just got that image off google XD