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  1. Thanks for the chance to participate in this event and congrats to everyone who sank me . Was really a really fun weekend!
  2. Corgi_Captain_19 ready for battle
  3. I've been meaning to complete all of the lines myself for a while now Gotta collect them all.
  4. She is a pretty nice little t6 cruiser. May take a bit of getting used to but she is fun. Duca is also very very pretty
  5. Congrats on getting to GK She's quite a fun ship.
  6. The start battle button seems to be too far to the bottom in the game loading screen. Sometimes, a small portion of the button is cut off. Screen resolution is 1920x1080.
  7. My bet is on Warspite but I'm not entirely confident in my guess
  8. They wouldn't sell it since it's essentially the same as the ARP Myoukou's. Fully researched ship with a special appearance but it doesn't get premium benefits.
  9. There a couple in game missions currently to earn a bit of doubloons but this is meant to help out with all the new commander skills and retraining them. You can still get doubloons from containers though.
  10. Happy New Years everyone!

    1. Globemaster1998


      Happy New Year's 2u2

  11. Contact customer support and they should be able to help you.
  12. These look awesome Would it be possible to get a Wiki Editor one with my tag (Rem_) on it?