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  1. MagentaTears

    Ship Alternate Camouflage Design

    Texture and camouflage modifications are entirely client-side. Other players will still see the default camouflages or textures, unless they also have mods installed.
  2. Remember to always


    Pui \o\

  3. Best friend pui \o\

  4. MagentaTears

    Get Azur Enterprise or Azur Belfast?

    Have to go with Enterprise She is still my best CV in Azur Lane.
  5. MagentaTears

    R Russian BB coming?

    Oh, I forgot the best of them all... Rasputin!
  6. MagentaTears

    R Russian BB coming?

    Well we have a few in game already Imperator Nikolai I and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  7. MagentaTears

    Musashi's secondaries v Yamato secondaries?

    Personally I prefer Yamato's secondary battery just for the dual purpose guns. Any extra AA is good to me
  8. MagentaTears

    Pocket Cruisers!

    How about Yuubari She's already in the game too!
  9. MagentaTears

    Pocket Cruisers!

    Well, we have Ernst Gaede, Z-39, and Z-23 that can all mount 150mm guns Edit: I wouldn't mind seeing some monitors or similar ships at lower tiers or in a special mode, even for April Fool's though.
  10. MagentaTears

    German and British BB Citadels

    German battleships have a turtle-back armor scheme which makes citadelling them harder. Most UKBBs have citadels under their waterlines which can also be hard to hit. You can view a ship's citadel in the armor viewer in port. If you want to see just the ship's citadel, you can disable the other armor types by clicking them:
  11. MagentaTears

    Havent had a draw in a long time.

    I don't think I've seen a draw since open beta
  12. MagentaTears

    How to play Huanghe~

    Have an upvote for your name
  13. MagentaTears

    Huanghe is pretty awful...

    Congrats on the solo warrior! I've been trying to get one for a looonnnggg time now.
  14. MagentaTears

    Just one of those nights....

    Ramming is always fun atleast
  15. MagentaTears

    Warspite vs QE

    Queen Elizabeth's main turrets traverse slower than Warspite's. She also does not have the tiny 550m turning radius that allows Warspite to pull off some crazy dodges . QE does get about 1km more firing range, better AA, and a bit more health though.