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  1. Just like Missouri is going to be in the tech tree permanently and will never go away.
  2. Stealthier than Kagero by 200m...
  3. Yet another featured video: Key points: - "Historical game". Really? The last thing we need is more history nerds demanding the game's balance be screwed to satisfy their history fetishes. - "Strategy game". Ok? - Specifically promoting carriers. Maybe you want to fix the damn things before you start shilling them out? - "The historical ship Monarch is in the game". This is the second youtuber in a row I've seen use that line to promote WoWS. This is clearly a WG mistake, and not the youtubers' fault. WG, get your crap together.
  4. Why waste support's time? All they're going to do is tell him to git gud in more polite language. I remember someone sent in a support ticket with this issue before. Response went something like "this is intended behaviour to encourage you to shoot a different part of the ship".
  5. 1.3mil FXP ready and waiting.
  6. The ones that are blackened are saturated.
  7. You were probably shooting at saturated sections for half damage to no damage.
  8. Oh, was it the server glitching out today? Got DCed a bunch of times today, with the forums and website also going down. Connection to San Jose and DC were both fine, based on speedtest servers, and nothing else went down. Thought it was my new ISP not playing nice with WG for whatever reason.
  9. Was that the one where the UI would disappear mid battle or something.
  10. There's going to be significantly less interest in the event for just captains and camos. They sold stars and stripes on "muh patriotism" and "save the Texas". Haifuri has none of that.
  11. Yeah, but there aint any warships this time. It's 3 permacamo and 2 captains.
  12. (Shorter) Perth smoke on battleships instead of giving them insane concealment.
  13. Randoms. No achievements in co-op.
  14. The pictured ship doesn't have the 155mm wing turrets. Definitely Yamato. As far as the event itself goes, don't care unless it's free.