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  1. Summon3r

    GK legendary mod?

    crap, i only have 2 t10, thx anyway fellas
  2. Summon3r

    GK legendary mod?

    how do i get this? i dont see it in armory or anywhere else thx
  3. Summon3r


    Sorry I'm not sure I follow, can you elaborate. Star savers? And how do you load up if your using a lower tier ship, seems to me in most cases you'd be a detriment in a t8 when you could bring a t9, especially cruiser wise.
  4. Summon3r


    Really dispise the fact that they've made all the league's mixed tiers. Guess it's better then +2 normal mm though
  5. Summon3r

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Why on earth are there mixed tiers? T8 bronze, t9 Silver, t10 gold. Common sense? The t8 bronze was an absolute blast.
  6. Summon3r


    what happened to ranked? I thought we were supposed to have ranked basically all the time now?
  7. Anyone able to link me to some videos on CV play/guides/tricks. Just started playing them, got the Ranger and it's a bit of an eye opener from the Langley where you can just stomp the red botes. Thx!!
  8. Summon3r

    Consensus on 2ndaries?

    wait what, theres a skill that improves reload of main battery when in secondary range? i must have missed that or read it wrong.
  9. Summon3r

    Consensus on 2ndaries?

    of course how did i not realize that
  10. Is there a general consensus on what ship or ships are the best for playing full secondary builds?
  11. Summon3r


    I too am in BC in the Southern Interior with Telus. I have followed all of WG's steps with the ticket i submitted to them including WG's own networking diagnostic stuff they asked me to do. Fingers crossed they will find a fix, the last response i got from WG said this, you may need to highlight this as the copy paste is very light.... Hello Summon3r.Thank you for contacting us.The information you provided has been sent on to our network engineers. We hope that it will be processed as soon as possible and our specialists will contact the representatives of your ISP.We will additionally contact you if we need any more information.Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  12. Summon3r


    ty will try that, odd that grfx settings is an issue I have no fps issues on max settings?
  13. Summon3r


    hopefully its before ranked starts, this is ridiculous
  14. Summon3r


    is anyone else getting fairly consistent discos at the start of match when loading in? Also at the end of the match when going to the battle summary?