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  1. Summon3r

    WoWs - Legends & cross play?

    yea it would seem that way, and i dont see a legends for pc... to bad
  2. my son plays wows legends on ps4 and i see it says you can enable cross play. can i play with him from my PC? thx
  3. anyone know what the details on the upcoming ranked season will be? also how do you get the Bajie I cant find it in armory or on premium store?
  4. Summon3r

    German BB these days?

    well that makes me sad, i was really hoping to enjoy them.
  5. how are they playing with the dispersion buff? i have FDG but havent played in ages, just wasnt fun with the inconsistent guns
  6. Summon3r

    German BB?

    ty, i loved them up to and including Bismarck
  7. Summon3r

    German BB?

    Has the patch to improve their dispersion been implemented yet? If it hasnt is there a date for it?
  8. Summon3r


    how do you get this DD?
  9. are there any DD's that play like the kiti at t6 or 7?
  10. Summon3r

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    if your in a CV game and the cv has a hard on for you then call your game done especially if it happens to be like my situation in Kitikaze t9 and a t10 cv decides you need to be deleted or most your hp stripped so you cant take any risks then thats that.
  11. Summon3r

    is AA utterly borked now?

    i was playing kitikaze which seemed to be able to defend itself last week, but then i got completely railroaded now. WASD h4x not helping with those rocket planes either lol a buddy playing some t7 cruisers was making mention of it as well
  12. i dunno the technical numbers on how AA works at all but wow, it seems absolutely ineffective now. is this just me or is just some bad luck on my end.... i do try and keep my reinforced sides facing the planes all the time.
  13. Summon3r


    will that ship ever go on sale again or was it one of the ones they wont sell anymore?
  14. Summon3r

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    quite enjoying this season myself though ive only made it to rank 10 as play time is very limited
  15. never played a CV before, with 8.0 out does anyone know if there is a CV tutorial? i dont even knwo how they set way points for the CV's on the map overview lol thx