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  1. Summon3r


    how do you get this DD?
  2. are there any DD's that play like the kiti at t6 or 7?
  3. Summon3r

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    if your in a CV game and the cv has a hard on for you then call your game done especially if it happens to be like my situation in Kitikaze t9 and a t10 cv decides you need to be deleted or most your hp stripped so you cant take any risks then thats that.
  4. Summon3r

    is AA utterly borked now?

    i was playing kitikaze which seemed to be able to defend itself last week, but then i got completely railroaded now. WASD h4x not helping with those rocket planes either lol a buddy playing some t7 cruisers was making mention of it as well
  5. i dunno the technical numbers on how AA works at all but wow, it seems absolutely ineffective now. is this just me or is just some bad luck on my end.... i do try and keep my reinforced sides facing the planes all the time.
  6. Summon3r


    will that ship ever go on sale again or was it one of the ones they wont sell anymore?
  7. Summon3r

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    quite enjoying this season myself though ive only made it to rank 10 as play time is very limited
  8. never played a CV before, with 8.0 out does anyone know if there is a CV tutorial? i dont even knwo how they set way points for the CV's on the map overview lol thx
  9. certainly enjoying the new update, but something is off with AA in a big way and certainly not an OP way. hopefully this is looked at very soon. agree with sector changing being clunky and like the idea of ctrl clicking the compass a lot
  10. to be fair we have unlimited shells ( though very much not the same ) tbh for the most part im ok with 8.0 and have had no problem shooting down planes. but something needs to be done about the obvious, like his insta turn around redrop more torps?
  11. watch this and laugh it needs no explaining
  12. watched Flamu play the t8 RN CV and omg the "carpet bombing" was hilarious, total decimation
  13. Summon3r

    Admins should read Comments on Notsers Video

    LOL thats rich, cause win rate means anything what so ever. carry on with your exclusive opinion stance allowing leetness, and ill carry on with what ever opinion i have on what i perceive to be fun or not fun.
  14. Summon3r

    Admins should read Comments on Notsers Video

    sorry super 1337 hero of WoWs that opinion differs from yours.
  15. Summon3r

    Admins should read Comments on Notsers Video

    i respectfully disagree with every single word noster said in that video, honest to god people its been a day and a half. omg he capped 2 zones on his own and still had over 50% health... if your worried about planes then stay with team and dont try for caps solo instantly?? seriously that video is ridiculous whine fest..... ive played kitikaze and t-61 the last 2 days and have no issues infact my sentiment is 100% positive